Have you ever dealt with a racist dress code while going out?


  • ROCC STAR - 6 years ago

    I’m from L.A, and my friends and I have experienced racism for what we’ve worn since about Junior High School. There are numerous occasions that I can speak on. ButI will only mention some of my favs.
    I used to stay about an hour from six flags magic mountain and had season passes since junior high. My 10th grade year. I went to six flags a week before my birthday, I walk through the metal detectors, nothing happens, I’m pulled out of the crowd for random questioning, dumb questions like why am I wearing a certain color, why did I come to the park, how did you get here, et cetera. They let me in park and I had no incidents for the rest of the day, but of course I was salty for the racist treatment. I go back the next week on my birthday. This time they take me out of my group, they lead me to a door and tell me to open it. I said, I’m not opening shit, the door says, employees only, your not about to say that I tried to enter an unauthorized area, and then try to arrest me. I didn’t know what to expect because they wouldn’t let anybody from my group come with me. They open the door one officer walks in then I follow with the remaining cops behind me. Keep in mind theirs 5 cops and me in this dimly lit room. They pull out a pen and pad and try to grill me with questions. Asking what gang are you in, why do you have a du-rag on, do you have any tattoos, they kept going back to me being from a gang. They said if you don’t take off your shirt to verify that you don’t have any tattoos, you won’t be able to come in the park. They also took all of my info and said if there were any issues with me or my party, we will be arrested immediately. After this was said I smiled and took off the shirt, for 2 reasons, 1 I didn’t want to inconvenience everybody I was with, and 2 I knew I had a law suit. Six Flags had a big problem in the late 90s and early 2000s with racial profiling. I joined a class action suit and collected about 3k, I didn’t get harassed like some of the other so I didn’t get as big a payout.
    One time My buddies and I went out one time to a sports bar, and a friend got denied entry for having a Broncos jersey on. He took that off to reveal a white t-shirt and they said no white t-shirts. Someone had another shirt in the car, and finally we were let it. Your asking why did we go back, you say? Let’s just we saw a lot of ladies that could be having our babies.
    Lastly, my best friend had called ahead to this club named le deu to reserve tables and bottles for his birthday, side note we’re not new to this club. The club is located on Hollywood blvd, and cops are always near by on the weekends. I never quite liked this club, because it seemed liked they always had a quota on how many black people could come in. We get to the club, the door man says, my friend isn’t dressed correctly and denied us entry. The cold part is we were dressed like every other cracker walking up to the building. And in L.A. you can pretty much wear what you want to wear, no matter where you are as long as you pay the play. I’ve been to plenty of places, where you slide the door man a little something extra and you keep it pushing. Long story short, the police walked up, the door man says we have to leave, he doesn’t give a clear cut reason why. My friend gets loud, due to the bull shit happening on his birthday. The cops didn’t like how my friend was talking to them. They pulled out their stun guns and tell my friend to not take one step further or they will use the stun gun. He took a step, they used their stun guns, I had to wait in Hollywood for the rest of the night, while my buddy went to the hospital and got the stun gun hooks removed and got booked and processed. The crazy thing is, this situation could have ended much worse, based on today’s interactions with the cops. Moral of the story, don’t celebrate birthdays in public, while in L.A.. Keep up the great work Rod and Karen.

  • Raven - 6 years ago

    Bouncers almost didn’t let me into a lounge because I was wearing jeans and a white baby T-shirt. The only reason I was eventually let in is because I texted my white sister in law that it was happening. She got there first and was waiting for me so she came outside to get me & was wearing pretty much the same thing I had on. She snapped at the bouncers, told them to let me in and they did.

  • Lamarra - 6 years ago

    I voted no, but I don't go out haha

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