Should the American Flag be Banned -- in America?

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  • Brent - 5 years ago

    I got a great suggestion...If you don't like the United States of America, how about you just leave. Simple. BYE

  • Bakedbeen - 5 years ago


  • Jim Dolven - 6 years ago

    In the specific incident to which this pertains, if the US flag was banned, the Mexican flag should have also been banned. Just banning one of them would not prevent any of the violence. Of course, banning both of them would probably not have prevented any violence either, but it would at least be fair. However, banning of either of the flags would be a violation of the commonly accepted wording of the 1st Amendment

  • Roberta N. Tuthill - 6 years ago

    Without Freedom, It’s Not Life to Live!

    One Flag is not enough! Let’s raise them everywhere; Lift Ol’ Glory high, and show how much you care!
    Let the Banners wave from sea to shining sea! Alaska and the Isles: Come, join this goal with me! *

    An Eagle tops the pole, its Stripes of red now wave; The symbol of the blood that has been shed to save
    The Freedoms born of rights by the Creator given, “Last best hope of mankind on this side of Heaven”!

    Come, let’s rally ‘round, defend Old Glory’s right To wave on land and sea, as beacons in the night!
    Her Stars to shine on high, shown on a field of blue, Stripes of white for purity of goals for Freedom true.

    Gross Darkness creeping in to desecrate Our Land, The time to act is now; it’s time to take a stand!
    With threats to life and limb, and slavery its goal, Our lives to subjugate and take complete control!

    With lethargy rampant, content with hand-outs free, Young lives are now “dumbed down” with inability.
    No challenge to succeed, “against all odds” to strive, “Pretty good” is “good enough,” just to keep alive!

    “Liberty or death!” That slogan spurred the Founders on, lives and fortunes given for our Freedom’s dawn,
    They fulfilled sacred honor! Consider what you’ll give; Without the Light of Freedom, it is not life to live!

    So rally ‘round Ol’ Glory, her Stars & Stripes to wave! Hold high the Light of Freedom; Independence save!
    As our work is finished, & we take our flight On High, With Light & Life in Jesus Christ, it is not death to die!

    "When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will raise up a Standard against him" (Isaiah)

    ©5/5/2011 3-5 pm, Roberta N. Tuthill (1923-) Sharable with credit line. Req. perm. to reproduce for sale.
    Dedicated to Roger A. Crabbs (1928-2011), Lt. Col. USAF (Ret.), Korean War Veteran.
    * Poem inspired by You Decide Poll. “Should the American Flag be banned, in America?”
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  • Ruby - 6 years ago

    Schools should fly the flag high and have it in all schools in America. My husband fought and died for our country. I also have 2 grandsons one spent 8 years and served in Iraq and the youngest has just finished his second tour in Afghanistan. How dare anyone tell our children the flag should be banned in our American Schools! This is America not Mexico or any other country.

  • LuGene - 6 years ago


  • charles - 6 years ago

    while i have American pride, i also have latin pride, and "America" is many cultures, unfortunately, there are bad apples, who will disrespect and gladly deny "foreign" holidays or culture, and bad apples on the other side who will gladly pursue violence as a justified pursuit to even the score. i dont think a ban is right, but if someone can be saved, by avoiding the issue, and thus avoiding the violence, thats okay by me, people cry, my rights, but life over a tshirt is a no brainer, 2nd, nobody seems to notice, that its not so black and white, basically they hijacked the American flag, as a tool of disrespect, by shouting "usa" on a day they celebrate other cultures holiday, purposefully antagonizing them, so that needed to be addressed before it escalated.

  • c.t (S ponosom) - 6 years ago

    I still believe in this statement, although many will challenge that belief today. I immigrated here from Bosnia at the age of 17 in the mid 1990's, the joint task efforts of the United States Military in my country saved many lives, mine included. After many obstacles, I was approved for enlistment in the United States Marine Corp, I proudly served for 10 years (8 yrs active duty/2 yrs reserve duty). Two of the most pridefilled days in my life; the day I pledged my allegiance to the American Flag as a United States Citizen for the 1st time, and the day I graduated bootcamp. I had 2 people at my graduation, an Air Force TSgt and a Marine Corp SSgt.... (these are 2 of the men and women that rescued my surviving family just 2 years prior).
    Those men and women are American Pride, I am American Pride, and the young students that will celebrate Cinco de Mayo with their families and friends are American Pride. Its very difficult to get here and to then to establish a successful future for our families, our pride for where we were born is unmeasurable, the FREEDOM to celebrate our different cultures and religions is what first established this great country. How can we not celebrate that everyday, and what message are we sending to our children if they can't show pride for the country they live in? I understood that type of message all to well in my beloved home country, yet it became America that taught me that message was wrong.
    I have 2 amazing children today that are young and impressionable American teens with TWO beautiful cultures that they FREELY show great PRIDE for. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America... Most of my generation still knows the rest by memory, but do our children?

  • SSGRobertParker - 6 years ago

    If a foreign countries holiday is going to spark violence because of the American flag, On American soil, Then BAN the foreign countries holiday in America, Not the American flag!!!

  • w. tucker - 6 years ago

    live oak high school morgan hill, ca (408) 201-6100
    thru the prompts you can get to the principals secretary, I left a message... will you?

