Who is dumber? (Poll Closed)

55,645 Total Votes

  • f - 8 years ago

    Hey Piece of shit republican turds.. Howdy ya'll?

  • Morris E - 10 years ago

    Don't worry Greta as a Scientologist you wont think about this poll result in a bad way.

  • Meldy - 10 years ago

    Greta,I Just Noticed Your Getting A 84 % So Far,I Bet Obama Wishes He Could Get Those Numbers,44% How Embarrasing For A President!!Kinda Tells Ya Where We All Stand,Yet He Still Does'nt Listen!!
    Posted by Russell Minor on May 25th 2010, 3:35am

    By the way fool, this poll is/was about who is dumber. So you're/were cheering her on for having 84 percent (back then) people thinking she's dumber. Okay lol dang fool.

  • Meldy - 10 years ago

    Greta,I Just Noticed Your Getting A 84 % So Far,I Bet Obama Wishes He Could Get Those Numbers,44% How Embarrasing For A President!!Kinda Tells Ya Where We All Stand,Yet He Still Does'nt Listen!!
    Posted by Russell Minor on May 25th 2010, 3:35am

    You couldn't even spell embarrassing correctly and incorrectly placed the apostrophe in doesn't . Oh the laughter with in your own post. *walks away laughing.

  • Balldez - 10 years ago

    Greta?43,324 VOTES78%

    Brian for spending his time watching someone he thinks is dumb12,307 VOTES22%

    The numbers speak for themselves but I would add a good lawyer will not ask a question for which he or she does not know the answer.

    Brian made one comment so there4 is know way to judge is IQ but Greta is on all the time. That being the case I think we can safely conclude that 78% of the people who responded to the poll were smart.

  • Balldez - 10 years ago

    Greta got spanked and the pol numbers show it. She and Geraldo are a couple of token monkeys so that Fox Can say they are fair and balanced. Greta is a member of the Church of Scientology. She can't be all that bright.

  • mr.ed - 10 years ago

    Greta got beat by OJ Simpson. That makes her one of the dumbest people on the planet. Then she got a facelift and went to work for Roger the dodger spouting the Pox company line. As dumb as she is, Brian's evn worse by sitting there watching, mouth agape, drool running down his shirt while moving his lips to the chyrons running across the screen.

  • Potatoeater - 10 years ago

    Brian, I would have to vote you as the dumber of the two. I will not make an argument whether Greta is stupid or smart. Intelligence is viewed relative to the viewer. I would have to argue, if you were an intelligent person, you would not waste your time writing in to someone else just to tell them they are stupid, when instead you could be working on great and innovative new wonders to help solve the problems of the world.
    Greta, you should take Brian's 'sieve' comment as a compliment, after all, a 'sieve' is an important and useful tool. It allows one to separate the 'useful' from the 'useless'. I suggest you use your sieve to filter this nonsense and get back to what you do best, which is seeking out and reporting the truth.

  • DrIntegrity - 10 years ago

    To Frank and others -- While Greta (and to quote you "our great Leader" use a teleprompter, I much prefer that to writing crib notes on the palm of one's hand. Clearly S. Palin needed a teleprompter when Katie Couric asked her what newspapers she read ("all of them" was probably all she could fit on her hand; teleprompter would have allowed her to list several - like People Magazine, US, and the National Enquirer).

  • pablo - 10 years ago

    I always thought Greta was dumb, but the fact she is a Democrat makes me think she is a genius, and playing all the Foxicans for rubes!

  • bob - 10 years ago

    i hate fox news and all that work for them. biased pieces of shit.

  • jt - 10 years ago

    Who's dumber, RGan or a bag of hammers?

  • thom71gt - 10 years ago

    Anyone stupid and weak minded enough to believe in the Crap that Scientology brings has got to be the DUMBEST of the DUMB. Greta, you're a FREAKIN idiot!!!! Stupid @ss Scientologist!!!!

  • Cogs - 10 years ago

    I wish they would not have closed the poll. I think the numbers would have approached 90% who think Greta is the dumbest of them all. I certainly would have voted for Greta being the DUMBEST!

  • A Non Person - 10 years ago

    Greta is dumb because she's bought the lies of the Cult of $cientology. Can't get any dumber than that.

    Everyone find out the truth about the Cult of $cientolgy. You'll be shocked!

