Poll: Who won the Republican Presidential debate?

Posted 3 years.


  • Trump2016 - 3 years ago

    Trump wins most of these polls by sinificant numbers...however, most of the comments are posted by his opposing voters...which leads me to believe that there really is a silent majority, and it's huge- some Americans are in for a a huge suprise.

  • Ken Purvis - 3 years ago

    Fox is promoting a "three ring circus" between Trump, Rubio and Cruz" for entertainment, but ignoring for the most part the only candidate truly qualified to run government with well documented experience, and that is Ohio Gov. John Kasich. He refuses to join the circus so he does not get the coverage and hearing. Its time to hear more of he Governor and less of the "circus clowns."

  • Mike - 3 years ago

    Trump was the winner. It is shameful how the republican party elite still won't listen to the people. If the republican party doesn't get behind the front runner, I will vote for Hillary or Sanders because I, after 25 years of being a conservative could not be aligned with a party that only listens to elite, bought politicians.
    I love watching the five on Fox, but if they continue this coarse of putting the party before the people, I do have a remote to change the channel. Please don't make me do this.

  • Aupoet - 3 years ago

    Mr. Trump was the clear winner and in my opinion FOX news was the big loser. They set him up and then pulled every dirty trick to take him down. Megan Kelly lied about Trump Univ. not having a "A" rating by the BBB which an article published just 4 days earlier by NBC stated as being correct and that it even had an "A+" rating at times. Mr. Trump was the butt of jokes and ridiculed for his statement about war meaning that we may have to "KIll families" which is a given fact in all wars and we have had to go that route many times. Hiroshima and Nagasaki remember, not to mention Sherman's March across the south when no less than President Lincoln gave permission for citizens to be killed and starved to death by the union troops. Funny how the commanders and troops followed those orders.
    Mr. Trump has explained his tax plan policy, a healthcare policy, how he would bring back jobs, control illegal immigration, cut waste, negotiate better trade deals, cut our trade deficits, work with other world leaders to fight ISIS, stop funding Planned parenthood unless they stop providing abortion services, strengthen the 2nd amendment, and increase our military making it more cost effective in the process. Sounds like he has been pretty specific on the issues to me, despite what Rubio, the kid keeps shouting between his grade school insults.

  • Jon - 3 years ago

    Hillary Clinton won the debate last night, and it wasn't close.

  • Lex - 3 years ago

    Trump? Really? For the most part he has no specific plans. His export tariff (one of the few specifics) would create a trade war and sink our economy. He is rude, crude and very unpresidential. Is this the best that America and the Republican party can do? There is one man left who is by far the most qualified and will bring dignity and success for the nation when he beats Clinton....and it is John Kasich. If its Trump as our next president, I pray to God that we can get through the next four years without a recession/depression or war.

  • Ina - 3 years ago

    Gov. Kasich is the only adult on the stage.
    Trump is a Hitler with blonde hair.
    A dangerous ego manic. We know what
    happened with that "leader"? God Bless

  • Ina - 3 years ago

    Gov. Kasich is the only adult on the stage.
    Trump is a Hitler with blonde hair.
    A dangerous ego manic. We know what
    happened with that "leader"? God Bless

  • Kathy - 3 years ago

    Trump is his own man. He will work for the people. He doesn't care what politicians say or do. He can't be bought! He is the only one who can turn things around In corrupt Washington DC. GO TRUMP!!!

  • Georgia - 3 years ago

    To the Democrats who think it's horrible that the Republican establishment isn't in support of the Republican front runner. How do you explain your system with your super delegates? Bernie crushed Hillary with the popular vote in New Hampshire, however she still won by gaining most of the super delegates. Same thing happened in Colorado. She has 45 - 1 superdelegates over Sanders. How is it any different when the Democratic establishment doesn't always support Sanders in all the states he wins?

  • Genyus - 3 years ago

    I continue to read the pro and con Trump comments and I see absolute truth in both sides. I must say, however, that I've heard multiple people from different areas (business, government, media) say they met Donald Trump at some point (before this race began) and he is charming, intelligent, magnanimous, and gentlemanly. Certainly I see what the Trump haters see - his arrogance, pettiness, and immaturity - but my hope is that we're seeing the worst of Trump because he is under attack from all sides. To have your own party put a "hit" out on you is unheard of, at least in my lifetime. Therefore, I am siding with the Trump supporters - I think Trump can run the government like a business, which is sorely needed. I think he will build a wall which is sorely needed. I DON'T think he will necessarily deport 11 million illegal immigrants (virtually impossible anyway) and I think that is the crux of the NYT conversation, and I'm ok with that because I do think he will deport the criminals. As a side note, just the fact that someone at the NYT purposely "leaked" the conversation is yet one more example of trying to take Trump down. Famous people take note - NYT has virtually destroyed the concept of "off the record" for anyone.

  • Rey - 3 years ago

    So lets see the one who calms our fear by saying the size of his hands and penis are fine... that his business failures are lies...the one who denies acquiring a huge fortune or being bailed out by Daddy when Trump Towers NYC was on verge of closing ...the one who gave no concrete answers to any policy questions won the debate with 64% of this voting group? America cant be great again if we continue to idolize reality TV stars or think that any modicum of success this guy has had will rub off on you....I get the Trump followers anger with Politicians but you cant follow a fool either....Its ok to change your mind people...do you not see the class the experience the vision of Kasich ? He is in fourth place only because people are afraid of losing (wrong assumption)...MAKE HIM THE CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT...MAKE HILLARY AND SANDERS SWEAT...WE NEED REAL LEADERS...

  • Fed up in florida - 3 years ago

    Wow, RNC has Trump sign an agreement to support the nominee in this party while they meet behind closed doors to figure out how to take him down. Never hear much from them about little Rubios foreclosure on one of his homes. I see bad sportsmanship with the Washington RNC cartel. Bye. ..Bye ...lobbyists, special interests groups and washed up politicians! Trump for president 2016......

  • Sharon Buckley - 3 years ago

    I'm a Democrat! You Republicans, should be ashamed for trying to stop your "Front Runner" that is not saying to much for your party. The People don't want your other puppets, they want someone to tell the truth, that is why I'm for Trump. We know how politicians are, they say things we want to hear and do not follow thru with their promises. TRUMP 2016

  • Eugene Golden - 3 years ago

    Must be a lot of people out there with mental disorders. Trump won? He is has mental illness called NPD. Just like Hitler. He has the illness and if the American people put him in the "Trump House" ( what he will call the former White House) will suffer from his disease of the mind...forever.....

