Grade the series finale of 'If Loving You Is Wrong':


  • Courtney - 2 years ago

    Very bad ending leaves to many unanswered questions

  • Rebecca Cunningham - 2 years ago

    I love the show the show If Loving You Is Wrong but I know Tyler Perry could have done better. Why did he just leave us hanging like this it looks like he just got into writing something else and just forgot about If Loving You Is Wrong. I think he tries to do too much and then just forgets about what he's writing and doesn't care anymore and forgets about his fans. He needs to stop trying to do so many things at one time and focuses on two or three things and leave it at that because his fans know that he writes good stuff but he just leaves us hanging that's why I give the season finale an F. I hope he does better with the rest of his shows and their Season Finales.

  • Kim A Fritsch - 2 years ago

    I was very disappointed in the ending and want more of this show. Please Tyler Perry bring this one back and at least have a season where things are explained. This and Have and Have Not were two of my faves and both disappointed with last seasons shows. I know Tyler Perry is better than that to leave us all hanging

  • chanelleplamer - 2 years ago

    i hate 4 preson they are bred marce alxe randel these are the presons i hate alxe was worry what she did bred and marce were worry you 4 were worry

  • Gabriel Duplessi - 2 years ago

    Besides All this what was Brad Buring in the mountains that night. NOTHING was done with the whole Julius angle either

  • Gabriel - 2 years ago

    My Lady & I got into this show on Hulu...We binge watched it all very quickly. We were hooked. Eddie played a great villian as Did Randle....A lot of it just didn't make sense to us. For Alex to abandon her kids after fighting so hard to keep and protect them especially the baby...I get that she was abused and felt trapped...but still ..Iffy at best.. The new characters (the fireman and his wife) had no real reason to be on the show. Why would Larry willingly give Eddie 50 grand...which turned out to cause both of their demises. Is Esperanza going to prison? We don't know. Good show initially but the last season made little sense

  • Brenda - 2 years ago

    Very disappointed! All the other comments sums it up! ????????‍♀️

  • Cheryl Donaldson - 3 years ago

    Too many unanswered questions and no closure. The series finale ended with too many cliffhangers!!!
    Randall, Eddie and Natalie were my favorite characters, but I didn't like how the show ended with the unanswered questions to many of the remaining characters and the missing ones as well!

  • Lisa - 3 years ago

    Disappointed - although acting was on point for Randall as always & Eddie being the best hateful narsacistic person he is! we need another season, way too many unanswered questions!

  • Liz - 3 years ago

    Come on Tyler, We need closure!!!! Enough said????

  • Elizabeth T Medina - 3 years ago

    Come on Tyler, We need closure!!!! Enough said????

  • Melinda - 3 years ago

    I am so sad that this was the last season!!! Love this show, so please don't end it this way!!! I tend to like the villains because they make it fun!!! Started watching because of all My Children's, Aiden Turner!!! Everyone is right, to many unanswered questions!!!

  • Shirley - 3 years ago

    I just feel like there were to many unanswered questions.and no closure

  • Loretta Reed - 3 years ago

    I could have seen more. I enjoyed the show very much. Need more answers. Everyone really got what they deserved. Except for Alex she needs help. Please consider on making more to this show.

  • Heather - 3 years ago

    So very disappointed in the last episode!!!! So many unanswered questions.... I am so happy for your success and how you are making so much possible for so many talented writers, actors and many more.There is still a lot of talented writers out there , African Americans that can be a great asset. As a matter of fact I know a few and I’m not one. They just need a chance. Again thank you for your contribution and success proud!

  • MsCee - 3 years ago

    Need closure

  • Chello - 3 years ago

    Come on Tyler! Now you are better than this ending. I’m online trying to find out when the last episode airs because I just know that this was not it, lol! What?? How could you leave us hanging like this after all this time? We waited for this show season after season. Maybe would have been better to just go off air and never write an ending...(this was not really an ending). There was no way the producers/directors etc said “this is a great ending!!” Very disappointing for what started out as a show I absolutely could not miss. I was left dumbfounded with this ending.

  • Diane Brown - 3 years ago

    Tyler you left us with more questions than answers. This is so unlike you what happened? I guess anyone can have a bad day (or script). I have faith that you will redeem yourself with the upcoming 1 hour tie up the many loose ends episode. I watch all your shows including BET plus. Still a number one fan but please fix this

  • Catherine Kiser - 3 years ago

    Please don't leave this show like this Yes Eddie deserved killing but not his daughter and Larry you You should have left him and the other lawyer alive and Alex she didn't deserve to be pinned with a murder rap and all the other characters such as Nathalie son the miss I g cop Ben and the rest what happened to them I hate a show that ends like that you gotta give us some more it can't end like this.

