who among the 2010 Presidentiables deserve your vote? (poll opened december 2, 2009) (Poll Closed)


  • EDIN - 12 years ago


  • CB - 12 years ago

    I will vote for Gibo and Bayani... As a tax payer, i will only entrust my hard worked taxed salary to those who deserve and proved their worth and in being a true leader. Gibo galing at talino and Bayani the action man. If we vote for them im very sure we can see a brighter future for the Filipino nation.... G1BO at BAYANI ako.....

  • paul - 12 years ago

    lets try a religious leader for a change... i know this nation will rise again....

  • paul jay - 12 years ago

    i am for brod. eddie... for God and for the country...

  • LanZ - 12 years ago

    We will for noynoy

  • LanZ - 12 years ago

    We will for noynoy

  • truf - 12 years ago

    this nation does not belong to the politicians or to the wealthy, this nation belongs to the Lord and to the people...

    mga Pilipino, do not be deceived by what you see on tv or on the internet, ang bias nila

    go Bangon Pilipinas
    go Bro. Eddie C. Villanueva
    panalong, panalo!
    we support you here in Mindanao
    we volunteer heartily po, walang binabayaran para mangampanya
    dahil ginagawa namin to para sa Panginoon
    salamat =)

  • Joshua Velez - 12 years ago

    Sumama na tayo para sa mabilis na pag-ahon

    Vote Gilbert "Gibo" Teodoro

    Go Gibo Go,Go

  • Zeitgeist Addendum - 12 years ago

    my goodness.. look at everyone here debating for who will run for their country where in fact we are all mere slaves of our own state. GOOGLE this documentary and see for yourself! You will realize how stupid human beings are today and that we can not call ourselves as civilized people! Do you think any of these candidates can wipe out the huge debt of our country? Hell no because money is created through debt!

    It really is funny how all the governments around the world works.

    Hindi niyo ba napapansin na mga nagrurun ay sila sila pa rin, just the younger generation? In the end, sila-sila lang din nagbebenefit. In the end, status-quo remains, the rich still gets richer and the poor gets poorer. Maybe a few candidates can make the poor get just a little poorer and not that poorer.

    If you want to understand what I'm trying to say, just watch "ZEITGEIST ADDENDUM" at http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7065205277695921912#. You can download it also at demonoid.com or other file sharing sites. Hope to hear your feedbacks =)


  • zenian - 12 years ago

    mga kapatid 'wag nating patolan si roldan
    kawawa naman, di niya alam mga pinag-sasabi niya
    ang Dioys na ang bahala

    go Bangon Pilipinas
    go Bro. Eddie C. Villanueva
    we support you!

  • zenian - 12 years ago

    why should you separate the church from the state when God himself created the state?
    bakit takot ang mga tao na mamuno ang righteous leaders sa pinas?

    Biblical nga, iyan ang kinakatakotan ng kadiliman..takot na mawala ang corruption, kalabanin niyo si Bro. Eddie at ang Panginoon ang inyong kinakalaban
    'wag niyo kaming debatehin, tanungin niyo nalang kaya ang Biblia

    vote for righteousness
    vote for the Lord' choice
    go Bangon Pilipinas!
    go Pres./Bro. Eddie C. Villanueva
    panalong panalo!

  • workathomepinoy - 12 years ago

    huh?? cnong bobo?? Yun graduate of Economics at Finance tapos naging Presidente ng isang TV station tapos naging founder ng isa sa pinakamalaking evangelical church sa mundo? baka naman po nagkakamali ka ng pangalang nabanggit? baka ang ibig sabihin mo ay si Noynoy o kaya si Villar... tsk tsk... ni wala nga nagawa yang Noynoy nyo eh, walang silbe!

  • josh - 12 years ago

    ... bobo ang nagsasabi na bobo si EDDIE .. kya masasabi ko roldan,, eddie bobo ka! ..

  • josh - 12 years ago

    ... kaylngan ntin ng gobyernong walang korapsyon, kya s for me and my family, we will support Bro. Eddie V. for president.. pra sa 6 na taon na walang korapsyon,Villanueva YAsay at bngon pilipinas senator.. para sa Diyos at Bayan.. V

  • roldan - 12 years ago


  • roldan - 12 years ago

    bobo c eddie

  • dolly - 12 years ago

    I will vote for bro. Eddie.. EDDIE VILLANUEVA NA PO TAYO!!

  • sylver - 12 years ago

    Ninoy's phrase "The Filipino is worth Dying for" is forgotten by many, even His son Noynoy. but this was rephrased by this

    “This world is too poor to buy my convictions on the principles of TRUTH, JUSTICE and RIGHTEOUSNESS”

    Bro. EDDIE.............

    Eddie hindi pala noynoy......

  • Mgee - 12 years ago


  • Mgee - 12 years ago

    ....As for me and my family.. we are for BRO. EDDIE.. Kailan pa kikilos para sa pagbabago? EDDIE ngayon Sino ang pagsisimulan? EDDIE tayo...Kaya Go Go Go Bro. EDDIE...