  • Elijah Duncan - 7 years ago

    Why is this a question? I love the Flag of the nation i call home the United Stated of America. I am from TEXAS and we should all be proud to be AMERICAN's. As Dr. Carson put it we need to clean up the government.

  • Maarlene C. Wiltshire - 7 years ago

    Who in God's name suggested this. NEVER should we ban OLD GLORY. If they do, I would still fly the biggest one I could find.

  • Sandy B. - 7 years ago

    In America; the American flag should NEVER be banned. End of story because this is America.

  • GIBSON COOPER - 7 years ago


  • Mike V - 7 years ago

    Of all the dumb things. It is not the Hispanics that are inflamed, it is the liberals who hate this Country and want to change it into some 3rd world nation. The Hispancs are being used and they are not speaking out against manipulations such as this. Why would a group of people, such as the Hispanics, who have risked so much to get here, try to make "here" as poor as it was back home? This is a ploy by the left to blame this flag ban on someone other than themselves.

  • Terry - 7 years ago

    Nothing was banned when any other person migrated to the United States. What makes the Hispanics so special? It outrages me that everything in our country is being taken away because it offends some WHINNY DUMB ASS.

  • dennis - 7 years ago

    they should ban the idiots that even mentioned this thing ban them from the country

  • Danny Lovelace - 7 years ago

    All the people here in America should love our flag.

  • BJS - 7 years ago

    When I think of all the people I have known including members of my family, who have sacrificed and even died to defend the freedom that our beautiful American flag represents, I am beyond angry! I am tired of those that have come to this once great country to enjoy a better life, working so deviously to reduce it to the same nothing-to-brag-about places they ran like hell from. Our children should not be deprived of the hope and committment that are represented by our flag, but instead taught about the brave people who founded and defended the country our flag represents. If observing the American flag everyday offends you, find a country that agrees with your personal views and move, please!

  • Annette - 7 years ago

    All countries proudly display their flags. If the U.S. flag offends you, you should go to a country whose flag pleases you.

  • Erma - 7 years ago

    The fact that George Soros is behind this doesn't surprise me at all. Everyone needs to acquaint themselves with who and what he is. Many think that he is the driving force or the evil mind behind Barack Obama. Obama is just his puppet and one that needs teleprompters and to be told what to do and say. Remember he didn't even know how many states there were and his lack of knowledge when meeting with dignitaries from other countries has been embarrassing. It was the real Obama at the first debate with Mitt Romney. He was a fish out of water without his teleprompter and hidden ear phones. George Soros is really running things and he has some very evil intentions for the US.

  • Alex - 7 years ago

    Why is this even a consideration? For those of the american people that are ignorant to the true symbolic and moral and ethical meaning that our flag and the society for which it stands means then they should do s simple search on our history. Whether it be on Google, Bing, or in a (gasp!) Library they could then educate thenselves on the true meaning of what our country stands for and the one thing that sums it all up without a word(s): our FLAG! Anyone who chooses to not do that in flat out cheating them self of being an American.

  • Alex - 7 years ago

    Why is this even a consideration? For those of the american people that are ignorant to the true symbolic and moral and ethical meaning that our flag and the society for which it stands means then they should do s simple search on our history. Whether it be on Google, Bing, or in a (gasp!) Library they could then educate thenselves on the true meaning of what our country stands for and the one thing that sums it all up without a word(s): our FLAG! Anyone who chooses to not do that in flat out cheating them self of being an American.

  • Alex - 7 years ago

    Why is this even a consideration? For those of the american people that are ignorant to the true symbolic and moral and ethical meaning that our flag and the society for which it stands means then they should do s simple search on our history. Whether it be on Google, Bing, or in a (gasp!) Library they could then educate thenselves on the true meaning of what our country stands for and the one thing that sums it all up without a word(s): our FLAG! Anyone who chooses to not do that in flat out cheating them self of being an American.

  • sara - 7 years ago

    The American flag hangs in our class rooms, outside our homes and businesses even our cars. It is our countries flag that has been bled on by many brave men and women of our military for centuries. This ban is outrageous! Anyone who supports this does not deserve to live in our great nation.

  • Sandra - 7 years ago

    I can't believe that there are so many fence sitters out there that aren't sure about anything. The American flag should be visible in class rooms and sports events. This is America! Go into other countries and you will see their flags.

  • OLIVE WOOD - 7 years ago

    This is AMERICA--Why is there any question at all about banning our flag. My only brother lost his life in WWII fighting for this country and was proud to solute our flag as is every full blooded American. If these Un-Americans refuse to honor and protect it and our country they should be kicked out of our country for good. Maybe they can find a deserted island--live there and make a new flag for themselves. Why are these people allowed to even enter our country? IF THEY CAN'T RESPECT AND HONOR OUR COUNTRY, FLAG, SCHOOLS, PLACES OF WORSHIP, CONSTITUTIONAL LAWS, AND EVERYTHING THAT WE HAVE STOOD FOR THE WAY IT WAS WHEN THEY CAME HERE THEN DRIVE THEM OUT OF OUR LIVES. MAY GOD BLESS AND SAVE AMERICA FROM ALL OF THIS HATE..

