Grade the Season 7 premiere of <i>The Walking Dead</i>:

  • Lori - 4 years ago

    Anything would've been better than that death for Glenn...shame on the writers for even having the odessedy to fathem up such a disgusting morbid ending for him and to top this terrible death off you let it happen in front of his grieving wife! I am done watching this show after this episode and my teenagers are done as well! I cannot remember a time in all my 35 years that I have had to turn a tv show off that I have watched religiously for so many years and not even be able to complete the ending of the show due to the graphic and un called for deaths of two main cast members!! I am very disappointed in the writers of this show!

  • Rebecca - 4 years ago

    I'm really pissed I just started watching it and it was if they were my family too they didn't have to die

  • Toonzie - 4 years ago

    Sigh...I liked them all including Abraham.but Glenn Glenn had my heart and attention...and the gruesome ness if his death I can't forgive that.the character was a great person even being eaten by walkers would have hurt me less that watching him suffer like that Infront of his wife

  • Brittany Maxwell-lewinson - 4 years ago

    I'm so mad they killed Glenn they should have killed ugene and rosita

  • #Sinceday1 - 4 years ago

    Fan forever!!!! Sorry they gone but.......Will be a fan til the end!!!!

  • #Sinceday1 - 4 years ago

    Fan forever!!!! Sorry they gone but.......Will be a fan til the end!!!!

  • Vince - 4 years ago

    I stopped watching the show. I knew he would eventually die but that was no way to end him in front of his pregnant wife. I like Abraham too. That is enough and the show is brutal with no regard for its viewers. I can easily quit the show which I did. I'm tired of the producers of manipulating the viewers and thinking they can own our emotions. No thanks, adios TWD. No to mention the never ending moves from place to place with no actual hope for any cure or substance. The show in a nutshell is. We move, we find rest , we meet new adversary someone popular dies, repeat. Where's the government, where's any hope of real change. It's going nowhere and just becoming more and more violent as it goes on. Like the producers are testing the viewers to see what they can get away withe. I got a real life so I'm out.

  • PRP - 5 years ago

    Was livid with the obvious blatant cold marketing cliffhanger of season 6 final episode, found it insulting and highly manipulative of their viewers, even disrespectful. As for the comic book, and yes its a f'n comic book, of which outgrew comic books years ago, the writer, i'll just call him numbnuts, has some serious serious repressed mental health issues that he transfers to his writing. Anyways, very reluctently watched season 7 episode 1, truly feeling was done with this series, tired of the fan manipulation so transparently followed in this series. But after the premier, i gound myself both incredibly dissappointed in the gratuis (sp) unnessessary violence porn. Killing Glen, was the final straw with this show and the escelating games they continue to inflict on their fans. Im sure im not alone with possibly 10's of thousands of other (former) viewers where i state im SO pissed at this show, that i can say with certainty, that i am now finally done with this show, permently. Twd audience has been on decline, and by killing a fan favorite like Glen, will just cause even more viewers to opt out also. Jumped the shark would be an applicable statement, and i join those other viewers in stating im done with twd, and the show will continue in its now inevitable hastening decline ...

  • Chris - 5 years ago

    Wow! Reading some of these comments here make me realize how pathetic some people can be. To be so upset and actually feel personally insulted because a storyline didn't go the way you wanted it to? Your "character" died too violently? You're watching a "show" first of all. The characters are doing just fine and have been paid very handsomely for their work. Secondly the show is called "Walking Dead". Do you expect people to die from pneumonia? Or maybe from a slip and fall? Gimme a break! You've seen people's faces eaten off and body parts pulled apart but this was too violent? And for all of you that are so outraged and vow to stop watching the show, enjoy next weeks episode because you're so full of shit. You'll be watching!

  • Stan Gibson - 5 years ago

    I am sure as writers and directors you have heard the expression Jumping the Shark. Well now you can say TWD has Jumped the Shark.
    I give you this season as rating plummet and advertising dies quicker than Abraham and Glenn. You had a great show where terrible things happened but the ray of hope for man seemed to shine thru when we saw Glenn and Maggie. It gave us hope and with all the despair we needed something to hold onto and now we don't have it. Very depressing I really use to enjoy this show. Like I said you JTS.

  • Stephanie Rhodes - 5 years ago

    Will not watch it again very disappointed.

  • Rip - 5 years ago

    The gore doesn't bother me it's the killing of a main actor that has been around since the beginning. It's not the first show to end a main character and then lose ratings and it won't be the last. Anyway hoping on here and calling people names and such because they voice their anger against the death of a fav character is just rediculous. Anyway I won't be continueing watching because as with most shows when you kill a main character some will lose interest.

