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  • James - 2 years ago

    Tim Henson has been one of the most innovative guitarists of this generation in my honest opinion . He is reshaping how a guitar can been used

  • Gary j1s - 2 years ago

    This guy not only rocks the axe but he also rocks as a dad and a kick a$$ person all around and if u don’t know about my boy Coty Hicks do yourself a favor stop what your doing go look him up and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed all around hands down definitely Deserving of this title So for me in my opinion for whatever that is worth it’s got to be Coty Hicks hands down

  • Jonny Davis - 2 years ago

    Jake Kitzka hands down! Seeing him play live is hard to explain how amazing it was.

  • Aimee Hampton - 2 years ago

    GUS G- Exosphere ????????????Gus G- Fierce ????????????

  • Bevin - 2 years ago

    Jake Kiszka, the only right answer!!!

  • Cindy - 2 years ago

    Jake Kiszka the best!

  • Megan Humes - 2 years ago


  • Serena - 2 years ago

    Jake kiszka!! I’ve been listening to GVF for a little while now and he just amazes me. Recently went to a concert and i was just stuck on watching him play so well. I didn’t even want to take my phone out to record i just wanted to be there fully immersed in the moment. He deserves this so much.

  • Ariana - 2 years ago

    Jake Kiszka deserves this!!!!! To all the haters y’all just give him a chance he’s so into music and does it with sooo much emotion. He is the best I’ve seen in a long time, he just deserves this sooo much!! I love him and all of them

  • Rebelle Conspirationnée - 2 years ago

    Tash Sultana ???????????????? for sure you’re thé BEST #fan????

  • Crystal - 2 years ago


  • Ashleigh Thompson - 2 years ago

    Jake Kiszka

  • Rex - 2 years ago

    John Petrucci is an absolute master of the instrument and has no equals, but some kids are gonna vote some average and mediocre players like J.Kiszka to be the guitarsit of the year. Pathetic

  • Eva - 2 years ago

    Jake Kiszka from Greta Van Fleet!!

  • Protiere Magali - 2 years ago

    Jake Kiszka

  • Dave Lee - 2 years ago

    John Mayer - because of his beautiful jams with Dead & Company ( and bringing back the 80s with style (

  • Lu as - 2 years ago

    Steve howe

  • Yuriy - 2 years ago

    Steve Vai

  • Summer - 2 years ago

    Jake of Greta Van Fleet He definitely Rocks any unstrustment he plays Guitar Is the soul of him

  • Grace Finch - 2 years ago

    Jake Kiszka plays with SO much emotion, he pours his heart and soul out at every single concert, that man deserves this award!

  • Kevin - 2 years ago

    Jake Kiszka is not worthy of tying most of these masters shoes. The fact that Greta Van Fleet sent their fans here to spam this poll is a disgrace. I hope that he loses by some chance. He does not deserve the title.

  • Kevin Luigi - 2 years ago

    Jake Kiszka!

  • Daniel - 2 years ago

    Well this Poll is absolutely worthless because it's been hijacked by terminally online Greta Van Fleet fans... Embarrassingly weird behaviour

  • Seija Uusitalo - 2 years ago

    Jake Kiszka!!!

  • Nikki - 2 years ago

    Jake Kiszka all the way. There are a lot of good ones on this list but the album GVF put out this year is standout and Jake deserves recognition for it

  • Mike - 2 years ago

    Meat Heafy - not a typo - if you know, you know

  • Bryan - 2 years ago

    Matt and Corey from Trivium. That is absolutely my favorite band right now.

  • Bjarte Foshaug - 2 years ago

    Alexandra Zerner is a very versatile musician whose recorded material include anything from progressive metal to gypsy-jazz, and anything from classical music to posr-rock. She can shred as well as anyone, but stands out for the way she makes that guitar sing, the melodic beauty of her playing, her highly developed sense of phrasing, her thoughtful compositions and arrangements, her attention to detail, I could go on forever.

  • RJ Mayfield - 2 years ago

    What Eric Gales was not on the list?!? Well that's who I voted for ????????????

  • kenzie - 2 years ago


  • Jamie - 2 years ago

    Danny Dela Cruz of Inglorious is by far the winner of this for me, he is simply outstanding. The work he has done on Inglorious' TWO albums both released this year has no equal. He is destined to be counted amongst the guitar greats one day, mark my words.

  • Andrew Richardson - 2 years ago

    You people have obv never heard of Billy Strings. Greatest flat picker alive by far with unreal pipes.