  • Sam - 3 years ago

    I’ve never been more disappointed in a series finale if that’s what you want to call this let down. I watched every show from the very beginning to be let down this way. Shame on you Tyler Perry...shame on you. You are overworked and stretching yourself so far that you couldn’t even give this show the proper send off it’s so deserved.

  • Gwendolyn Foster - 3 years ago

    Please don't leave us hanging like this! Marcie needs to pay for her crime. I don't do tick for tack. I really feel bad for Alex. She has been abused since childhood. Brad needs to be deported. Esperanza can PLEAD insanity her and Marcie. Don't let Marcie and Brad run off into the sunset. Brad abused Alex too. Then the new neighbors wife is she or will she recover and even though that punk Randal got his punishment it needs to found he drugged that woman and drove her over the edge. Eddie GOODBYE!!! RANDAL GOOD BYE. Larry should have left that child out of his revenge for Eddie. The other Attorney I pray he survives
    Please Give Us More!!! Then Have and Have Nots please we need to see Veronica get what's coming to her. We need more of this show too

  • Patricia Moss - 3 years ago

    Tyler Perry this is the 3rd show that you let us down on the season finale that were on OWN. I just can’t believe how this show ended the way it did. Marci could have beat Randall a little less and plea Self Defense. Eddie should have died, however his daughter, that we saw about 5 times in the past 5 years. What happens with Lucius, Natalie, and what happened to Ian. He could have put Marci in jail. There should be have been 1 or 2 more shows. You just left up hanging. I’m trying not to think about how the HAHN ends. Kill Veronica and Jim off. I’ll just wait and see. Please don’t disappoint. Love your writing, direction and your productions. If you need some help. I’ve got a grandson just out of college but brilliant. Love you. Blessings!!

  • Jonette Davis - 3 years ago

    Just Wow!

  • T Smith - 3 years ago

    This was a disgrace of a season finale. First off now I know the show ending you killed off the 2 most important people on the show Eddie and Randle they made the show. So whatever ending you was going to do it should made sense around there killing. Y'all left it up in the air like it's coming back but you can't bring the show back with your 2 main characters gone. Second, how the hell y'all gone make it to were Alex killed Randle Marcie ass is 90 pounds. That blue dress was so big on her and Marcie clothes was big too come on now. Alex didn't have no blood nowhere meanwhile when Marice had the dress on it was full of blood. At that point my husband stop watching because it was terrible acting all around. Third, what's the point in having the cop retrieve the phone if y'all wasn't gone use that to locate there daughter. So Esperanza just shoot Eddie, Alex goes to jail for nothing, they never showed them looking for the lil girl or her body. Like come on y'all rushed the ending and it was trash and a waste. Y'all should have took sometime thought it through and came up with a way better ending let the show go out with a bang. Y'all had to many story lines left like the show coming back on for a sixth season. You can't be serious this how y'all think the show should end man that was terrible. So disappointed with Tyler Perry and the ending like that.

  • Gina Kessee - 3 years ago

    Glad that Eddie was shot (but did he have on a bulletproof vest?) That means that Esperanza does not go to jail.
    Randall is dead for sure and Marcie should have admitted what she did in self-defense.
    Mika should not be dead (maybe the body in the dumpster is someone else.
    Larry got what he deserved
    Maybe Ian is unconscious and recovers.
    Maybe the police officers that Eddie terrorized are under FBI protection
    Joey does not stay in jail long for a gun charge. And get back with Fawn.
    Alex needs serious professional help.
    Who is Corey?

  • Willie Davis - 3 years ago

    Loved every episode but the ending should have been different some of the good ones ended up bad that shouldn't have the ending seemed rushed into so everyone can figure out things for themselves.

  • Brenda Coble - 3 years ago

    In no way did it end right. Still it leaves us with so many unanswered questions. With as many viewers that begged for the continuation of the show Tyler Perry totally let us down. The decision to do this didn’t just happen, it was a decision that was made long before now. I think the viewers should be allowed in on the decision, I mean after all we were the fans, we were the lovers of the show, we were the viewers. I know that’s just my opinion !
    I think Brad & Marci were absolutely wrong in what they did to blame Randall’s murder on Alex. I really thought Marci had a little bit of class but they both are about as low as they get. I felt sorry for Alex, she had a Horrific Childhood. She was raped by the lowlife she had as a dad and her mother was no better. I could only hope that Tyler brings the show back . Would that not be just awesome ?

