Who's your favorite 'Jeopardy!' guest host so far?


  • Elizabeth Novotny - 10 months ago

    Ken Jennings is the best hands down.
    Alex really liked Ken and look at how smart Ken is.. He is a superb dresser.
    Ia adept and quick with the answers.

  • Sandra Gutierrez - 1 year ago

    I have watched Jeopardy since I was a child and thought I would never watch again when Alex died. I started watching again after I read Alex had indicated he was for Mayim to be his replacement. I think she is the perfect host, but would like her to listen to her inner self as she did for being a Mother. Cut loose girl, I know you don’t wear suits all the time????

  • Carol Elling - 1 year ago

    I truly like Mayim best. Ken is so cutesy and condescending. I probably won’t watch with him hosting

  • CrJohn Perrino - 1 year ago


  • C.R. - 2 years ago

    I Did NOT like Ken Jennings as host AT ALL . He was a great player, seemed to have a decent relationship with Alex, but has NO personality!!.. he’s very wooden & does not seem to have the ease with people that Trebek did. Keep him behind the scenes as producer, contributor, etc. PLEASE don’t make him a permanent host… it would be like going to a boring class instead of a fun game!

  • Al - 2 years ago

    Mayim Bialik is by far the best host on Jeopardy. My wife and I have not missed the show for decades so we have a good sense of who and what helps to keep the show feeling good and positive.
    Mayim comes across as a cheerful and bright person. She interacts with the contestants in a gentle polite cordial and personal way. She is very skilled at her job as host and we feel that she carries a joy in being the host. She greatly adds to our joy to watch Jeopardy plus I think she is very attractive....as a person.... but don't tell my wife.

  • Ann - 2 years ago

    forgot to say our favorites were Buzzy or Ken.

  • Ann - 2 years ago

    if burton hosts jeopardy we will find something else to watch.! We couldn't stand him!

  • Marie N. - 2 years ago

    Me and my husband prefer buzzy cohen or aaron rogers. Like what other people says here about levar burton would not prefer and maybe will not watch jeopardy anymore. Hes just too slow. Maybe he should stay in 60 minutes.

  • Patricia Kelly - 2 years ago

    I would prefer Aaron Rogers over LeVar Burton any day (my husband also feels the same)or Ken Jenning or Bussy Cohen. If LeVar Burton becomes host we will NOT watch Jeopardy !!

  • Richard Michel - 2 years ago

    It looks to me like there eliminating guest host one by one. Unfortunately I think there going to put in levar Burton. If that's the case this long time jeopardy fan will be gone. He has the worse rating.

  • Jean Forsythe - 2 years ago

    Buzzy Cohen would definitely grow into the job. Aaron Rodgers would be fine, but what about Jesse Palmer? He’d do a great job and is from Canada like Alex.

  • Evelyn - 2 years ago

    Richards was my favorite with Aaron Rodgers second. Obviously Richards now out of running.
    You should ask Peyton Manning to guest host as he’s done a great job on college Bowl. Also try out John Michael Huggins from America Says.
    Not a fan of Levar Burton whether it was nerves or slow timing he did not fill the bill. Would prefer Buzzy over Myam

  • Todd Hagar - 2 years ago

    Robin Roberts was to me the best host. If you go back and just listen without video you can hear her style of a natural communicator deliver the question clearly and her reaction to answers were quick and with the same feeling Alex put behind knowledge and could recognize achievements. She really was the best on all levels.

  • Frank C Sulzbach - 2 years ago

    Aaron Rogers was enthusiastic, without being bubbly. While many folks like Lavar Burton, he appears to be talking to an audience of 3 year old children. That is not what the show needs.

  • Polly - 2 years ago

    What a difficult task. After reading all the comments I will keep my choice to myself. I love the show and will continue to watch even if my favorite isn’t chosen. I am sure Alex would want everyone to continue to watch the show he so loved….

  • Karen - 2 years ago

    I forgot about Dave Faber????????Again, Levar Burton is a definite NOOOOOOO. IF HE IS CHOSEN, I WILL NO LONGER WATCH THE SHOW.

