What should Nokia call their series of Windows Phones in the US? (Ex. Apple=iPhone / Samsung=Galaxy / HTC=HD / Android=Droid)


  • rencontre shawinigan - 6 years ago

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  • chn - 11 years ago

    lulin lulin lulin lulin

  • Henrik Wiik - 13 years ago

    Nokia Aicon, or Icon or Aikon, palindromatlicly...

  • Tj - 13 years ago

    I suggested my own name version for Nokia and it is of course Friend. Nokia phones truly work, also in hard conditions. Nokia phones are built to last and every Nokia model has truly a touch of good old craftmanship type of excellence in it. Nokia has probably helped more third world country citizens to survive and make money than any other phone brand and Nokia never hesitated to build affordable phones also for poor people and that is something that everyone should respect. Nokia is truly like a good friend and a key player in social circles. Many people have had a dream and Nokia made those dreams come true.

  • Renz Alfred Villegas - 13 years ago

    at first i voted for Nokia Bintana, Bintana seems so catchy on a foreign tongue considering bintana is a Tagalog translation of windows. Windows really help people around the world to do tasks with ease just as looking outside in a window. I would also consider Pheonix or Genesis but sounds like not too catchy. How about Nokia Reveal. With their decision to step into the Windows OS market , it only denotes that Nokia can really adapt to changes for them to serve the consumer on what they really need and not on what they can only offer. Kudos! to Nokia.

  • Harry Vastsky - 13 years ago

    Nokia Metro - Best! I like!

  • Art - 13 years ago

    It amazes me how much hate is coming from Android or Iphone users. Have you ever had a Nokia device? Obviously not. Nokia is famous for building the very best hardware and together with Windows 7.5 Mango, a truly multitasking UI it will be a hit on the mobile market in 2012.
    Nokia is about to rock this palce that we call planet Earth!

  • ccsvchost - 13 years ago

    nokia pure

  • Hardeep Singh - 13 years ago

    Call it Nokia W6-00

  • Douglas Duarte Lopes - 13 years ago

    this machine should be called NOKIA WIN.

  • Luckas - 13 years ago

    I don't think Challenger would be a good option... they might...you know. I absolutelly love Phoenix, Metro and Genesis (maybe because of Sega? lol) I also like Live and Fusion. The rest just doen't sound good to me.

  • Dan - 13 years ago

    I really liked Nokia Nova (as said here in the comments)

  • rewolf504 - 13 years ago

    Nokia NEXT sounds good!
    Cause one of this WP7 nokia its gonna be our next phone ;)

  • Mohd. Fazil - 13 years ago

    Exlore the whole new possibilities with Nokia Xplore....

  • Nollzy - 13 years ago

    The Nokia Crap, because that's what Windows Phone 7 is. I was a phone salesman, and selling WP7 phones was one of the hardest things to do, because they're crap, the system is restrictive, and you cant really customise the display all that much, Nokia should have stuck with MeeGo, Android was nothing and unproven until it was given a chance, MeeGo should have been given the same go, stuff WP7

  • kingofjail - 13 years ago

    vote my choice i create "Nokia AmPm" AmPm mean for the best battery life...

  • Jon Caum - 13 years ago

    One more name idea:

    Nokia "Senturion"

    Leading the charge.

  • Jon Caum - 13 years ago

    Nokia "Armada"

    Equipped, supported, and empowered for life.

  • Nokia Xpert - 13 years ago

    Nokia Xpert Will be great ;) in terms of marketing and not only!

  • egsigma - 13 years ago

    The Phoenix definitely does need to have a bold and recognizable red-and-gold metallic finish, and a black color option as well.

  • egsigma - 13 years ago

    Nokia Phoenix would be th most promising-sounding name for a high-performance model; it would be awesome if the series was called the WiN series. Also, Nokia Effect for a business-targeted model and Nokia WiNR for a less-expensive one.

  • misterBig - 13 years ago

    How about some advertising in the product name. I vote for the "Nokia Thirst Quencher brought to you by Brondo".

  • French - 13 years ago

    since its for US market they should name it after a fast food. like
    nokia cheezburger, nokia burgerking, or nokia McCheez or nokia burritos
    im sure that would bring them great succes in US

  • Nawaf - 13 years ago

    Nokia Insistence (I, II, III)

  • Anthony - 13 years ago

    Nokia Square
    Square: it rappresents the tiles of the WP7
    Square: something rich or substantial
    Square: in a town, a big place where people meet, Nokia always use it's logo "Connecting people"
    it's perfect :D

  • weddi_eddy - 13 years ago

    I would personally call it the Nokia Novo.

    Novo in Latin means 'refresh'. I think that Windows Phone 7 is the perfect refresh that Nokia needs. My favorite hardware along with my one of the best OS's.

