What should the Browns do at No. 1?

  • Ducko - 3 years ago

    Barkley won't be available at #4, but your QBs will, so take Barkley at #1.

  • Tj bowen - 3 years ago

    Take barkley no.1 then take best QB left at no.4 cause they are so bad at picking QBs anyway

  • SFry - 3 years ago

    I am praying every night the Browns do not fall into the trap and take a QB. Take Barkley at 1 and Chubbs at 4. If they can not win with these guys plus the guys they picked up then they should just give up. Lifelong Browns fan here and can not take anymore heartbreak.

  • BPrice - 3 years ago

    Doesn’t matter what the browns do, they’ll screw it up. The browns have the most picks in the worse draft class in history, glad I’m not a Cleveland fan

  • Londoncalling04 - 3 years ago

    Take the RB CLE!!!! You took a QB last year!!!

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