  • sabrina roberts - 5 years ago

    i did not even get to see it because i only have 6 channels on my tv but before i moved i could watch it and now i can not even watch but someone i know watches it and he said that Daryl, Abraham, and Glenn.

  • James - 5 years ago

    I didn't like the show. TWD has gotten harder to watch as it has taken a sick turn. I did not watch the season with the governor. And looks like I will not be watching this season either. My mind is not sick enough to enjoy story lines like this. It seems like the writer likes this new character more than the ones I have been following and enjoy watching. The show shows the characters dying all the time, so the 2 characters dying was no big deal, but the story line is just taking a sick turn. But to sum up my Feelings, I did not enjoy it, and will more than likely not be watching.

  • Lisa - 5 years ago

    Haha. Nah. My opinion isn't the only opinion that counts but u people are fucked up acting like you guys are traumatized over this episode. BTW if you don't like the show and you think the show is shit then why are you on here? You're posting to a poll about a show you don't even like? At least the people who are mad about this episode are posting to a poll about a show THEY ACTUALLY LIKE/ least they can say that about themselves.... Unlike you who obviously posts to random show polls regardless if you like the show or not.. .to me YOU are the biggest idiot of them all.

  • Daniel - 5 years ago

    It was painful to watch - but as usual the Walking Dead cast and crew did a wonderful job. Yes it was gory, over the top, and heartbreaking - but the characters who died were major players. Thier exit from the show deserved to be extreme. The fact that they both died bravely in the face of such brutality is a testament to thier characters inner strength - which will live on in the hearts of the others long after they're gone. I understand it's too gory for some people, but I'm ok with the violence. It is after all, a show about a post apocalyptic zombie infested world (based on a very gory comic). Things are bound to get bloody.

  • Me - 5 years ago

    Man I love all this nerd rage over a TV show. For those of you so outraged that Glenn got hit head cracked like a cantaloupe and Abraham never got his Nuts Sucked by Negan, consider Game of Thrones. Nobody is safe. The producers made an oustanding decision not catering to fans. It's usually when shows shows start catering to fans shen the show has outlived itself. So rage on basement dwellers.

  • Only Lisa's Opinion Counts, Guys - 5 years ago

    What the fuck is wrong with some of you? People can't even disagree or dislike a fucking episode or TV show without being insulted by idiots like this Lisa twit. Chill out: If it's just a fucking TV show there's no need to insult people over it. Oh wait a minute . . . hang on . . . these are the same idiots that watch a show that has a talk show dedicated to it (Talking Dead) with the ultimate brainless audience, celebrating an embarrassing and retarded "In Memoriam" sequence of zombies getting their heads bashed in and knifed. Oh, it's not foolish at all to pick a fight you can never win against these fucking fanboys; they couldn't possibly see how retarded they are. "Ooh, look at his head: it ESSPLODED! A-hyuck, Hyuck!" Rule number one to these ignoramus' is if other people see things differently, hate them. It's funny how there's like 18 hours of these same fucking idiots commenting and insulting people who don't like this this piece of shit show. They gotta win that Internet war against people who have better taste, or a dayjob to go to that can't sit here all day and fight over "just a TV show". And someone compared this shit to Shakespeare? Seriously? What the actual American-minded, our-country-is-so-stupid-it's-only-election-candidates-are-Hillary-or-Donald fuck is wrong with you creeps? Seriously, fuck you and your stupid show, and your show about that show with it's glorious same old stupid slow motion death sequences and lame background music. You weren't fucking bored of that shit by the end of season 5? Now hate away with your precious little hate, you bunch of fucking degenerates.

  • Glen's Eyeball - 5 years ago

    For all those who say they're done, see ya next week

  • Jen - 5 years ago

    As a viewer since the show began, the previous season was really lackluster and drawn out. I swore I wasn't going to watch because of my disappointment from the season prior, but did anyway. Here's my criticisms, thoughts: 1) I am glad they followed the comic with this death in particular. If you've read the comics you know major changes happen after this for the group and for Maggie especially. 2) it would have been beneficial to viewers to watch the episode in "real time" and not in the form of a flashback. The flashback was a cheap way to keep viewers watching the whole episode. It was all manipulation on the part of the directors that, from what I've read, people had some issues with. 3) the gore was a little over the top, but I guess the directors really wanted to impress upon the audience the wrath of Negan, which I'm sure we understand at this point. I think if the deaths hadn't been so drawn out and gruesome and taunting in such a sadistic way that they probably could have conveyed the same things they were trying to convey with just a little less violence. 4) it is a zombie show so there will be violence and gore, but at times it feels like that's all the directors care about. 5) if they would have split the deaths, one in season 6 at the finale and one at the start of last nights episode, I think it would have been a little less expected that they kill off two people. If they had shown us Abrahams death in season 6 and then picked up right after that for season 7 and THEN fans find out Glen dies? That would have been way more of a surprise than the way they did it.