  • FLORIDA RESIDENT II - 3 years ago

    The problem with the Republican establishment is that they want a true conservative, but true conservatives are yesterday's news and are the reason the Republican Party sucks come election time. This isn't the Conservative Party, it's the Republican Party and we clearly have a true Republican front runner Donald Trump, but the establishment continues to pick at him and divide the party instead of rallying behind him. The Republican Party are the patriots of America, it's about time everyone starts acting like it by putting their differences aside, so we can get our ducks in a row and march into the White House.

  • Mary - 3 years ago

    The Republican Party has had their head up their ass for a long time. No one wanted "Mitt" before, and we don't need to waste air time listening to him now. Crawl back into your hole, Mitt. Ted Cruz, NOT. Marco Rubio, NOT. John Kasich is a very likable Politician, however he doesn't stand a chance.. I am a Democrat and I also want to see this country get back on it's feet....It's time the Republican Party rallied around the one person the people want ! Typical old-establishment Republicans..if it isn't going their way, let's block it. They are what is wrong with this country. It will serve them right if Donald Trump is the nominee. He's a fresh alternative to a country in desperate need of fixing. I believe Trump can surround himself with the right people to help move this country forward and get it done. We need a "Businessman".

  • peter mao - 3 years ago

    The US cannot continue to be great if it has such an enormous debt and continous trade deficit with China, Mexico and the rest of the world. The leader of the free world cannot become the leader of the free loathing world surviving on other countries's hardwork and money. The US has to reduce its trade deficit and fire its economy again and get Americans gainfully employed again. The world cannot continue to have the world's largest consumer and debtor nation the US and the largest factory of the world China. Only Donald Trump understands this intimately and has the solution to make right this problem with his free but fair trade, and getting American MNCs to produce in the US as well as building a solid wall to lock out illegal immigrants. These measures are draconian indeed but are what are needed during these trying times for the US in my opinion. I wish the US well and Mr Trump all the best in securing the Republican nomination and winning the Presidency. We in Singapore will be following these elections closely.

  • Dees Nuts - 3 years ago

    I'm sure Trump cares that you would be "embarrasses." What a gem.

  • Dawn Johnson - 3 years ago

    I can't even believe that Trump is so far a head here. He seriously acts like he has been hi en a roll in a play that he can't really remember the words to. He insults the other candidates,I mean come on! Fire back if you will,but lets be intelligent about it. I can see it now. He has to go dispute a wrong doing with another country. What's he gonna say? "I wish you wouldn't do that. You big poopy head! I have more money than you,nah nah, nah,nah. At this point I can honestly say that I'm very proud to be an American. If we have Trump for president...well..I'll still be proud for all those who sacrificed their lives so we can be free,but embarrasses yes I will be..if Trump is our leader. God help us...smh

  • the people - 3 years ago

    the only way to make America great is lbale her out (buy savings bonds)invest in your child's future/get real America this not a realty show this is real life.

  • Florida Resident 1 - 3 years ago

    I agree with Dustin Beavers. Fox News is Disgusting. The joke is on them though, because they are just fueling the fire. The more they (MEDIA and the other candidates) try to hold him down, Trump still comes out swinging. He's unstoppable at this point and the Haters and the Non-believers are realizing...this is happening folks. Either join us or step out of the way. The person below said it best... we are the majority vote, you are not. Open your eyes.

    Trump for President 2016!

  • Charity - 3 years ago

    No doubt about it - John Kasich is the best candidate For President of the United States! Trump is too indecisive on important issues and is way too immature for such a serious and important job. Donald Trump would not work well with foreign leaders and would not be taken seriously in the international community. He does not have nearly enough knowledge nor experience in government. he is also very likely to make decisions that would benefit himself and his business, as well as beneficiary to huge business owners whom he regularly, for many years, rub elbows with. Donald Trump is use to "My way or the highway". I truly believe that people would be very sorry and disappointed if he were voted in as President of the United States. Marco Rubio has also fallen into the elementary insulting and fighting game. He does not have the right answers Two important issues. One of these issues being immigration. It is easy for someone who has not lost lifelong career work to illegal Immigrants. so many hard working Americans lost Job and small business work 2 illegals. For one example, construction work. To find illegal Mexicans, all you have to do is visit any construction job throughout the US. they have absolutely taken over this industry, since they can do it at a cheaper price, and do it faster since They are able to do it cheaper. They can do this because they do not pay taxes and are willing to live 10 - 15 people in one household, all sharing the bills. Americans must pay taxes and do not live that way. Thus, Americans simply cannot compete with them. I, personally, have noon so many small business owners having to lose their employees and close up shop. not only have they lost their business, employees, and all of their work tools, equipment, and SupplIes. small business owners, such as my husband, have worked extremely hard for many years, providing jobs for others, and paying out a tremendous amount of money in insurances and a multitude of hi taxes, on top of various operating Expenses. the small business was already fighting to stay above water with the immense amount of cost of being in business before suffering Effects of the recession, Kohls not buy any fault of their own, but because of banks and the other rich on Wall Street. then when business slowly began to start back up, they steadily lost all work to illegal Mexicans. these illegals do not pay taxes and are willing to live 10 - 15 people per household, all sharing the bills. thus, they can offer cheaper pricing and faster completion, since they can do the work cheaper. workers with small businesses lost their jobs. And small business owners lost their company. They had to close up shop and sell all of their tools, equipment, and Supply. Some, even had to sell their personal things to settle liabilities. not only did they lose all of these things, they lost their pride and belief in the American dream. it is believed that if a person is willing to work hard and are hungry enough, they can B very successful, Prosperous, and retire comfortably. You can obtain the American dream. however, with the conditions of the country and illegal immigrants taking Job / work away from Americans, the American dream seems to be a mere fantasy; unable to be reached. nevertheless, Rubio is a poor choice. Ted Cruz Is ok, but I do not see him beating Hillary Clinton. John Kasich is intelligent, well experienced and knowledgeable working in LU.S.. Government, has the right views on important issues, is calm, cool, and collected, supports the 2nd amendment, and has the most important attribute of all...COMMON SENSE!!! Republicans: W we must dominate John Kasich for president! also, to Republican Partyleaders: we absolutely must ultimately have ONLY ONE Republican nominee running against Hillary Clinton for President of the United States of America!!!! otherwise, the Republican vote will be split and Hillary will win! Hilary CAN NOT win! if she wins, America a

  • Gary frank - 3 years ago

    what we have is a country that seen to only care about trumps tv fame if you had not watch his show you probably won't vote for him those are the facts /right now we vote for him .next time who will it be mickey mouse /get real theres no magic man running for president /who ever wins we all still have pay higher taxes there's no way around it/so get real .it's still your pay check that runs this country remember that whom ever you vote for.it take a long time for any of us to see anything change .when you vote make tha right chose for you kids that's all that really matters.

