Who do you side with in Surrey's peacock tree controversy?

  • Martha Millard - 3 years ago

    I suggest we all take a shit on Mr. Brar's doorstep.

  • Kulvir Bains - 3 years ago

    My support to Mr Brar, It's City of Surrey' s negligence, they did not solve the problem. People who showing the love for Peacocks, they can take those bird home, Good job Mr Brar.

  • Nick Boporai - 3 years ago

    The people complaining should take the peacocks into their backyard and see how their quality of life is impacted. The owner was more than patient in this situation.

  • H. Mc Rae - 3 years ago

    Round them up & put them on the lawn at City Hall in Surrey, they will either enhance City Hall or they will be a nuisance...which that case, should they be a problem, it will be taken care of pronto

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