  • K. Harry - 10 years ago

    Are you out there Brian? Are you law school material buddy? I'll wait to cast my vote until we hear from Brian. Come on Brian, answer the question...you don't want Greta to get my vote!

  • K. Harry - 10 years ago

    Hmmm...I have to go with Brian since he is in OK and you are on FOX. Just kidding! Don't you have a law degree? Can you make it through law school Brian? Greta, you are smarter than Hannity and Beck, and tie with O'Reilly! Although I think O'Reilly has you beat when it comes to "sexiness". O'Reilly are you listening? Grrrrrrrrr......

  • Dave Maxwell - 10 years ago

    She is a practising Scientologist and owns part of the GB Packers. Dumb as a sponge.

  • Brad Centro - 10 years ago

    Wait? Is this the same Greta that gave America a play-by-play account during the Simpson murder trial? That's her claim to fame? How sad.

  • RGan - 10 years ago

    I do believe that the act of posting a "vote" on one's blog to see "who's with me?" and "who's with him?" shows an incredible amount of insecurity. It is rather smart when you think about it: now over 56,000 people have voted on "who's dumber?". Not that this is newsworthy or significant, but now over 56,000 MORE people know about Greta. It's actually quite smart to post a ridiculous voting option where those that vote can show how dumb they are in participating in the vote. This is not about whether Greta is dumb or whether Brian is dumb. No, this is about the "dumbing" down of America. That's your *new* reality, people.

  • Keith Rodgers - 10 years ago

    My Dog Milo is so Cute! Who's Greta?

  • jack - 10 years ago

    If all you rightys would actually look at other news sources you would see your being led like sheep. From the corporate media. Fox lies!

  • Keon - 10 years ago

    Dumb. not sure about that but immature, hell yeah! For posting an idiotic poll
    CONGRATS Greta !

  • danny ferry - 10 years ago

    first of Reta, Becka or what ever your name is , don't let this dim wit get to your head! He is just not agreeing with your op pinons, and who cares if he doesn't ..you have your own talk show to voice it and he doesn't..

    Second, why the hell are you working for FOX? Its run by evil minded people who want to misinterpret and over demean their evil ways! hell don't ask me why their are evil! just Google it !!

  • Andrew - 10 years ago

    Who is dumber: Greta, Ofcourse its you.

    Reason: Only dumb people will ask for public opinion for a message directed to them, have guts and confront if you can. LOL look at the results of the poll so far. I guess you thought people will support you and you can make yourself feel better and embarass Brain. If thats what you had in mind, better go back to kindergarten, start over and at some point in your school - learn to confront directly.

  • Joe Schlobotnic - 10 years ago

    I think you are smarter, but still wish Roger Cossack was still doing the show. He was not as comfortable on TV as you, but I sure liked what he had to say.

  • Dennis - 10 years ago

    Greta: watched you once, by accident. You were so dumb, I never went back.
    Dumb is the network that keeps you on TV when you are so wrong.
    Desperate is the audience that is dumb enough to watch you.
    Damned is any part of America that believes you.

  • Derek - 10 years ago

    Greta is clearly smarter. Brian can't spell and proves he has nothing better to do than complain. However, I do think the wording of the poll question was dumb. You are asking people to evaluate a negative, which is immediately counterintuitive. I think a lot of people voted Greta thinking the question was "Who is smarter?" or "Who's side are you on?"

  • rishi - 10 years ago

    I occasionally watch Van Susteren while flipping channels and I loved what she had to say -- especially immediately after listening to what Sean Hannity had to say. In all honesty, a poll, or even a set of question marks coming out from Van Susteren is definitely dumb. Not only in comparison with Brian, but in comparison with anyone imaginable.

  • Jake - 10 years ago

    Dear Greta, you use to be someone who helps others like find Nathalie and such, but now you are the brain-washer like, God forbid to say, Sean.

  • carl - 10 years ago

    You are stupid though.. I dont watch the Republican propaganda machine of Fox news. I know to many people do. The problem is that Fox news will have everyone thinking republicans will save us in 2012. Hey though im sure that if you put up a poll on who is the most stupid of all on the Fox news programs you wouldnt be the "stupidest"

  • pno - 10 years ago

    he doesnt need to watch your show to think you are dumb
    perhaps he gave fox a shred of credit on one instance and tuned into your show

    and you are as dumb as an elephant in front of a door

    pretty dumb huh?