  • Simon - 2 years ago

    The album 2021 by Shades of Gray is still my favourite new album this year, Myke Gray needs to be in contention so I've voted for him (in the 'other' section)

  • Thomas Mellin - 2 years ago

    I voted for Joe Bonamassa …Blues at the highest level and performance…genius at work

  • Daisy - 2 years ago

    Holy Mother of lord!!! Listen to weight of Dreams! Jakes solo Josh’s vocals Danny’s drums and Sam’s keys! Jake deserves this award! He’s amazing at such a young age! I’m speechless with all of their songs/ albums!!!!

  • Katlyn - 2 years ago

    JAKEY JAKEY JAKEY!????????????

  • Vanessa - 2 years ago

    jake kiska 100% ! listening to him play guitar is other worldly, he has so much talent and he’s only 25 it’s insane. if you listen to any of greta van fleets song you’ll see why he deserves it! hoping he wins!

  • Paul King - 2 years ago

    Voted for Matt and Corey of Trivium.

    These guys have put out some amazing music. Especially the last 3 albums!
    I would have voted for Corey because I think he is extremely underrated.
    These guys have to be the hardest working band in Metal right now.

  • Madison - 2 years ago

    Jake Kiszka has a talent that is so unmatched. After attending some of Greta’s shows over the years, you can tell how woven he is into his craft. He plays so effortlessly and yet so beautifully. He deserves this award.

  • Maggie - 2 years ago

    Jacob Thomas Kiszka is a king and deserves this title of guitarist of the year!!!

  • Bella Jane - 2 years ago

    Although this last year was filled with tragedy, inequality, and grieving, there was always one constant, music.
    The power of music brought many of us closer together in a time when we needed it most.
    Jake Kiszka is one of the many reasons why our generation and generations beyond us will know what true roll and roll music is as well as continuously evolving the genre.
    Greta Van Fleet provides music that feeds our soul and gives us hope for a better tomorrow. A bright light in our darkest days, one that won't fade❤️✌️

  • Patra Luangsuwan - 2 years ago

    Jake Kiszka hands down! The way he plays the guitar on The Weight of Dreams…..absolutely amazing! What can I say…..LEGEND! He is so talented and his style is just jaw dropping. Greta Van Fleet is one of the best bands of all time and at such young ages too. Josh, Sam, and Danny are all so amazingly talented! They all put so much passion into their music that it is intoxicatingly addicting! Love Greta Van Fleet

  • Eric - 2 years ago

    Marcus King!

  • JB - 2 years ago


  • tamara - 2 years ago

    we stan jake thomas kiszka and his dirty shoes. VOTE JAKE VOTE JAKE VOTE JAKE

  • Nate - 2 years ago

    Billy Strings. That is all.

  • Sammy - 2 years ago

    No Kanami Tono? No Saki? I mean .. I get it, you are very western country oriented, but if you're looking for *interesting* music, especially if it's guitar heavy, you're looking in the wrong part of the world

  • Maze - 2 years ago

    It's not about how you play but what you play. Stu Mackenzie, the creative powerhouse is clear winner in 2021!

  • Bailey - 2 years ago

    Jake kiszkas ability to play guitar is beyond astronomical. What he plays out of that instrument just radiates what music is supposed to sound like. Jakes talent is truly unmatchable and he deserves to win. He pours every ounce of his heart and energy into his music. Greta Van Fleet is extremely underrated but they are one of the best. Jakes guitar skills are mesmerizing, emotional, and beautiful. When you hear him play, its the kind that makes you stop dead in your tracks and just listen. He is one of a kind. Nobody deserves this more than him.

  • Erica - 2 years ago

    Listen to Weight of Dreams and tell me Jake Kiszka does not deserve every single vote. His talent (at age 25!!!) rivals that of so many experienced and aged pros. I am so impressed. Jake inspired me to (finally) pick up the electric that's been sitting in my basement for a dozen years. Jake Kiszka for Guitarist of the Year 2021. Jake Kiszka for President. Jake Kiszka for World Ruler.

  • Tammy - 2 years ago

    Jake Kiszka should win for so many reasons. The list are always missing some great talent out there of course but seeing him play live takes you to another planet . To hear his awesome playing you must listen to Weight of Dreams off the new album. The Battle at Gardens Gate . Which should also win album of the year by a landslide. It takes a lot to impress me as I am a 51 year old rocker . I’ve seen so many bands I’ve lost count. He is as real and raw as it gets . He’s only 25 years old and this guy will make history. He is doing so as we speak. Jake you are the one my brother.