  • Pasqual - 3 years ago

    More Marcy should’ve been interviewed that cop did a horrible job in his investigation the fireman said there was a woman in a dress. In a blue dress. This was simple okay next question

    Was she a white woman? Was she a black woman? He would’ve said black woman she lives on the street. That eliminates peppa.

    It’s obvious even if Alex blacks out she would be way too drunk falling down drunk to beat a muscular strong man Randle who was completely sober to beat his brains out. You would get his toxicology report. And there was no blood on fireman.

    Why was brad randomly coming up to a crime scene what happened? Always whenever a random person walks up on a scene they spike up to suspicion.

    Eddie got the true punishment he deserved his antics finally caught up to him. He never would leave Larry alone. This rivalry started since Eddie kidnapped and tortured Larry. Eddie should’ve left him alone.

    The whole kidnap rescue thing I thought Lucion and Esperanzas boyfriend would get her he had Larry’s cell phone what happened? No explanation couldn’t they locate her?

    Larry was the darkest character on the show he was into some dark stuff.

    Ian was a great character let’s look at this Ian got Kelly out of jail rescued Alex. He did a lot for everybody in the neighborhood.

    WE NEED TWO HOURS CAMPAIGN for a movie. On own message Tyler Perry put it on OWN or BET my girl Amanda Clayton Alex is on another show showtime CITY On A Hill so don’t know when she can have time to film. But let’s get it.

  • Elizabeth Atherton - 3 years ago

    This was a total disappointing end of finale to a long awaited last season. Agreed as previous how does Alex get framed and has absolutely no blood anywhere else except Marcys dress that miraculously Fit as well as shoes ? What about the fireman no blood on him for that overkill . Seems like let’s kill them all in one last effort to get this show over with. What about those other police guys ? Never heard of it mentioned or any on going investigation. I was completely hooked on series and thought the last show was rushed and a EPIC FAIL !
    Happily ever after Brad and Marcy .

  • Lady D - 3 years ago

    There is no way that Alex could fit into Marcie's blue dress, and what about Macie's footprints from the blood splatters??? And... the fireman had no blood matter on him at all. #BigFailures

  • Josie - 3 years ago

    I was excited until the cliff hanger. I was extremely disappointed. Alex has done a lot but to be framed? Marcie should have confessed. We are left with many unanswered questions. They should do one last encore episode and answer all the questions. By popular demand. After waiting so ling for the last season this is wrong.

  • ANN - 3 years ago

    The ending was horrible. Yes, death could not have come to 2 nicer guys but we are left with total unanswered questions. Tyler certainly dropped the ball on this one and I watched every episode from the beginning. I mean I did not miss a one, to end up so bitterly disappointed. Why did you hurt Ian and who is the baby's father. If I was left to imagine all this, you should not had had a finally at all.

  • Bsrbara - 3 years ago

    I didn't like the way it end. I need to know who Alex baby father is
    is espero going to jail.i am disappointed the way it ends. I hope Tyler bring it back. I LOVED the sbow????

  • Crystal - 3 years ago

    I'm so confused this was so disappointing I did not expect for it to end like that. Was so excited and then let down. Yes there were absolutely some great parts in there but over all I would have to say it could have been way better ended more like a season final then a series final. Please give us more this just cant be the end.

  • Claudette - 3 years ago

    Out of all the shows this is the BEST one! This is the last one that should see its exit, extremely disappointed!! Truly the best cast of actors and actresses out of all his shows. I had one hour of escape into true entertainment every week when airing. Now what ???? so so disappointed.

  • Laura - 3 years ago

    I was so so disappointed with this ending. I was hoping the baby turned out to be Brad's because Alex father may have been black. I couldn't understand why Brad wouldn't just take the DNA test. There was some hint early on that Alex's mother may have had an affair with a black man. I felt that was why Alex father was molesting her and the mother did nothing. That ending twist surprised me. How could Brad frame her like that? Squeaky clean in a bloody dress! Poor Ian who tried to help didn't deserve that ending either. This was not an ending but a show that ticked me off. Eddie and Randall's wayward ways caught up with them but I didn't like the direction the show took Alex. Parents that abused her, a husband that neglected her and a neighbor that used her and you take her off the deep end in the finale. I love you Tyler Perry but not your ending to my favorite show!