  • ByeBye Nokia - 13 years ago

    I've voted "Sinking Titanic"

  • Hendra - 13 years ago

    We should call it Nokia Wind. It pretty simply and meaningful.

    The characteristic of wind:
    1. Soft but powerful, vital for human life.
    2. Wind can transmit sound (connecting people).
    3. Wind powering America (efficient & renewable energy).

    1. Wind = win (WINning Device).
    2. Nokia Wind_OS = Nokia Windows.
    3. "The wind blows clouds" = Nokia Windows is cloud computing ready.


  • morteza - 13 years ago

    I think iNoow can be good.i for ( I ) + N for ( Nokia ) + oo ( To be continued like google ) + w ( Windows). or can be i for ( I ) + Noow (now ) with Nokia.

  • James Rivera - 13 years ago

    Attaching a positive emotion to the product is a great way to make people buy it. Calling it the "Love" (or maybe "Luv") is clean, simple, and the emotion you want people to feel for it. I can easily imagine people saying, "I love my Luv!" or something similar.

  • Jafaifl - 13 years ago

    Nokia 7even !!! ;)

  • Tyree Alexander - 13 years ago

    I believe the Nokia Ai'kon (pronounced icon) would be a perfect name, with or without the apostrophe. Firstly, an icon is something regarded as a representative symbol of another thing, and this series should be representative of the new direction in which Nokia is going (Ai'kon = Nokia spelled backwards). Secondly, unlike many of the other suggested names, Ai'kon has staying power. Words like thunder, amaze and extreme evoke emotions which have the ability to fade. There will be a time when the phone no longer has the power of thunder, no longer amazes nor considered "extreme." However, if successful, this phone will always serve as an "Ai'kon" for the new successful direction Nokia decided to take. Maybe they can license Nikon technology to offer a stellar camera, and make the name that much more memorable!

  • era - 13 years ago


  • OZ - 13 years ago

    6. Nokia Zen (7_en)
    Zen as 7_en (blending number 7 and the letter Z).

    You can also put a bit of slash at the center of the diagonal stroke as it will look like the number 7 in written language.

    Or the diagonal stroke on the number 7 can be visualized as a samurai slashing the empty space to open a new door of a bright future ahead.

    Origin of Zen:
    The emergence of Zen as a
    distinct school of Buddhism was
    first documented in China in the
    7th century CE.

    So there is a connection between Windows Phone 7 and the 7th century CE of the Zen's history.

    It's the beginning of the Zen religion and great number of its followers around the world as it is a new beginning to Nokia 7_en and a great number of Nokia 7_en fans around the globe is celebrating the new era.

    That's the click :)

  • OZ - 13 years ago

    Or you can say it
    Nokia O7_
    Pronounce as Nokia OZ

  • OZ - 13 years ago

    5. Nokia OverZenith = Nokia OZ = Nokia Operating Zystem = NOZ.

    NO7_ = Nokia and Windows 7's speeding bullet Innovations and Applications.

    The letter Z should be replaced by a blend of number 7 and the letter Z.
    Number 7 is referring to Windows 7
    Or whatever the creativity becomes as long as it blends nicely.

    I cannot draww it here, but I guess you get the point.

    Thanks :)

  • Nguyen Thai Ha - 13 years ago

    From Viet Nam, I suggest Nokia should use the name "NPhone".

    Thanks for your read!

  • Michael - 13 years ago

    As an ex winmo user,...now an Android user....My suggestion for the best name for Nokia's new line of Windows phones...should be... NoWin. (NOkiaWINdows). Sorry, I just couldn't help myself.

  • Tellos - 13 years ago

    Nokia ShitWin

  • Mahmud - 13 years ago


  • Fábio Santos - 13 years ago

    I suggest Nokia Primus !
    I think it shows just a new beginning part of the nokia.

  • binh - 13 years ago

    nokiA Stun

  • binh - 13 years ago

    nokiA LO

  • binh - 13 years ago

    nokiA LO

  • binh - 13 years ago

    nokiA LO

  • Marc - 13 years ago

    I prefer the name "live" , (Windows=Nokia) , it´s fresh and innovative ... for the (r)evolution of a new mobile phone...i am proud owner of a samsung omnia 7...and a Nokia 5800 express (good phone)...in German have said "Auf geht´s Nokia..."

  • Collapse - 13 years ago

    What about Nokia Epic?

  • zhanghui - 13 years ago


  • Dale - 13 years ago

    Name it Micro Stuff for how much is stuffed into it or how much they stuffed it to us.

  • Richard - 13 years ago

    Nokia Summit ... (flagged as spam?)

  • Crysis(Chris) - 13 years ago

    Nokia Legacy
    It fit with WP7 and Nokia#S new path

  • Sergej - 13 years ago

    Terra, Terra, Terra

  • Michael Larkin - 13 years ago

    I think the name Hollar! is timely and cross generational and covers all social networking media. No matter what someones social media choice Hollar! merely means communicate. So that is why I suggest the name be Hollar!