  • maricel - 12 years ago

    kung pwede nga lang sana iboto ko pareho si GORDON at BRO.EDDIE :)

  • Rollie - 12 years ago

    I am for Bro. Eddie Villanueva!!!We need a righteous leader...God bless you Bro. Eddie

  • rye - 12 years ago

    our country needs a righteous leader...


    para sa tunay na pagbabago...


    EDDIE TAYO...!

  • jrd - 12 years ago

    Bro. Eddie...ang susunod na presidente ng Pilipinas!

  • jane - 12 years ago

    Sa Negros Occidental especially sa Bacolod mas Marami ang Bro. Eddie..Silent lang majority pero pagod na sila sa mga lumang mukha at pasalinsalin na lang sa mga walang nangyayari kabutihan para sa buong sambayanang Pilipino. Bro. EDDIE and the BANGON PILIPINAS slate siguradong panalo na.

  • jane - 12 years ago

    Sa Negros Occidental especially sa Bacolod mas Marami ang Bro. Eddie..Silent lang majority pero pagod na sila sa mga lumang mukha at pasalinsalin na lang sa mga walang nangyayari kabutihan para sa buong sambayanang Pilipino. Bro. EDDIE and the BANGON PILIPINAS slate siguradong panalo na.

  • dwendy - 12 years ago

    hm.. this is pro eddie v. page..

  • bert arevalo - 12 years ago

    Dito sa amin sa Western Visayas Gibo Teodoro ang malakas.

  • vcf - 12 years ago

    The most qualified for the president position is Gilbert Teodoro...

  • Randel Abalos - 12 years ago

    This world is too poor to buy my principles and convictions. -Bro. Eddie Villanueva

  • DJ - 12 years ago

    Go Gordon~ Track record!!

    Masyadong makaGordon..si ADMIN !! Go Admin. GORDON yung RED!

  • Desiree Love Joy Santiago - 12 years ago

    para sa tunay na pagbabago..vote for BRO.EDDIE VILLANUEVA..

  • Kelly - 12 years ago


  • Kelly - 12 years ago


  • Kelly - 12 years ago


  • Kelly - 12 years ago

    Go Bro. EDDIE!

  • genuinemovementforchange - 12 years ago

    Only 1 Presidentiable has proven his worth.
    One of the First to win the Alternative Nobel Peace Prize
    Clean and honest track record
    Strong platform
    No political ties
    Zero percent corruption
    A great leader


  • kevinbee - 12 years ago

    TAYO ANG PAGBABAGO “This world is too poor to buy my convictions on the principles of TRUTH, JUSTICE and RIGHTEOUSNESS” -Bro. Eddie C. Villanueva

    ..not for religion but for a better country serving God alone. With God, Anything Is Possible! - Matthew 27:57-61 EDDIE AKO! :D

  • janet - 12 years ago

    If God is with us who can be against us! Bro. EDDIE VILLANUEVA has the edged among other all presidentiables. Maniwala kayo BABANGON ANG BANSANG PILIPINAS.

  • Engineer - 12 years ago

    Why ABS-CBN could not broadcast the news that GIBO is winning the on-line polls?
    It is because, they are;
    System -

  • rolan - 12 years ago

    GIBO Tayo!!!
    Just watch all the debates and compare how he reason out with the other candidates…
    Let us give a more deserving candidate a chance and not base on popularity…

  • iceman - 12 years ago

    Even the wisest men can only do little and has a limit, but for a person who admits, submits, and has his faith to the plans of God can do things that are unimaginable. Sa kakayahan pa din ba ng tao tayo aasa, let GOD do his work for our country, just like Israel, who yielded for a righteous leader. Go Bro. EDDY!!!! for GOD and Philippines!!

    If a man remains in me and i in him, he will bear much fruit;apart from me you can do NOTHING. - john 15:5

  • janet - 12 years ago


  • Jose Acelajado - 12 years ago

    Gordon-Fernando for a better Philippines!

  • Jose Acelajado - 12 years ago

    Gordon-Fernando for a better Philippines!

  • benz - 12 years ago

    Basta kahit anu pang sabihin ng iba jan......kay BRO. EDDIE LANG AKO....tapos

    I WANT BRO EDDIE..ang cnumang kumontra o mag react....PEACE! God bless to all!

  • tirso - 12 years ago

    Kailangan nating umpisahan ang pagbabago. We already tried inteligent people and well known people but we're not try to vote for Godly people. I think it's time for change. Vote for Bro. Eddie

  • mvs - 12 years ago

    i am for bro.eddie! for righteous governance

  • lj - 12 years ago

    yes to Bro Eddie...

  • janet - 12 years ago

    God is opening the eyes of all Pilipinos. We need to vote sensibly, a person whom we can trust that has the fear of the Lord and most of all hate sin, CAN FIGHT CORRUPTION and elevate the living standards of all Pilipinos, That is why, people of different religions and belief hungers for change and supported Bro. Eddie as their candidate. We are so thankful change is truly coming "Because when the righteous rule the people rejoice, when the wicked rules the people mourns." SI BRO. EDDIE VILLANUEVA lamang ang tunay na makapagbigay ng tunay na PAGBABAGO SA ATING BANSA, DAHIL ANG PABOR NG PANGINOON AY NASA KANYA." GOD BLESS YOU BRO. EDDIE and GOD BLESS THE PHILIPPINES.