  • Laura - 3 years ago

    I was so so disappointed with this ending. I was hoping the baby turned out to be Brad's because Alex father may have been black. I couldn't understand why Brad wouldn't just take the DNA test. There was some hint early on that Alex's mother may have had an affair with a black man. I felt that was why Alex father was molesting her and the mother did nothing. That ending twist surprised me. How could Brad frame her like that? Squeaky clean in a bloody dress! Poor Ian who tried to help didn't deserve that ending either. This was not an ending but a show that ticked me off. Eddie and Randall's wayward ways caught up with them but I didn't like the direction the show took Alex. Parents that abused her, a husband that neglected her and a neighbor that used her and you take her off the deep end in the finale. I love you Tyler Perry but not your ending to my favorite show!

  • Williemae n Harris - 3 years ago

    Mr.Perry, you are great.I love If Loving You Is Wrong, pleàse give us a 2hr finale.

  • Roselnor - 3 years ago

    This t.v. program was entertaining and suspenseful but feel that there should have been one or two more episodes tying up loose ends. However, Tyler Perry is without a doubt one of the best directors, storytellers and producers.

  • Debra Brandt - 3 years ago

    My mouth was hanging open..just one shock after another!!???? Loved the show, dont want it to be the end...but it was an original ending...never seen one like it with so much violence..i truly felt the anger and evil that fueled the killings...the expressions on Eddies face were so scary...the tasor scene...just aweful...poor IAN ????what was the story about a dumpster and Mika?? Did they kill her and dump her there?? Pure evil!! Poor ALEX????.and BRAD surprised me...hes always done the right thing but i guess he went over to the dark side too...Strange
    how none of the kids in the story saw or heard any of this...Tyler must have given them all sleeping pills that night...I agree...a 2 hour finale would have been better and answered more questions...

  • Betty fore - 3 years ago

    Just write an ending Tyler, we need that so much! With all that’s going on now you could give us that at least. You know we love you much. PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!!

  • Squaly - 3 years ago

    I think a lot of this has to do with Tyler Perry’s writing and opinion to race. Maybe with Alex peppa getting framed for murder of Randal maybe Tyler Perry was showing the white character having to take the fall for what the black character did. In these shows and a lot black people are framed for stuff they didn’t do maybe Tyler Perry was trying to say something. I’m just saying.

    The interracial couple got screwed. Let’s look at this Ian and peppa. I just think Alex peppa liked black men. They should’ve dug into that more. Also there wasn’t a lot of Esperanza story this season.

    I thought eddy was cartoonish At times what he did this season. I thought Randall was cartoonish he just got evil. Terrorizing the neighbor who was clearly schizophrenic. It was sad to watch. Also didn’t see a lot of luscions wife Natalie.

    We’ve had a lot of uncomfortable moments on that show seeing Randle hanging a black man hanging Eddie pulling him up. It was tough to watch and I think Tyler Perry was writing a lot about race in these episode Marcy and Brad.

    I think Marcy was using brad as a rebound as much as she hated Randle she still loved him. I wanna give y’all some real in depth writing if you watch the opening Marcy scene she is beating his brains out and then comes out of her crazy state to comfort and console him for like two seconds.

    This was all Marcy being told by Randle how she couldn’t so anything for him. Years of abusive verbal abuse also

    Peppa was tortured she was tortured in her marriage tortured by Randle tortured by Eddie tortured by her parents tortured by Marcy. I feel sorry for her and she didn’t deserve that.

    I don’t know how we do it but we need resolution to those characters we need to know. I think a own movie would be good or another season on bet.

    You guys on here need to voice your opinion DM Tyler Perry own tell them to put the show back on. It’s been done before fans have gotten shows put back on let’s get this one back on. .

  • Kelly - 3 years ago

    Mr.Perry, Why?????? Surely you could have done better. What’s the story with the baby’s true DNA that Alex’s doctor brought to her personally from season 4? The doctor said something as if the correct results revealed that Brad was the true father and asked Alex if Brad had dark colored relatives in his family background. Alex looked stunned and relieved. So what happened on that storyline? Clearly with shows focusing on one’s genealogy, DNA and reuniting with lost families these days ; how incredible if Brad discovered he descended from European/African bloodline. I could just hear Eddie going crazy over his idol’s newfound identity. Now that is a storyline!
    Why give your audience the impression that Alex may have developed another personality from all her childhood sexual abuse from the hand of her father ( which could have given your show an Emmy award or one for your actress who portrays her) only to leave us hanging. Her character did not deserve such a horrible ending. It would have been nice to see if Brad truly loved Alex with unconditional love if her diagnosis had surfaced, especially when her ob/gyn seemed concerned of Alex’s changed behavior. What an incredible storyline bringing awareness to the effects of sexual abuse with the devastating result of those with such a horrific mental disorder called Dissociative identity disorder (DID), previously known as multiple personality disorder, is usually a reaction to trauma as a way to help a person avoid bad memories. Consider Sally Field’s 1976 critical acclaimed award winning performance as Sybil; a true story of a young woman who suffered from more than 16 multiple personalities. May I also mention that it has been documented that childhood sexual abuse can cause self-destructive behavior, difficulty in establishing interpersonal relationships and a long list of long term effects ( reference ACA Online library). Alex’s history of childhood sexual abuse is a compelling storyline that needed a more compassionate platform.
    I understand much attention has come to the surface with the devastating loss of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement; and your attention may have shifted away to the thought of continuing this series;however, as a victim of child abuse I would love to see you dive into these storylines with your previous passion to send awareness in issues that are just as disturbing.
    Too many loose ends. I should have become a screen writer. I know I could carry on a few more seasons for you. Just sayin’