  • Dustin Beavers - 3 years ago

    I didn't read all of the comments but my opinion on the debate is that; It was a huge entrapment/badgering session against Trump. Fox should be ashamed of itself. Not only did the help and encourage and steer the fight toward Trump.....They even had powerpoint presentations and videos prepared to HURT as much as possible the Donald. I really think they bowed to a new level of low with this debate. Megyn Kelly looks like she morphed into some A-sexual monster. She is just a teleprompter-reading "now ugly" over-rated yellow journalist. Trump did well to NOT whine and not make a big deal of it all, but it was such a smeer campaign tonight! Powerpoint charts and prepared videos going back to things he said in the past? Unbelievably ignorant and UNFAIR

  • FLORIDA RESIDENT II - 3 years ago

    No your blind, Trump is a realist, and he is not afraid to speak about the issues that everyone else in the nation are so afraid to talk about. Temporarily banning Muslims coming into our nation, look at Germany right now, do you want that? Raising taxes on all imported goods of American owned companies to 35% which will force those bastards to make less money than if they were to produce their product in America. Torture, they are cutting off people's heads, have you ever seen a cut off head? I have in the war and it is the most evil memory that haunts me at night. Building a wall and forcing Mexico to pay for it is more than immigration, it's a message to the world that we are back, and we do not take shit from anyone anymore. Reagan was a great entertainer too. Like what someone said before, Trump is the General Patton of modern American politics and he will slap whoever needs to be slapped in order to get the job done. Lastly, yes he is not the greatest guy, but people believe in him, and it is the republicans turn to have something or someone to believe in.

  • FLORIDA RESIDENT (1) - 3 years ago

    The Buffoons who actually paid for that seminar deserved it. Frivolous suit.
    Hell, I don't think it's even legal for Ted Cruz to run for President but I digress.
    Good night Republicans.


  • Srag - 3 years ago

    John k gave the best rederick same stuff we've heard for years they get in office and do nothing but line there pockets. Give all these corrupt countries are money. Then tell us how we need to bring all these refugees in take care of them feed them house them so they can murder americans.if we disagree where rascist. Just so they don't affend any ethnic groups that might cost them votes. So if you like status co vote for the establishment. Who received millons from special intrest groups .

  • KH - 3 years ago

    Kasich is the only one I would consider voting for. He appears to be decent and honest, someone who would represent America in world affairs with intelligence and respect. I believe he would try to help all Americans, and not discriminate against others because of their race or ethnicity, or financial status.
    I would vote for anyone besides Mr. Trump, including Sec. Clinton. He is an embarrassment and the thought of him being our next president is very scary. He is loud, rude, and a bully. I pray every night, as I know many others are, that people come to their senses and really think about who could best lead the country, and heal some of the division we are facing.

  • Florida Resident II - 3 years ago

    Also, who cares if Trump is or is not a conservative, what matters is that he is a True Republican running for the Republican Party nomination, not the Conssrvative Party nomination. This election is about pro-establishment vs anti-establishment and nothing else matters.

  • Dawley Lawma - 3 years ago

    Supporters of Donald Trump are so blind. Falling for the same Bullshit that Barack Obama did to the Liberal Morons . If you do continue to support this guy blindly. You will definitely suffer the consequences. I guarantee Voters Remorse .

  • FLORIDA RESIDENT (1) ;) - 3 years ago

    KayLJ - 56,907 (56 THOUSAND, 907) votes here for Trump. Nothing delusional about it.

    Florida Resident ii - I love the name!! Love it.


    Oh and to the person who commented somewhere below, don't remember the name... who said something along the lines of... Trump is our next President, if you don't like it get out now before we build our big ass wall... THUMBS UP!! Loved it. I agree 100%. Get to steppin.

  • Florida Resident II - 3 years ago

    (KayLJ) Nobody cares about Trump’s law suit for his fake or real college. You wasted your time writing all that. We made up our mind, and nothing will change it. If Trump loses the general election it is your fault, and the fault of all those who failed to put their personal agendas aside to unite behind the party front runner. Instead, you all cry and pick at Trumos history for things that are not even relevant and things nobody cares about. Trump has won over 66% of the states thus far, so stop with the BS excuses and get behind your front running nominee.