  • Eliza V - 2 years ago

    the only right answer is jake kiszka :) that’s rock n roll if you ask me

  • Michael E. - 2 years ago

    Would have to be Jake Kiszka for me. Had the chance to see the lad live in Nashville, made me feel young again - took me back to some of the greatest concerts I saw back when I was a kid. Rock ' n ' olrl never dies !!

  • Tony Griffin - 2 years ago

    Only one woman I can see on here, so no mention of the superb guitar playing of Miyako of Lovebites and the frankly criminal omission of Kanami Tono of Band-Maid (AKA THE best live Rock band on Earth). Seems like Japanese Rock and Metal is not something you've discovered yet, especially the female acts. Hell, when Jimmy Page saw Band-Maid he went backstage to get a selfie with their drummer, Akane. More importantly in this non touring times, Band-Maid have not only released an album and several singles this year but have performed two audience-less concerts that they streamed live - something not a lot of others have been doing. Best live Rock band I've seen in decades and up there with Zeppelin at their peak (which was when I last saw them, in 1979!).

  • Pratik Mayekar - 2 years ago

    Jake Kiszka hands down!! Inspired so many youngsters to pick up guitar with his mind-blowing playing... I'm one of them.. best wishes from India

  • Marlene McKinney - 2 years ago

    Why is Billy Strings not on this ballot. By far the best guitarist out there.????????????

  • Lena - 2 years ago

    Do it Jakey, Do it!!!

  • Spooky - 2 years ago

    Do it Jakey!!!!!

  • Dustin - 2 years ago

    Is Guthrie Govan not on the list because he didn't release anything new?

  • Kylie - 2 years ago

    Jake Kiska, I can't wait to see you win! We love you!

  • Amber Hosler - 2 years ago

    Jake kiszka. He has always been so talented and he has grown so much since the beginning of GVF! So as josh says, DO IT JAKEY!

  • Tino - 2 years ago

    Any response from the editors on Billy Strings? Delegitimizes the award not having him on here.

  • Melissa Woods - 2 years ago

    We got you Jake!!! In your lane bro!!! GVF Battle at the Gardens Gate best album of the year. And Strange Horizons tour at the Greek, can't say how earthshaking it was!!!

  • A - 2 years ago

    Jake Kiszka without a doubt is one of the best there is. The Weight of Dreams solo along with Broken Bells solo, is insane. He is only 25, yet he's so talented and entertaining. Congrats Jake on being nominated, and I wish you the best of luck and hope you win!

  • Pauline Petersen - 2 years ago

    Jake Kiszka has renewed my faith in Rock N Roll
    Do it Jakey❗????????????????

  • Emily - 2 years ago


  • Carlos - 2 years ago

    Hard to believe Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal is not in the list.

  • Jasmijn - 2 years ago

    Realllly hope to see Jake Kiszka win, he’s absolutely incredible live!! And his solo in The Weight of Dreams and all of his improvising in concert is just totally outstanding????????

  • Kella Campbell - 2 years ago

    I feel like Adam Slack should be on this list.

  • Katie Nelson - 2 years ago


  • Patrick - 2 years ago

    How is Billy Strings not on there?

  • Josh Greyson - 2 years ago

    Jacob Thomas Kiszka hands down! We are witnessing history folks

  • Dan - 2 years ago

    My vote definitely goes to Jake Kiszka. Young, talented af lad that only keeps getting even better than he already is. The way he takes you on a journey with each of his solos is mind wrecking, taking the good old rock hues and giving a modern twitch to them. Do yourself a favor and listen to The Weight of Dreams (a solo he came up with for live shows, which he used to name Black Flag Exposition, that he eventually turned into a studio song). You won’t regret it, every single song by Greta Van Fleet exudes talent, and they are only getting started.

  • Julee Nogueira - 2 years ago

    JAKE KISZKA, my guitar hero!!
    Greta Van Fleet’s album “the battle at the gardens’s gate” is a masterpiece. Please, support them!!

  • brad - 2 years ago

    Jake Kizka is a musical genius. His skills are unmatched in this new decade. As a venue manager, I have seen hundreds of thousands of performances, these guys are a new wave of rock n roll.

  • Eri - 2 years ago

    Would love to see Jacob Kiszka of GVF win! He is such an awesome and young talent! Hearing him freestyle is like watching Yo Yo Ma perform a concerto all by himself. He deserves the recognition! Listen to The Weight of Dreams by Greta Van Fleet and be BLOWN AWAY!