  • farer - 13 years ago

    Nokia Globe - global connecting peaple

  • Ignacio - 13 years ago

    Vote for Nokia aikon, is written backwards, and the pronunciation is like icon

  • ramaha - 13 years ago

    Nokia MAGIC 123

  • DR_evil - 13 years ago

    How about The Judas?

    I'm not bitter lol ;)

  • sanna - 13 years ago

    something really cool and different is needed... Noke One? N-Joy? NukeN? I like Aikon very much, too (spelled backwards and beautiful).

  • Dave - 13 years ago

    Suggest Nokia NetGen: Refers to Net Generation / Generation Y who I suspect are primary customers of Smart Phones. Net also alludes to the connected and social nature of Windows Phones. Gen / Generation suggests a new start, era for Nokia.

  • Dan - 13 years ago

    Nokia Nautilus

  • Alchat - 13 years ago

    To get on everyone's lips the name must be short, easy to pronounce, and connote POWER - something you virtually spit out (starts with K, P, B or F sound). Therefore, one syllable, or two with the emphasis on the first. And avoid negative connotations!

    This short list all work:
    POWERFUL: Core, Force, Fusion, Phoenix, Neo

    Avoid all the rest, because of connotations that turn away more customers than they attract:
    RELIGIOUS: Destiny, Ecstatic, Eternity, Evolution, Genesis, Halo, Jedi, Omega, Pure, Vision
    OUTDATED: Alpha, Amaze, Apex, Apollo, Atlantis, Fearless, Live, Prime
    WEAK: Conduit, Elite, EZ, Mix, Share, Skylight, Story, Sync
    FAILED TECH: Challenger (spacecraft), Next (computers nobody bought)
    TOO CUTE: Gen, Xphone, Xtreme
    CURRENT HO-HUM PRODUCTS: Accent, Aspire, Revo, Voyager
    UNPLEASANT: Redux (implies past failure), Strike (on strike, strike out), Spawn (slime)
    OBSCURE: Deckard
    SEXUAL: Metro, Rise
    TOO LONG: Revolution

  • Nathan Poorman - 13 years ago

    Nokia InTouch
    Its the new "In" phone that helps you stay in "Touch" with just a glance and a touch of the screen.

  • Tom - 13 years ago

    The Dream Machine

  • Adi - 13 years ago

    Vote for Nokia Go

  • Ridal - 13 years ago

    I like Nokia Shit

  • Ajay Kumar - 13 years ago

    Nokia Troy??? I gave my own ;)

  • Aquin George - 13 years ago

    I love SeaRay...

  • Lol - 13 years ago

    Nokia trojan horse serise would be perfectNokia trojan horse serise would be perfect

  • Marting - 13 years ago

    WiNokia :)

  • Leif - 13 years ago

    Go for Nokia Ferox....Ferox is a Latin word meaning "fierce".

  • Alok - 13 years ago

    Since its a new start for Nokia, maybe the name " Nokia Wintro" ...

  • Dennis - 13 years ago

    Nokia Scry
    If you don't like my Nokia Brick idea, and want something more realistic. Still playing off the 'Windows' thing you could go with Nokia Scry, or just Scry in general could be the name for the OS on all the Windows phones. Has some European roots like Nokia, from the Celtic Druids. Windows/Seeing Stones/Crystal Balls/Scrying. Having/seeing the world in the window of your phone. Kinda witty I think, but then again, I thought it up. Sounds nice too, and has some potential to play around with for advertising.

  • Joe - 13 years ago

    Phoenix is a great name with great simbolism for a MSFT phone.

  • Me Yo - 13 years ago

    Nokia Brick..
    Plays off the visual of Microsoft 'Windows' which it'll be running.

  • onlined.com - 13 years ago

    Apple proved that you can hit the market even with such a lousy name as iPhone, the main thing is what you can do with that phone.

  • Damian - 13 years ago


  • Alessandro - 13 years ago

    Since this should be a new era for nokia I'd call it Nokia Reload

  • Patrick - 13 years ago

    I made an own Name:
    Nokia Repulse (means Strike back ) :)

  • Gizmodo - 13 years ago

    Nokia officials made an unsolicited offer to famoust IT-related project onlined.com to buy it so they can name the new model Nokia Onlined. No detils of potential contract are known yet.

  • radarino - 13 years ago

    Nokia OWW*

    * = Once Were Warriors

  • Tzi - 13 years ago

    There are many beautiful names, Vista (for the fact that no one wants it) and Titanic (for obvious reasons) are particularly nice =)
    But I will go for Nokia iLose

  • radarino - 13 years ago

    Nokia Titanic

  • Dan V. - 13 years ago

    Nokia Leonardo: after the man who was the paradigm of Renaissance, a master and innovator in all the fields of art and science.