  • janet - 12 years ago

    BRO. EDDIE VILLANUEVA, will be the next President of the Philippines. GoGo BRO. EDDIE, GOD IS WITH YOU....!

  • someblue - 12 years ago

    nice one blue22,
    .."God destined him to be the President of the Philippines". Who is he kidding? He is better off as a pastor for his own Christian Sect...
    ..GO GORDON!!..

  • blue22 - 12 years ago

    Erap Estrada

    - Utang na loob, bakit tumatakbo na naman yan? 2 years as a president and he outdid what Marcos has done in 20 years, who is he kidding?
    - Why would we give someone a chance who has already destroyed it when he was in power?
    - Pardon doesn't mean innocence. He is now telling people he is innocent of plunder. Heller!!! Pardon means you are forgiven for a wrong doing you made. He accepted it. Thus, he must have admitted to his guilt. Otherwise, if he is not guilty in the first place, why accept the presidential pardon. Simple logic.

    Noynoy Aquino

    - I like his approach of being independent when it comes to his campaigns para walang "utang na loob" later once in power.
    - Hilaw. Should have listened to his mother when he was advised before that he should not be jumping positions and instead finish the term where the people elected him.
    - I like his advocacies. Atlhough I still want to see how he intends to pursue them. Advocacies are not enough. You still have the "how" part and unless that can be answered, then your advocacies are just that.
    - Principle wise, I like his stand on some issues facing the country.

    Jamby Madrigal

    - Please.... Just be a senator for the environment. Perhaps she will be even more effective.

    Basing it on my opinion, I am either going for Noynoy, Gibo or Dick Gordon. Kaso most of the time that I see them on tv and in Forums, hardly do they talk about the How part. I just don't want to hear them give their platform. I also want to know how they will implement it. They can come up with websites but check it and you will not see there the "How" part and that can really deter me. Oh well... I'm just one vote. But that vote can make a difference

  • blue22 - 12 years ago

    baket ba panay kau bro. eddie?

    Here are my issues with the other candidates:

    Manny Villar:

    - C5 Extension Project. I heard he used his position to manipulate the project so that the properties owned by his businesses will go up in value.
    - Di pa election, madami na siyang commercials. So it is already turning out more or less that he is so eager to get to Malacanang. Kung gumastos siya ng ganun kalaki (granting he had discounts since he got the contracts to those advertisements long before the campaign period began), what is the guarantee that he will not get this back when he is already in power considering his hands is already tainted (referring to C5 Extension Project).
    - Further, his non appearances in the Senate for the hearing all the more indicates that he is "running" away from something. Remember a person with good intent and not guilty will always take every possible avenue to clear his name, especially if this is already to be done in front of his own colleagues.
    - Having too much advertisements only indicate his eagerness to have the power. Something that I really do not like in a person. Why is he rushing to Malacanang?
    - Practice what you preach. He once stated that he has the commercials because he has no "artistas" to endorse him. So now he has Dolphy, Willie Revillame, and Michael V... And still the commercials are there. Someone is not really telling the truth here.
    - Granting he was once from the poor kind, that doesn't guarantee he will be good for the country. In fact his having businesses and his eagerness to be in Malacanang makes me question his motives.

    Eddie Villanueva:

    - I simply do not like his platform. I think it is garbage. Even his plans to revamp the positions in the government, like having an official to check on transparency and productivity of every department --- only goes to show he is not thinking. Those are already in place. One just needs to implement the rule of law. Further, exactly how does he intend to implement his platform? Very phantasmic plans. Either his thinking is clouded by day dreaming or he is really becoming illogical already.
    - Separation of the church and state. Ok lang siya sa mga plano niya? I also don't like the fact that he once claimed that "God destined him to be the President of the Philippines". Who is he kidding? He is better off as a pastor for his own Christian Sect.

    JC Delos Reyes

    - Again separation of church and state.
    - Errr... People need reforms and how it will be implemented, not his emotional pleas and passionate showings about morality. Passion is an ingredient to get things done, but please, let the intellect do its thing where it is supposed to and just leave your emotions and passions where it counts.

    Nicanor Perlas

    - Good intentions. Still we all know the nature of Philippine politics. You need machinery to win. And further on, I don't see his qualifications being enough to fill in Presidential post. I still think he lacks experience. Simply put, advocacy for the environment is not enough for one to considered for the highest position in the land. While I have heard and read about his platform on the web (from sites that advocate his presidency), I still think his experience is not enough.

    Dick Gordon

    - I like his idea of volunteerism and knowing what he has done for Olongapo, perhaps that can also be done for the country.
    - Sure he has other controversies, but who is a politician that doesn't have any?
    - Among the Presidentiables, he is one of those that has a clear view of where he needs to bring the country.