  • Fellom - 3 years ago

    To sit and watch 4 seasons with anticipation of final season (5) to end it like that just didn’t us and just at all it was all over the place and ended with to many plays left out just hanging for no rhythm or reason very disappointing feel like I waited my time it was the worst ????????

  • Ralph Elder - 3 years ago

    I was happy to see so many evil people get what they deserved, things may have been better if the finale had been 2 hrs. to help wrap up some loose ends. The killing of Randall and Eddie was so satisfying that it helped me overlook some of the other shortcomings.

  • Jana - 3 years ago

    I’m sorry but the finale left way to many unanswered questions. It was awful. I have watched since the beginning. I thought the ending would have been better than it was. Very dissappointing

  • LaKesha - 3 years ago

    Terrible...a finale wraps things up not leaves things hanging. It was even terrible as a cliffhanger. disappointed.

  • Patricia Walker - 3 years ago

    After all the waiting on the edge of our could you end this fabulous show on such a sorry manner??? Please CLEAN THIS UP!!! SOMEHOW!!!

  • Chantelle Chase - 3 years ago

    We need one more season to straighten everything out! I can't believe Tyler did his fans like that! Epic fail on his part!

  • Bernelle - 3 years ago

    After being dragged in between seasons, this is what we get? Eddie should have been made to suffer, Larry got what he deserved. Randle needed to suffer at the hands of the fireman and Marcie could have assisted with that. She did see Randle leaving the fireman's house when he gave fireman'wife the pills. Alex did not deserve what Brad and Marcie set up. Kelly did deserve to find love, and we never got the chance to get to know Justin's father. Natalie needed Lucshion to put his foot down a little. She was strong but easily swayed. All that to say I agree with all the comments above. Esperanza, oh sweet Jesus, she makes me light headed but she made swiss cheese out of Eddie. Thanks Mr. TP. YOU LEFT US HANGING! many emotion????????????????

  • Lynda - 3 years ago

    We could have 2 hour closure.
    I like the cliffhangers.....we do another season.

  • Patrice - 3 years ago

    The ending of this show is so messed up. This is what we waited for no. smh

  • Lynn - 3 years ago

    Horrible Finale!!!! Period!!!

  • Paula - 3 years ago

    The finale was great, but it left too many unanswered questions. We need more Mr. Perry!!!!! Give us another season. Marcie definitely needs to get caught. Alex has done some bad things but she does not deserve going to jail for someone else's mess up. I hope Eddie is done and Randall too. I hope Ian is ok though. He is a good guy. PLEASE GIVE US MORE

  • carolyn east - 3 years ago

    First off, I thought it was time for Eddie to get what he deserved. Didn't know it would be death (i assume) As a retired officer , Tyler Perry you let Eddie get away with too much stuff..Drugs, having sex on duty, etc. Tyler you left to much on the table. Randle talk a lot of crap and tries to be tough, but he gets his behind kicked all the time..Marcie finally snapped and took care of that. But when the police came into Randall 's home and arrested the fireman, there was no blood on him anywhere, no brain matter , no nothing..Same for Alex when the police saw her, yes it was blood on the dress, but her hair and arms were clean..I wanted to know what happened after she got to the police station.. Luscious and Steven saw how drunk and drugged up she was..She couldn't even walk. I didn't like the fact that Brad pinned the murder on Alex. I guess Ian is dead because of the stun gun Eddie used..?
    And Esparunza daughter, how did she die and why did you have to do that to a child...
    Tyler you left so much open during the other series...We never got to see what happened to Andrew... The blk cop on the bike that Eddie had shot up was in the hospital.. What happened to the cop Eddie shot in the hand?
    And yes Alex baby. Wish I knew the father was. Plus you made Kelly look like a fool.