  • Larry - 10 years ago

    Why does Brian watch Greta's show? Hmmm, I dunno... Maybe Brian is board with his life, or angry with his parents, or unhappy with his looks, or fatter than he'd like to be, or feels stupid, or powerless. Maybe Brian feels that his life has no purpose and is going nowhere. Maybe Brian has lost his job and is jelous of someone who has a great career. Poor Brian... Maybe he's really short. Maybe Brian hates women... Or wants to be one. Maybe Brian is in love with Gretta in some way: her authority, her charisma, her self-assuridness, her intellectualism, her whit. Maybe it's just her ability to be herself... To be "comfortable in her own skin" that drives him crazy. Here's my real response, 'cause all that was said in jest : Seriously... Brian needs to take a deep breath and realize that we are all smart. We are all stupid. We are all imperfect. We are all human. And we are all in great need of each other. Folks... Spend your energy building other people up. Treat others as more important than yourself. What would the world be like if we all did that, Brian?

  • Thomas - 10 years ago

    The bigger qestion? Will you now admit to being dumb or is it all of us responding to your poll the dumb ones?

  • Ron - 10 years ago

    She's stupid enough to allow a viewer to control her emotions so much she posted a poll asking who is dumber. She apparently is, hands down....

  • Eric - 10 years ago

    Anyone who works for FOX News has got to be a witless tool like our friend Greta.

  • Kane - 10 years ago

    You are a yellow journalist of the worst kind. Your "news" is beyond the level of satire. I feel bad for the fools that watch your news program and think that what you are delivering is a "fair and balanced" protrayal of the world's events. It's all just one long, bad joke.

  • John - 10 years ago

    She doesn't feel bad.. like she said, she's having a laugh about this.

    Its only fair, she's made many of us laugh for years!

  • Scott - 10 years ago

    Don't feel bad Gretta, Brian probably got his union friends to vote. Just keep telling the truth.

  • Roger DunDun - 10 years ago

    I think Fox News is a pretty cool guy. Eh makes shit up and doesn't afraid of anything.

  • robin - 10 years ago

    greta is obviously stupid as a box of rocks if she went to work for fox news. no one of ANY intelligence or integrity COULD work for such a network. it's nothing more than a propaganda arm of the right wing - which has shown itself again and again to be run by people who belong in rubber room. reality has NO bearing on these people or the people who watch the network. just watching fox news reduces your IQ and makes you mentally ill. can you imagine what it does to a person to WORK there?

  • mitch - 10 years ago

    The only people that think she is smart, are the ones who watch fox news constantly.....the sad part is all of the "news" on fox news is really mostly opinion. they just put in the form of a news story....dont get me wrong they are reporting on actual news stories, but in the same breath they are giving their own opinion. its really sad how all the pea brained republicans are getting dooped.(and no im not a democrat) why dont you guys just go buy a copy of the national inquirer and get your news from there? hell that would be ALOT better than listening to the bigotry that is GLENN BECK. What a loser!!!! Fox News is the only news channel that actually puts down and argues with people that dont have the same viewpoint.....isnt part of reporting getting the WHOLE story. stupid stupid stupid people

  • Robert - 10 years ago

    Greta is obviously "more dumb". Just by sinking to the level of this pole puts you at Brian's level or lower. CONGRATULATIONS! You WIN! Enjoy your new Status Greta.

  • Andrew - 10 years ago

    You know a poll of your readers/viewers is NOT a scientific poll. I guess they dont teach employees at fox news about basic statistics. Oh well. looks like the poll was discovered by people who aren't your readers or viewers. good luck with the realization on what the public opinion of you is.

  • XENU - 10 years ago

    She belongs to the cult of scientology. Is any further explanation necessary?

    - All hail lord Xenu!

  • Nina - 10 years ago

    Brian probably watches for the same reason many people watch Fox News, for the entertainment value. Fox News is not real news, it is more like republica- info-tainment. I am sure some people watch Fox thinking that it is an actual credible news organization (they are the dim lights in our society) or because they already agree with the right wing political bias and just want to listen to someone telling them what they want to hear. But lots of moderate and liberal viewers tune in from time to time just to get a good laugh. It is kinds of like why people watch Jerry Springer, it is a train wreck and you don't want to watch, but then it is so ridiculous that you can't pull your eyes away sometimes. Greta is not stupid reporter, she's just an entertainer. And if you are on the same channel and Meghan Kelly and Glenn Beck, who could take you seriously? So relax everyone, just watch Fox as it is intended to be viewed, as a spoof on the real news channels.