  • Eric S - 2 years ago

    Billy Strings!

  • Valentina - 2 years ago

    GVF has been the breath of fresh air that I needed. Jake Kiszka is so unbelievably talented as well has Sam, Danny and Josh. He deserves this award and many more to come. I definitely recommend listening to them and have that moment of awe like myself and many others experienced. They are out of this world and making a name for themselves. There is so much more to come and see from them that I am so excited !!!
    Jake this award is for you. Keep doing what you are doing !!!
    Greta van fleet, thank you for changing my life , from the bottom of my heart ????

  • Jaime Peele (Jam) - 2 years ago

    Jake Kiszka is one of the best guitarists I’ve seen live. Accelerating, a visionary, likes to switch it up, stand out. He lives and breathes guitar strings. Jake Kiszka, you have my vote!

  • melanie - 2 years ago


  • Kelly Sparks - 2 years ago

    Jake for sure!! Weight of Dreams/ Live at the Red Rocks is mind blowing!!

  • isabel - 2 years ago

    jake kiszka!!!! if you haven't listened to his band, Great Van Fleet, please do!!!!!! they are absolutely incredible. they are bringing classic rock to a new generation and keeping this genre alive and applicable to us as younger people (and older people, too!). he is 100% the best guitarist alive right now.

  • KQD2 - 2 years ago

    JAKE KISZKA and his 1961 Gibson Les Paul for President!!!!

  • Bri - 2 years ago

    Jake Kiszka has my vote always. Discovering Greta Van Fleet was the best thing that has ever happened to me. The best way I can describe it is, it truly makes me feel alive. The message in the music is one we all need, especially now more than ever. Peace, Love, Unity... that's what music is all about. Watching and listening to Jake play among thousands of other people is a memory I will always hold near to my heart. Over the years his confidence has grown, and in my opinion he has flourished into the best guitarist we have seen in a long time. I can't wait to see where he goes from here, I know there is nothing but greatness ahead of him. Jake, I am so so proud of you and you deserve this win! (and for anyone who hasn't heard him play, listen to weight of dreams, you'll be amazed)

  • Voter - 2 years ago

    Based on these comments it looks like the same person just spams Jake Kiszka posts over and over again... Looks kinda suspicious

  • monica - 2 years ago


  • Mimi Lawthers - 2 years ago

    Jake Kiszka...just listen to The Weight of Dreams and you'll be AMAZED!!

  • madison - 2 years ago

    this go jakey!!!! the weight of dreams sends me into an astral projection he deserves this so much

  • Abbye - 2 years ago

    jake kiszka without a single doubt. his attention to detail, knowledge, and incredible playing skills are impeccable. he perfectly melds the 70’s and current instrumental style. he’s going places for sure, absolutely incredible riffs that make you feel like you’re ascending. so proud of all he’s accomplished and excited for what the future holds for him. people WILL know his name. legendary.

  • Daisy - 2 years ago

    Jake (Jacob) Thomas Kiszka!!! Best I have heard in a very long time! Solos are incredible! The entire @Gretavanfleet band is incredible! He deserves this!

  • Sherrie - 2 years ago

    Jake Kiszka. This list has immense talent, but after seeing GVF this year, there is no denying this young man is a welcome throwback to early rock with just enough new stuff thrown in to keep us intrigued. Weight of Dreams is an experience which needs to be recognized. Jake Kiszka all the way.

  • Veronica King - 2 years ago

    I hope you win Jake!! My little sister is obsessed with ur band & would love to see y’all!! I’m here putting in votes for her & y’all ????????????????????????????????

  • JustBrittLeigh - 2 years ago

    Do it Jakey!!!!!

  • Daisy - 2 years ago

    Do it Jakey!!!! He deserves this pure talent right here!!!!

  • Starla - 2 years ago

    Go JAKE!!

  • Sofia - 2 years ago

    do it jakey

  • Tami Berrios - 2 years ago


  • Ty - 2 years ago

    Would love to see our favourite uncle, Tom Bukovac, on this list. His 2 album releases this year (Trip the Witch & Plexi Soul) are SO good.

  • Sophia - 2 years ago

    Jake Kiszka is WILD. He’s already incredible and he’s super young, imagine what his playing is gonna be like in another 10-15 years! Other worldly!

  • Seija Uusitalo - 2 years ago

    Jake Kiszka, young and very talented guitarist. The sky is his limit and whole @gretavanfleet

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