Leased owner-operators and company drivers, what's been your preferred method of primary compensation through the years?


  • Tyler - 6 years ago

    Hourly is best for me b3causr im at work. Its my time. Even when im sitting in trafic or in a parking lot. When i get back in my ride and go home you can stop the clock. Also overtime adds up fast

  • Owner op - 6 years ago

    Overdrive is a mouthpiece for the mega carriers this ignorant poll is another perfect example of them doing the bidding for their advertisers. HEY OVERDRIVE GO FUCK YOURSELVES!!!!!!

  • Francis Oliver M Consul - 6 years ago

    Some big companies they want you to take per miles so they not obligated that much if they don't have enough miles to run you on a weekly basis they just want you to serve there customers then please your company then you can't make it a slave job was not far from what you been doing weekly is not a bad ideas if you can run 3000 Miles a week then off after 12-14 day at home or when ever you can think spend you days off it's not bad company at all not only you in joy life you spend your time with your family you feel like you company cares about you and your well being cuz some of this big trucking companies they tortured there driver stayed longer in the road less money then there driver's they had to pls this animals in the office they think they own this driver's at there own pleasure

  • Wayne VanHooser - 6 years ago

    If being paid per mile as I was with only company that I worked as both for approximately five years, we were paid for every mile. Same pay rate (loaded, empty or dead head) from leaving till you returned. Actual miles (no pc miler, no household movers rate). Pay worked out really well.

  • Rick West - 6 years ago

    Percentage, as a Short Haul Driver Per Mile would not pay enough. and YES TRUST s an issue most carriers skim off the top.

  • Steve Schattle - 6 years ago

    If hourly was $30/hr for c/d, that would be about $2000/week/driver. Because every driver would max out their hrs in 5.5 days. O/O would be on different scale obviously.
    Percentage of load: depends on how much you trust who you are driving for, in my opinion. Have to trust what the load pays.
    At least per mile, I can track my driven miles compared to their calculated miles. Keep it within an acceptable tolerance, then we are good. Short change me too many times, then I am gone.
    My loads are mostly light weight, so I would not do per ton load pay.

  • Arthur daniel - 6 years ago

    Hourly pay would cover all hous r loading and unloading and driving . It should be around $30.00 an hour.

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