  • AJ - 10 years ago

    Yes, my second post. Another reason Brian could be watching is that maybe it's like when you come across something on the internet that is really repulsive to you, yet you can't help but watch, out of curiosity. I do that on occasion to see what all the hub-bub is about regarding this or that show host. Sometimes I watch because I'm trying to figure out why others are.

  • Ross - 10 years ago

    I am surprised both that Greta would pose the question and at the results. Clearly, by any objective measure of what we kknow about the two, Greta is, by far, the more intelligent. Even among fellow journalists and "talking heads" she stands apart in her grasp of the issues and her courageous yet poised insistence that those she interviews stick to the questions posed. She has my respect. More importantly, she has my trust.

  • AJ - 10 years ago

    We don't know why Brian watches. I watch Fox news multiple times throughout the day on my breaks at work. Only because that happens to be the ONLY because that happens to be whats on the t.v. in the breakroom and when I enter others are watching already. SO, I watch it, not because I really CHOOSE to because given the choice, I would rather watch another news network.

  • mary jones - 10 years ago

    If someone were to pop a cap into your ugly face I would not shed a single tear.

  • John - 10 years ago

    I agree with Greta! Anyone that watches her show is really dumb!

  • Matt - 10 years ago

    Greta, you're the best. You can get out of these crooked politicians what no one else can. Because of your disarming personality and matter of fact questions, you're able to get truths from otherwise contrived and deceptive politicians. It is that unique trait, (whether it be intentional or inherent) that sets you apart from the rest when getting responses from otherwise deceptive politicians. Before they realize it, the truth has slipped from their deceptive tongues, before their minds can realize what their mouths have spoken. Whether this unique style of yours is contrived (which would reflect incredible intelligence) or innate (which reflects your great internal make up) doesn't really matter, as it sets your reporting apart from all of the rest. Keep up the great work. Matt

  • Tanner - 10 years ago

    Sad but true. Of course, Greta isn't nearly as ignorant as Hannity and Beck are.

  • Novadios - 10 years ago

    Brian Watches to compare you to other program hosts, which is smart and fair. No host on FOX deal with facts, but opinions derived from your or one of Roger Ailes' fat orifice. Dealing with facts means comprehension of the situation, analyzing, critical thinking and clear explanation to the viewers with optional resolutions for the viewer to ponder. No one at Fox is capable of this simple task taught in Journalism 101.

    Is it any wonder, a lay person may be smarter then you because he poses the skill of observation, critically evaluating your opined statements and lack of sincerity or ownership of the regurgitation you disgustingly spew from your crooked lips. More then likely, your journalistic training was completed at Hugh Heffner's schools for the dumb blonde playmate's waitress. Do not be surprise why Brian watches, be dumbfounded and appalled that your station's goal is to make middle and Appalachian America more misinformed and bigoted then they are already.

    Ethics, morals and smarts are hard to come by if they do not involved evil and selling your soul to the devil. It seems apparent this is a contract everyone at FOX has signed to get rich.

  • Tim - 10 years ago

    The question for the poll is stupid in itself. Regardless of what or whom you watch, it's all stupidity. It's just a matter of degrees.

  • Catherine - 10 years ago

    You have to wonder about people who write "Now YOUR taking a poll on WHOSE dumber." When people like that start writing "YOU'RE" taking a poll on "WHO'S" dumber" we can take their (not 'they're' or 'there') opinions more seriously. ;-D

  • Dick Mac - 10 years ago


    I'm impressed that you would publsih this poll. Sadly, it's not impressive enough.

    If you were a legitimate journalist with a shred of dignity there is no way you would work for Faux News. So, I have to conclude that you are a hack or a boob.

    You are most certainly a clown in Roger Ailes' circus. You are a cog in a propaganda machine that would make Goebbels blush!

    I hope they are paying you a lot of money and it helps you look at your reflection in the mirror.

    Good luck.

    Dick Mac

  • Dave - 10 years ago

    On a scale of 1 to 10 Greta is about a three and Brian is about a 7. On the up side for Greta a 3 puts her in the top 5% of other Faux personalities.

