Did you find history class boring in school?


  • Mrs.CT - 6 years ago

    Maybe Karen matured faster than I did, but I just knew that high school history class was just one side of the story. It’s only within my college education that I began to learn history for myself. With my undergrad concentration in African Studies, I’ve had an opportunity to study and research for myself, at my own pace, and it made a world of a difference.

  • BrooklynShoeBabe - 6 years ago

    I loved history because I was curious of how mankind got to where we are right now. Also, I like knowing white folks history so no one can deny me when I use it against them. I do recall correctly calling bullshit in our high school's history class because Europe and the U.S.A. got whole years while Africa and Latin America was relegated to just three months and the study of Asia was relegated to all the colonialization.

  • Dre - 6 years ago

    I found that history was not boring but very white washed. One of my teachers said that Pearl Harbor was bombed by Japs!!! All the black kids were laughing and looking at each other, but you could tell the lens we were looking at history thru. They would talk about how slavery was a practice in Africa and Europe long before America. After that I started looking into history for myself with a large look at Islam, Communism, Socialism, Native American history, and many of the things that were inherently negative by my teachers viewpoint.

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