    Gibo Teodoro

    - Might be a possible puppet of GMA. But that is still to be proven.
    - One of the presidentiables who has enough experience in governance.
    - Also has a clear view of where he wants to take the country once he becomes the president.

    Erap Estrada

    - Utang na loob, bakit tumatakbo na naman yan? 2 years as a president and he outdid what Marcos has done in 20 years, who is he ki

  • someblue - 12 years ago

    yeah right!! GO GORDON!!!!

  • janet - 12 years ago

    Bro. EDDIE VILLANNUEVA, is not using JIL, we his supporters ay kusang loob na nagsusuporta sa kanya, sarili naming lakas, panahon, at sa aming kakayanan na kusang magbigay, mangampanya para sa tunay na pagbabago ng ating naghihirap na bansa. Bro. EDDIE knows his stand, dahil maliwang naman ang ibig sabihin ng separation of state at church. ANG BATAS Na ITO AY inabuso ni satanas, nilason nag isipan ng maraming tao. Ang pagkakainindi ng iba hindi puwedeng sumali sa politika ang isang aktibo sa simbahan which the original concept is tha the state or the government must not interfere with any afffairs or activities of the church. It doesn't mean that a servant of God cannot enter politics. Who should only be allowed to participate? Remember that everyone has its own religion and everyone is a part of their churches. If you are righteous and you have a right personal relationship with God, does it mean that we should not be allowed to be involved in politics? Ang separation of church and "state ay nangangahulugan lamang na ang estado o state ay hindi puwedeng magtatag ng "state religion, hindi rin maaaring gamitin ng estado ang pera ng gobyerno para paboran ang isang religion. kailangan din igalang ang Freedom of religion" ng lahat na mamamayan. kung ang mga gambling Lord ay puwede at magnanakaw na tumakbo sa pamahalaan, bakit di dapat tumakbo sa paglilingkod sa gobyerno ang isang taong tapat, matuwid at me takot sa Diyos? BRO. EDDIE VILLANUEVA FOR PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES.

  • someblue - 12 years ago

    we should remember that under the Philippine Constitution, there should be a separation of STATE and CHURCH, if u are really sincere in serving the Filipino people why not resign in your present position in JIL? Prove to us that u are not using the members of JIL for your campaign and for your success. I believe that u have the spirit of the Lord but do also remember that each and everyone of us are born to have the spirit of the Lord. Try to prove your SINCERETY!!! Let's go for the one who does not just want a change of man CHANGE IN MEN. Go Gordon!!!

  • xokhan - 12 years ago

    sa mga di pa nakakapagpasya kung sino ang ihahalal, hwag tayong maging maramot, hwag natin ipaubaya sa pansariling pagnanasa ang katanyagan, ang kayamanan at ang kapangyarihan, nawa'y isaalang-alang natin ang kinabukasan ng ating mga anak, tama na ang ipinagdusa natin... tanging isang lider lang na may takot sa Diyos ang makakapag-ahon sa ating kinasadlakan. hwag natin sayangin ang pagkakataon na ito. mag-isip tayong mabuti at ipagkatiwala sa Diyos ang ating boto.

  • janet - 12 years ago


  • WasingAsing - 12 years ago

    pukenangina nyo mga supporters ni eddie! hindi yan diyos para sambahin! wag na kayong mangarap na manalo yang hinayupak na yan! hindi dinadaan sa dasal ang pag-asa ng bayan! pwe!

  • WasingAsing - 12 years ago

    sino ba yang jamby na yan ang lakas naman ng loob na kumandidato! wala naman tayong napala nung senadora pa sya kundi puro bunganga! tsaka yang si noynoy na yan yung pinaka iinisan ko sa lahat, matapobre na artistahin kagaya ng malande nyang kapatid na si kris! mga potang ina binabastos nyo lang yung bayan namin!!!!! pwe!

  • MRGHAGA - 12 years ago

    brother eddie we love you

  • nhics - 12 years ago

    ito ang tunay na survey..

    "anim na taong walang korupsyon" - di mu ba gugustuhin to?
    na sating mga kamay ang ating kinabukasan, Bangon Pilipinas.

    Bor. Eddie na!

  • marrnelle L. narciso - 12 years ago

    napansin koh.super dami ng nagvote for bro. eddie ......i also support for bro. eddie....not only becuse many are willing to vote for him but also with my principles.....we need a God-fearing man.......no other than bro.eddie villanueva.....that's all... thank u!

  • marrnelle L. narciso - 12 years ago

    napansin koh.super dami ng nagvote for bro. eddie ......i also support for bro. eddie....not only becuse many are willing to vote for him but also with my principles.....we need a god-fearing man.......no other than bro.eddie villanueva.....that's all... thank u!

  • inday - 12 years ago

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  • Anthony - 12 years ago

    I am for Bro. Eddie. If you want Righteousness PLEASE VOTE FOR BRO. EDDIE!!!

  • Matt L. Navarro - 12 years ago

    I'm for Bro Eddie. Righteousness exalts the nation!