  • Janice - 10 years ago

    For those who think you can vote over and over again, you're as dumb as Greta. When you vote two things happen: 1) a cookie is saved in your computer, and 2) your IP address is recorded. You cannot vote over and over again unless you're traveling from one computer to another. If you try, you get a message that says: Thank you - your vote has already been counted. You can't vote more than once.

    Don't attempt to blame the results of this poll on liberals. It's Greta's own fault. She wanted to know what people think of her brains. Now she knows.

  • Oneida - 10 years ago

    How'd that poll work out for you, Greta?

  • Mark - 10 years ago

    Ad Hominem attacks are generally, or almost always, bunk. However a news commentator is probably somewhat subject, due to the very nature of the occupation. And she fell for it, rather than ignoring it, which she should have done.

    The same thing goes for Olberman and Beck. Olberman's only function is to take snipes, and Beck's arguments are a circular sequence of non sequiturs. He can take an Amoeba and turn it into a Marxist in five steps on a blackboard.

    Of everyone involved, Greta is the least of anyone's problems. Olberman is just a mess. Beck, however is really hard to follow unless you keep a skeptical mind. His arguments are totally full of holes. And he is easy to fall for. People like that are dangerous. Goebels was really good at that kind of stuff.

    People should think for themselves. Unfortunately, all too many do not. Taking any media at face value IS what is stupid. Too bad Buckley isn't around anymore.

    For those not familiar with logic, those fancy sounding lating names are really simple.

    Non sequitur:

    Ad Hominem is attacking the arguer rather than the argument. One of the worst logical fallacies. By insulting name calling, like Limbaugh does all day long:

  • Brian fan - 10 years ago

    Greta = Scientologist, therefore she is a moron.

  • Alex - 10 years ago

    For all of you who think this poll is not scientific or that it can be manipulated, you're correct! All internet polls are unscientific. If Greta had 'won' the poll would it be any more meaningful?

    If Greta believed that this poll could prove anything -- she's even dumber than I thought.

  • Greta - 10 years ago

    derr derr. Real smart there, Greta.

    How's Xenu these days?

  • Tdev - 10 years ago

    How's your Thetan master working out for you, Greta? You're either dumb as a sack of hammers or you're pretending to be dumb so you can get your paycheck from Faux News. Either way you're a loser.

    S.C.I.E.N.T.O.L.O.G.I.S.T. -- That's all I need to know about your intellectual capacity.

  • issy54 - 10 years ago

    Greta because of this poll.

  • t4b1th4 - 10 years ago

    Greta, because she apparently honestly believes her employer is "fair and balanced" when it isn't. Anyone who can't see this fact for what it is MUST be stupid. If she really wants to be seen as smart, she needs to take the first step and walk away from FAUX NOOZE.

  • Lynn - 10 years ago

    Greta, hubby and I think you are great. When your show first started, we did not watch. However, over time we tuned in and found you to be very fair and balanced. Hubs always says, "They don't get much past Greta."

    As an aside, I never post on a national news site; but when I ran across this poll with the astounding results, I just had to let you know that we think you are great and very smart.

  • Cool Guy - 10 years ago

    For anyone who still thinks that a person on a single computer can vote easily, its pretty clear that you can only vote once without clearing the cookie from your browser. The message is "Thanks for voting!" the first time you vote, but if you try to vote again, it becomes "Thank you, we have already counted your vote." I hardly doubt Brian would clear the cookies from his browser over 29,000 times.

  • arkage - 10 years ago

    I hope everyone is aware that this is not a scientific poll. You can vote as many times as you like. The results may or may not be accurate, depending on how many people have no lives and just sit at home and vote over and over....... maybe 25k times?

  • Master - 10 years ago


    You have such a vacant look on your face that it is hard to imagine there is much going on inside. You might want to rethink this whole career thing and consider becoming a stay at home mom.

  • This Website is so stupid - 10 years ago

    Everytime I click "Leave a comment", it brings me to the top of the page. I need to dig deeper to leave a comment. It's so stupid.

  • Flannigan - 10 years ago

    This poll must have been linked to the liberal websites and their viewers, who hate FOX, and as a result, have skewed the poll results.

    The liberal thinking voters are in obvious support of anyone who criticizes FOX, which is odd since Greta's show is the only one with content worth viewing at that time slot! Look at the cable news ratings and you'll see how her show clobbers and beats the other shows ratings combined!