  • KayLJ - 3 years ago

    Reading through some of these delusional comments and it is pathetic. Do you people understand what Trump was really doing to people with his "Trump University"? It isn't a university, it isn't even a school and "tuition" was $35000 scammed out of people in increments for THREE DAYS of being told how rich Trump is! he literally scammed MILLIONS from people. He flipped on his own position DURING the debate!! He thinks other countries will just do whatever he tells them to do -like we haven't had enough self adoring narcissists in the White House, right? I am angry about what has happened to this country but those insisting Trump is the "cure" has me infuriated. He is an unethical SWINDLER and not just with Trump University. He tells people what they want to hear in order to con them into giving him their money. And his OWN words, his OWN record shows his to be the worst liar of the bunch. Trump makes a point of praising and defending his LIFETIME leftist positions -from Planned Parenthood to single payer health care routinely. He said "so-called conservatives" would realize that Planned Parenthood does GREAT things for millions of women. That is like saying anti-Nazis would praise the Nazis because they kept the cattle cars full of Jews going to death camps running on time! I was told by a Trump supporter that if I couldn't admit Planned Parenthood did GREAT things like Trump said, it was proof I was the real RINO! I was told by another if I supported Israel when Trump said to be neutral, I was just "Jew loving scum" who should be deported.. NO real conservative would praise Planned Parenthood for anything but closing their doors for good. This really is the ONLY one who can't beat Hillary and it is THE one she MUST have. You think she didn't know attacking Trump would work wonders with his supporters and firm up their irrational defense of the orange clown? Trump was predicted to win every state on Super Tuesday except Texas and he lost four. Want to know why he lost Oklahoma when he was predicted to win very big there? Its a state where only registered Republicans can vote in their primary -and once the Democrats crossing party lines to insure Hillary gets the candidate of HER choice, Trump came in THIRD. When ONLY Republicans were allowed to vote for THEIR candidate -Trump came in third. No, he isn't the savior of the GOP or the country. He is unfit for the job in every way imaginable. No one is lining up to throw themselves on this blatant, bloviating orange clown. In the first 7 minutes he even made sure the discussion was about HIS genitals. Wow. We are being told by a lot of citizens that a choice between two morally bankrupt disgusting POS -one a certifiable con artist and the other someone who already betrayed the trust of the nation who BOTH belong in prison are the best we can do. If so, then we don't deserve to be a great nation. One is not worse than the other -they are BOTH disasters, they are BOTH unfit for the job. If Trump is the nominee, Hillary wins and his supporters are 100% to blame for it. They've been repeatedly warned he can't beat her. And they straighten their little tinfoil hats and tell themselves millions it's all a lie. I'm a lifelong constitutional conservative -the source of our nation's greatness is not with the person in the White House despite what Trump thinks. It is and always has been the Constitution -something Trump never mentions except when vowing to shred the 1st Amendment. While his supporters scarily applaud. He gets the nomination, I'm doing my first Presidential write-in for the only constitutional conservative running. And it ain't Trump.

  • FLORIDA RESIDENT II - 3 years ago

    Agreed, Trump will win Florida! I have converted hundreds to join Trump’s cause! Hundreds! And they have converted hundreds! Hundreds have turned into thousands!

  • FLORIDA RESIDENT - 3 years ago

    Donald J. Trump for President. Florida resident here. I hate to break it to Marco Rubio, but I'm about 99.999999% sure that he is not going to win Florida. He may be speaking for Dade & Broward, but there are many many other counties that think he is delusional. The man loses a primary, and his "LOSING" speech is along the lines of.... "America...I am one step closer to the White House!!!" He sounds so ridiculous... "WHEN I am President of the United States". Now I can understand saying that, if he had good numbers, but he is doing so so poorly. He seems so very desperate. I'm glad he lost his voice tonight.

    For those of you who don't understand how anyone can get behind Mr. Trump, it's simple. It's not about being uneducated or low class, or what have you. It's simple...America is standing behind someone who is not afraid to tell it like it is and to have the courage and the BACKBONE to do something about the madness that we are witnessing almost daily in the media. The world has gone mad and we need a change. A real change. He is doing this because he cares about this country. Do you really think he wants to downgrade and live in the White House and be away from his family? His life was beyond complete before his run...He is self funding his campaign. If he weren't 200% in this for the good of our country, he wouldn't spend a fortune on this campaign. We are living a nightmare, things are "beyond" out of control with what is going on in the world today and we need a leader who will RISE UP and take charge. Parents all over the world like myself are PETRIFIED to think of what our world will be like for our children and our children's children when we are no longer here.

    For those Floridians reading this who agree with what I've said, let us all be sure to get out there on March 15th (if you haven't already cast your early ballots) Let's show Marco Rubio that he does not have us in his pocket. Like it or not folks.. Donald Trump will be our next President. America has spoken already...the numbers thus far are outstanding and speak volumes!

  • Cate - 3 years ago

    Kasich won. Trump would make a terrible president

  • A Veteran - 3 years ago

    (John) I agree that Trump held his own despite the fact that he was the monkey caught in the middle. Who really cares if Trump lacks policy, it's the duty of congress to formulate the policies and enact them into law anyways. When it comes to policy the only power the president has is to veto them, sign off on them, and then administer and enforce them. Rubio and Cruz when they push the issue of Trump's lack of policy goes to show where they truly need to be, which is back in be legislative branch. Trump is a proven executive. In these elections the presidential canidates seem to give themselves more power than the actual president holds. Obama had tons of policies laid out in his elections, yet we all know how much he accomplished for the greater good of the American people. Zero

  • Dee Bingham - 3 years ago

    Cruz never answered any of the questions asked tonight. Instead, he used his allotted time to give canned political sermons in hopes of converting sinners (those who have chosen to support and vote for someone other than Cruz) to his manifesto. Why didn't Fox moderators insist on answers from Cruz? Rafael Cruz came across as a mainstream politician willing to say and do whatever is needed to win.

  • Nancy Emmons - 3 years ago

    I understand the anger the people of he U.S. are feeling at this time. We elected a Republican House and Senate and learned that their fancy campaign speeches were just like Obummy's. They apparently thought that Republicans were as stupid as Democrats and paid no attention to what they were doing once elected. Sorry guys and gals, we are not stupid and we are paying attention. Our hearts sank and our tempers flared when you continued to let Obummer, Reid, Pelosi, and all the feet kissers of Obummer and Killery run the show. McConnell, you are a total disgrace; nothing but an old man who hangs on because you became very good at playing the game. It doesn't take a lot to sit on the phone chatting with millionaire donors and lobbyists who all have multiple millions to gain by giving you a substantial donation. How is that different from Killary and the low I.Q. corrupt Democrats.
    Too many old, worn out, lazy men and women who never had to work at a REAL job.

  • Del bal - 3 years ago

    DonaldTrump was ambushed or set up by the fox moderators. Most of the questions are attack questions against Trump. But anyway, Donald the tactician held his composure and gave meaningful answers.