  • Karen - 2 years ago

    Mayim Bialik is a breath of fresh air!! Aaron Rodgers did awesome. Joe Buck was absolutely entertaining. Anderson Cooper is amazing!! Levar Burton is a definite NOOOO! Half the time he wouldn't call the contestants name till the time was almost up!! He is to robotic. The show needs cheer & laughter!!

  • Russell stewart - 2 years ago


  • Suzanne - 2 years ago

    Lavar was scary… do not pick him!
    I liked ken, David and aaron
    Do us proud… do not let the media pick the next host!

  • Marilyn Reece - 2 years ago

    My vote goes to David Faber and I'd never heard of him before. He had such a relaxed, easy manner, was great with the interview section, spoke clearly and well. He gets my vote.

  • Jeanette Paisleu - 2 years ago

    By far the best host for Jeopardy out of ALL the candidates is DAVID FABER. In my mind he comes closest to our beloved Alex Trebek. He was calm and unassuming, making the contestants the stars of the show, unlike many other guest hosts who were more interested in their own image. Take Mayim BILALIK, for instance, whose first words out of her mouth were something to the effect of, "look at me. I'm a neuroscientist." David Faber came on calmly and professionally and did an outstanding job, making the contestants the stars of the show, just as Alex had. So, to reiterate, my vote goes to DAVID FABER, although I have yet to see his name on any list. Wake up, Sony exec's. You already have the perfect person. There is no need to have other guest hosts

  • RD Harlowe - 2 years ago

    Mike Richards and Mayim Bialik are excellent choices. They are both smart, comfortable, polite and supportive. They focus on the game and the contestants. My original choices were: 1-Buzzy, 2-Mike, 3-Mayim, 4-Samjay, 5-Anderson, 6-Savannah, 7-Bill Whitaker, 8-Katie, 9-Aaron. I was hoping to see Laura Coates from CNN and Brad , the long-time champion but I guess he's busy on the Chase --a terrible, mean-spirited spin-off which is both frustrating and annoying to watch. Thank you for staying true to the original SPIRIT of Jeopardy and Alex with your choices of Mike and Mayim.

  • Pat Davis - 2 years ago

    Mike Richards is the best! He was completely comfortable while hosting, personable and easy to watch. He would be a great permanent host. Levar Burton’s eyes really bothered me. Not sure what is going on there but they made me uncomfortable.

  • Judy - 2 years ago

    Joe Buck is the worst guest host. He never shuts up.

  • L. Edwards - 2 years ago

    Who is David Faber? Did not get to watch him?

  • Frank - 2 years ago

    David Faber was fantastic. By far the best. He’s the closest you can ever find to replace Trebek’s personality and charm. Easy decision - he’s the one !

  • Helen - 2 years ago

    Mike Richards, Dave Faber, Buzzy Cohen, Mayim Bialek are the only REAL options in my opinion. LaVar Burton, Ken Jennings, Anderson Cooper, Katie Couric, Mehmat Oz are all definite NOs and yes, there is reason not to watch a show because of the host--it's called wanting the best person to carry the show to its highest level of "entertainment." I would not waste my valuable time if I could not enjoy how the host handled that job at least as close to what Alex Trebek projected over the years. And to the person who said Alex had to grow into it; all I can say is I am nearly 85 and more than likely have watched for more years than she has. There was only a slight learning curve for Alex and, even during that learning curve, he handled himself with more aplomb than seasoned veterans. Put aside your prejudices for what people said/did in the past. If you were to dig past the surface of any one of these candidates you will surely find some hidden "dark" secret from the past.

  • Gael Poltrack - 2 years ago

    David Faber is, by far, the best guest host so far. If he will take the job, please hire him! LeVar Burton was not good at all after being touted so highly, very disappointing!

  • Doris campbell - 2 years ago

    David Farber is a natural, very relaxed and handsome. He is comfortable with the contestants. Good responses after the answers.

  • Archie - 2 years ago

    David Faber is - by far - the best Jeopardy host since Alex. By far! Hire this guy - fast.

  • Ken Norton - 2 years ago

    David Faber seems to be a "natural". Good interaction with contestants, very knowledgeable and keeps the flow of the show going.

  • JoAnne Cotton - 2 years ago

    Please not Mike Richards....too robotic. I really believe Alex would have picked Ken Jennings. He really liked him.

  • Shirley Odonnell - 2 years ago

    I love Faber - he has it all.

