Who is Your Choice for Governor?

  • Bonnie Berry - 3 years ago

    We need change for Connecticut as we are drowning in taxes! Gas taxes MALLOY just RAISED again. I'm going to bite the bullet and bite for a Republican across the board!! My worst mistake was to elect Blumenthal/Murphy too!! To interested in advancing there careers, forgeting there duties to CT.!!! Taking almost a month to get FEMA for tornado, felt government should pay, but knew we did not meet the criteria!! Blumenthal just rude and liar...

  • Brett - 3 years ago

    Micah is the best choice we have. He doesn’t want to mess with state employees except for those unnecessary big wigs. Career combat veteran. He has my vote and should have yours too!

  • Rosie Meade - 3 years ago

    The Democratic Party should take a long look at this poll and bring Sean Connolly to the ballot.

  • Joyce - 3 years ago


  • Michele - 3 years ago

    Go Tim

  • Chris Morgan - 3 years ago

    Libertarian nominee Rod Handcomb has some of the best plans laid out for real effective change. On topics where he has not put forward a direct course of action he had an excellent assessment of the issues.
    It's time to give the ability to thrive and prosper back to the people, and get government over regulation out of the way. The 2 majority parties no longer represent their own ideals let alone those of the people they claim to represent. It's time for a change.

  • Jennifer - 3 years ago

    Micah! He fought for our country and now wants to fight for Connecticut!

  • Cheryl - 3 years ago

    Micah all the way! Time to get rid of party politics and their agendas that cater to big donors!

  • Scott M. Miller - 3 years ago

    It’s time for big changes in Connecticut. That’s why I’m voting for Micah . He’s a Vetran who gave his life to our country. He’s NOT a career politician and knows how to fight Real battles that will need to be won in order to pick up the pieces of the last 8 years and put Connecticut back together again. The two party system is broke. It’s time to send a message to Washington and it needs to start at the local level. If we can do it with Micha, that would be great.

  • Eileen DeGaetano - 3 years ago

    Our state is in a fiscal crisis. Micha's approach to turning the tide of the deficit has been to identify the inefficiency and wasteful spending and prioritize practical steps to recovery. His methods support honesty and transparency in government. He has demonstrated integrity and understanding of the responsibility to serve the all of the people in CT. He understands the impact of government decisions on individuals in the middle and lower economic class. His proposals for change support the welfare of these individuals. He has invested himself in this campaign without the use of public dollars. His platform is built upon practical solutions and not vague empty promises..

  • T.L. Rotkiewicz - 3 years ago

    We need someone who cares about the people. Not a career politician who makes empty promises. Not a criminal. My vote goes for Micah Welintukonis. He is a veteran who served his country. Who better to serve our state?

  • Pei Sun - 3 years ago

    CT needs flip-over. Democratic make CT down

  • Pei Sun - 3 years ago

    CT needs flip-over. Democratic make CT down

  • Linsu - 3 years ago

    Tim Herbert is best!

  • Bernadette - 3 years ago

    MICAH ALL THE WAY! So tired of this two party, status quo, system. He's invested so much of himself in a NON-TAX DOLLAR FINANCED CAMPAIGN that I actually believe him when he tells me he won't be like the rest. He had his platforms out since day one, speaks directly to voters, and is a veteran!! #CTCares

  • Don C - 3 years ago

    I picked Micah as of right now due to having the most out there on how he can help this neglected state.
    Some of these other candidates or career (criminals) oops , I mean career politicians ,I have heard nothing about them. CT needs serious change , not a career politician, not a democrat. Erin Stewart would be my next pick , that’s it for me.
    We need change CT , we have to think outside that little box of our past and make a change, dems have been running CT for over 40 yrs, the end result is as you see right now, awful.

  • Sue liseo - 3 years ago

    Following Micah but still need to know how he is on some other issues

  • Wendy Gauthier - 3 years ago

    Anyone who votes Democratic, especially criminal Ganim needs a special button!

  • Chelsa Jones - 3 years ago

    Micah!! He has his entire platform on his site and is also against tolls!! Vote for Micah!

  • Steve - 3 years ago

    Micah 2018 !!!! He’s a Proven Leader who Sticks by His Word unlike the Rest ! Let’s Continue to Drain the Swamp !!!!

  • Victor - 3 years ago

    Micah has his heart in the right place!

  • Casey - 3 years ago

    Micah is a proven leader!

  • Thomas smith - 3 years ago

    Vote for Micah. He's not a politician he's a veteran and he's for Connecticut!

  • Clark - 3 years ago

    Ganim all the way! Most qualified candidate by far. Erin Stewart is good too on the other side.

  • Tom - 3 years ago

    Micah 2018!

  • Evelyn - 3 years ago

    I like Joe Ganim. He is doing a lot for Bridgeport. For those who aren't in the know. He was framed by his predecessor

  • Robert Moore - 3 years ago

    Vote for Micah. He's not a politician. He's a regular citizen of CT.

  • Joe Bessette - 3 years ago

    Micah Welintukonis. He is not a Politician, and I believe he truly has CT best interest in mind. I have seen the treatment he got on your show Dennis and it was shameful. You should have him back and give him as much attention as you did the former comptroller.

  • Melissa - 3 years ago

    Vote for Micah....check him out at www.micah4ct.com. He’s got great ideas and won’t get blinded by party politics!

  • Kathy Lopez -Perry - 3 years ago

    I’m tired of career politicians. Connecticut it needs more independent thinkers who are willing to stay up bureaucrats and corruption.

  • Michael Gallagher - 3 years ago

    Micah all the way. We need to break this "2-party only" system! All our elected officials should be independent minded.

  • Gustavo Hurtado - 3 years ago

    Konis for Gov!

  • Lord High Commander - 3 years ago


  • Brendan - 3 years ago

    Vote for micah. He isn’t a politician and wants change for the state

  • Alyssa - 3 years ago

    Micah will do great things for this state someone who is not a career politician that wants to do great things for the state

  • Amy Cobb - 3 years ago

    Tim will bring fresh air to Hartford

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