  • John - 3 years ago

    Trump is still winner in my book even though he had to endure a Fox News entrapment. I'm a fan of the Factor but Fox went a little overboard with 50% of their questions baiting attacks against Trump from the other candidates. Then attempting to discredit him by baiting questions ti him and then breaking out Power-points to try and prove him wrong...and they failed epically! Why did they not do this with all the other candidates? Obvious they were trying to downplay Trump in the debate but guess what....it didn't work. I thought it was in poor taste and they should all be reprimanded for their actions. Then there's the issue of policy....everybody's screaming about policy. Rubio and Cruz are constantly touting their policies and claiming Trump has no policy. What I don't understand is if Cruz and Rubio have these great policies and they've been in office for how long?....why haven't those policies been working? Because nobody can agree on who's policy is better or worse so you end in stalemate. That, or maybe because the political PACS keep upping the ante into the pockets of these politicians to keep them in check. Unless the word policy is some kind of establishment code word for "Gridlock" or "Complacency" I would say their policies have failed. We don't need policy...WE NEED ACTION AND RESULTS! Pundits keep describing Trump supporters as angry, uneducated older white males and that is ridiculous. We're just tired of politics as usual with all the corruption, criminal activity, waste and lies and on top of it all the constant state of hard-line attitudes leading to gridlock. The political PACS using flat out lies and slander in tv ads on behalf of their puppet candidate to attack whoever the other guy or gal might be running against them. If you are going to that level of deceit now, how can we vote for you to be the president? We all know Hillary is a liar and that kind of behavior puts you in the same camp with her. I entered this election cycle with an open mind but the only reasonable choices are Kasich or Trump. Since Kasich has no chance of making the needed changes in DC I am with TRUMP 2016!!

  • GNP - 3 years ago

    Nobody cares about these stupid debates. We all already have our minds made up, and if you don't your a fool. Trump will win the Grand New Party if you all like it or not. If you don't like it then get out before we build our big ass wall! Many people will die in a hole overseas if we elect a douche like Cruz who wants to reinvade the Middle East and carpet bomb entire cities. If you elect Rubio he will never show up to work even though he lives upstairs. Kasich is my second choice, Clinton will be in prison soon, and Sanders is old as hell, so it's really not that hard to figure out.

  • Jackie - 3 years ago

    Thank you Craig Sullivan, I completely agree with you!!

  • kawn - 3 years ago

    It's a shame that these men have to attack each other and not talk about what was needed. I find that Trump is the only one who can do what he claims. He's the only one who has had many many companies. Cruz go home & Rubio you too. You two so so bad for the GOP I feel like if Trump is not GOP nominated I won't vote. Those two are nasty & I'm tired of them. Trump is defending himself. Cruz & Rubio don't even show up to vote. Why ?

  • Craig Sullivan - 3 years ago

    If John Kasich was given equal time and attention and viewers weren't entertained by the fighting it would be so clear that John Kasich is the only viable, honest and sensible option Republicans have in this primary. It would be nice if the media stopped picking winners and losers and give the candidates equal time and questions and let the viewers decide.

  • Ronald McDonald sucks - 3 years ago

    To (USA) just shut up ur an idiot. I hope you die in a hole

  • USA - 3 years ago

    To Aaron: "Trump got drilled getting his numbers completely wrong, trying to save three hundred billion while were only spending seventy two..." You're missing the big picture of all the financials and the overall economic plan. If you're really interested, then you ought to checkout the entire plan. IT WORKS!

  • Hunter Gasio - 3 years ago

    (I'm only 16) How stupid are the American people?!?! McDonald clearly was a loser. He couldn't give a straight answer, he lied, and everyone who is smart and actually pays attention to the presidential debates knows it. If you are a trump fan it's because, based on what I hear the kids and adults like Donald because he makes the debate interesting and fun to watch... What!!! It's not a comedy show for amusement it's for our president/leader!!! He says he's more of a democrat. Why are there so many idiots out there... He is like another Obama, promise if all this good and glorious crap and never fully explains in detail, how he will do it. He Is Not A Leader. Stop protecting him(Raquel) I can't take this anymore... Trump supporters are just idiots that don't know anything. Don't research. And (Raquel) said trump loves his wife!?!? He's RICH. He's had 4 wifes. If he were and averagely paid man he wouldn't have her I promise you. GOD please help the people, educate them. GOD Americans are getting dumber by the second.

  • Trump 4 Pres - 3 years ago

    I would rather vote for Trump just to see what happens, then to vote for anyone else where I already know what's going to happen, which is another four years of disappointment.

  • Trump Won - 3 years ago

    Will Cruz ever shut up? He is ridiculous when it comes to twisting the numbers. He says Trump should not be the candidate, because 65% of the people did not vote for him. If you reverse the numbers like Trump said, over 85% of the people did not vote for Cruz, yet somehow he believes the people support him over Trump. What an idiot!

  • USA - 3 years ago

    We are part of a global plutocracy that controls and influences many politicians, and dominates governments. While we were working, sleeping, eating, and consuming, our country was taken over. We are at a critical point of possibly no return. It is time to wake up, rise up and at least try to take control of our country. Cruz is a manipulator, a liar, and too legalistic (pay close attention to his claims and then research them.) Rubio recently sold his soul to a pack of wolves (shame). Kasich is weak, but useful, and Clinton's a serious criminal on many levels (totally). Whether you personally like him or not, Trump has the talent and skill to awaken millions of sleepers, expose corruption, unite those who are willing to pull together, and lead us toward taking our country back . Without Trump, we might as well hook our carts to Sanders because where we are headed, we're going to need him.

  • Jo Lynn Porter - 3 years ago

    It became obvious to me and I felt part of the way through the debate that Romney's fiery speech served as an opportunity for Trump to speak about and clarify many issues which are a part of his life and his
    political platform. While this tactic seems underhanded and unlike anything a Morman church member
    would participate in, this cleared up a lot of questions I had about Donald Trump's business dealings.

    The polls reflect that Romney's speech did not bother Trump's supporters in any way. I am broad
    minded enough to realize that many of Trump's failed business ventures may not be handled by
    Donald Trump, himself. All or most of Trump's family members work for him and share responsibility
    for any successes as well as failures. I feel that Donald Trump is capable of handling America's huge
    global financial problems, at home and abroad. Also, he seems to have the courage to limit the
    entry of illegal and undesirable immigrants, and to once again secure our borders, and to make
    America safe. Having religious freedom back in our schools should be desirable in the hearts
    of all Americans, being able to bring up our children with belief in a Supreme Being and seeing
    prayers answered as once the American dream is realized. I believe that Donald Trump will
    work to Make America GREAT, again.

  • Patrick - 3 years ago

    This was another Ratings based debate run by Fox. The questions were all centered upon attacking- implying- vilifying Trump. Kasiich was the best. Rubio ( the establishment choice) has turned into a childish wise guy who should drop out the second he loses his home state of Fl Ina week and a half. Ted Cruz is a slippery lawyer who did not amp swear one direct question. He deflected everything towards Donald . They never ask the 3 professional politicians who their biggest donors are - who they are owned by lock stock & barrel. Why not ? The people deserve to know that more than they need " off the record" comments by Trump. Who owns these guys ? What legislature did the drive to their donors liking ? At what cost to the common man/ woman ? They are 3 phonies !