  • Barb M - 2 years ago

    I've never heard of David Faber and I'm not sure what he does, but he is
    a PHENOMENAL guest host. My vote is for him.

  • Bkapca - 2 years ago

    I was a Ken supporter, until Faber. Now he's my preferred host. He has all the best attributes. Serious with warmth. Smile with sparkle in the eyes.

  • Marilyn Hurst - 2 years ago

    David Faber is terrific! Warm and comfortable personality like Alex. Doesn’t upstage contestants, smooth pacing. First choice for sure!
    Mike Richards next. Please not LaVar Burton, the contestants are not children that need an excited cheerleader. Better actor!

  • Richard Williams - 2 years ago

    LaVar was irritating to watch making too many faces and too old! I don't want to go through another series of awful guest hosts.

    I liked Ken Jennings or Faber.

  • Nathlie Cavin - 2 years ago

    While many of the guest hosts did a fairly passable job, Buzzy and Robin were by far the most likable, natural, enthusiastic, endearing and professional in their hosting. They were at ease with themselves and what they were doing, and focused on four main things: giving kudos to the contestants and showing sincere interest in them; spontaneous sense of humor and relating themselves to the viewers; being able to make fluid conversation with the contestants; honoring and voicing a deep respect for Alex Trebek. Whatever you do, PLEASE ELIMINATE Lavar Burton from the list of possibilities, along with Mayim and Anderson Cooper. They just do not have the personalities to fit the bill. I’m not saying I won’t ever watch Jeopardy again, but especially if Lavar is chosen it will be very difficult. I’m having a hard time with him right now and we are choking through his episodes because we LOVE Jeopardy. And yes, the host IS very much a part of the overall presentation and does bear weight on the enjoyment of the program. BUZZY or ROBIN for us!!!

  • Jan Walsh - 2 years ago

    What about Chris Harrison….?……

  • P Staub - 2 years ago

    All the build up for Lavar Burton and he was the biggest disappointment. His timing was way off, his reactions to the contestants answers were weird. Hey Lavar, they are smart people, why were you so shocked they got it?!
    The host of Jeopardy needs to knowledgeable, personable and good with the contestants, and not have to totally rely on the cards for the answers. I don’t feel Lavar is the right choice no matter how many signatures he got. You need to keep the legacy of Alex in mind. His rapport with Ken Jennings and the fact that he took the time to work with him seems to me that would have been Alex’s choice. I like Dave Fabre also, after one day on there he seems, cool and calm and personable. Mayim Bailey was Amy Farrah Fowler on Jeopardy. Aaron Rodgers needs to stick to football. The television personalities are used to this so they all did well, some were extremely boring, some over the top. I know the decisions most likely already been made, I just hope the choice would be one that would meet the approval of Alex. He so loved the game, seemed to know the answers and the new host should too!

  • Marsha Kirven - 2 years ago

    Tied in my mind: Buzzy or Mayim.
    Always thought I would want Ken, but has become pompous. Where has Brad been? Thought he’d at least do a turn.

  • Carol Smithy - 2 years ago

    If you choose Ken Jennings I will no longer watch Jeopardy> I will miss it but Ken Jennings has no personality like Alex didl. My first choice would be Mike Richards.

  • Rosa Watson - 2 years ago

    I waited and waited to watch Lavar Burton host Jeopardy and I was not disappointed. I really think Mr. Burton would make an excellent permanent host for Jeopardy. His poise and professionalism was just wonderful. I truly hope the one hired to step to the podium. No one can ever replace our beloved Alex, but Mr. Burton would come close.

  • Pamelia Steiger - 2 years ago

    I am pleased to see the rankings so far, although I would vote for Aaron Rogers or Mike Richards ahead of Mayim. (if she is chosen, please get someone to give her wardrobe advice!) I have only one negative comment: if either Dr. Oz or Robin Roberts is chosen, we will never watch Jeopardy again.

