Should Radio Stop Playing R. Kelly's Music??

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  • Akinwale Akinsanya - 2 months ago

    Why are blacks always in one case or the other??? If
    R. Kelly wasn't a star who the hell will go after him??? None. But I wish him all the best cause I see him coming out soon. I'm a very strong fan of him and his songs will keep giving meaning to life. Support R. Kelly 100%.

  • Hope - 8 months ago

    Don’t stop playing R Kelly music, mute surviving R Kelly. Social media is saying he is guilty unmute r kelly. Where was these girls parents back when all this they say was going on, these families are chasing their hopes to get money, to get fame to get attention. I personally love R Kelly music and their lies aren’t going to stop me from being a fan. He wasn’t convicted back then and he hasn’t been found guilty now so everyone needs to stop attacking him and let him have his day in court. Keep making hits R Kelly!

  • Megan - 8 months ago

    I love his songs. Keep playing his music.

  • Liz Washington - 8 months ago

    @unmute r kelly, I think everyone should play his music. He will show everyone he is not guilty. Mute surviving r kelly... mute social networks saying he likes having sex with kids, he is not guilty. R Kelly is being set up, greedy families trying paper chasing.

  • Michelle Moody - 8 months ago

    Keep playing R Kelly, I grew up with his music this man is a icon. $ Kel, these young girls have been lying they want fame. Fake news, put out some more music, • new music coming soon by R Kelly. I love R Kelly music!

  • Precious - 8 months ago

    I don’t want to hear him again I gotta believe these women and stand by females. They have been hurting enough from this time to stop these rapist. #muterkelly

  • Starlyn - 8 months ago

    I’m a die hard R Kelly fan, I met him in person when I was 15, I’m a beautiful black girl and he never disrespected me. I seen one of the girls that is accusing R Kelly and when we met him together he never tried anything with either of us I know for a fact she’s lying. I just wanna say you can’t always believe everything you read or hear. Keep playing my favorite songs, 4 ever a R Kelly fan..

  • Amanda - 8 months ago

    I have daughters and I would never let them stay with a grown man if these females was hurt by him I wish they would have done something years ago to stop another female from being hurt. I don’t want to believe that they went through this but there are some sick men and women out here watch your kids even if they are teenagers watch your kids. I don’t want to hear any more about him or from him until after court then i will decide!

  • Tony Smith - 8 months ago

    I love R Kelly music and I just want to keep hearing his music innocent until proven guilty. If he did anything to those girls then I hope he is punished but I just don’t believe these stories that’s just my opinion. I know my wife feels different but we will all have our own judgement day just don’t be so quick to judge. Don’t mute R Kelly

  • Amber - 8 months ago

    R kellz is innocent, these people are lying on him. Not because they are just now coming out with it but surviving R Kelly was set to make people turn against him they never cared about getting facts and the whole truth. I love everything about R Kelly he is always doing nice things for the community now social media is basically saying he is a monster because of these girls lies. It’s a chain reaction one person says one bad thing and every one follows to see what they will get out of it. It’s sad. I pray R Kelly and his loved ones fight to prove his innocence. Keep putting out your songs, friends and family love you, continue to love yourself. God Bless you.

  • Diamond - 8 months ago

    Don’t mute R Kelly, it’s not his fault this females are after money, clout, attention... R Kelly makes hits... where was these parents during all the time they claim he did this and that, why was these girls around him past midnight? Don’t these girls have curfew, lack of evidence, I have no reason to believe these lies... Golddiggers, lies, and a lot of b.s

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