Cranberry sauce: canned or fresh?


  • Michael - 12 years ago

    Why not both? I like canned, with the indents. But I also like fresh. I hate to choose, but did (fresh).

  • Alana D. - 12 years ago

    When I was in high school and still effectively banned from the kitchen for blowing up the microwave, my after school snack was a can of cranberries and a can of tuna. I loved canned cranberries until about two years ago. At Thanksgiving every year, my auntie would make metric tons extra of her cranberry sauce because she knew I loved it so much. Little did I know her secret was actually fresh cranberries. I have never eaten a canned cranberry since and have outlawed them from my Thanksgiving and Christmas tables.

  • Brett Glass - 12 years ago

    Those who have tasted my wife's killer fresh cranberry sauce do not miss the ripples from the can.

  • SimonGodOfHairdos - 12 years ago

    It's not cranberry sauce if it doesn't have those indents from the can.

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