  • TT - 3 years ago

    That was a good ending in a way because some of the people that have been doing dirt got what they deserved. Now on the other hand it's time to see what would happen to the rest of the people and Marcy needs to get caught cuz I don't like her anyway not anymore. So Tyler we need more

  • JESSIE OWENS - 3 years ago

    Oh, my!

    Horrible! Rushed! Way too many cliffhangers.

    What happened to Fireman and his wife? Did she ever recover from her psychosis brought on by meds that Randall gave her?

    What happened to Ian the attorney?

    How did Mika die? What happened b4 the dumpster? Strangled mutilated, what?

    Did Alex understand her arrest?

    Brad and Marcie...what???

    What's the outcome of Alex's kids , and who is the father of her baby?

    Etc., etc, etc.

    A two hr finale could have answered questions without too many cliffhangers left behind.l

  • Wendy - 3 years ago

    I loved the show but this last episode has got to go. Tyler Perry you have to give the people what they want. This episode was way too busy. I was happy to see the demise of Eddie, Randall, and Larry, but that was a bit too much. There was a lot of unfinished business, way too much drama, and we never found out who's the daddy. Oh well, I guess I'll write my own endings. Thanks Tyler. I enjoyed your creativity.

  • Peggy Garvey -Miner - 3 years ago

    I so loved the show. Extremely sad it ended. Thank God Ive still got the H&HN’s
    Having loving you on ending so abruptly is not right.

  • Cherry - 3 years ago

    I was shocked to see i was watching the last episode. I loved this show but I truly feel this went out all jacked up. Too wrong.

  • Tara - 3 years ago

    It was way too much going’t seem realistic! I appreciate what Tyler was doing making sure all the major bad characters finally got their karma but too many loopholes. ????????‍♀️????

  • Katherine - 3 years ago

    It was obvious to me that TP was rushed with this ending. You need 1 more season to tie up all the loose ends. I think Eddie, Randall and Larry got what they deserved. We need to wind up Kelly's, Alex, Marcie's and the Fireman's story concerning his wife. We need to know if the other attorney lives and if the baby is his. What about Joey? I know you can complete this TP. Finish up what you started....please.

  • Phyllis Swain - 3 years ago

    Love Tyler Perry and all of his shows. Hate this show is ending. Loved watching it. Looked forward to it. But...... it didn't end right. Mr. Perry please bring it back. At least to finish it out. Please. Love you Mr. Perry. Thanks for all you do.

  • Ehonda Bass - 3 years ago

    I agree with all the above comments. To many loose ends. Did Randall's mom get our of hospital. What about Pete and Joey. Eddie got a slow punishment not just be shot. He deserved to suffer. Tyler I like your stuff. But you dropped the ball on this one.....

  • JOANN - 3 years ago

    What a horrible ending

  • Nancy brown - 3 years ago

    Could have a better ending would like to know what happened to Eddie’s daughter lot of unanswered question love the show I truly hate its ending a good

  • Dee - 3 years ago

    Epic failure! Too many storylines left hanging. It was clearly rushed with no thought process. We need answers!!

  • Lillie Covert Freeman - 3 years ago

    This show and The Oval have been guilty pleasures of mine, even though the parade of shady characters is exhausting. Neither show had a moral center. Why are there so many creepy characters lurking in Tyler's imagination??. The bad characters are way too prominent (Eddie,Larry, Randal). They take up too much. Screen time! Kelly was in jail way too long. I love and respect Tyler Perry. I honestly think that he should stick with producing and bankrolling. Let someone else do the writing, and directing. The TV shows seem under developed and stagecrafty. The speedy wrapup of ILYIW is no surprise. I'm ready to let go. I love most of his movies. I believe his most powerful piece was Colored Girls. It is classic literature and I was stunned at what a great job he did with it. I think Ntozake Shange would be pleased. I will always be a TP fan!. I watch the movies over and over. God bless Tyler Perry for keeping us entertained! Bring back Madea!!

  • Cynthia - 3 years ago

    I think that the whole last Season was rushed and to end the Series alot of questions and storylines weren't fully played out. Another was Marcy.....she were thst same blue dress through the whole Series so this pretty much happened within a 24 hr. time period? It was just really bad. Very disappointed with this one of Tyler Perry, he's such a great writer.