  • BigAl - 3 years ago

    Shame on Fox and the Establishment. The pile on Trump is a disgrace! Who gave the establishment and the bias press the right to tell we the people what to do? Enough. Cruz and Rubio know nothing about the real world. All they do is debate. They take no risk, they live off off taxpayer money and donors. Get a job and Marco you will have to show up once in awhile.
    Vote Trump

  • AMERICAN VOTER - 3 years ago


  • Aaron Ifrah - 3 years ago

    Trump got drilled getting his numbers completely wrong, trying to save three hundred billion while were only spending seventy two. Kasich was by far the most mature person on stage tonight.Cruz did very well

  • BigMike - 3 years ago

    This was a shameful, disgusting ambush of Donald Trump by FOX News. He was attacked by the so-called moderators and the other candidates. Anyone who says he did not win the debate has to disregard his responses and esteem the attackers. Mr. Trump was the clear winner tonight.

  • Raquel - 3 years ago

    I believe the clear winner of tonight's debate was Mr. Donald Trump people and the other candidates should focus on that Donald is self funding his candidacy & the other candidates are spending the voters money to attack trump & no one talks about the positive things Trump says he'l do like..help the homeless ..he's the only one that has mention the homeless people so far he is the only one that has Ever help & employed immigrants weather they're bringing the issue of him having illegal polish workers 30 years ago he is the only one that has extended the hand to help immigrants if you wanna focus on positive things..also the news & everyone repeats negative things he says 20x's & the positive he says maybe once so, come on... If we truly want a better world I see he's the only one that speaks truthfully on stage & everywhere else it's him..he wants to Unite the world & I see nothing wrong with his approach so, far I don't hear the other candidates saying that they can talk with the opposition & try to unify these world!!! I believe that Donald Trump can do it.. & will do it.. He has love for his Wife & you can see he shared the stage with her on his triumphant night the other day he told Melania to say something then to Bianca & that says ALOT about his Caracter something I haven't seen the other candidates do he wants the best for USA & being a great husband, a Great father & aGreat grandfather I'm sure he'l do best to keep America safe & great!!! & Ted & Rubio should be ashamed of themselves for attacking Trump on past issues that are irrelevant to the well being & most important issues that America faces today like, jobs as trump will bring back as safety as trump will build the wall as unity as trump will try to negotiate without fighting and delegating & sending illegal immigrants & bringing them back legally these are all very important issues that he can fix & I know he will fix ..people ,just gotta stand behind him & help him... If he's the president America Will be RESPECTED,GREAT, & #1 ONCE AGAIN... Go TRUMP GO!!!!

  • morepower - 3 years ago

    First Lady Melanie Trump! Not only is she hot! she knows like four languages.. Now that could be a SCANDEL:) you tube her latest interviews

  • Trump is a Proven Winner - 3 years ago

    I am so tired of the phony media saying things like Trump supporters are voting with the hearts and not their minds. They are so full of themselves it's sickening. Also Trump University is not out of the norm. How many programs, classes, seminars are out there for people to pay for advice/training for any subject you can think of. If you attend and want to give it a try, you buy in. Obviously everyone will not succeed at least to the extent they may hope for but that's reality. Everyone who doesn't cut it cannot expect to get paid back. If you can't hack it, get out and cut your losses. Try something else, that's life. Trump has built wealth through many ventures. When you start a particular business, you are not guaranteed success. Any business man understands that fact. Trump has had a few business failures but he has had more successful ones than most of us, I am sure. Give Trump a chance to build America.

  • Sam Cooke - 3 years ago

    Trump and Kasich won the debate. Rubio came off petty, small minded, robotic, and ill-informed with the real world. Cruz came in a bit higher than Rubio, but again the same thing ... petty, small minded, robotic, and ill-informed with the real world. Actually, it is Rubio who I fear the most. He is bought and sold. I did not think this last year. But everytime I see him talk, and I've watched every debate - Repubs and Dems - he seemed canned with a shallow pandering answer to every interest/stakeholder group. His foreign policy knowledge seems to be memorized from staff talking points. At least Cruz seems rigidly principled. Rubio looks like a rubber band. When they accused Trump of flipflopping, I disagreed. Decisions are a continuum. As additional information is gathered, previous decisions should be examined based on updated knowledge. Kasich again answered well but I just don't think he represents my blue collar roots even though Ohio supposedly is blue collar. I'd like to see the field narrowed among Trump, Kasich, and Cruz. Rubio should get out of the race. He is way over his head.

  • Jim - 3 years ago

    Rubio looked like a bratty kid,for the drilling Trump got from the moderators and the other canadates he did well.Fox news a little unfair

  • Alan - 3 years ago

    Kasich won that debate in my opinion, it was no contest. The little bit they allowed him to speak he was able to distance him self from the rest of the $h&t show.

  • Vafa gool - 3 years ago

    Trump Won Big, Trump "President " Kasich Vice President.

  • Barbara Crosby - 3 years ago

    Trump 2016
    We need someone who won't be obligated to anyone.. Funds his own campaign and won't take crap with payoffs... Go Trump...

  • Roger Zelinsky - 3 years ago

    I see that Trump is Yuuughly in the lead with over 60%. Fox created a Trump rally, so I suppose that is not surprising. Once again, Trump was allowed to dominate the time and conversation. So much for the "fair and balanced" concept. Shame on the moderators.

  • mike - 3 years ago

    Trump for president
    Kasich for VP
    Chis Christie for AG and send Hillary to the cage. Go Trump

  • smart - 3 years ago

    Kasich was the strongest tonight and is gaining ground.. Networks need to start giving him more time. Americans have to use their brains when choosing the next pres. Trump makes me laugh, and I do like much of what he says, but... The other 2 on the stage are weak. Kasich will rise through this mess of a circus. He doesn't buy into the Jerry Springer- like atmosphere.

  • PRESIDENT MR. DONALD TRUMP - 3 years ago

    Trump will end the corruption & fraud that exists!

    We NEED him to stop this madness.

    And if you think his attitude will get us killed, as one has commented below...I got news for you, he is the only one with the BALLS to eliminate the disregard of life and threat by the terrorists to US...EACH & EVERY ONE OF US!

    Go Trump! Save this sick-sad-once great country, which we all love....

