How Long Have You Been Battling Migraine?


  • Niamh - 3 years ago

    Somebody has to say it - you do NOT have to "chooses between being a victim or being a victor". That is a false dichotomy. Anyone who looks at the survey box at the bottom of the article can see that over 36% of people who participate in the survey have been living with migraines for 30 years or more. I read the peer review literature - medical science still does not understand what migraine is or what causes it, as any honest neurologist will tell you. It is hard to treat something that is poorly understood. A lack of "victory" over migraines does NOT make us "victims". It just makes us human beings who are coping as best we can with a difficult long-term illness. Labels like "victim" and "victor" are judgmental and unhelpful, imho. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

  • Pam - 3 years ago

    I recently had a conversation about my migraines with my partner. He was asking what I thought my Dr could do to help my migraines. I think he found it rather sobering when I told him that my condition isn't ever going to go away. It will always be something I have to manage. (unless by some miracle post menopause brings a positive change). It is managed through a combination of medication and my life choices. I have had migraines for over 30 years now. They have never gone away. I've learned to not ignore warning signs, to say no to things that could negatively impact me and generally practice compassionate self care. Massages help too. It's maddening some days though. I recently had to endure a 3 hour car ride in excruciating pain, waiting to get home to the comfort of my bed, where I spent 2 days in darkness, unable to eat or sleep, and suffering the pain until relief finally came. My trigger is barometric pressure so there is little I can do to once a storm is on it's way. I NEVER go anywhere without my meds. My biggest fear is the damage I'm doing to my liver with all the medication I take. Yet such is life. To not take meds leaves me at the mercy of mother nature and I'd prefer to battle back than suffer through seemingly endless pain. Knowing I'm not alone has a comfort but I wish none of us had to put up with this painful condition. Be kind to yourself fellow warriors!

  • Leslie Proietti - 4 years ago

    I have had migraines for over 35 years or more...Wow!!...Just realizing that is crazy!
    I have been getting Botox injections every 3 months, taking Aimovig injections, as well as oral medications.
    I still have Chronic Migraine; however the intensity of the pain is less. I also have less nausea. I continue to have moments of lightheadedness / dizziness when I move my head too quickly. Like being in a fishbowl ???? Triggered by certain smells and weather. My eyes are very sensitive, and that also triggers.

  • John - 4 years ago

    Quarterly Botox injections have cut my migraines by 85%! I realize everyone responds differently, but shooting neurotoxin in my brain has given me my life back! Wishing youvall relief and peace - and olease stay well.

  • Jerry Prouty - 4 years ago

    Some relief after years of pain. Now take Amovig monthly and Botox every 3 months for rescue Rizatriptan has helped but still bad. Have started using Cefaly daily. It haven’t helped when I have a bad migraine but seems to have reduced the number of them. The one thing that stands out was as a grade school child in the 50s little boys didn’t get migraines so I would have to suffer through them till I through-up. Then they would send me home because I was sick.

  • Peter - 4 years ago

    Thanks for your web site it’s helped over the years
    I’ve suffered since my early twenties and I’m now in my early sixties and looking back I don’t know how I’ve survived
    It helps to know that there are others out there like me but I don’t know how much longer I can last waiting for relief

  • Maree Munday - 4 years ago

    Having experienced episodic migraine since I was 23 years old, (I'm now 74) I've recently been diagnosed with chronic migraine. I've been given excellent help from a neurologist and now have discovered this website that so far has helped me understand all these weird sensations I've been experiencing are in fact all related to migraine.

    Thank you for all this wonderful information.

    I look forward to receiving as much information as I can as I now understand why I sometimes cannot articulate what I feel, why noise is overwhelming, why certain smells are nauseating and why I experience so many other sensations my brain has been sending me.

    My sincere thanks to the team producing this great website.

    Regards Maree

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