    Nokia N-gene: it sounds like engine (as it moves all the software) and like Nokia's famous N- series... But it suggests that the DNA of Nokia is all in the new smartphone.
    And it sounds like genius.

    Nokia Storm: as it is fast, brings everything with itself, and will swipe away the opponents.

    Nokia Spirit

    Nokia Link or iLink or N-link: connecting people and integrating all the apps intorno a smarter system.

    Nokia Symphony: the weak point of iPhone and android phones is that all the apps are standalone tools and there's no real integration: it lacks a direction.
    If a single app is like a musician, to play a Symphony you need a perfect integration and timing, but the overall result is something unreachable for the single player.

    Nokia Ghost: reminds me of Ghost In The Shell's ghost line, used to connect people privately out of a crowd.

  • Backwardness - 13 years ago

    Nokia Backwardness

  • emirhann - 13 years ago

    NOKIA Sapphire

  • onlined - 13 years ago

    I think Nokia Onlined is the best option!

  • vendetta - 13 years ago

    i have smth a lot better. Nokia Sucks. The new Nokia Sucks on WM. thats all.

  • Hip - 13 years ago

    or Nokia Wins (for models with OS Windows Phone)

  • Hip - 13 years ago

    Nokia Simple, may be

  • tHEVisitOR - 13 years ago

    Hi, I would call it "NOKIA HORIZON"

  • Andrea - 13 years ago

    Nokia Colosseum

    historical brand...different to old brand
    robust in the years
    by Pharaonic
    suggests a beauty in the world

  • mehdi - 13 years ago

    duman means that the shadow
    please add to list

  • mehdi - 13 years ago

    please add( nokia-duman) name in list.

  • Oz - 13 years ago

    1. Nokia Effect
    Means: Nokia is effecting people with its good (F)orce of (C)reativity and (F)ore(C)ee the future of Connecting People.

    Other meaning: NFC = Nokia F C = Nokia eF-eC = Nokia Effect.

    2. Nokia actXion (Read: Action).
    Means: Nokia always in Action, anywhere, everywhere, connecting people.

    There is a connection between the letter X (Nokia) and W (Windows).
    Maybe we can find a way to blend them?

    ((y)ˆ ⌣ˆ)(y)
    Nokia act\X/ion

    3. Nokia acXis (Read: Exist)
    Means: Nokia is proving its own world class existence.

    Other meaning: Action + Axis + Existing. (Action is \ X / = Action is Nokia and Windows ).

    ((y)ˆ ⌣ˆ)(y)
    Nokia ac\X/is

    4. Nokia acXac (Read: Exact).
    Means: Precise, Accurate, to demand, require.

    Nokia is always Precise and Accurate in finding new creative ideas and technology to deliver into its flagship mobile phones, also known its flagships are inline with People's demands and requirements in connecting to each other .

    Other meaning:
    Nokia ac-ac = act & act = always act to improve and astonish.

    ((y)ˆ ⌣ˆ)(y)
    Nokia ac\X/ac

    5. Nokia Overzenith (code name Oz)
    Means: Nokia Over The Top.
    This new Nokia-Windows \X/mobile phones is best of the best to impress People in the Hub and in our World :)
    ween the letter X (Nokia) and W (Windows).
    Maybe we can find a way to blend them?

    ((y)ˆ ⌣ˆ)(y)
    Nokia act\X/ion

    3. Nokia acXis (Read: Exist)
    Means: Nokia is proving its own world class existence.

    Other meaning: Action + Axis + Existing. (Action is \ X / = Action is Nokia and Windows ).

    ((y)ˆ ⌣ˆ)(y)
    Nokia ac\X/is

    4. Nokia acXac (Read: Exact).
    Means: Precise, Accurate, to demand, require.

    Nokia is always Precise and Accurate in finding new creative ideas and technology to deliver into its flagship mobile phones, also known its flagships are inline with People's demands and requirements in connecting to each other .

    Other meaning:
    Nokia ac-ac = act & act = always act to improve and astonish.

    ((y)ˆ ⌣ˆ)(y)
    Nokia ac\X/ac

    5. Nokia Overzenith (code name Oz)
    Means: Nokia Over The Top.
    This new Nokia-Windows \X/mobile phones is best of the best to impress People in the Hub and in our World :)

  • Geoffrey - 13 years ago

    get away from the narcissistic, ego-centered "I"-Phone, and call it the "you" phone: the uPhone.

  • Amedeo - 13 years ago

    i suggest it be called The Nokia WiN

  • jarjari - 13 years ago

    It should be Nokia WinPhone.
    Win == taking back the market share
    Win == windows

  • David - 13 years ago

    Nokia Boss - Like a Boss!!!

  • anonymous - 13 years ago

    Nokia NEra 12 (New Era 2012)

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