  • borks - 12 years ago

    SPAM yan! wala namang bases ang POLL nato..

  • noel pascual - 12 years ago

    .....and remember sa mga kumukwestyon sa track records or karanasan ni Bro Eddie in Governing the Nations.Pls be reminded what the Good Book says"..FEAR OF THE LORD IS THE BEGINNING OF WISDOM" San ka pa ,Gods wisdom may tatalo pa pa bun???? FYI chk this website and link for you to know Bro Eddies Background--www.broeddie.ph,www.BPBPM.ORG,& www.bangonpilipinas.com

  • noel pascual - 12 years ago

    Mga Pinoy di pa ba kayu natuto??..di sapat ang KARANASAN OR TRACK RECORDS OR PINAG-ARALAN ng isang Lider ng Bansa para tayu magkaroon ng Genuine transparancy at Matapat na Gobyerno..History from our Previous Presidents clearly shows na kahit na yun Pinaka matino at mabait na tao o Public Servants ng Gobyerno kapag naihalal na ng tao at naging Presidente ay nagiging corrupt na rin-Obvious ba "Most Corrupt Country na tayu in Asia"-Ibig sabihin lang Nito "Something is Missing" yun Character ng Lider na "Matakot Gumawa ng kamalian at Korapsyon" kahit na syay nag -iisa -And this is What we call Fear Of The Lord-that somebody Up there is Watching! And who Else can have That Strong Character--SYEMPRE pa yun dating Servant Of God and Non other than EDDDIE C VILLANUEVA-THE Philippines NEXT PRESIDENT AFTER GLORIA MACAPAGAL ARROYO-AMEN!!!!

  • carlito san jose - 12 years ago

    kung nagmamahal ka sa ating bansa. huwag mong ipagkatiwala sa mga mapagsamantala at mga magnanakaw. panahon na para makapglukluk tayo ng isang taong may tunay na pagmamahal sa Diyos at bayan. Bro EDDIE tayo. tugon na ito sa ating mga panalangin na magkaroon tayo ng isang righteous leader.

  • Grace Anne - 12 years ago

    Bro Eddie!! Lht ng mga relatives ko kau IBOBOTO!! wak tayo maniwala sa mga survey sa mga TV at Radio.. Bro Eddie For PRESIDENT!! God Bless The Philippines!

  • Jeremiah - 12 years ago


  • jerry - 12 years ago

    for so many years we Filipinos have been given the chance to carve our nations fate by means of the power to vote but sad how we Filipinos didn't used this sovereign right to vote wisely and correctly. until now we vote via popularity and propaganda hypes. we overlook what is real and not. we based our votes because of this saying and that saying. always we blind ourselves with false beliefs and convictions. may i remind us all that it is not the politicians who'll make or break us it is us the MASSES. politicians are our servants. each and everyone of us needs to know our rights so we can make the difference.
    ask your selves if you are sick will you go to a businessman? if you need computer repair will you go to a auto mechanic? if you need to fill a banking position will you hire a welder? the answer is NO. time to think people we must elect ONE who is capable of that position. the highest position in the land who will represent us in the community of nations. it is not a question of he ispart of the administration or he was mastermind of the c-5 scam etc. the question is IS HE CAPABLE? now question of of "if he is to be corrupt or if he will serve the Filipino people lies in us all. if we see and do nothing then all our fears will come true but if we show our leaders, capable leaders, that NOW we mean business and we will no longer tolerate imcompetence, graft and corruption etc. then our elected offcial will have no leeway and alibis to betray us because they know they are answerable.
    sometimes the real questions is ... ARE WE FILIPINOS REALLY READY TO GOVERN OURSELVES? the truth hurts but this is whats is really happening in our time.
    a professor of mine once told me " we Filipinos needs to be governed with a whip on one hand and gun on the other becuase we act like mobs and needs to be controlled in order to behave properly.
    why do tend to be such law abiding citizens abroad yet here in our own turf we can't even follow the basics of laws.
    wake up my dear countrymen. wakeup FILIPINO YOUTH it is your future that is at stake. our olds have gotten their chance and did nothing NOW IS OUR TIME!

  • Charles - 12 years ago

    Ang pulitika ay hindi madumi, ang nagpapadumi nito ay ang taong naka-upo at mga Pilipinong nag-iisip na madumi ito. Kung ang uupo ang taong katulad ni Bro. Eddie Villanueva ay magiging malinis ang pulitika. Ang taong nagpapadumi ng pulitika ay lilinisin ni Bro Eddie ng kasama ang Diyos at Bayan.

  • jemai_llanera - 12 years ago

    people! let us not be blind anymore! lets vote ninoy aquino 4 president! if only i could vote a million times,i would vote just 1 man! not a man of million words... but a man of few words with thousands of good deeds! and it's no other than him (ninoy). i believe he could build a better future 4 us and for the next generation.. and he's the man whom i believe could leave a worth remembering legacy! be wise people,the future of the next generation is in our hands..!