  • TaVodca Currin - 3 years ago

    Like did Pete ever leave the hospital after being shot?? Did Claudia ever get the inheritance that was left for her?? Did Claudia ever complete her FBI investigation? Did Julius ever find her?? Do Julius know that Claudia is his half sister?? Did they ever find Andrews body?? What happened to Ben?? So Joey just stayed in jail huh?? Did Tilda ever seek revenge on Joey for killing her son Quan?? These are all things you didn't tie together... WHY?? 

  • Cynthia - 3 years ago

    I think that the whole last Season was rushed and to end the Series alot of questions and storylines weren't fully played out. Another was Marcy.....she were thst same blue dress through the whole Series so this pretty much happened within a 24 hr. time period? It was just really bad. Very disappointed with this one of Tyler Perry, he's such a great writer.

  • Viola - 3 years ago

    Too many story lines left hanging. Pete, Andrew, Joey...Eddie actually paying for his crimes rather than killing poor Esperanza's baby girl. Would have preferred the show continue and Brad having more integrity. Not sad at all about Larry and Randall getting theirs but Alex shouldn't have been scapegoated and would have loved to see Ean try being a father and Kelly actually finding love.

  • Melvina Davis - 3 years ago

    Totally dis-appointed. We need a finally, this wasn’t it.

  • Kay - 3 years ago

    very very disappointed. Why did you cancel that show. You could have did a better season final. You get a big fat F.

  • Jerry R - 3 years ago

    This was a bust, eddie should have been dusted a long time ago. Where are those other 3 cops that Eddie did in, where is Natalie's son, what about the church and their antics against kelly, the finale was a zero.

  • diane - 3 years ago

    NO more Tyler Perry for me . Too much wasted time and then a rushed ending,,,,,,,,Goodbye Tyler

  • Geneva - 3 years ago

    I think that it was abrupt ending with all them actress getting killed off and I think it just left people hand I mean that is not the waiting in the TV for now he's serious I mean really think about it you have got that put a little bit more thought into that just leave all the public and the viewers hanging like that and said we all of them got killed off like that that is the most sad and in cruciating excruciating thing I've ever seen and thank you for taking my comments please redo the ending of that TV series buffalo meat is really really fast

  • Marilyn - 3 years ago


  • Kathy Reed - 3 years ago

    DITTO, DITTO, DITTO All above statements. Toooooo many unanswered loose ends.

  • CatP - 3 years ago

    Totally disappointed!! Too many questions left unanswered. What happened to all of Eddie’s victims (The cops)??? Did Ian survive? Was Mika murdered? Did the murder charges stick with Alex?

    We need a two hour series finale to tie up all loose ends!’

  • Darleen - 3 years ago

    If Tyler rushed and messed up the ILYIW finale, I hate to see the damage he does to the Haves and Have Nots finale. He’ll probably have Veronica kill Hannah. Shame on you Tyler Perry...

  • Carole - 3 years ago

    Very disappointed! Too many unanswered questions. Did Tyler Perry have Mika killed and if so, that’s horrible. What happened to the cops that disappeared? I’m not a police officer but framing Alex? Who’s fingerprints are on the fire poker and door? This entire season making Alex seem so horrible was ridiculous! Definitely not Mr. Perry’s best effort. I agree with comments above....loyal fans deserve answers and a final season or special that will explain everything is not too much to expect!

  • Matt - 3 years ago

    A big disapointment. Randall got what he deserved, as did Eddie. Even though Alex was a "pig", she should not have taken the rap for Marcie's actions
    ( which she would havw gotten away with after the cops would have seen her condition and realized it was self defense) .
    It seems that everything was squeezed into the last 12 minutes of the show. Perhaps they could revive it for a future series. Nice try, but no cigar.

  • Tony - 3 years ago

    Continue , need to bring back some more seasons you can do it Tyler

  • Linda - 3 years ago

    Really?!!! I cant believe Tyler left us hanging like this. Alex getting blame for Marcie's crime, it was self-defense. This should have been a 2 hour finale so the viewers could have gotten a better closure of what happen with the remaining characters.

  • Sonya - 3 years ago

    Eddie dead - 5 Star
    Randal dead - 5 Star
    I don't want it to end - 0 Stars

  • Jessie B. - 3 years ago

    Are u kidding me!? What the hell? I cannot believe that Tyler Perry would be so sloppy with this show! Let's just kill a bunch of characters off & get rid of the rest, so we can be done with it in 1 final swoop? So not cool. Killing off Randall was great, & even Eddie finally paying a price would've been fine, but the rest was just not even aligned with what we've come to expect. Didn't even stay true to Brad or Marcie's characters... they've been pretty innocent in all they've been thru & now they go with framing Alex for murder? Really?? Ugh, I'm so utterly disgusted in this ending. I'm hoping Mr. Perry will redeem himself with a great comeback next season, but the way this played out sure seemed to hint that there might not be another season. If this is how it ends forever, I'll have lost so much respect!

