Have you tried to get other people to read the OUTLANDER books, or watch the TV series?

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  • Tara - 1 year ago

    At physical therapy a few years ago, the receptionist asked for a book recommendation. Next PT, she angrily said,”THANKS ALOT! “While holding the 2nd book. She was addicted. We found a few others and when the show started I hosted Outlander parties, complete with signature drinks and food. We now just do season premiers and finales.
    I did buy a bottle of $80 Glenfiddich, that we start each viewing with a shot of. For the prison one, I had mini bottles of Kinky vodka, for the Comte’s premier I made a cocktail with St Germaine Liqueur. And we’ve found any number of wines with names that are sexy and fit a theme. We even found a local one called Brianna.
    I prepare foods from Outlander Kitchen too, but usually we are content with meat and cheeses with our drinks.
    Outlander Kitchen is how I got hooked. I love to cook, and a friend posted something from the OK Facebook page. I clicked on the page and enjoyed scrolling through recipes and pics of Hot Scots. I commented on my friends post, and she told me about the book and how when she started it she did NOTHING for two weeks, but sit and read.
    It was a year before I got around to reading it myself. Once I had, I was addicted. Addicted to the point where I had to NOT read anymore for over six months, because my thoughts had become obsessed with Jamie. I know it sounds crazy, but I was scared to start reading again for fear that it would again consume my mind. Reworking the fantasy in my mind , so that Claire/I was acting more like myself, and trying to figure out ways to get back to him sooner. Lol
    Once Wee Ian’s character developed into a (in my opinion) main character, I forced myself to switch my fantasies to him, (as he was unattached) and I could mold my fantasy of “me” into someone more like me. It was as if I had to “break up” with my fantasy of me as Claire, just to free myself from the torture of my 24/7 brain invasion of Jamie and me together. It worked, and now I can reread and not obsess, and fantasize and not obsess.
    *im still obsessed, but now it’s an obsession with the books, and stories and show, and food, NOT just with Jamie. ????

  • Lois starr - 1 year ago

    Books and show are extraordinary.

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