  • Roger D. - 7 years ago

    I find it beyond any sane reasoning that this issue is even being considered or there is a need to vote on it! It only shows where our country is going.
    To bend to the wants of a group of people (simply because they yell the loudest) is the on-going sign of our countys colapse .
    I have never thought any county could invade the US and win with a military machine.
    But now I see an enemy destroying us from within with the help from some of our own politicians.
    I have NEVER in 42 years wanted anyone to give me any special attention because I served in the Armed Services of my country . And my father felt she same way when he served in WWII. We did our job-PERIOD.
    My father,myself, and ALL the men and women that have defended this flag are being slapped in the face. As well as the AMERICAN PUBLIC... It has little to do with school safty,if anything at all.
    But I will if called defend my country again from the enemy within our shores. And my fear is that day will come before my lifetime is over.
    So the only time our Flag should be removed for any reason (in my opinion) is to dispose of it in the proper way when it has flown long enough to be retired in a proper and respectable way.
    I would pray that no action like this would ever happen,(Keep the Flag), and that God would change the hearts of those that consider these things. In the end they will face the one who is Lord of Lords, and King of Kngs.

  • Sandy Gumble - 7 years ago

    I am angry that we Americans, we Christians are the ones being denied our Constitutional Rights. This is all part of Agenda 21/Sustainable Development/Global Governance - check it out.

  • Audrey Crosby - 7 years ago

    NO, but hell no!!! If the hispanics don't like what America stands for, was built on hundreds of years ago then they need to start walking for the border!! The American Flag is beautiful and is a sign of an American. I'm a proud to be an American where at least I know I'm free! This is a no brainer to even 'discuss'.....The United States is going to hell in a hand basket! No peace, just fighting....stop fighting and listen. Thank you, Sincerely Audrey Crosby

  • Vincent Ruta - 7 years ago


    How about we throw the ilegals out; and ban the nut job cases that feel this idea is even worthy of consideration.

  • Allen Blair - 7 years ago

    You have GOT to be kidding... I say, let's ban the ILLEGALS!! Where ever they come from, send them BACK!! The U.S. g-ment is trying SO hard not to hurt the feelings of any other country, that they are URINATING on the backs of the people that were born here. Next time, let us VOTE ALL of the incumbents OUT, ALL OF THEM!! Start over with fresh people instead of lifetime politicians who are no longer "of the people". They have lost touch with the real American folk out here... Dump them ALL!!

  • Tom Brazil - 7 years ago

    I do not believe anyone could even consider removing our flag from schools or any other public place.
    That flag stand for what I and millions of other men and woman have fought for, FREEDOM.

  • Roy Paddock - 7 years ago

    Anyone who would vote for this proposal must a a severe case of rectacrainial inversion. Of course, these are the same idiots who call any criticism of a black office holder racism. They could be incompetent or stupid, but if I call them that, I'm a racist. These liberal morons with turn this
    country into a socialist nation as Germany was in the 1930's and 1940's. If these people don't like
    this country and what it has stood for the last 200 plus years, they can pack their bags and leave.
    In fact, I'll drive them to the dock, airport, train station or the border.

  • Aurora - 7 years ago

    I just don't understand why people leave their Country, come to America and start protesting, etc. to fight for their rights. Why didn't they fight for their rights in their own Country? Maybe then they would not have had to leave. This is our flag and we ask all who come here to respect it. If you don't like our flag, or our laws or our language then go back where you came from and change that country for the betterment of all your countrymen.

  • Jerry Wesley - 7 years ago

    This is what the typical panty waisted Democratic party wants for this country. They are afraid it might hurt someones feelings that are not even American citizens. As the saying goes " Love it or leave it" and I personally wish you would leave.

  • Trish Savides - 7 years ago

    I have a very nice slogan for this:

    Like it, or leave!!!

    I say we bring back all those songs I grew up singing at home and in school in a small Massachusetts town. "This Land is Your Land" was one of my favorites!!

  • Michelle - 7 years ago

    This is America! We used to display our flag with pride. Now we as a country are constantly being asked to apologize and start getting rid of our beliefs, our flag, our freedom, our constitution. Why? If it offends you.....LEAVE. Every country displays their flag with pride. Why are we even considering taking ours out of schools because people are finding it offensive? If you find it offensive, YOU SHOULDN'T BE HERE. You clearly don't understand what it stands for or what it means, or you don't care. If you would like to display another so on your wall at home. But how dare you say that the American flag shouldn't be in American schools. No one forces anyone to live in this country. Learn what patriotism means. Maybe that's the first thing we should be teaching.

  • Bonnie - 8 years ago

    OMG! Don't we have more important things to worry about (not that the safety of students is not) like how we might consider getting out of the debt this country is in. I personally do not like the fact that China owns about 10% of our debt either. But lets push that under the rug and consider something like banning the AMERICAN FLAG! Granted it maybe only a piece of material but it symbolized what we are. WE ARE AMERICAN's!!! Land of the free and home of the brave! OBAMA already took away some of our GOD GIVEN rights. Don't believe me then check out the NATIONAL AUTHORIZATION ACT that he signed with Canada and Mexico. You might want to find out if you live in a "CONSTITUTION FREE" zone. Personally I am EXTREMELY worried that I am no longer protected by our great constitution hence what our great flag stands for. 'Ole Glory' should NEVER EVER be banned and shame on those who think it should for that kind of thinking is how OBAMA was able to take away some of my (and every American's) GOD GIVEN rights, who lives in a CONSTITUTION FREE zone. It's such a pity that our Great Nation has come to this! It truly saddens me to think that the CIVIL WAR may have been in vain and that what our four father worked so hard to achieve was for nothing. That there may come a day that "FREEDOM" may no longer exist on the planet. Then what? WE'RE SCREWED!!!!!!!