    God Bless America

  • Simple Listener - 3 years ago

    I watched the debate and listened closely for actual content from each on of the Candidates. Simply put, OH GOV Kasich won the debate. He is the only candidate who actually answered questions, stating plans and experience, and actually provided an inspiring future. Of course Trump is highly liked because he is against the "establishment" and that is great. However, at the end of the day we need someone to actually run the country, with policy, with common sense. He says some very idiotic things and is EXTREMELY broad in all of his answers. The reason for this is because he doesn't actually know what he is going to do. Right now, he is just playing to the emotions of the American People. He is the ultimate negotiator, what does that mean? He is willing to say anything about anything in order to get what he wants. If you notice, during every one of his closing statements, all he does is repeat the sentiments that the other candidates made. Trump would be an excellent Vice President. He would be able to work behind the scenes, in the "board" rooms of the country and construct deals as a negotiator. But as the leader of this country he is just too uneducated. It seems as though Kasich has the best track record of correcting debt, in building jobs, wages, etc. That is someone that needs to lead this country. Cruz and Rubio as previously mentioned, are just puppets. The party is using them to draw out the shortcomings of trump and allowing others to shine. This week it was Kasich, and I only can hope that people jump on his bandwagon. I honestly believe he is the one who would ACTUALLY do something with this country

  • Trump Supporter - 3 years ago

    Glad to hear Trump mention Rubio has a history of not voting and being a "no show" on the job. Let the Republican party and PACS waste all of the money they "stole" from us on trying to get Rubio votes so they can continue their corrupt, greedy ways. Rubio won't do anything but talk. He cannot do anything the PACS don't allow him to do. Cruz pretends to be the God fearing Christian while he boldly lies about everything.
    How is he going to get anything done when he too is bought and everyone in his own party hates him? Republicans and Democrats won't work with him so nothing will be accomplished. Cruz and Rubio have bad records as politicians. Why would anybody think they would be good Presidents? Trump is our only hope. He will surround himself with good can do minds. He will get the job done!

  • RJ - 3 years ago

    Simply put, you must be ignorant to support Trump. That's all that can be said...he stands for nothing except himself.

  • morepower - 3 years ago

    The questions were lame! Fox news shouldn't be allowed to hold debates. Then to hear O'Reilly trying to bait Trump on his segment was terrible!! Why don't these journolist start asking questions with real substance?

  • American Citizen - 3 years ago

    In Michigan where Flint has toxic water.......Toxic politicians with USA $19 trillion debt and insiders wonder why we are not voting for them, They would be fired in the business world with their terrible record, We have Repub Congress. Mitch McConnell blocked 9-11 rescue workers (fireman, medics, police) that are dying from cancer saying they are special interest while he takes in millions for his PAC money. Ted Cruz donates bottled water to Flint residents but ONLY prolifers Flint residents can have his water. Really? This is how Cruz will lead like with the Government shutdown, does not care if the secretaries do not get paid and can not pay rent or money for food.....Cruz just wants his way. Thought all of Flint was prolife meaning they want to live not get sick or die from bad water. Shame on Cruz, shows how he will govern, most of USA deemed as sinners in his eyes and left behind........Rubio and Cruz insiders with dem/repub and $19 trillion debt - living lavish lives and no clue that most citizens are underpaid, working 3 jobs, no benefits, no decent healthcare, standard of living in the toilet and they espouse USA is great, no but outsiders can make USA great again.... impressed with Kasich - did great things for Ohio - need him for $19 trillion debt - also rational on social issues- wants to have tolerance, yes! focus on taking care of every American unlike Cruz where most of us are sinners and can not even get clean water......Trump being beat up-as insiders not getting it- they are pointing the finger and 3 back at them- $19 trillion debt and we the middle class and working class are in the gutter while you live your lavish life styles and could care less as shown by dem/repub record. Trump, Kasich yes, NO to the insiders and their rubish, contradiction in all their accusations..........Trump is front runner and the repub party insiders want to take him out, what is wrong with this picture, America is voting and you are not getting it, instead of supporting your front runner who is getting the votes, you try to destroy him, wow!

  • CJ - 3 years ago

    Trump is a narcissistic, undignified, pompous ass!

  • John - 3 years ago

    To everyone bashing Trump. Did you even watch the debate? He was under constant attack from desperate opponents, except for the governor. Trump and Kasich both went out of the way to remain neutral to each other. Trump gives the people who are tired of the politicians and the status quo a voice. Is it really so hard to believe that people are fed up with a broken political system?

    It is also noteworthy that many of the current trends in the rise of Donald Trump mirror those of Ronald Reagan. The GOP establishment is desperate to stop his momentum because it will mean an end to their era of "conservative" politics. Ronald Regan was a liberal democrat only twenty years before becoming one of the best Republican presidents. Donald Trump's opponents think they have him over a barrel because he gave some money to a democrat almost 40 years ago. He admits that he has had policy changes due to recent events and that is understandable.

    Also, please stop stereotyping ALL Trump supporters as uneducated and stupid. Myself and many of my colleagues are college educated and fully support Donald J. Trump for president.

  • Black - 3 years ago

    Silent majority, baby.
    Silent majority.

  • cblusky - 3 years ago

    Tkedo you are dead on about those 2 pronouns and all the other 3 debators used "I" WILL DO SUCH AND SUCH, YET TRUMP CONTINUALLY SAYS "WE" WILL DO SUCH AND SUCH. People don't want the same Washington bullshit. They are beginning to see Trump knows he is just part of the solution and can't do it unless America helps him.

  • Dave - 3 years ago

    The debate was a disgrace. Hillary was the winner tonight.

  • dave - 3 years ago

    Why are these POLITICIANS so scared of Trump winning ? Scared that they can't scam the American public anymore and steal all our money ? They're so scared they had that STIFF Mitt Romney say everything he can to make Trump look bad ..NOT GOING TO WORK ..I'M VOTING TRUMP !!!