    I am unsure if I am going to continue watching or not, but for me personally, I had a difficult time watching last night due to the sadistic and gory nature of the show. I have a hard time watching torture like that and that's just me. The only thing that interests me is how Maggie will evolve after this because this is supposed to change her character--per the comics. I will say that the show used to be better though. I hate how things get drawn out to build "tension", when it's really just annoying as hell. I get dragging some things out, but TWD has been a huge culprit of dragging things out for the last couple seasons, which has caused me to lose interest.

  • Britt - 5 years ago

    God you're all such idiots I feel the need to comment again. First of all, you're NOT a "very loyal viewer" if you would EVER stop watching because of one episode. Second of all, you realize you hated it so much because the actors and people that make the show did such a good job right? Would you give a shit if it was boring or they had killed like Aaron or somebody? You only care because you loved the characters which is what they wanted. Yes it was hard to watch characters we love suffer that way and it was intense. But for the people that are mad about the violence or way they died in general, why the fuck would that make you not keep watching? You already watched the hardest episode so far you idiots. It's not going to be like that again anytime soon! Will probably be a couple low key episodes now, but you're gonna stop watching NOW? Didn't you know this was coming? And not watching because one or two characters you like died also doesn't make you a loyal fan in the slightest. It's not called the walking dead Glenn and abrahams story. You're all so appalled at this episode and saying such horrible things like burn in hell well guess what I feel the same about you sorry fucks bye get the fuck off my show anyways bitches can't handle it damn!!! Go hide in your corner while I keep enjoying the best TV show ever!!! ;)

  • Deborah Randolph - 5 years ago

    I waited for season 7, it was awful. Killing our favorites to die
    Rick looks weak. This left me sad. I can't see how the show can recover.

  • Normal person - 5 years ago

    There are more then 7billion people in the world so I'm not surprise that there are a lot of stupid ones. People are complaing about the gore because a guy got beating over the head with a bat but don't have any problem with the canabalism and a whole list of other stuff which is shown in every episode lol you MF's make me laugh. I mean I understand if you're someone whom never watch the show because of the violence which was shown since the first episode but the people complaing are fans that are not 1 not 2 but 6 seasons in lol. You guys are just sad glen died admit it .

  • Dom - 5 years ago

    Wow that was fucking awesome!!

    What is wrong with you little bitches?!?! Remember it's only a tv show, not real life.

    To be honest they deserved it after killing people in their sleep!

    The show has always been shocking and honestly I hope it gets worse than this!

    Chill out everyone! I laughed my ass off watching Glenn get is chinese face smashed in!

  • Madhatter - 5 years ago

    I've been a loyal fan for all 6 seasons. I will not be watching anymore, neither will the rest of my family and extended family and friends. It wasn't about the gore you idiot, we are done because of the extreme un-necessary violence that was shown. This show has been getting more violent and bloodier with every season - this is the season that I say 'enough is enough'. There is enough REAL violence in the world today and ANYONE who was ENTERTAINED by that needs to be heavily medicated and put behind bars. It was completely disgusting and the writers, producers, directors and editors can all go BURN IN HELL.

  • Jacob B - 5 years ago

    What the hell is wrong with some of you people. It's not "Awesome" because of how the people died. It's "Awesome" because of how powerful the episode was. Nearly everything that happened in the show's episode was somewhat known. THIS IS A SHOW ABOUT A GRAPHIC NOVEL!!!! (Comic Book). These people that died in the show are all still alive and they put their heart and souls into making this show. They love the show and you can tell by the way they talk about it. If you don't like gore, don't watch it. The true fans will continue to watch the show and continue to praise the thoughts and decisions of the showrunners behind the scenes. Literally my favorite show on television........And yes, I was at the edge of my seat the entire night and felt the heartbreak as well. These moments are exactly why this show is one of the best on television.

  • Lisa - 5 years ago

    To the producers of TWD.... From now on please consult with Birgitta and get her approval before making any decisions on who will be killed and how.