  • Kier Ismael M. Uy - 12 years ago

    .,.,.,hindi ang bibig ang lumalakad at kumikilos .,.,.,

    .,.,.,pra sa mga taong nakakakita ngunit nagbubulagbulagan,.,.,.,

    .,.,.mga taong nag sakripisyo ng dugo,pawis,at dignidad,.,.

    .,.,.hindi makatarungang pag abuso sa kalikasan.,.,.,

    .,.,.papel na pinipirmahan ngunit maybahid ng kasalanan.,.,

    .,.,.sana magising kayo sa katotohanan,,,,

  • candice - 12 years ago

    sana lang ang poll na ito y hindi ginawa ng kampo ni Bro. Ed... kasi ngyon ko lang nakita ang mga ganitong feedback towards him. anyway reality check my dear fellow filipino, we must think of a person na may magagawa talaga..dapat mayroon sya ng lahat ng aspeto para pamunuan ang liderato ng ating bayan. someone na pwede nating ipagmalaki bilang kinatawan ng ating bansa. If you'll gonna ask me, based on my profile check and forums that i have watched masasabi ko na si Gibo ang may talino at karanasan upang iangat ang liderato ng ating bayan, sumunod si sen, Gordon... hindi madaling pangasiawaan ang isang bansa bilang pinakamataas na leader dahil higit na kailangan nito ang may kalidad na karanasan.... kung si GIBO ay may karanasan at Talino , si Villar ay Sipag at tyaga, at si Noynoy ay may Papa at Mama, batid kong si Bro ed ay may religious group..

    minsan lang tayong boboto, wag tayong padala sa media at wag tayong pabulag sa maling akala... ibase natin ito sa totoong sitwasyon ng buhay...wag nating isisi lamang sa mga politiko ang kalagayan ng ating bayan, bagkus isipin natin kung ano ang magagagawa o maiiambag natin sa ating bayan bilang Pilipino.

  • Vangie - 12 years ago

    Don't ever ever cheat Brod. Eddie's vote again.....

  • Evangeline - 12 years ago

    Bangon na Pilipinas!!!we need to think million times if this man is the right one...i'm saying this kasi kawawa naman ang ating mga anak wala na silang kinabukasan pahirap na ng pahirap ng Pilipinas my husband say's that he don't want us to live in the Philippines kasi alam na nila kung gaano kahirap ang minamahal nating bansa.we need a President have fear to God and that is Brod. Eddie

  • Sheryll De Leon - 12 years ago

    Our country is in deep shit right now.. What our country needs is someone who is NOT ONLY an honest president (hindi magnanakaw), NOT ONLY a God-fearing president (maka-Diyos), NOT ONLY those with managerial capabilities, and most importantly, we DO NOT need someone who can obviously tolerate the present administration!!! FILIPINOS NEED A TRUE LEADER - someone who can really lead the nation by example, someone who knows how to make the Filipino people MOVE, someone who can speak with CONVICTION, someone who has a sense of COMPETENCY, with HIGH DELICADESA, STRONG-WILLED, an ADVOCATE OF CHANGE and GOVERNANCE, someone who DOESN'T GET TIRED OF HELPING PEOPLE, and above all, we need someone who has already a TRACK RECORD of demonstrating all these qualities.

    PRESIDENCY IS NOT AN ON-THE-JOB TRAINING! Please vote wisely people... VOTE FOR GORDON!!! He is what our country needs... for the longest time.

  • namlen - 12 years ago

    Bakit si Bro. Eddie???Ako naniniwala na sya lang ang kayang ipaglaban ang righteous government kasi mahal nya ang bansang Pilipinas kaya sya tumakbo bilang pangulo bakit nyo sya pipigilan tao rin sya hindi sya ALLIEN para hindi patakbuhin.
    Ang isang Presidnte ay kailangan ng pagmamahal sa DIYOS at sa BAYAN...kaya si Bro. EDDIE ang magtataguyod ng bayan ni JUAN.....

    Kaya ngayon..........EDDIE TAYO......................

  • sam - 12 years ago

    yung mga pissed off jan kay bro. eddie.. nakatawa kayo.. palibhasa wala kayong makitang ibabato kay bro. eddie.. pilit niyo binbato ang punong walang bunga. hahaha.. pahiya kayo no? ahaha

  • Jundy - 12 years ago

    Our country needs God; not Bro. Eddie.

  • junmd - 12 years ago

    most of our past presidents,and even the present one - gma, possessed or has either of these traits (whom everybody's saying his candidate has): intelligent, hardworking, religious,pure,compassionate to the poor,outstanding lawyer or w/ great educational background, brilliant speaker, good lawmaker,etc. but all of them, before becoming president, had no history of leading a smaller version of the philippines (their province/city) successfully. ( being successful in business is very much different from running an administrative government position as what we've seen in thailand w/ the expelled former prime minister shinawatra who's also a billionaire) in short, they really had no effective and proven formula on how to run the government that is why all of them failed.
    who we need to put in the presidency should be someone who has shown us that he can deliver, as we will be having a greater chance w/ him. we should not gamble yet again with these unproven candidates or else we would be spending another six years of our lives in misery and being caught in traffic jams because of the rallies..hehe. i think we have the best shot in RICHARD GORDON. with his track record, he has proven us that he is an excellent leader in terms of results, as it is what we need the most, not those promises that are being made today just to be broken from 2010 to 2016..hehehe…