  • AnneMarie - 3 years ago

    I cannot believe this poll. John Kasich consistently delivered the most detailed, informational, direct answers throughout the evening. His rhetoric was thoughtful/informed, logical and inspirational. He, in short, was Presidential. That may not grab a lot headlines or tweets, but that's the truth. I am terrified that the Republican constituency will dig in their heels, get caught up in all of this social media meanness/political positioning and blow the opportunity to elect a true leader. I understand that people are angry and frustrated, but let's not let that drift into hate directing our decisions. I have no interest in participating in a "I'm leading in the polls, I'm winning, you're a *****" "You're a Con Man" "You're going to threaten the 2nd amendment" "You're a Liberal.. NO, You're a Liberal" dialogue. Before it's too late and by that I mean any outcome where people are basing their votes on hate, name calling, generalizations and prejudicial motivations, let's demand respect and information. Come on people, raise the bar, join together in asking for answers. Let define the issues, inquire about the plans, and understand the details and objectives, that's what I want..... we deserve the answers! The person who can answer that gets my vote!

  • Al Frankin - 3 years ago

    All this about Trump is that he is not in the "circle" a political outsider...

    Trump will not subscribe to the sad games that are and have been played for way too long.

    So this negative Trump movement is based on the fact that all the "players" are in a major huge panic, because Trump will not have to succumb to the pharmaceuticals and every other entity, who BUYS there way in!

    We ALL have suffered by one way or the other, by these crooked politicians!
    With Trump it will end!

    There is a great panic movement gearing up to rid the threat (Trump) of all the corruption and fraud that permeates...

    We in Ohio are voting for Trump...Hope he stays safe, as at this level...many want him out!


  • Jim - 3 years ago

    I found the modifiers a little unfair to Trump and Cruz and Rubio must of had a deal going into this debate,but Trump held his own

  • Mrs D - 3 years ago

    Mr. Kasich was most Presidential,, a man who would return the Oval Office back to that of great respect and dignity.
    Mr Trump on the other hand has won the hearts of the majority of Amrricans who are fed up with the Existing estsblishment. Do I believe He alone can turn ithis country around, ....no, but I do believe as he has said that he will surround himself with extremely knowledgeable people who will help him make this country great again. He is a man of action, a doer of his word, and with Milania,,, they together will bring dignity to the highest office of our broken, but wonderful United States of America.

  • Mexican - 3 years ago

    Trump hope you win and serve as an example for Mexican politicians focused on corruption. Do the wall!!!!

  • Elizabeth - 3 years ago

    Trump is a jackass. KASICH IS THE ONLY ADULT IN THE ROOM!!!

  • Stop Trump - 3 years ago

    Kasich won tonight. Trump is a liar! He will lead the country to hell and embarrass Americans. He has no demeanor nor that he is fit-for-duty to be a commander in chief! He will never pass any type of mental evaluation. He can never have control of any type of weapon especially Nuclear. WAKE UP Americans!!! DO NOT VOTE for Trump.

  • Marie Willis - 3 years ago

    I am so tired of Rubio and Cruz trying to beat down Mr. Trump!! I attended the Trump University. I earned lots of money with real estate. It was hard work! It was an A BBB business at one time. Also the records state it varied between and A rating and a D rating at some point. But how many businesses failed in 2007-2016??? In 2008 the housing industry was hit hard but still if those people that did not do well they were either lazy or they did not follow the training. I'm tired of Rubio acting like he is a saint not problems in his history? What about his drug dealing brother in law that he tried to help beat felony charges? & get a real estate license? or his fraudulent use of gov. money. Mitt is a jerk who is a coward. Mr. Trump has put the Republican party on the map now they want to take the presidency through mud slinging!

  • Mike S. - 3 years ago

    Rubio is a joke. Cruz is a snake and liar. Mr. Kasich is a smart, polished Governor not a President. Donald J. Trump is a true leader and is the best suited to win the GOP nomination. A clear winner in this field.

  • TStoff - 3 years ago

    Trump showed an appalling lack of savvy, and no grasp of policy at all. He is the überfool. There is a lot less there than meets the eye, and it's scaring everybody to think he has a chance.

  • JAY SEVERS - 3 years ago


  • Sam Pasion - 3 years ago

    Ted Cruz is the most eligible candidate as he articulates his position on economy, military, preserving the constitution and security. I can't believe Trump won the debate. I think the media is afraid of Trump????

  • Thanx Mitty! - 3 years ago

    Trumps not a phony! Go back to the senate and continue to get whopped by Obama, cruz & rubio are worthless and have accomplished nada!

  • Theo West - 3 years ago

    These debates are just awful, and this one tonight was the lowest of the low. Gotcha questions, screaming audience members, candidates talking over each other and making stupid juvenile insults. And Faux News using gotcha slides and video - as if people don't already know media can be manipulated to look how they want it to. Presidential? I hold the debate hosts and the RNC responsible for the debacle. Silence the audience, turn off the mikes of those not speaking, let each candidate answer in full. How can you say someone "won" when it was such a biased, unbalanced mudfest?

  • jay - 3 years ago

    the real question is how could any one vote for Hillary.. she is a huge liar.. a person that should be in jail for compromising our national security.. she comes in the south only courting African American voters.. so why would any one vote for her?? I like Bill but he is not enough to save her!!

  • Sherif - 3 years ago

    Rubio is the worest today. Cruz the second worest. They both basically came to the debate to attack Trump. Trump answer questions and explain what he wants to do, he is in the debate for a reason, not coming to put any one down. Ohio man I don't think he knows why he is here today. He helped every president.

  • Marsha - 3 years ago

    Well I believe that Fox News lost the debate tonight. You might say what you want but I do believe that since Trump was so stepped on tonight by Cruz, Rubio and all of the Fox team and still held his head up high. I would have to say he has my vote. He will have the right people in the right place. A mans family says a lot of how a man really is. Head of the family and very respected and loved by his children. That is a man with integrity and it will show through his leadership. The main reason why Washington insiders do not like and do not want Trump is not because he can't do a bad job but because he is not part of the Secret Society. He will rain on there tea party. Very clear when Romney came out against him.

  • Terry - 3 years ago

    For the record, I will back the candidate that has the most delegates. If the GOP tries to brokered convention or steal the show from the front runner. I will personally abandon the party. Based on general principle... Even if it means the election would be lost. The republicans had better get used to the feeling. Because they will not recover for lifetimes if they cheat. There will be a mass exodus of the GOP. Most likely there will be another party created. Because the American public would never forgive them! (And neither would I!!)

  • Connie - 3 years ago

    Telling Trump to relax with yoga and saying over and over to breathe is fighting dirty. It is just making fun of a person. Stick to the political subject matters and don't just 'hit below the belt'. That does not solve anything.

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