  • Terri demarr - 3 years ago

    I love Tyler Perry but he let all of us down it could have been better than that I wish he would make it into a movie so we could know better what happened to everybody else come on Tyler Perry we know you are very talented but this was a real letdown

  • Wadehah - 3 years ago

    I am so disappointed with the ending. This is not the Tyler Perry greatness I expected. Brad is angry..granted, but to pin a murder on an innocent person, who clearly needs psychological help( all the abuse from her demented family) Marcie always wanted what was not hers. Eddie should have been humiliated at the station loosing everything and cracks up. Alex's kids could have been listening and sneaking so they could help their mother later. Kelly was done wrong, she deserved to be with Rick. Wow this really should have been a 2 hour Finale..I think we got short changed for all the much waited time.. Bring back an hour and a half movie with better endings...I am so sad..but I still love ya!!

  • Vickie - 3 years ago

    Very disappointed in the ending. Yes Randal deserved what he got. And Eddie o yea snd Larry well he just a ass. But Brad what he did to Alex come on that was out right wrong. The show ended with a very disappointed ending. And was their daughter dead?? What about Ian ?? Who the baby father? Tyler Perry at least do another season r a spin off why leave your viewers hanging like that?

  • Evelyn - 3 years ago

    I’m disappointed in the series finale. More questions then answers. I think that it’s a shame that Alex is going to suffer some more by blaming her for Randel’s death. ( he got what he deserved, ASSHOLE) what about Esperanza? What happens to her after shooting Eddie (another ASSHOLE) he also got what he deserved but I preferred jail for life. Esperanza, no child presumably and looking at time in jail. Maybe? I don’t think Marci should getaway with the murder of Randel. Call it self-defense. Brad needs help. Putting Randel’s death on Alex. She was going thru enough. Alex needed some mental help not jail. The fireman he should get off of the charges. He didn’t have blood on his clothes or hands. Cleaned. Marci made a big mess of Randel. The series needed a 2 hr ending or another week. VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!!

  • Joann - 3 years ago

    Sorry I wasted my time for 5 seasons! I was a big fan of Tyler Perry, but I won't get suckered in anymore.
    The actors worked hard but maybe Mr. Perry had to many other things to do to give us a finale worthy of applause.

  • Bernice - 3 years ago

    What happened to Natalie’s son in jail, what happened to the cop that was framed and shot who Eddie tried to kill in the hospital. What happened to the cop that Eddie shot off his hand. What happened to the gangster mom of the son that Natalie’s son shot and killed. What happened to Esperanda’s ex-Latin boyfriend whose father was mafia and was stabbed in the hands by other gangsters. So much was going on in the series but somehow got narrowed down to just the neighbourhood leaving other characters hanging in the rafters. The finale was only a cliffhanger leaving us in suspense but killing out all the villains everyone so wanted to see reap their evil deeds. I think ???? it could have been a better ending.

  • Sabrina - 3 years ago

    The end? Really? 30 minutes of the bad guys being killed but then that bitch don't get what she deserves, we don't know anything About the daughter, Kelly doesn't get any kind of ending and what about Alex? Marcie could have gotten self defense but Brad always wants to cover up crimes. There qas so much good shit going on I expected a full episode and another one next week. I loved that show. Why end it?

  • Safia - 3 years ago

    I guess we should all stop tyler perrys shows..... very dissapointing!!!

  • Rita C - 3 years ago

    This is worst series finale ever. Too many unanswered questions. Who beats a man's brains out and has no blood on themselves. 2 people taken into custody for the same murder, no blood on them. I am very disappointed.

  • Melissa Turner - 3 years ago

    Loved this show but it definitely ended way too soon. Tons of questions not answered. Didnt play out well and could have continued for many many more seasons.

  • STEPHANIE - 3 years ago

    I've been watching ILYIW since the very first episode. I would've liked to see at least a 2 hour finale that wraps up most 9f the loose end. Leaving some things to the imagination is fine but this episode actually left more loose ends. I'm sure Eddie is dead, good! Randall too! How are you going to pin that on Alex? I need more episodes!!! This show should have been a phenomenal series if there wasn't so much time between seasons. Very sad it's over.

  • Ramona - 3 years ago

    This cant be the end.

  • James - 3 years ago

    Tried to watch the series, but was tired of the police brutality imposed. Surprised that was allowed to continue so long with no response from his superior.

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