  • Danielle - 5 years ago

    Excellent episode, yes it was gory but if you read the comics you had an idea what was coming. Not sure what everyone else (who didn't read the comics) though was coming? A little poke with Lucille maybe? Now, they didn't have to show so much gore they could have let the audience use their imaginations but since when has this show ever done that. Over all my opinion was that negan lived up to his prelude, making a memorable introduction and the rest of the episode was relatively predictable. I can't wait to see how they present the kingdom (that we rarely get to see in the comics) and the wisperers.

  • Birgitta Blickman - 5 years ago


  • Mack - 5 years ago

    Yeah it was gross, intense and hyper violent but before you go throwing your tv set out the window try and gain some perspective. You are watching a show whose very premise is built on violence of the absurd kind. Did you really expect it to wind down to grey poupon and caviar? The number of you claiming to be tramatized or unable to handle any more of this is kind of sad. It's a tv show. One you knew was going to be not very pretty and yet armed with all this knowledge, you're still hiding under the sheets. No wonder the rest of the world sees us as such pussies. TV shows kick our delicate little asses.

  • Lisa - 5 years ago

    "Sick fucks going on the deep web searching red room. ". Wtf is red room? Sounds like ur one of the sick fucks considering u know what ur talking about

  • Michelle - 5 years ago

    Okay it's like this... No no one just expected a bump on the head. But the extreme gruesomeness of the entire Act was way over the line. I agree with Daryl on inside it's probably going to work out into the group's favor. But any of you sick fucks that felt it was an "awesome" way for Glen to die need your head checked because you are more than likely one of those sick f****** that go on the Deep Web searching for red rooms. Although I said I probably wouldn't watch the show anymore, I think I'm willing to give it one more try just because hopefully before it's over with Rick can Bash Egan's head in with his own fucking bat.. or better yet maybe he can shove it up his ass. LOL.

  • Michelle - 5 years ago

    Ok everyone who is so upset and not watching what exactly did you think was going to happen!! We saw what was coming we knew someone was getting beaten with a bat its the Walking Dead not the Good Wife dead is in the title. Did you think it would be 1 little bop on the head and that was it Neegan has been billed as the worst villain in the show Was it gory yes did anyone have to keep looking at it if it bothered them so much no turn your head, cover your eyes, look away. I understand losing a beloved character is hard but honestly I was prepared to lose Glen it was the rumor since the season ended last year and frankly since we thought he was dead before I was already ready to lose him. How many shows can keep you on the edge of your seat not knowing who died for almost a half hour that way flashbacks and images it was a great storyline. And if you watched Talking Dead Steven wanted to go this way he told the producers to not let anyone else have this death he thought it was an amazing way for Glen to go. I will be there watching next week sad to see so many fans go but remember this isn't the normal episode I doubt this gore will continue weekly

  • TRose - 5 years ago

    Seriously people, too much violence & gore??? Why did you ever start watching the show in the first place?! If it seems too bloody and violent you all need a reality check! Do you think if and when we get to apocalyptic end times there will be no Negan type characters? Rick is biding his time until he can figure out a way to unleash vegence against Negan and his scum bag followers. He did what any parent would do, & bowed down to Negan to save his son. Darrell is now an insider, he'll be able to help Rick eventually with important intel AND I hope he sticks an arrow right up scar faces butt! If it's too violent for some of you and you won't watch because your "favorite" character got killed, you need to seriously grow up, and go back to watching Disney films. Everyone loves a leader like Rick when he's walking tall, but at the first sign of a wolf taking over all the sheep go running away. I loved this power house new season opener! Still love the show and look forward to seeing Rick back on top and watching him destroy Negan! Great actors and great writers!

  • Lisa - 5 years ago

    Oh STFU Phyllis. Just cause u don't agree with it means it's dead? Give me a break. Everyone acts surprised that there was actually death in a greusome way like u didn't know it was coming. ..r u people really that blind?

  • Phyllis Midiri - 5 years ago

    It was my favorite show! My hope is that it will die with Greg and Abraham. I knew I would not continue to watch it after the finale last season. I suffered severe anxiety for days after that episode. It is no longer a show about survival and the beauty of the human spirit . It's dead.

