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  • LaKeta Chism-Williams - 2 years ago

    I LOVE this video, been play in it all week! I don't know which I like more, the video or the song. The beat goes & I love his dance breaks; I can't help but dance along. I also see how it can be triggering, I guess it just didn't hit me in the same fashion. My 15 year old & I watched it together the first time & she looked at me, nodded approvingly, & said "I like it." I said "Me, too." There hasn't been a day yet that I didn't watch it. I love his creativity. Thumbs up from me & mine!

  • Dre - 2 years ago

    I have seen this video multiple times. It seems like a toned down version of Spike Lee's Bambozzled. I think the video will be in the American zeitgeist for a while since it basically debuted on SNL talking about racism. Then it was front page of CNN which propelled it farther than other artists that also depicted such things. I mean, c'mon this is Lando Clarrisian and Simba talking about racism on prime NBC viewing. Great video.

  • DorisPayne - 2 years ago

    I liked DG's video because I found it interesting and different. In general, I respect artists who try to do something different (it feels respectful to the audience, even if it's not immediately well-received). Did the video make me feel good? No. Do I have all my thoughts and feelings about it straightened out? Also, no. But even if Donald Glover came out and said, "This video is about how Y'ALL always dancing and what about black on black crime???" I would still think the video was interesting and it would be worth looking at the video and his statement and talking about what was communicated vs. the visuals, etc.

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