  • HURRRR - 10 years ago

    A Faux News scientologist, Greta, did you actually think for a second that you were going to come out of this thing a winner?

  • Phillip McCrevice - 10 years ago

    Skoal Rebel buttblasts Greta!

  • Lori - 10 years ago

    Greta...honestly, fighting online is like competing in a farting contest. Even if you win, you still stink.
    Grow up.

  • Pedobear - 10 years ago


  • brian of Boise - 10 years ago

    Sherry, the postings can be manipulated too.
    For all we know you could be an intern at Fox or maybe Greta's grandma.
    I don't think that anyone would go to the effort you are suggesting. It would just be too much work!

  • Brian of Boise - 10 years ago

    Hey Greta, don't take it too badly. No one expects anyone at Fox, or any of Fox's viewers, to be smart.

  • Anne E. - 10 years ago

    Greta for the win!

  • TVS - 10 years ago

    Great is so dumb, she posted a poll asking whether she is dumb.

  • Chesley Brown - 10 years ago

    Greta is one of our favorite people . My wife and I watcfh her five nights a week .

  • Sherry - 10 years ago

    Ok, so Brian figured out the same thing I did... you can hit the backspace button and vote over and over on the same poll. Don't give this poll much credit Gretta it can be easily manipulate by those who want you to look bad. If you look at a cross sample of the comments, however, it appears that a larger number of people support you and your views. My suggestion...Poll Daddy needs to fix the website so the browser back button does not allow you to spam votes!

  • Obi - 10 years ago

    I like turtles.

  • MarkNS - 10 years ago

    Greta is a Scientologist. It doesn't get much dumber than that.

  • Leon - 10 years ago

    This poll tells that American people are not happy about the news media today.

    I suggest Greta/Fox to do another poll to see if people like the major media including ABC, NBC, CBS, CVV, and AP!

  • Ashley - 10 years ago

    I'm pretty sure that Brian is at home voting repeatedly against Greta and having his dumb friends also vote against her. That is the only logical explanation for why there are so many votes saying that Greta is dumber than Brian.

  • ryan - 10 years ago

    why would she be so worried about one persons opinion? I guess little things affect little minds.

  • Scott - 10 years ago

    I guess the numbers speak for themselves. Nuff said.

  • barbara - 10 years ago

    i think that if you worded your question WHO IS SMARTER, you would have gotten the higher number. the wording of his part of the vote was confusing.

  • Katzie - 10 years ago

    ....Who puts up a poll on the internet asking if they are dumber than someone they think is dumb?
    For the people who are making comments about Brian's intelligence or lack thereof -- spelling, grammar and punctuation errors greatly reduce the impact of your opinions.

  • Mistydawne - 10 years ago

    Who's dumber? Who is dumber???

    anyone that buys that Scientology crap is a moron. Greta stop posting ridiculous polls I can't help but wonder if those Scientology quacks just up and turned your brain off!

  • CactusLil - 10 years ago

    Well, Greta, since you asked, most people watch someone who they think is dumb for the laughs and to gauge just how stupid they are. It's also in the vein of keeping your friends close but your enemies closer. If you had to ask to figure that out, you must not be too bright.

  • Dano - 10 years ago

    Intelligent people don't need to post a poll on their blog asking if they are intelligent.

  • lesley - 10 years ago

    Well, obviously Greta is the more intelligent one. However, she did set herself up by posting this poll and that wasn't too smart. I love ya anyway, Greta!!

  • David B - 10 years ago

    I'm dumber now having spent 30 minutes reading and posting on this topic....que the drool !

  • Rich - 10 years ago

    Although this is absolutely hilarious to me, I do have to admire that Greta has not taken this off her website. She made a mistake asking the silly question publicly and she has the backbone to stand up to the silly result. Good for you Greta!

  • David B - 10 years ago

    Man...I could go all day on this one...another point....FOX equals fair and balanced ? As soon as you start TALKING about anything...unless stating the direct news coming out from events...your NO LONGER fair and balanced...your bouncing opinions...biased opinions...regardless of having more than one view.

  • Jim - 10 years ago

    Greta, you fit in with all the other dummies at Fox. Fair and Honest. What a joke.

  • David B - 10 years ago

    Tell me more of this Galactic Federation...sounds fascinating...

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