Excluding "No Country for Old Men," what is your favorite Josh Brolin performance? (Poll Closed)

  • Eddie Mannix, Hail, Caesar!

  • Matt Graver, Sicario

  • "Bigfoot" Bjornsen, Inherent Vice

  • Dan White, Milk

  • Other

Posted 8 months.


  • T. Kaczynski - 7 months ago

    I love his performance as Eddie Mannix, but Brolin's turn as Bigfoot Bjornsen can only be described in two words: far out! He's hysterically funny and, in the final confrontation with Doc, genuinely unsettling.

    Inherent Vice is ace!

  • Taylor Cole, Chicago, IL - 7 months ago

    Hail, Caesar! no question. In a movie full of broad, supporting players, Brolin is the glue that holds this thing together, guiding it to its rightful position as the best movie of 2016.

  • John from Los Angeles - 7 months ago

    My vote goes to Josh Brolin's turn in "Inherent Vice". Brolin, to such wonderful comedic effect, displays Bigfoot Bjornsen's frustration at the realization that playing by the rules and trying to live up to the ideals of the American character doesn't bring him any more respect and happiness. It's funny that Joaquin Phoenix as Doc Sportello sparks such confliction in Brolin because Phoenix played a similar frustrated character in "The Master". In the end, it's Brolin's performance that poetically conveys what we all want in life, which is more pancakes -- MOTO PANEKEKU!

  • Stuart F - 7 months ago

    Apparently not enough people saw the Coen Brothers' remake of True Grit, since it didn't make your list, but it should have. Whereas in the original Tom Chaney, played by Robert Duvall, is your basic western mean hombre, Brolin's take on the character is much more complex - funny, scary, weird, pathetic. It's a completely different take on a western villain and unique not only among Brolin's standout performances, but I would argue in the western genre as a whole.

  • James from Anaheim - 7 months ago

    Thinking back on the many Josh Brolin performances I've seen helped me realize he's a really boring, unexciting actor.

  • Dione from east lansing - 7 months ago

    This was your easiest poll question ever. In only the brave the scene that nails it is the one being called the sacrifice of American heroes scene. Eric marsh has ordered his men to immediately deploy where they are with the fire raging on all sides. As they race to clear ground to create a fire wall, he sees the tanker plane coming directly towards where they are and he screams into his radio for it to drop but cannot be heard over the fire and it flies on. The struggle for him to try not to accept the futility of the situation plays out on josh Brolins face as he continues to give final orders to his men. Heartbreaking.
    I might add his performance was matched by miles teller as the one member of the granite mountain hotshots who did not get caught on the mountain and waited on radio for information on what was happening to his crew members

  • Tom Morris - 7 months ago


    While the movie is partially neutered by director Oliver Stone not wanting to completely takedown the Bush Administration, Brolin works as W and makes him complex.

  • Tyler Vance - 7 months ago


  • Dennis H - 7 months ago

    Where's W. and Oldboy on this list? Just kidding.

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