  • Jerry Clark - 8 years ago

    This is the most ridiculous thing yet. Are people really serious about this? What is next, banning speaking English in school? Come on people where is your pride in this country! There is no better country and this has been proven time and time again and the flag is the symbol of this country. If you give that up just go ahead and take me with it. I can't believe we are even having this discussion. This country is just getting too politically correct and so afraid of hurting this person or that religion or whatever. Everybody needs to grow a pair and say enough is enough!! GOD BLESS AMERICA and if that offends you find the closest airport and leave!!

  • Larry Martin - 8 years ago

    What a stupid assinine question! A better question is "should illegal immigrants be banned from our schools?" To which I would vote a resounding yes!!

  • TMBer - 8 years ago

    Anyone attempting to have the flag banned is either a traitor or a foreign enemy of the USA & should be treated as such. Anyone who disagrees with this statement is regarded in the same manner. If you don't want OUR (my) flag flown in OUR (my) country, then you need to GET OUT!

  • Bweil - 8 years ago

    I cannot believe this is even being discussed much less an issue!
    This is what we came here for, freedom of rights. You are welcome in the USA BUT you must adhere to our customs, laws and practices. If you don't like it or find it too hard, GO BACK from whence you came! This is OUR country, NOT yours unless you are here and want to assimilate. Coming here to takeover and/or turn us into something we are not nor want to be is reprehensible! Loudest wheel gets the oil, but it's time the silent majority rose up and took back what is ours and quit trying to make all the illegals happy! They aren't here legally anyway, but we bow to them. What is wrong with us anyway? Those who do come legally often want the same thing, all the pluses but at our cost of history and rights. I am tired of being told our rights no longer are able to be exercised in public. If you want to pledge the flag, do so. If you don't, quietly wait until we are finished and show some respect! They will come here to make money and live the dream, but make us feel guilty for exercising our given rights? I don't think so! It's time to show naysayers that Americans can and will fight for what is ours and defend our constitutional rights regardless of how some leaders are bowing and apologizing to the world for our successes. It's something to be proud of and I for one thank God for the privilege of having been born here, yet a descendent of both German and British lines. Yes, I said it, God is a large part of America and we need to quit denying it and stand up!!! One nation under God, that's us! (whoever your God happens to be)
    God bless America and may he help us step up to put him back in the fight with us!!!!

  • Donell Youngblood - 8 years ago

    It's hard for me to believe our country has slipped so low that we are even having this conversation because it almost makes me ill to think about it. Our flag has always stood for freedom and always will, regardless of what some nut cases have to say. People of this country have given those who would tear this country down too much slack and they want to change everything that has made us a FREE people.

  • Rick Neuman - 8 years ago

    I am a wounded Viet Nam USMC Veteran. Whoever proposed banning our flag better not do it in front of me, or my Brothers In Arms or all hell will break loose. Most of us are sick and tired of being PC while others take over our cuntry from within. We've banned GOD, in favor of being PC and not offending our foreign ctizens (I use the word citizens loosely). If you don't like our Country, our Laws, our Patriotism, and our traditions, just feel free to leave.

    Semper Fi

  • Roger - 8 years ago

    Perhaps it's my faulty memory but I simply don't recall any American Flags putting students in jeopardy. Did a flag attack some student and I didn't hear about it? This is pathetic to be debating this subject. It's our flag and those who wish not to respect it might be better off moving to Syria and find out what a lack of liberty is really all about.

  • Mary varela - 8 years ago

    Who is running the show? It seems like the people from all the other countries are! Where is the patriotism of this country? Is our country going to the dogs, that's what it looks like! Pretty soon one will not be able to sneeze; because no one will be able to say "GOD Bless you"! GOD is good, GOD is great, and he gave us this great country so we could be free. Not for us to give it away without a fight. All those foreigners need to go back to their country where all they know is fighting, killing innocent children, raping women, nothing but violence, we don't need that in our country. I say hang the flat as high as it can go; let everyone see it. Let the border countries see our flag and know that we are in command. USA rules! GOD is on our side, that's why we are still free. If we keep giving in to all the foreigners in this country; soon we will not be a free country, we will be answering to their laws. We will be slaves! Let's keep GOD in our schools, in ours homes, our business, and in our lives. GOD bless AMERICA! And that's my chew!

  • Laura - 8 years ago

    They have their nerve coming to our country, living on our land, many of them living off of entitlements, and flying their own flag, meanwhile getting mad that we fly the American flag! Would Mexico let us take their flag away from them and force our American flag on them? Hell no! Too many of people with too much time. If they were working hard for a living, in the beautiful USA, they wouldn't have time to come up with this stuff. It is hard to believe they they'd have the gall to even suggest such a thing. They should have more respect than that. Go back to Mexico if that is where your allegiance is!