  • Marc - 2 years ago

    I ignore all internet evaluations on “likes” and who should replace Alex,fake info is rampant on the internet.The preponderance of openly liberal candidates makes me wonder about the individual (s) involved in the selection process and how this will weigh on the selection process Ultimately the current audience will vote on the replacement with their remote with or without the fake internet posted info A bad decision by ABC could cost them 30% of the Alex level audience (guess they could blame the lose on Covid)

  • AK - 2 years ago

    I like LeVar. I watched Jeopardy as a kid, it isn't just for old people. Ken Jennings has a face for radio. We're too used to seeing good looking people on television (in the US) to change course now. Mayim is off-putting. She willingly plays into an irritating stereotype. The idea that intelligence somehow can't be attractive and well polished with social awareness, is cheesy.

  • Marcia L. Tollo - 2 years ago

    Mike Richards. He was similar to Alex with his style and grace.

  • bensondogs - 2 years ago

    #1 (by a wide margin) Mayim Bialik
    #2 George Stephanopoulos

  • Maryann Vigotov - 2 years ago

    Please don’t select Ken Jennings or LeVar Burton, please! They are not the right fit. You will lose many loyal viewers.

  • Mags - 2 years ago

    I’m a longtime watcher of Jeopardy and have tuned in almost everyday to see the guest hosts — my favs so far have been Jennings, Dr Oz, Dr Gupta. The worst has been Burton — enjoyed him on Star Trek, but he’s too LOUD and his comments after every answer we’re annoying. Please choose the next host wisely

  • Mary T. - 2 years ago

    I think Ken Jennings is a natural for Jeropody.I believe he would be Alex's choice.

  • Willy Yanke - 2 years ago

    Mayim is first choice. Buzzy is second. If you select the annoying Burton, i will never tune in again!. Thats 20+ years of every night watching!

  • White sweater - 2 years ago

    No Levar!!! He may be a great guy, but he is not hosting material. Show needs someone low key. He was too loud and annoying. Richards is a natural for the job, but I am sure he probably doesn’t want it. Mayim or Buzzy would be a good choice

  • Margie - 2 years ago

    Mike Richards is first choice followed by Mayim B. If "big ego" Ken Jennings becomes the host you have lost a viewer.

  • Mary Jo Kubiak - 2 years ago

    My choice was Mayim followed by Buzzy and Aaron. No Ken Jennings he is overrated and annoying. Comments about Mayim were regarding her wardrobe. That can easily be fixed by getting her a stylist. Stupid reason for taking her out of consideration. Please not Burton he was one of the worst.

  • Beth E Schwartz irwin - 2 years ago

    I recomend Myim she's down to earth, relaxed and doesn't have an unpleasant voice.
    If Ken is hired for this position I find him dry,and no personality He is smart but not entertaining.

  • Suzanne - 2 years ago

    Buzzy was the best. He has a great personality and would definitely be a great host. Next would be Mike Richards. He would do a great job too.

  • BA - 2 years ago

    Ken or Mike would be the best. 1ken. 2mike .

  • laurie copkov - 2 years ago

    I didn't like Levar Burton or Dr Oz at all. I didnt like Robin Roberts.i liked George Stephanopoulos Buzzy Cohen Ken Jennings and of course no one can ever replace Alex Trebek!

  • Wendy Wolcoski - 2 years ago

    Please not Lavar Payne very hard to listen to. My favourite Mayim. Don't understand all the love for Aaron Rogers I thought he was very boring.

  • Gracie - 2 years ago

    Levar was not an adult type moderator. He would be much better with kids. Ken Jennings was good and so was Aaron Rogers.

  • Dee Thomas - 2 years ago

    I like ken Jennings and mayim bialik would be a good choice. But I think Aaron Rodgers is good also. Plz don't let robin Roberts or leave Burton or savannah Guthrie I think they all tried to impress people to quick they stumbled over their own feet. Katie curic was pretty good , Mehmet oz don't care for at all.

  • Taylor - 2 years ago

    Never Burton he was horrible. Lobbied for the show BEFORE Alex died.

  • Barbara Carlile - 2 years ago

    So far Ken Jennings, he has the personality and experience, funny ????and great demeanor. Poo paw all the rest.

  • MR - 2 years ago

    NO MB I won't watch if she's the host
    NO KJ is too phoney, tries to imitate Alex. He's smart but not a good host.
    1.Mike Richards
    2Aaron Rodgers
    3.Buzzy Cohen
    4.Anderson Cooper
    LeVar was too hyper and nervous. The contestants need a host with a calm demeanor. His eyes looked like they were going to pop out of his head. I'm not saying that to be mean, it was uncomfortable to watch.This isn't the right gig for LeVar.