  • Donnatella Ashtiani - 5 years ago


    I am no prude. This was the most offensive hour of television I have ever seen in my life. This was violence porn. I have never been more happy that I do not have children than I am tonight. The very idea that children could watch this episode at 9PM EST is appalling. If we had children, they might have been able to see this at 7 PM our time. Disgusting, degrading, repellent and repugnant do not begin to describe this horrible nonsense. I have spent the greater part of my life writing and directing and acting in fiction. I cannot imagine any presentation less worthy of public view. This was violence without ANY meaning. This was cruelty without ANY thought. I was a fan of this show. This episode should never have been written. This episode should never have been approved to be filmed. This episode should never, ever have seen the light of day in any sort of broadcast. The producers are responsible for this outrage. The network is responsible for this outrage. The director and crew are responsible for this outrage. And, let me lay some blame at the feet of my brothers and sisters - the actors. I would have taken any sanction anyone would have cared to level rather than participate in this abortion of a production. Yes, I realize I speak from an ivory tower, but at some point some sense of morality has to TRUMP money.

  • LJ - 5 years ago

    Well that's that! Jumped the shark I'm done. the writers ripped off their audience by making it a predictable sequence. Then the gore.

  • VIC - 5 years ago

    It had to be done! Im actually relieved it is over. I cant wait to see the rest of the season!!! Im not sure why these so called fans would stop watching. Did any of these so called fans even read the comics? There is so much more to look forward to.

  • Shawn - 5 years ago

    Done watching this crap!

  • Rebecca - 5 years ago

    I really hate this episode because two of the greatest stars died. Glen was my favorite and so is Daryl although Daryl isn't dead he is in a tough spot. I know people must die and this show prove that people are worst than zombies, however I feel that if they continue to take out the people who we are voting for to survive people are going to lose interest in the show it was very sad to see what happen to Glen.

  • Justine - 5 years ago

    I'm done watching this sh** after they killed Glenn!

  • K - 5 years ago

    Nope. I'm done. I know its a graphic show with a tough storyline but after what happened to Abraham and Glenn I am no longer a loyal watcher. Done.

  • Chris - 5 years ago

    For some reason my phone auto corrected *Negan

  • Jason - 5 years ago

    Rick and co deserved that. For far to long Rick thought he was the shi*. He had opportunity to bargan... Someone comes to hunt me down, you damn right im knocking heads in and popping eyes out with a bat.

    No its time for Carl to bide his time... Its Carls time to rise and take tgis group ove. F- rick. Long live Carl!

  • Chris - 5 years ago

    The first few comments here prove my theory that society has become pussified! Seriously people are wanting to stop watching this great, long-running series because "it was too violent and gory"? Are you kidding me? We waited all summer to find out who Netanyahu kills, and I think the creators did an amazing job shocking and leaving the audience in awe! This show just keeps getting better!

  • Tom - 5 years ago

    Powerful, sad and emotional season premiere. Yes, some scenes are violent and gory but it's still a great show. All past seasons have taught us one thing. Human is way worse than zombies.

  • Lisa - 5 years ago

    No... Noone will stop. They're crying now cause it's a shock but they'll get over it n realize they did not suffer from PTSD like one had mentioned.....dont u think that comment was a tad extreme BTW? PTSD from THAT? Are you guys really THAT stupid? GROW THE FUCK UP! My God.....I'm guessing you guys are having issues getting by in life being so sensitive.

  • Lisa - 5 years ago

    Are you serious by saying it was raining cause the Almighty has had enough? You have to be joking. I'm gonna pretend that was a joke...

  • Brawn - 5 years ago

    Great episode and hard to watch!
    Cmon I don't believe any of you will stop now. We all want Negan dead!!! And when he goes it will be spectacular!!! Can't wait!

  • Treha - 5 years ago

    F*** walking dead, I can't believe that crap!!!!!

  • Bob mcburney - 5 years ago

    They killed glenn and my favorite, abraham. Then they threw away any hope of the other favorite darryl in season 7 when they threw him in the van........lost a very loyal viewer. I will not be watching any more.

  • Dottie - 5 years ago

    Yep, I''m done.

  • Dan - 5 years ago

    Killing Abraham was fine, killing Glenn was sad, but it didn't need to be so gruesome and humiliating. Have watched this since season one but even as someone who is used to gored movies, I found this unnecessary. Definitely not going to be watching anymore

  • Patrick - 5 years ago

    It was awesome....the deaths were painful yeah, but it was captivating. The point of this episode was to break rick.Negan did that exceptionally well..It would have been dumb if after waiting all this while, it was a secondary character that died. Though two main characters dying at the same time is a blow, it just gets to show us that they have more in store for the viewers. I honestly don't get why people say they aint gonna watch it again just because two fan favourites died. TWD has not even done half of what game of thrones does to fans. You all should enjoy the ride. For a show that's just mainly about zombies, you guys are doing a great job.The story is captivating enough to hold people all through 7 seasons. ..thumbs up again.

