Should SeaWorld face the public on 'Blackfish' issue?


  • Shannon Fay - 5 years ago

    What I really wanted to answer was:

    NO SeaWorld does not have to respond to a documentary and a book that are critical of their business practice.They should just quietly shut themselves down and be done with it.

  • Kimberly - 7 years ago

    These poor beautiful wild animals!! Where is your conscience Sea World!? All you care about is who is stroking your check and that's it. Come on! This is so pathetic to know Sea World is still in business for supporting and acting on these killer whales. Save these amazing animals and let them be free once and for all!

  • Jennie - 7 years ago

    I agree with setting them free etc. My heart breaks for Tilly, hes being tortured!!!! Seaworld should have to face conciquences for holding these beautiful, sensitive animals captive.Its disgusting what Greed does to some humans! its only a matter of time Tilly will be in contact with another human. God be with that person! And after all this publicity....Shame on you all who still work there! SET THEM FREE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maya - 8 years ago

    this is me

  • Emma - 8 years ago

    Seaworkd should face everything Tilly an the rest sud b released xx if not in to the wild free then into a sea pen x they are animal livin breathin animals not puppets!!! If only it wasn't all about money!!! Monsters

  • jodie button - 8 years ago

    These animals need to be free why is it only humans that think they can decided who belongs in a cage.We as humans are the only ones who are inhumane, we should no better yet never learn from our mistakes these whales have being in fish tanks for over 45 years.All we have learned is it causes death trainers and whales alike when will it stop.!!!

  • Laura - 8 years ago

    Seaworld comply and work closely with government agencies. If there's a problem it's with the regulations the government set out. Challenge the government not Seaworld, there are people doing far worse to other animals in this world. I would rather you people help the dolphins in Taiji than sit around slating Seaworld it achieves nothing.

  • Lily - 8 years ago

    If Sea World keeps hiding, the truth will get the better of it. Sea World already has no chance.

  • Snezana Trkulja - 9 years ago

    Seaworld you need to free the whales you have kept in captivity. The WORLD knows it's animal cruelty and all you are doing is prolonging the process and allowing the majestic mammals to continue to stress by being in a prison cell. Free them all from where you took them. Unite mother and young again. Let them live to the ripe age they deserve.

  • Snezana Trkulja - 9 years ago

    Seaworld you need to free the whales you have kept in captivity. The WORLD knows it's animal cruelty and all you are doing is prolonging the process and allowing the majestic mammals to continue to stress by being in a prison cell. Free them all from where you took them. Unite mother and young again. Let them live to the ripe age they deserve.

  • Rebca - 9 years ago

    I believe that SeaWorld would lose the debate.

  • Lisa - 9 years ago

    If Seaworld have nothing to hide and are being good caretakers of the beautiful creatures from the ocean, why dont they step forward and have an open debate and put their proof forward. The reason Seaworld does not step forward to give their side of events or discuss their practise of care for these beautiful beings is because they are not running their business in the best possible care of the orcas or dolphines but to their own self greedy means of earning money. Not only do they appear to not have the best interest of the orca but they also are not displaying duty of care for the people who work as the trainers etc. To blame a trainers ponytail for the reason the orca grabbed her, then where is their duty of care to investigate each attack, find where their own staff training and safety is lacking and put steps in place to improve the conditions fir their workers ?
    Again greed, greed seems to be behind much mistreatment of both animal, mamals and humans on this earth. Let shame Seaworld and stop going to their parks and lining their pockets. Take your families out on the ocean to see these beautiful creatures of our oceans, in their natural homes, i can assure you it will be an experience that you will not forget, it will move you to tears, it will touch the core of your heart to see them in their own home. I myself have been lucky enough to have had one swim along the boat i was on, he rolled on his side and he looked into our eyes with his eye, he looked into the very depth of our souls, it was breath taking and an experience i will never forget. My son at the time was only 9 years old and he today at the age of 30 still have as much excitement in him when he remembers the day we went out on the ocean to watch these graceful, playful, majestic beings in their on environment. Much more fullfilling adventure than going to Seaworld to watch depressed orcas being ordered to play.
    Please shame Seaworld into closure by never going to their parks, by spreading the word of the film Blackfish, so others can watch it and make their own opinion and join us in protecting the orcas from greed.

  • Brandy - 9 years ago

    Its sad what sea world is getting away with they need to let the whales go! they really are doing this mostly if not all the way for the money!! people that don't see that are living in there own world with there eyes closed to what is going on around them!

  • Hilde - 9 years ago

    If a place like Seaworld would not be glorified and make so much money by pimping out dolphins for sheer greed (ever looked up the billions that they make???), there would not be such demand. To little to late, right? NO! Be the voice for those that can't speak for themselves. Speak up. Contact media (FB, twitter, websites) local, national and international, celebrities (FB, twitter, instagram etc.), foreign and local governemnt (look them up on google, wiki etc.), boycott the Olympics, write to the Japanese Prime Minister, to Caroline Kennedy (our ambassador to Japan), write to the marine parks in Asia.
    Did you know that India declared the dolphin a nonhuman person? Yes they did!! Slaughter and captivity is forbidden. How cool is that?!
    Most of all, do not support marine parks that exploit dolphins or whales for exploitation and greed. Be their voice!

  • sally rimmer - 9 years ago

    They insist the Orcas and dolphins are well cared for? So are prison inmates they get food and water! Not quite the same life they lead, what did the Orcas / dolphins do to be imprisioned? Its all about the money, the global community will not stop so they may as well just give in and save face and turn their place into a music venue, (Id prefer them to fill it in turn it into a park with trees.) We will win not stop! Orcas and dolphins snatched from their pod families. Just like the Albino Dolphin on 18.1.14 in Taiji the fishermen killed most of the baby dolphins family, butchering them to death swimming the their own blood, they hacked the babys mother to death in front of the baby dolphins eyes. Then they climbing into their top of the range spots cars and went home to count their cash. Sleeping in their delux bed. Whilst the baby dolphin ended up in a tank for the highest bidder. Thats a fact on the days event. So now tell me the dophins and orcas are well cared for... !!!

  • Lisa Cunningham - 9 years ago

    Thank you for doing this! Yes, absolutely, SeaWorld should agree to a public debate/discussion if they believe in what they have said and continue to say. By not agreeing to a debate, SeaWorld is admitting that they are lying.

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