  • Jan - 2 years ago

    Definitely not Levarn. Worse host that has been on Jeopardy.

  • Jan - 2 years ago

    Definitely not Levarn. Worse host that has been on Jeopardy.

  • David - 2 years ago

    Levar Burton is the obvious pick for the new host of Jeopardy. Yes he was a little high energy and seemed like he was trying to hard but as soon as he relaxes he will his amazing normal self.

  • Sl - 2 years ago

    Buzzy best!
    Le Var worst!

  • JESUSA T SMITH - 2 years ago

    I love Jeopardy but my favorite is Ken Jennings or Robin Roberts. But don't pick Robin because I watch GMA every morning I watch it or record it. I think GMA has a great team I enjoy that show, So Ken he is my favorite

  • Holly - 2 years ago

    We really enjoyed the upbeat and engaging style of Buzzy Cohen. Robin Roberts is our next choice for her warm personality, relatability and great fashion sense. There were other guest hosts who did a commendable job but none of whom we felt were memorable or who we’d want to watch on a regular basis.

  • Marjorie - 2 years ago

    So much hype on Lavar Burton but he is a major disappointment. Robin did the best job but she will never leave Good Morning America. Good luck picking a winner. Many have potential but wouldn't give up their current career.

  • Larry Addy - 2 years ago

    I’m sorry but Burton does not have what it takes. Way too animated and loud. Also seems like he has to wait for the que to confirm or deny a correct answer all too often.

  • Julie - 2 years ago

    It's not a performance or act to be chosen. It's an honor Burton is seeking an awards to win. Not mine

  • Evelyn Robbins - 2 years ago

    I really like Mike Richards, I don't like the squeaky voice of Ken Jennings.

  • Rix Roses - 2 years ago

    Looks like current winner & levar are in cahoots..
    Is this a set up.

    Give it to Roberts

  • Rk - 2 years ago

    Robin..wins...she has best energy.skills
    Anderson cooper .close..too stiff...
    I dont think she wants it...
    Jennings sound like he know it all...
    Robin..if she takes it...

  • Louisa Gralla - 2 years ago

    I really do NOT like Levar Burton as host. I admire him as a person and performer but he's much too enthusiastic in demeanor. Jepoardy is a serious game and should be treated as such.

    I would be happy with anyone OTHER than Burton or Dr. Oz. I would like to see a woman as host though I loved Aaron Rodgers!

  • Susan Beck Case - 2 years ago

    My favorite has been Mike Richards because he feels like an extension of Alex Trebek and exudes respect for the show and role. Ken Jennings should not even be included after his disrespectful negativity about Mr. Trebek after his original show appearance. I hope those closest to Mr. Trebek are aware of his preferences!! I do recall him mentioning Betty White! Whoever is chosen will pale in comparison but we will weather the transition because Mr. Trebek would want us to continue watching his show!!! Will do so unless it is Ken Jennings. Just can’t forgive or forget…I am sure Mr. Trebek does!!!

  • Jim - 2 years ago

    Please don't overlook Buzzy. I think he did (and would do) a great job! He was relaxed, fun to watch and listen to, yet he let the champions be the ones to shine the brightest. As to LaVar, I can understand his fans from his other work rooting for him, especially since he's been so obvious about wanting it. But I have to agree with just about every negative comment others have made about him. He comes on too strong, his voice I find annoying and too loud, and together with his shouts of "yes," and "time," all make me have to control myself from turning off my TV. Sorry LaVar, but if you get the gig I'm afraid my 30+ years of faithfully watching Jeopardy will come to an end. By the way, I think Mayim comes on too strong as well, and makes the show too much about herself. As to all the others so far: most of them would be adequate as an occasional sub for Buzzy.

  • Sharon Mellor - 2 years ago

    Please please please DO NOT even consider LeVar Burton to become the permanent host. He is the worst of all the guest hosts!! I would quit watching the show if he became host. I really enjoyed Aaron Rogers but the other guest host who I truly enjoyed was Buzzy Cohen. He’s very entertaining, extremely knowledgeable and would be a perfect host. No one will ever be able to replace Alex but Buzzy would be a very strong contender.