  • Patrick - 5 years ago

    It was awesome....the deaths were painful yeah, but it was captivating. The point of this episode was to break rick.Negan did that exceptionally well..It would have been dumb if after waiting all this while, it was a secondary character that died. Though two main characters dying at the same time is a blow, it just gets to show us that they have more in store for the viewers. I honestly don't get why people say they aint gonna watch it again just because two fan favourites died. TWD has even done half of what game of thrones does to fans. You all should enjoy the ride. For a show that's just mainly about zombies, you guys are doing a great job.The story is captivating enough to hold people all through 7 seasons. ..thumbs up again.

  • Christina Fischer - 5 years ago

    This is bull****! I don't care what the "comics" say! That's just f***ed up what happened tonight! Not watching it from here on out! Someone needs to kill that prick Negan! You all lost fans including me! Done with this after you idiots kill Glenn off!

  • Britt - 5 years ago

    I just wann say y'all are a bunch of pussies honestly. Yes it was gross but you could have looked away. And what did you expect? You knew what was going to happen right? Some people wanted the violence obviously a bunch of you babies didn't. You can close your sensitive eyes but I can't magically see things not shown. Get the hell over it. And when did this show ever seem like a fucking family show? If it was just zombies, sure. Once it got all the way up to people literally eating a guys leg in front of him you would think you would have noticed it's a pretty gross show, maybe put the kiddies to bed next time. You people complain about too much death not enough or who dies or how or how it's even shown to us. Jesus. I don't think the writers are here to cater to your every little want and need. Enjoy it or don't, quit fucking complaining. It is already renewed again so it's obviously a good show. I saw someone on here say they kill characters every week. What the fuck show have you been watching? Nobody big has died since Beth. Look people this episode depressed the shit outta me, I love Glenn and cried my eyes out. But I'm just as much of a fan as ever before and to read these bullshit comments online afterwards is just ridiculous. Some of you are just pissy and are going to stop watching cuz your favorite character was killed and you're not a true fan. Some of you somehow thought a fucking ZOMBIE show was too gory for you and your children, wow who would have thought that!!! Ugh it's rated M for a reason, mature, not 12 year olds and NOT for people who don't like blood guts and violence. Get the fuck over it!! Rant over, I'll go back to being a sad but still huge fan. RIP Glenn and Abraham!!

  • Sheron Morton - 5 years ago

    I was so upset, stressed to the max. Yes, this show was so sad and mean, more a rated R show. Too much Abuse, some of the comments.are so right, over the top and disappointing to see our favorite characters died like that. It gave me the biggest headache and I couldn't sleep. I cried for Glen and all his love ones left behind, why didn't the choose a different character that we all was not so in love it! I see rating going down real soon!????????

  • Just a bunch of babies... - 5 years ago all you supposedly 'fans of the show' what did you expect Negan to do...serve tea and cookies? This is what needed to happen to set up the rest of the season for us. In the end the group will rise and prevail as they always do. The adversity the group faces is expected to get worse with each passing season as the their world continues to crash around them and everytime they run into the next big bad villian they will face. It sucks that Glen and Abraham had to go the way they did but they didn't let Negan get the better of them. They remained who they were till the end! Hope Rick can do the same!!

  • Smilingviolets - 5 years ago

    Really, Anonymous? Even HBO doesn't go that far? HBO, which showed a man get his eyes bloodily gouged out followed by his head exploding? They have, and that's what makes their shows great. I really don't understand what show everyone complaining has been watching all this time. We've seen an elderly man get his head half chopped off in front of his daughters, we've seen a little girl gunned down Old Yeller style, we watched Noah get his face ripped apart and Sam, a child, get eaten by walkers. And somehow this was too gruesome? I was worried the show wouldn't deliver on these deaths after that poor season finale, but they did and I applaud them for it. I now completely hate Negan and hope he dies a horrible death. And I hope that horrible death is fully shown onscreen.

  • cecilia black - 5 years ago

    Not a fan nomore my favorite character got killed inhumane Glenn.We love You Glenn.

  • Ceristimo - 5 years ago

    Great season opener. I loved every second of it. They really established Neegan as an absolutely ruthless character. Glenn was supposed to die, so that did not surprise me. Abe being killed did surprise me a little. Can't wait to see episode two to see where the story will be going. Hooked!

  • Stop breathing from your mouth - 5 years ago

    I love you people complaining. This was a decent homage to the source material and not even half as graphic.
    Too gore filled? This is a show about post apocalyptic times; not suitable for children, yes you are right it's not a family show; killing off main characters, hello have you read Shakespeare. Please stop breathing from your mouths for a moment to take in the fact that the writers and director got exactly the reaction they were going for.