  • Richard E Smith - 8 years ago

    Everybody should salute the flag, every day. Can you handle that?
    Anyone that does not properly respect the national anthem should be booted out of the stadium. Take your damned hat off, too!

  • David Broach - 8 years ago

    This is United States of America, love and respect it's Flag and what it stands for or leave the United States of America.

  • Andrew Joseph Pallo III - 8 years ago

    This is America not Mexico, It’s not Iran or Iraq, It’s not Canada, My descendants were German, Russian, Welsh and Bavarian, but we swear our allegiance to this country which is biblically based not Islamic or any other, contrary to the popular beliefs of the infidels in the ivory towers of this country preaching their secular revisionist history based on John Locke and forced Universalism and Pacifism. Our basic values are not set by the stupidity of school administrators and are so misaligned from what they should be it borders on insanity. The using our schools as a testing ground for legal, psychological and political agendas which never should happen and most of the time never reflect the morals of the home and in most cases are totally against the morals of the home and religion. Never, Never, Never should a show of patriotism and our flag be construed as offensive in this county, if it is then we have a problem with those who are offended, this is not their county it is our country, Americans not Afro American NOT Hispanic American Not Latin Americans and not White Americans, we are just Americans. To polarize this into agendas of causes or someone laying claim to America by outside interests is not tolerable, especially when they use our children and our schools to do it, we don’t pay homage to La Raza (NCLR) or any other, we don’t shed American blood for Mexico, Islam or any other. Two hundred year of our forefathers who would puke at the thought of what we have tolerated and what we are allowing our great nation to stand for. We (Americans) pay taxes these are our schools not the governments and we need to make them understand this, or we need to fire all of them from the top down and start over. Research the Dumbing of America and you will begin to understand Why we need to stop this Now. We need to restructure at the top and get rid of the agenda of governmental interference and political agendas when it comes to our children, where religious rights reflect the Constitutional values set forth by the founding fathers. Government was to protect the rights of Religion with out becoming a religion, read the Trial of William Penn and William Mead which set the tone of how America views religion, the axiomatic biblical principal : Where there is not law there is no sin, (If you don’t bind something you do not impede it, it is a protection mechanism that was well understood by the founder of Pennsylvania and Delaware and is quoted in the Trial at Ole Bailey’s) and was the pattern used to construct the Constitution and is the underlying principal of Constitutional statement we follow “Congress shall make no law concerning Religion., it is to protect religion not to make our government atheistic or humanist or any other it was to respect and preserve our Right To Religion Not From It or to wipe it from the pages of our legal system, contrary to the stupidity of our Supreme Court and our governmental bureaucrats who have their own agenda. Even Thomas Jefferson who penned the Constitution knew better than to try to make this Country a Universalist nation and states so in his writings and is the reason Jeremy Bentham’s System of Law was rejected by John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine and the Committee on Constitutional Reform. This needs to stop, Pride in this Nation as Americans not political agenda’s to divide this nation. I trust the founding fathers and their wisdom not the stupidity of those in White house who deem the Constitution an imperfect document and seek to deceive this nation and replace it with change leading us back to the enslavement of the Bastille. I am a former Marine, a preacher, debater, a marriage counselor, a Christian, a grandfather, a cowboy and I will die for This country and defend it from those who would pervert or try to dissolve the bonds of this country or its sovereignty. You will give me Liberty or you will give me death, I fight for this county not Mexico or Canada and if you cannot

  • Jim BOOMER - 8 years ago

    Frankly I do not ever recall an issue when we were going to school that our safety was in danger because we had an American Flag in our class as well as outside. This is the most dumb #ss idea of the left to think of. It's so stupid that Stupid people are embarrassed.

  • Margery N Peterson - 8 years ago

    This is the dumbest @#$%&* proposal I have heard in 69 years!

  • David Collinsworth - 8 years ago

    I am retired from the United States Air Force and banning the flag is unamerican. I will continue to stand by the flag and when I die I will have a flag on my grave. The American flag gives people hope. With this flag we will defeat tyrrany and one nation under GOD we will take care of our beloved AMERICAN FLAG.

  • Ross Borrayo - 8 years ago

    The Mexicans like the American Flag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They know it represents a lot more than their native flag!,.....somebody or people are TALKING SHIT ,....just to make this issue seem more pertinent!!!! Ol' Glory shall stay flying high,.....and this is said from a person born in mexico, but raised in the USA! God bless America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  • Sam Riley - 8 years ago

    If you're keen on the flag keep in your house,not every corner of the country.
    you haven't fought for the flag,you get paid to fight and invade other countries.
    not everyone is for the ban is a Mexican...I'm sick of singing anthem every event.
    you want to be nice to your neighbor,help the poor,life isn't about a flag.

  • Greg - 8 years ago

    I am sorry but the people that want to Ban the Flag, The Bill of Rights, The Constitution, or what ever else that made this Contry of The U.S.A. should go BACK to where they came from and not worry about such things anymore.

  • Leonard Dichiara - 8 years ago

    If the Mexicans don't like to look at the American flag, then they can turn their back on it and walk south until they cross the Rio Grande.

