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Posted 11 months.


  • Totally not Jimbob nor Narwhals - 10 months ago

    Eh, bracket was great, finals were bullshit tho. What if Narwhals Mating was the fair Doctor's spirit animal? Mike Diaper got screwed by the committee too. Jimbob Ghostkeeper is a worthy champ, sure, but he's no Dragonwagon and Boats Botes would eat him alive (on a boat).

  • Jeff - 10 months ago

    Keepermania is running wild!!!

  • Not Sure - 10 months ago

    Go Jimbob... my pick to win it all in the office pool!

    Surprised Salty Peters didn't last longer though...

  • erik - 10 months ago

    When does the poll close/ when is winner announced? also im considering changing my passwords to ghostkeeper.

  • Concerned Citizen - 10 months ago

    JUSTICE FOR MIKE DIAPER! (And justice for Jeffrosenberg Tan from 2017! He was robbed!)

  • Candy - 10 months ago

    I was a Mating voter all along until I read that he had changed his name. I flipped. Ghostkeeper for the win!

  • Small minds - 10 months ago

    Out of all the great names, these two ended on top. Poor decision making by the people

  • Jacques Amole - 11 months ago

    Tokyo Sexwale previous win is the best argument against Narwhals.

  • Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down This Narwhal - 11 months ago

    There's already a Tokyo Sexwale in the NOTY annals ... when oh when will you be sated, Cetacean Advocate?

  • Cetacean Advocate - 11 months ago

    So, yes, he apparently changed his name. But from what I've read/seen he didn't do it to amuse people, and he didn't do it to with NOTY. Do you really want to look back in ten years at the NOTY annals and see "Jimbob Ghostkeeper" enshrined as the winner? Exceedingly weak name--shouldn't even have a whisper of a chance against the Good Doctor....

  • Fake Jeff - 11 months ago

    Re: Geoff
    Not you again

    Mating all the way!!!!

  • Jeff - 11 months ago



  • Dike Miaper - 11 months ago

    Of all the MDs in the running this year, the only one who deserved to get to the final is.....Mike Diaper.

  • JJ - 11 months ago

    I don't think that Dr. Narwhals Mating's name is a fraud per se, but it was just enough reason for me to swing towards Ghostkeeper. If it were his given name, I might have voted for him.

  • Mr. Smith - 11 months ago

    Wow! I know it's early but I am surprised and delighted to see young Mr. Ghostkeeper in the lead. To me, it's not about the name being "funny". It's about the name being great. And all the evidence I need is that this text box doesn't think either Jimbob or Ghostkeeper are words, while both Narwhals and Mating are. Go Jimbob, you glorious and wonderfully-named bastard!

  • cool guy - 11 months ago

    Expected Narwhals to crush it here so it's a pleasant surprise to see Jimbob in the lead. I'd be happy with either winning though, both are worthy finalists. Totally makes up for last year's disaster

  • Narwhals’ half-sister - 11 months ago

    My half-brother is not a fraud. His father was Inuit. He changed his name because it was his step-father’s, who was not nice to him.
    He was Narwhals long before he became a doctor.

  • Redneck Ghostkeeper - 11 months ago

    I have to say I want Dr. Mating to win. However, when I think of Jimbob Ghostkeeper I picture a redneck version of Ghostbusters.

    No wrong decision here

  • Whale I’ll Be Damned - 11 months ago

    Come on people, let’s Make America Mate Again

  • Mattlach - 11 months ago

    How does Dr. Narwhals Mating not win this hands down?

    I don't understand why anyone is voting for Jimbob Ghostkeeper. He ought to have been eliminated several rounds ago. Not funny at all.

  • Spoony Bard - 11 months ago

    This is one of those where you wish they could both win. What a great turnament.

  • Occupy Narwhal Street - 11 months ago

    Jimbob Ghostkeeper has been my favorite name from the get-go. Delighted and a little shocked to see how well he's performing against the formidable Dr. Mating.

  • Doctor - 11 months ago

    Don’t hate on Dr. Narahwals he didn’t change his name he became a doctor so I don’t see nothing wrong with that.

  • Jimbobs are Mating - 11 months ago

    Meh. I live in Canada and everyone up here is named Jimbob (and they're multiplying). The fact that he has his own ghost is somewhat special I guess... I only know a couple of people who have one.

  • Is Concerned Citizen YOUR given name? - 11 months ago

    Nawhals Mating, MD will simply do whatever it takes to win.

    Live your dream!

    You can do it!

    You can win Name of the Year!


  • Concerned Citizen - 11 months ago

    Dr. Narwhals Mating CHANGED his name to that, and is therefore a fraud unworthy of your vote. Do the right thing, people.

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