What is your level of concern with respect to climate change?

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Poll posted 1 year ago.

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  • Pati Gattis - 1 year ago

    I've been a resident in Florida since the mid 70's and have seen the devastation caused by hurricanes over the years. I worked for a coastal engineering company for over 30 years and am all too well aware of the erosion that normally occurs from wind, waves , and minor storm events. If we add to that global warming and sea level rise, I can't imaging anyone being apathetic about the predictions of coastal flooding. Studies have shown that the mean high waterline in Florida is migrating landward which will eventually result in inundation of coastal residential areas. Eroded beaches keep being re-nourished via pumping sand from offshore borrow areas; but as we know this is a temporary fix. If left un-restored, these beaches would eventually wash away. What will be the point of no return? When will the temporary fix not be enough to stave off the rising tides. it is not only important but imperative that we take climate change seriously NOW and plan for the future before it is too late.

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