  • Rockyrack - 8 years ago

    I agree with the guy said "anyone who would think such a think should be tried for treason and hung for it. If anybody doesn't like the USA. they should get the hell out of our country, but if you want to come in and change it is communism socialism or Marxism, it will be over my and about 200 million others dead bodies. I fought for freedom from communism and dictatorship, and I will die for it. maybe 250 million might feel the same way.

    Love the USA or leave it, "NOW" If you aren't for us, you are against us. ..Pack your shit and get the F*&k out of here, NOW.

  • Terry Bowling - 8 years ago

    There are 21.8 million vets that would say you want it come get it!!! Our grandfathers, fathers, brothers, sisters, mothers have fought and died for this flag and country and we'll be damned if anyone will take it from us without a fight!!! Remember your Oath Brothers, we'll defend it against foreign or domestic enemies... So help us God!!!

  • Harold - 8 years ago

    I feel very weak,as an American,to respond to a statement or question of this character. Thinking of the millions have died protecting the sovereignty to allow this flag to wave and billow in freedom,a flag laid over many at their final resting place. Need I comment further!

  • Mongo - 8 years ago

    I live in Stockton, CA. I see more Mexican flags than American flags. The complete take of America is only a few years out. Just a matter of time until the American flag is a distant memory...

  • Jerry Stark - 8 years ago

    I'm done with Fox. What an ignorant poll.
    Fox has joined CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and the press in becoming communist supporters.
    I may be alone but I don't watch any TV news, I don't subscribe to any newspapers or magazines and I don't spend any money with any organization that is intent on ruining this country.
    If everybody did this, there would be BIG changes.
    Same thing goes for politicians, don't support them, oppose them. All of them. Watch how quickly we get new ones!
    Bubba started the downward spiral of this great country and the Kenyan has doubled up on that effort.

  • Greg - 8 years ago

    Is this serious? Its the AMERICAN Flag for a reason.... what dipshit is trying to ban it? He should be banned from America for treason.

  • Joe - 8 years ago

    This counts as a Recommended Story? A Fox generated poll that seems to have no actual story connected to it?

    Why do you people care so much about something that's clearly put here to rile you up? Are some of you going to jump to conclusions and assume that "Oh, the government must be working to get rid of the American flag because of its socialist agenda"?

    Yup, that's most likely what's on many of your minds.

    Congratulations in showing Fox that they can lead you to wherever they want you to go.

    Wonder where they're going to take you next.

  • Cindy - 8 years ago

    It is a country that is founded on God and " In God We Trust".

  • Cindy - 8 years ago

    I can't believe this is even an issue We already fought for our Freedom and the right to fly our Flag. If it bothers you to see it then go back to where you came from. I love the United States of America!!

  • Ardith - 8 years ago

    Absolutely NO, If those who think it is a good idea, pardon me, this is a country with great values and in God We Trust and to ban the flag is absolutely absurd. If you don't like the way it is here then go back to where you came from. As the saying go's, WHEN IN ROME, DO AS THE ROMANS DO, or GET OUT!!!

  • The Last Survivor - 8 years ago

    That such a 'ban' is even being considered disturbs me a great deal. Part of being a 'citizen' of the United States of America is KNOWING what that flag means. KNOWING the beliefs it stands for, and UNDERSTANDING just how many good American citizens have sacrificed so very much to guarantee the freedoms that are part of that meaning.

    Too too many people (living in the United States) seem to have a problem with our nation's flag flying on (public) school properties. Last I checked, that flag was a representation of our nation (as a whole), and therefore, a representation of its GOVERNMENT. That flag represents everything that our nation stood for in the past (and stands for now), and apparently people of a particular political 'mindset' (I will not name anyone directly... I do not need a fight...) seem to think that it's 'not appropriate' for a school (a 'public' institution, and therefore 'government'-run...) to be flying a flag on the grounds.

    I do not know what the reaction would be of this nation's founders to the behavior of people trying to stop the flying of Old Glory (our flag) by a government institution. I can imagine they would not be happy about it, though.

    I can tell you that neither am I.

  • Melissa Kunzlere - 8 years ago

    To those who know what each aspect of the US Flag represents, the flag is unifying not divisive. The stars represent each of the 50 states. The stripes the original 13 colonies uniting to protect the rights that our Creator has bestowed on each of us--Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Red represents the sacrifice in blood, sweat, and tears of those who have gone before us to fight for freedom and to build prosperity. Blue is for courage and integrity to do the right things for the right reasons. White is a purity of hope for a better tomorrow. This is what the flag means to me

  • Trish Parfitt - 8 years ago

    I think the American Flag should be hung in every school room and hung outside on a pole in front of every American company. Also, I believe that when you move to the United States of America, you should fly the American Flag and not your home country flag. Also when you move to the United States of America, you should learn our language.

  • Ruben Mcneill - 8 years ago

    We drive cars, being ever deligent of indications of problems such a unusual smell, vibrations, change in pitch of sound, and indicators on the dash. All of our senses are tuned to detecting problems as we drive. Problems with our cars are usually quickly detected and corrected. I am detecting a serious problem with our country when such a question becomes necessary. The US Flag is probably the second most reconized symbol next to the Cross in the world. The flag of the United States of America sybolizes not only human freedom but charity, love, compasion, justice,and hope. These christian principles are visible all over the world and cannot be denied, even by non-christian people. The US flag represents a host of ideals that the human heart longs for. Consider this. An american is not a specific nationality or race of people. An american is someone that embraces the ideas of the God given right of freedom from government oppression. The dash lights are lighting up, the car violently vibrates, and the smell of burning wiring is very strong. Something is wrong. The necessity of the question of the flag is an indicator that something has gone seriously wrong. WE, THE PEOPLE need to take heed least of freedoms and ideals end up in the scrapeyard. Let your voice be heard at the polls, on the internet, in your senators office and then hold our representatives responsible for the calamily that is surely coming.

