Do you think Chase and Kiki would make a good couple on GH?

  • Carol Forte Bobbitt - 3 years ago

    Please get some psychological help for Nelle. I feel sorry for her baby...hopefully she'll change for the better...Ava is not a good role model for her...but Belle has potential to be that fatal attraction...but I don't like it! Too evil to be a mother and terrorize Carly who IS her babies grandmother... What's up with that? Misplaced anger cause her dad saved a little girls life with her organ...Here's an idea: why not have Morgan haunt her after the baby is born? Give her some real medicine of her own making. That might cure her...

  • Carol Forte Bobbitt - 3 years ago

    Yes! He Needs! a girlfriend and she NEEDS a life outside of the crazy old man doc (younger than me, lol) who she is shadowing. She's smart and very pretty and he's handsome and...naive? But I'll give him a break because he's the new kid on the block...

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