  • giovanni - 12 years ago

    I am 101% si Bro. Eddie hindi siya magnanakaw lalo't hindi siya mambabae and hindi siya kukuha ng pondo ng bayan para sa ikakayaman niya. kaya tayong mga tutuong naglilingko da sa Diyos, Christian (Born Again, El-Shaddai, INC, Baptist, SDA, Methodist, CFC, Catholic at mga Student)-Muslim sama-sama na tayo.
    pagpalain po tayong lahat ng Diyos.

  • chonchon - 12 years ago

    ok, I'm thinking yes bro. eddie may be the perfect candidate, in fact as he is now he may be the perfect president but politics is really dirty I was just thinking how or in what way he will tackle something as dirty as politics. In politics, you'll need some comrades to back you up, but what if Bro. Eddie is the only fresh tomato in a basket of rotting fruits. Don't get me wrong I have nothing against the guy, I just want to think this through. How can he manage to survive the ups and downs of our political system. Even if he change it for the better will the other politicians follow through? or will they say no and do their dirty tactics. What will bro. eddie do when that happens? Will his clean conscience be able to swallow to fight the kind of fight the politicians do. I haven't met bro eddie personally but from what I see from him on the tv he's a great guy, but I still have this feeling of a doubt whether if he is really for the "position" or not. As for now the only candidate I have in mind is Gordon for I have seen how he works. He is strict and all but hey, thats what we really need right? discipline. He may be not as great of a person as Bro Eddie but he has already proven himself in the field of politics. But it is still early to decide, many things might be uncovered before the actual election so let's see who is the most SUITED person for the job... what our people need is not the perfect president but the right president, and what our country need is not the change of man but the change IN man.. (i don't remember who said it but he is actually right.)
    let us vote wisely.. wag po tayo padadala sa kasikatan, sa tv ads, sa pangalan, sa mga jingles na ayaw umalis sa utak natin..

  • junmd - 12 years ago

    look at what happened to gov. panlilio in pampanga.he's in charge of that 1 province only, not the whole philippines. morally, hes got all what it takes to get pampanga really move forward and GOD surely is on his side,but look at whats happening there, almost all of the govt officials there are united against him, thats why he cannot even make a good step forward w/ those sweeping and drastic reforms that are supposedly needed. even his position as the governor there is in jeopardy right now,his win there is in question hence suggesting that the priest-governor (gov panlilio) cheated that's why he won(hehe). that is how the real world works.u have to prepare yourself first and got to have a great battleplan in order to win in your fight against 'evil'.

  • junmd - 12 years ago

    w/ villanueva, when i saw him talk in his 2004 campaign ad, i felt his sincerity and his longing for a better leadership in our country. but i think he should not go straight for the presidency, he should go through lower elective positions first and show us what he can do.there, he will personally experience the reality of how the government really works,all the corruption in all forms that are happening in our system, so that when he becomes president hes got a plan and will be ready enough to tackle all of these. he's not superman, and he will be going against a united well-entrenched powerful forces (politicians,businessmen,military men,etc) who will resist change that will affect their hold on wealth and power. if you go to battle, and lead it w/o first gaining experience on how to defeat the enemy, chances are, you will fail, no matter how good your intentions are, as history tells us that in a fight, good doesnt always defeat evil.

  • junmd - 12 years ago

    i believe, deep in their hearts,everyone of these presidentiables want the philippines to move forward, but not all of them has the political will to address it. all of the powerful forces, who all have bested interests in everything that makes this country ill as it is today, will surely resist him. these are the politicians, the businessmen, the military,etc who have long benefited from the way our government works.. it will be too politically risky for a president to implement drastic & sweeping reforms in the government, all these forces will unite against you and the next thing you know, you are no longer president..i dont even think, w/ everything broke in our system of government, the next president or the next next president, no matter how good his intentions will be, can really transform our standard of living in this country significantly w/in their term of office. there's so much to be done that it's not even easy to figure out where to start.
    among these candidates i can see that GORDON is the best choice out there. others have been saying negative things about him, they may be right about it, but nobody's perfect anyway. although for some he speaks a bit rough,but hey, he's been successful in a lot of his undertakings.we need a leader who, when something good or morally legal has to be done, doesn't compromise. someone who will do what needs to be done.
    i just hope that come election day, a miracle would happen (hehe) and GORDON wins. If he doesnt, with noynoy or villar, i bet six years from now, we will all just be a bit older, the philippines still remains in the pit the we are in today and the cycle will just repeat itself.