  • Tyler Walker - 8 years ago

    i do not think that the flag should ever go away.... i my approve of many liberal things , but i will not let my flag, the flag of my country be taken away. My family has fought for it to be here, and just saying even if it was banned i would still hang it everyday proudly....just saying



  • EmeraldIsles - 8 years ago

    In every country in the world, misuse of that nation's flag (ie defiling it, etc) will result in serious legal consequences if not imprisonment. So why are a handful of people allowed to make anti flag policies in this country AGAINST THE WILL of the greater public and against the laws that govern our flag and National laws? Children are no longer taught pride in our flag or our country and what it stands for, nor even in themselves and their own personal accomplishments and uniqueness for that matter. Why is this? When the majority of the American public (it's citizens in fact) are opposed to these degradations against our national flag? Since when was it legal for 'special interest' groups, amounting to only a small percentage of the population, as well as those who aren't even citizens of this country, to dictate to the rest of the country what is acceptable concerning our flag? Since when did the Constitution give CITIZEN ELECTED politicians, who are duly sworn into office to represent the people as well as to preserve our nations laws, values and trusts, given free reign to listen to and then make policies AGAINST the will of the people in this matter? The Federal Government has become so enamored of it's own power and single minded attitude of it's 'Knowing what is best' for the people, that it has long since ceased to listen to those very people who put them in office in the first place. Our country is headed for a very severe civil war if the Federal Government continues in it's current direction and only by subduing the majority through military power (which thus turns our government into a dictatorship) will this government be able to continue to enforce and make laws and policies that the vast majority of it's people neither want or are willing to continue to accept. We have had one civil war. Did we learn nothing from that? Has our education system been so lax in teaching the consequences of dividing our country into such a war, that our young people do not even realize the true seriousness of such an event? Have games and cartoons so detached our youth from human pain and suffering that it will take an actual war for them to grow up and realize exactly what is truly important in their own lives and that of this country? The youth today talk of the 'better' government of Socialism, of which they actually know nothing, and they call for war over the wisdom of their elders! I see it on web site after web site. Youth, very PRIVILLAGED youth at that, who are so far removed (Just as our own politicians are) from the realities of life, that they call for war simply as a means of effecting changes that they have been indoctrinated with! I do not make this up! And we as elders, instead of taking them to task and trying to truly educate them, cower in fear of doing so because we could be accused of child abuse for simply trying to teach children the truth? That is what it has come down to in the public school system. Those children who hold traditional values, have parents who truly care enough to properly educate them above the governments sub par standards and value their education are forced to go to school in fear of their lives from bullies and mass murderers that attend our schools today. Children of parents who either have no clue as to how to raise a child, don't care or simply can't be bothered to do so. And many are children of parent's that want to be hip and ever young, in total fear of aging naturally, and so fail to set the standard of parenting and education of their children. Respect starts at home. Then it extends to community and nationality. We have a few generations now in this country who have no respect for anything or anyone. Generations who think only of themselves or simply don't care because they have been indoctrinated to believe what they do is of no consequence because the government will care for them the rest of their lives. We need to change the values we teach our children if we have

  • Mark Tanner - 8 years ago

    You dislike, hate, the American, flag? Move somewhere you don't have to look at it. But you leave! American Flag, stays.

  • gary levon - 8 years ago

    Please explain why you are asking such a stange question, what fool dreamed this one up? It is a much better idea to have term limits on members of both houses and I. Q. tests on "law makers'

  • Larry - 8 years ago

    Absolutely NO. The American flag is in its country of origin. Please send all those Latins who are offended by the flag back to their country of origin.

  • john teske - 8 years ago

    I want to know who the un patriotic anti amercan A-HOLES are that voted yes. They can leave now. I heard Cuba will take you.

  • geno. as a korean war vet. i vote no way. - 8 years ago

    no way jose.

  • Dan - 8 years ago

    As a 12 year military veteran it is appalling to hear people even consider something like this. Since when have our schools and even our entire country become so 'Un-American'. When I went to public school, at 8am on the dot we recited our pledge of allegiance. This is our confirmation that we were American Citizens and that we respected and appreciated what our founding fathers gave us over 200 years ago. A country of our own, free from oppression. To ban the American Flag or to alter it in any way (Obamaflag) is a desecration to our entire way of life. Forget the slap in the face to all of the men and women of the Armed Forces who risk their lives every day to guarantee our freedoms; this should anger every American Citizen to the bone because of its blatant disrespect to every American Citizen past, present, and future.

  • Russell - 8 years ago

    The only flag that needs to be banned is the Rebel flag - specifically in all public high schools and below. i.e. Quartz Hill High School in Los Angeles County.

  • Jack - 8 years ago

    This shouldn't even be up for discussion.