    Oh and if you didn't know glen was going to die then you are pretty bad at foreshadowing or even reading source material.


  • Jacob. I - 5 years ago

    For James Aguirre below my comment.... if your child is autistic, why would you let your child watch this show then?

  • James Aguire - 5 years ago

    Someone will stop this violence on primtime television after this, if not i hope they relize autistic children act things out they see on tv.
    God help us

  • Lisa - 5 years ago

    During the episode, I felt a disturbed feeling more than once... Abraham, Glenn, Carl's arm, Neegan's evil ways and language, etc. I just generally felt very unsettled. I'm all for entertainment, but WoW, was that supposed to be entertaining?? But, with all that said, when I watched the Talking Dead afterwards I was reminded these guys are all friends, this is just a show, Neegan is a normal guy, etc etc. I think the acting was "so good" that it brought you into a feeling that it was real. It was hard to watch and disturbing but I guess the actors did their job. I do hope the coming episodes aren't filled with complete, pure evilness like tonight was.

  • James Aguire - 5 years ago

    For lisa saying we dont watch many horror movies, are you friggin kidding me this is TV not a movie, this show went way too fuckin far this time.
    People will end up with ptsd from that bullshit.
    Huge fan but noo more if i could get my hands on the director what an ass hole.

  • Joe - 5 years ago

    It was raining on the Talking Dead where "it never rains" possibly because even The Almighty has had enough of this crap. When the very talented cast can't even get a meaningful reaponse out its only because this is all sick, distainful hate bottled up and served on our TV... had enough yet? I have

  • Anonymous - 5 years ago

    Something like that should not be on television. Even HBO doesn't get that ridiculous. Lost a fan. No interest in watching this show again and I have seen every single episode until now. No thanks, I'm done.

  • Drone - 5 years ago

    This episode hugely crossed the line. I was not entertained.

  • Ernest Gibson - 5 years ago

    Well damn except for Abraham dying as he did Glenn's death was even more graphic in the comics. In fact the book is graphic in all its death depictions, as such it was an excellent episode because the butality of the moment was needed to break down the man Rick Grimes. I look forward to seeing where the show goes from here.

  • Laura - 5 years ago

    It was a hard episode to watch I'm not gonna lie but after watching it and processing it for awhile I think it was good and I'm just ploting on how they are gonna get back at them for what all just happened! I was very sad that 2 had to die, I like there characters alot and it will be different but this show has only gotten better with every season that goes by so I really doubt this is the start of it going to shit!! If your a fan of the show than stay true to it don't cop out quiters!

  • Daniel - 5 years ago

    We haven't had anY main characters die in season 6 yet there are still people who are complaining about to many people dying

  • Daniel - 5 years ago

    I love reading these comments and seeing how people are whining because the show killed main character. I actually thought that the show was getting a little weak, what with not a single death happening during Terminus or when they attacked one of the bases of the saviors. This isn't a kids show and it is not going to hold your hand and act like everyone is invincible. Grow the fuck up if you want to keep watching.

  • Lisa - 5 years ago

    I know right Samuel? I guess they're supposed to have the characters running around only killing zombies episode after episode.. Season after season bashing their heads in so it isn't too gory for them or their kids to watch.

  • Samuel Granado - 5 years ago

    I love how people are complaining about the gore or Negan. Have you forgotten what show you are watching? This isnt a kids show. This isnt a family show. This is TWD. Not the first head to be bashed in. Not the first major character to die. This is the world they live in. Dont be naive.

  • Lisa - 5 years ago

    RIP Glen and Abraham. We will miss you and it is extremely, without a doubt, sad and you will both always be remembered and missed but the show must go on. :-(. Goodnight everyone. Sweet dreams....

  • Johnny B Good - 5 years ago

    I thought it paid a great homage to the source material and showed just how helpless the characters were at the hands of Neegan. Just like in the comics, the death(s) were gruesome and intense but now the show can deal with the outcome of this craziness. So long fairweather watchers.

  • MelB - 5 years ago

    Best episode of TWD! It was so intense that I kept forgetting to breathe.

  • Glen fan - 5 years ago

    Huge fan of the show but killing off Glen was too much. Top it off with making one of the main heros into a gutless turd pathetic. Ratings will show it was a mistake to follow the comic book script.

  • Amanda - 5 years ago

    Yes! Fun family show. I don't have babies running around. They are old enough to be watching a Show that's played on TV. I didn't expect for them to be beating their brains in so brutally. And that's my opinion.

