Grade the new 'Daily Show':

  • Joan S - 21 hours ago

    I really love Trevor’s perspective on the big issues but I miss his quick wit and humor in this new format. The pop up graphics and new wizardry detract from his delivery! And I also find the new set a bit cold. Don’t mind the casual attire. Men shouldn’t have to be so limited in their choices. I’ll still watch, but I think he’s better with an audience.

  • Janet - yesterday

    So sure seems to be falling flat. What a shame since I loved the old show with the audience and Trevor's sharp wit and banter. Plus he just looks kind of depressed and sad. Let's put on a suit get that audience back and sharpen up that wit. It was such a good show before. I don't understand if Stephen Colbert and others have live audiences why Trevor does not. I think he truly needs it to be at his best. Wishing him luck and love but I don't think I'll be watching for a while.

  • Shawn Wright - yesterday

    I'm sorry but it just falls flat without a live audience it doesn't work for me go back home the production was better why have a show without an audience

  • John - yesterday

    New set is bland and cold. No studio audience, no excitement. I live the show but it has seen much better days.

  • Jessica - yesterday

    I miss the live studio audience. It was nice to see Trevor again and I liked seeing some 1:1 segments in person, but I was really hoping that with the other late night shows and Broadway bringing back their audiences, The Daily Show would also follow suit.

  • C.Edwards - yesterday

    I love Trevor Noah but this was a big disappointment. Where's the audience and the energy?!

  • Terri Tyree - 2 days ago

    Audience. I miss the audience and Trevor's interaction with them. Still, the Daily Show is always awesome.

  • Amy - 3 days ago

    Oh this was such a bummer!

    I was hoping for the daily show with studio audience and yhe same energy as before.
    It looks just like the social distancing show except now it is in another studio.

  • Ken Morrison - 3 days ago

    For all the press, the show came back looking pretty much the way it was when it went on hiatus. Without the audience the show lacked energy and the pace seemed slow. Having some "Daily Show" is better than having no "Daily Show", but this is a far cry from a full return. They need to take a tip from John Oliver, who came back with an audience and greatly increased energy.

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