  • robert plumlee - 8 years ago

    whoever asked this absurd question should be arrested and tried for treason , Iam truly appalled at this , I dont believe my brothers and sisters died in vane . THE FLAG STAYS YOU SOB,....

  • Sharon Michael - 8 years ago

    This is being a traitor, even asking such a question.

  • Warren - 8 years ago

    It's ASTOUNDING that we find ourselves entertaining such questions and similarly inane issues in these times. And yes, this has become the case ESPECIALLY SINCE OBAMA TOOK OFFICE, and UNDENIABLE FACT-LIKE IT OR NOT. We have condescended to allow the misguided and DECEPTIVE THOUGHT steer the national conversation, even on the most fundamental core principles our our nation's framework and values that enabled her to stand unequaled among nations in her ability to free the human spirit to achieve the highest and noblest goals possible for a people-otherwise known as FREEDOM. We cannot afford to lose that to the tyranny of liberal thinking which has the opposite effect of quenching the natural yearning of mankind's heart to the enslavement of dependence and fear. Therefore the line of questioning of this survey is nothing more than FURTHER EVIDENCE THAT WE HAVE FAST BECOME A COUNTRY OF THE ABSURD!!!!

  • Ken - 8 years ago

    Really? Do we even need to ask this question. As a 21 year veteran who is still on active duty I say this is ridiculous. Our flag represents the many uniformed brothers and sisters that have laid down their lives to make this country what it is. And to even ask this question is disgraceful. If I was a government leader and you were caught disgracing our flag ie burning it improperly or defacing it, you would face severe penalties. If you have a problem with our flag then get the heck out of here and go live some where else

  • high school kid - 8 years ago

    this is dumb to have a vote on. the flag is our countrys symbol if you dont like it leave the country.

  • christine aquino - 8 years ago

    I believe if you live in the United States of America, you should fly the flag proudly, pledge allegiance to it, and know the national anthem. I also believe it should be the only language offered when I make a phone call to a business in the US.

  • robert bartholomew - 8 years ago

    The Land of The FREE because of The BRAVE. If you LOVE your COUNTRY thank your Military. They can go back to where they came from. Build up our boarders! Keep the LIVING EXCREMENT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STAND UP FOR YOUR COUNTRY!

  • comprof - 8 years ago

    I am sick of these atheist and anti-American minorities dishonoring the American flag, national anthem, the Bible, marriage,and any other thing that signifies what made a successful America. This is supposed to be a democracy. Instead, it has become a minority rule that seems to delight in making the majority do what the minority want. If they do not like America and its symbols, go somewhere else. It is ridiculous that the majority have to scrap all of their own beliefs to give a minority what they want. A totalitarian government does the same thing. A few make the majority do what the few want.

  • Pam Kellum - 8 years ago

    You don't like our Flag. LEAVE. No one asked you to be here. You came voluntarily, we wish you would leave the same way. It was our Flag's symbol that you are here. Don't like it leave.

  • Ed Brown - 8 years ago

    People who don't respect our flag, do not respect America! They come here to overthrow our freedom! True Americans are willing to Die for our country, which has been proven many times over. To those who want to cause these problems I say go home! If you want to come to America bring your skills and your love, not your hate and disrespect to our flag and our country.

  • Irv Cross - 8 years ago

    This is AMERICA!! Our flag is more than a symbol; it is the heartbeat of our nation. The price millions have paid to have our flag fly, not only in schools, but worldwide, is a price we should all be proud to support. The beauty of having our flag proudly displayed is a sign that all is well. In America, we can disagree, worship freely, and vote to move our nation to meet our citizens needs. OK, disagree! Argue your position, but remember you have the freedom to make your argument because the American flag proudly waves as a symbol of freedom, justice and liberty for all. The STARS AND STRIPES are who we are! Do not dare remove the American flag from our schools or anywhere else.
    Irv Cross

  • Sue Davis - 8 years ago

    That's the most assinine question i've ever heard!! NO, if you ban the American Flag, you disgrace all this country has fought for!!!!

  • Judy Paz - 8 years ago

    This is so insane! That there is even a vote on this makes me want to scream. Think about those who have died for this country and carried the flag into battle. What the hell has become of us? God help us!!!

  • CJ SMITH - 8 years ago


  • Dan - 8 years ago

    We are Americans and they want us to ban our flag? If anyone wants it banned we should banish them from this great country period. Its bad enough the people have kept silent and let a bad regime take over our government lately due to the fact good hard working people just wanted to take care of their families and live their life.Its time for the so called silent majority to stand up and be counted or the free check socialism crowd that has ruined every country its touched will rule . They keep wanting to make us like europe and europe is crumbling because of crooked dictators and we are ruled by a group who want to be dictators. Ask yourself why people from other countries come here for treatment when its free in their countries.

    An Independent American Veteran fro America not a party

  • Matt W - 8 years ago

    This is just what the Lefts groups,marxist and liberals "PC'ness"
    has alway strived for, the complete destuction of the US Peoples rights, soverenty and rapid loss of fredom form the treasioness elected goverment.

  • Genevieve Willis - 8 years ago

    This is the United States of America!!! We will always love our flag and what it stands for...if you don't want to respect our country, then by all means go back to your country. In fact if you were patriots you would go back and fix your own country....then perhaps people would be trying to get into your country!!

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