  • Lisa - 5 years ago

    Grow up Ana. .... Like its the actors fault.....he's an ACTOR

  • Lisa - 5 years ago

    Fun family show??? This isn't fucking sesame street damnit. You had to have known there was the possibility of them showing the gory beating of a beloved character.

  • Ana - 5 years ago

    Honestly the killing went to far. I ended up with a headache. The waiting to find out who died and to top it off nor one charachter but two. I dislike the actor who potrays Negan, never liked him even in The Good Wife TV show.

  • Amanda - 5 years ago

    Me and my son LOVED watching this together but it seems to be too gory this time. I'm used to seeing the walkers getting killed but to see the living and not only that, our main people get their heads bashed in is so horrifying. This to me was a fun family show that I could watch with my son and my sisters and nephew because we all like the zombie stuff, but now I feel it's gone too far with the way it showed them bashing in the heads.

  • Ana - 5 years ago

    Honestly the killing went to far. I ended up with a headache. The waiting to find out who died and to top it off nor one charachter but two. I dislike th actor of Negan

  • Lisa - 5 years ago

    Guessing u guys don't watch many horror movies. Yes it's sad and yes it was gruesome but there have been a lot more gruesome scenes in horror movies. Honestly... I don't know what u people were expecting to see when the last episode clearly let you know at least one person was beaten to a pulp with Lucille, yet you waited anxiously and in anticipation to watch. What did you think was gonna happen? I mean really....

  • Lewski - 5 years ago

    im not sure where the producers are going with this show....we waited all summer only to find out that they were getting rid of just one but instead 2 characters. I'm not sure this was a smart move. I found it a bit disturbing and I'll keep watching but hopefully the storyline gets better

  • Andria - 5 years ago

    Really? Killing off Glenn in a brutal manor was not okay! Lost interest. Wont be watching anymore.

  • Thingymabob - 5 years ago

    Wow what an episode and a waste of my time. I was once a DIE HARD fan of The Walking Dead but tonights episode was not as good as I thought. Too much anticipation and hyping the season premier, made the episode seem subpar and Neegan, made me hate the episode more. Can that dick (Neegan) stop talking?! Rick went from ruthless8 to little bitch real fast.

  • Michael - 5 years ago

    Done with watching The Walking Dead! I don't think the people who produce this show did do their job. If it's unwatchable, then they have failed. It's way over the top, to the point of being an assault! There is a difference between a comic book and a television show. The deaths did not actually have to be shown in such a sadistic way. In the end it's supposed to be entertaining.

  • Lisa Gillen - 5 years ago

    Intense. I'm gonna keep watching because it's always been a great show and I'm sure there will be many more great episodes to come but DAMNNN...... very intense . What made it most intense for me was not so much the blood and guts but because it happened to characters we have come to be fond of over the years...but DAAMMNNN...

  • Adam - 5 years ago

    Hated it ,I will stop watching . Stupid move killing Glenn ????

  • CRJ - 5 years ago

    TWD has finally lost my interest. Not sure where it's going from here -- I guess I'll find out from other viewers. I'm out!!

  • CJ - 5 years ago

    Too much desperation. They've left it with no hope. Just makes you feel bad, so why watch!?

  • Joe - 5 years ago

    There should be a balance to every show. It's fine in a horror show for people to die but there as to be substance with that an awesome story with plenty of equally good moments with bad. Just killing off characters in the most brutal way nearly every episode is weak and hard to watch. Unless it's your thing you enjoy watching a storyless show just massacre people. I'm done I'm find a real horror show.

  • Too far fetched - 5 years ago

    Talk about reaching. I'm good with Glen getting it, Abraham, too. What I'm not good with is the ultra violence and dispair. I love getting lost in the world of TWD, but not at the cost of my own psyche being damaged. Kudos to all of the actors in an absolutely phenomenal simulation of hell on earth. But for me, I don't want to get lost in despair like that again. It's not even the investment in the characters, more the inhuman, immeasurable violence that simply is not a place I care to return.

  • Andy D - 5 years ago

    I didn't watch the show.....I couldnt...then I read the review and then comments....and now, I can't and won't watch, period. And to the people in charge of navigating the pkot....thank you....I'm released and will never again watch this formerly great show.....

  • Tony - 5 years ago

    Come on people! It's a damn show. This is what the show has been needing. Yes! It was sad to see those 2 characters gone but get over it. I'm going to continue watching. If you can't stomach the show, then this show was never for you. How about you guys just relax. I can't wait till Rick kills negan 10 times more gruesome. Now it's about revenge and the plot will thicken 10 fold. Best show ever. Bunch of babies.

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