  • Donna - 2 years ago

    I am going with Mayim. I can’t stand Ken and Levar looks like he should be in a classroom asking students questions and waiting for everyone to catch up and then let the people know if their answer is correct. He also sounds like he’s on the price is right cheering them on for spinning the wheel.

  • Kelly - 2 years ago

    Ken or Mike Richards. I really wanted to like Levar but he acts like he’s hosting The Price is Right. He takes too long to call on contestants, he has clearly not prepped, yelling “time” at the end is ridiculous. Is he hosting Jeopardy or is he giving a test to 10th grade geography students? Mayiam dressed like a frump, Dr Oz was unwatchable, Bill Whitaker was so boring, Savannah and Katie are extremely unlikeable. I will not be watching Joe Buck. Who thought Joe Buck was a good idea is ignorant. NO ONE likes Joe Buck, that’s something we can all agree on. I’m so over this “substitute teacher” parade of hosts. Terrible idea. You are losing viewers with every episode.

  • Candice Byrd - 2 years ago

    Expected to like LaVar, but totally dismayed that Jeopardy dropped the 2nd week for each guest host so they can get used to the format.
    Like Mayim, Aaron, George. Would not watch if it were Ken Jennings - AT ALL!

  • Barbara - 2 years ago

    It breaks my heart to say I have been so disappointed in La Var .He was the one I was the most excited about .He just isn't relaxed and isn't a good fit. I agree with do many others that Mike Richards has been the best .Good energy ,sharp dresser and personable .I did also enjoy Myim and Robin .

  • Sue Ornduff - 2 years ago

    No, no, no to LaVar. Love Jeopardy but could hardly watch this week. LaVar is the worst host.
    I like Ken Jennings.

  • Ruby Rogers - 2 years ago

    I think Lavar is horrible. Can hardly set and watch it this week. If it wasn't for the contestants I I couldn't

  • Barbara Lane - 2 years ago

    All the members of my household would vote for Buzzy.

  • Robert - 2 years ago

    A definite NO for Levar Burton, he seems totally out of his element. Ken Jennings (Mr. Jeopardy), should be the permanent host of the show...

  • Carol Kutulis - 2 years ago

    Definitely not Burton, he is uncomfortable and it is hard to watch him. I like Mile Richard's and Mayim best.

  • Gene Fisher - 2 years ago

    Please send me something so that I can vote. I am an avid watcher, with my wife, of this show.

  • Jenna williams - 2 years ago

    I voted for Mahim Bilalik. But I also very much enjoyed Mike Richards, Aaron Rogers. I have NOT enjoyed LeVar Burton at all. Very plastic, not relaxed. Does not seem to enjoy himself. I really hope he is NOT hired permanently. Ken Jennings was good. But I, too, would enjoy seeing Brad Rutter give it a shot!

  • Barb M - 2 years ago

    There have some good and some not so good guest hosts. I have been watching the show for most of my life and think Mike, Aaron, Buzzy or Mayim would be good choices. I would stop watching the show if Burton or Oz are picked, they were both awful.

  • Donna B Haley - 2 years ago

    My favorites are Buzzy, Mike Richards and Ken. PLEASE not LeVar!! I do not like him. He is trying way too hard. He's not natural.

  • B Taylor - 2 years ago

    NOT LeVar ... boring... I'm not a child...my kids didn't watch him when they were little gets on every nerve I have....if he gets it my grandkids won't be watching jeopardy at my house....and we watch it when they visit.. normally watch it by myself... But never again if he's the host...worse than oz....

  • Marcia Holstrom - 2 years ago

    For the first time ever, I could not watch this week. I love Jeopardy and I really liked LeVar Burton before this but cannot handle the current champion or LeVar as host. I think he's trying too hard. The "it's" by the current champion and his attitude really offend me. I will wait to watch when they are both gone. All the other guest hosts have been fine. Tough decision! Good luck!

  • Trudy - 2 years ago

    Mike Richards the very best. Most like Alex in all respects, personality, friendly was, knowledge. He has remained my favorite since we lost Alex

  • Sue - 2 years ago

    My opinion is that Barron Rodgers would 've the best

  • Betty - 2 years ago

    My first choice is Arron Rodgers with Anderson Cooper a close second

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