  • ANNALYN VILLADARES - 12 years ago


  • enrico - 12 years ago

    Gamitin ninyo ang utak nyo kung boboto..tanong nyo kung matalino ba, alangan naman na pipiliin mo yong mas mahina pa sa iyo ang kanyang mentality, kaya ba iya ang trabaho ng isang presidente. Hindi keso popular at bobo naman.Walang mangyari sa pinas kung ang uupo ay isang tao na bobo. Kahit saan hindi pwede ang simbahan at politics ay magkasundo..lalong gugulo ang ating bansa. Baka lalong yayaman siya dahil marami ang kanyang mauto.

  • rosita m. buton - 12 years ago


  • Lara-OFW - 12 years ago

    I am thinking....

    Gibo? tunay na academic topnotch but there is something missing...marami na rin tyong mga matatalinong presidente pero ano ang ginawa sa bansa? like Marcos for example or ang magaling na economistang si GMA...
    Aquino? pwede! but i guess he is missing the zealousness of a warrior against the criminals...
    ERAP? eto na naman ba tayo? come on people....!
    Manny Villar? ok na sana e pero may bahid ng corruption. Matuto naman tyo this time.
    JC? ano daw ba ang sabi ng partido nya? may sarili ba itong paninindigan o puppet yan ng advisers nya?
    VILLANUEVA? matalino, matapang, kayang ipaglaban ang kapakanan ng ibang tao--ng mga taong naaapi, walang bahid ng corruption, may paninindigan, may integridad, MAY TAKOT SA DIYOS!

  • Lara-OFW - 12 years ago

    Kailan ba aasenso ang bansang ito?
    Kailan ba kaming mga OFW mabibigyan ng magandang oportunidad na dito na lang manatili at mamuhay ng maayos kasama ang mga pamilya namin dito sa bansa natin?
    Aminin man ng iba o hindi, wala pa ring lugar na masarap manirahan kundi dito sa sarili nating bansa na ipinagkakait ng gobyerno at mga pamunuan nito sa mga mamamayan...
    Lugmok na ang bansa natin sa kahirapan at mga kriminalidad.... mga tao pa sa gobyerno ang mga pasimuno nito...

    Panahon na sa tama at matalinong pagboto. Ito na ang pagkakataon nating mga pilipino na mamili ng ilalagay sa puwesto. Buti na lang at may isang kandidatong lumitaw at hindi talga nag-give up.

    Bro. Eddie, naniniwala ako sa kakayahan mo. Naniniwala ako that God is wanting to help this country so much, but of course, we have to have the right attitude towards Him. YOU ARE AT THE RIGHT PLACE, AT THE RIGHT TIME, WITH THE RIGHT ATTITUDE!

    EDDIE, ikaw na nga!

  • Ruel pion (OFW-Jubail) - 12 years ago

    Malayo man ang jubail sa capital city ng Saudi riyadh, at sa pinas, iam for brod. Eddie. mayroon katangian una may takot sa Dios,malalim n kransan sa pagmmlaksit at pagmmhal sa bayan, di biro ang makulong ng dalwang beses dhil sa may pinagllban, kaya nga ang kapangyarihan ng isang boto ko ay di masasayan, kung mainam na ggwin ang pag-uusisa sa tao ng atin iihahalal at bukas ang isip at puso may pag-asa ang baya at yun ang nakita ko sa buhay nya. kami na malayo sa bayan ntin bagamat masakit sa amin iwan ang familya, but naniniwla ako na balng araw ang pinas na bayan ntin ay babagong,uunlad upang kami nang dito ay di na maging mang bayan. maraming slmat po.

  • jayr - 12 years ago

    I think Gibo teodoro really really deserve this position.. not only he's topnotch but also he has the capability to serve the nation.

  • Arnulfo Canlas (Pangasinan) - 12 years ago

    Reaction to the Post:
    “…if Villanueva did not win then Cindy Jacob is a false Prophetess, but if he win then she is not… do not associate with false prophets” – Timpaul

    Timpaul’s arguments are simply a reasoning of human mind. Logical reasoning should not be used for biblical occurences like prophecies and will of God. God’s mind are higher than the human mind. His thoughts are not our thoughts.

    Timpaul’s kind of mentality likened to the reasoning of a babes.

    I really believe Bro. Villanueva has a kingly annointing. He would someday move from priestly to kingly service.

    Kalooban ng Lord at mas kagustuhan niya kung ang uupo sa Malakanyang ay isa sa mga taong may tunay na takot sa Lord katulad ni Villanueva. Pero ang kaloobang ito ay puedeng ma-delay dahil sa ating kapabayaan bilang mga nakaalam ng katotohanan.

    Alam mo naman kung sino lang sa mga kandidato ang may courage na ipagtanggol at ibandila ang truth and righteousness sa bansa (as King David did in his time) na siyang tanging susi sa tunay na pag-unlad ng isang bansa even in the old times.

    Alam kong si Bro. Eddie ay gifted and skilled sa ganitong uri ng leadership. Bakit natin hahatulan siya sa kanyang prinsipyo at paninindigan.

    - arnulfo canlas

  • bella mamisay - 12 years ago

    Gibo for president. Ayoko kay Noynoy. Kahit na sinong manalo huwag lang si Noynoy. Ginagamit niya pangalan parents niya. wala siyang backbone.

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