Did the Season 7 premiere of <i>The Walking Dead</i> go too far?

  • Duncan Green - 4 years ago

    It was gratuitous and probably traumatic for a number of viewers who were expecting more comic book style violence. If WD has nowhere left to go but torture-porn then I for one am not interested. And it used to be sooooo good!

  • . . . THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE !!!! - 4 years ago

    BATTER UP !!




    . . . . too soon ?

  • Si Subra - 5 years ago

    It went too far. We have as a family decided to stop watching. Best of luck to those who think it's art and its ok. It was gross and we felt betrayed and that it took advantage of the trust we as viewers gave WD. You've wasted hours of our life, shown us how low script writers can go, most probably irreparably damaged many careers and now we dishonourably discharge you WD.

  • BUT . . BUT THIS IS A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE . . . - 5 years ago

    Wow. Jeffrey Dean Morgan put on a bravura performance . . . he really hit it out of the ballpark . . .




    . . . too soon ?

  • fs - 5 years ago

    The detail of human on human violence was unnecessary and irresponsible. It would have taken only seconds to establish what actually happened in the imagination of the viewers. This did not "establish Negan" . It made me hate the series because I felt I was being tormented by the condescending, senseless brutality of the scenes. It made me very angry. I will never watch this series again.

  • Lili-Marlene Rose - 5 years ago

    Over and out. Too bad the show has been reduced to a vehicle for special effects/makeup instead of good storylines, solid character development, and coherent dialogue. Never read the comics, didn't need to in order to be a fan in the beginning. Really, all the "true fans" can't gracefully accept the loss of the rest of us? Get a life. No one's going to tell me I'm off base for not finding a show entertaining anymore. You love torture/blood porn, go for it. Quit calling the rest of us juvenile names. Really, that's pathetic. I started watching this show because of zombies. Really liked when it was humans vs walkers, not humans worse than walkers. It's become repetitive, predictable, boring and depressing. I'm over shows trending with killing off main characters for shock and ratings value. It's the norm now. I used to work in emergency rooms. Saw terrible things and they're not what I wish to see in a tv show. I could watch the news for this sadistic material. Plus Glenn was my favorite character and through his relationship with Maggie I hoped for some hope in a future in the za. That's gone now and I'm not interested in the ever darkening spiral down of depraved humans. So many fans were seriously disturbed by this but that's being dismissed by the show's other fans. We don't need your approval or validation for our choices. Be happy with yours and leave the rest of us ours. You guys take it way too seriously that some people are quitting the show. Really sad the show runners ruined this show with cheap gimmicks. Now they are doomed to please the remaining fans with worse escalations of over the top crap. I'm not sticking around for that. I wanted the let the show runners to know why. I didn't even watch that episode because I did hear it was Glenn and Abe getting Lucilled in the most brutal and unnecessary graphic way. I'm glad I opted out. Just hearing about it sickened me. I really can't imagine actually allowing those images to be seared into my brain. I guess twd is going to die a slower death thanks to the "true fans."

  • Shaun - 5 years ago

    No they did the same exact thing in the comics so I really don't see any problem with it

  • Frank - 5 years ago

    For this bad guys death they should do it like in mid evil times and give him angel wings. This is where they cut u open from ur back and reach in and pull ur lungs out. Or they can take the first layer of skin off of him pour salt all over him lol. Cut his man hood off and make him eat his own hot dog.

  • James - 5 years ago

    It was only disturbing to me because after you see and smell death stuff as real looking as this really takes you back. On side note, the body doesn't flitch at all once the brain is dead because it's the only part of the human body that sends the electric singnal, we are not like snakes. But they did a good job with neagan whoever, I really want to gut him so he can look at his insides as he slowly dies. I don't watch this show my wife does and I was in bed watching it with her so I might keep watching just to see the end of this bad guy.

  • Lundy - 5 years ago

    The original psycho directed by the great Alfred Hitchcock. Did he feel the need to show every gruesome stab wound that the character Norman Bates caused in one of the most memorable movie scenes ever? No, not even one. He didn't need to, the story was good enough to support itself without gratuitous violence. The same cannot be said of this show or it's creators.

    I have watched this show since it's first episode aired, and my own personal series finale was when they decided to have Glen's death be as graphic as it was, I was all for him getting killed off, but the imagery the decided to use was THE MOST HORRIBLE THING I HAVE EVER WATCHED AS "ENTERTAINMENT"
    What's next for the show? I suspect after making more than half of their audience feel empty inside for shock value, not much.

    The producers of the show need to go watch that 1960 classic, psycho, one of the most famous scenes in movie history. Not one stab wound shown, Hitchcock didn't need to rely on cheap gratuitious violence whose only purpose is shock value.

    And for people saying it's a zombie show, that they've shown worse, no, this was gross might as we'll just start airing clips of terrorists beheading people.

    The special effects guy needs a raise though, clearly he is damn good, and the actor that played Glen, I hope to see him in more shows, better shows.

  • Gary alikonis - 5 years ago

    They didn't go too far, this wasn't the most grotesque event I seen on the show, the only reason we thought it was too graphic is because it was too real, it's like a person who has seen death many times before and are unhinged from the trauma and then witness a family member killed, that's what is messing with our heads. WE grow to love these characters and watching them die a realistic death seems surreal. even I had to get up after seeing glen. WAS it his dismembered face or the fact I loved Glen souch I couldn't bear to watch him suffer in that state.

  • Angela - 5 years ago

    It's a horror/blood and guts show. It's to be expected. Where are these people every week when they show walkers (commonly known as zombies) Did they not see Herschel's death or Noah's? This show has always been this way and I love it but if it's not for you turn the channel.

  • Shannon - 5 years ago

    okay I didn't read the comics until I started watching the show, and then went online to read as much as I could about the comics. I prayed it wouldn't be Glen, and I wanted so bad for it not to be Glen. But I kind of knew it would be. So when they killed Abraham I was happy even though I would miss him. But when Daryl hit Negan I knew it was over for Glen. That being said all the people who read the comics (from what I read online from people) wanted this part of the comics be just like it was in the comics (other than being pissed about Glen's fake out death) so I think it was fitting that they would do two deaths. Glen was my favorite person on the show so it was hard for me too see him like that. But they have to please all the fans, and that was an iconic moment from the comics. They had to do it like that for the comic book fans. I was pissed at Daryl and still slightly am. But I know they had to use him to play out the part. Everyone knew and was warned that Negan was going to be the worst villian to hit the show. The comic book fans also knew how bad it broke Rick in this issue of the comics to even bend to Negan enough to follow his rules. But like Kirkman and Gimble said they had to do everything they did all the way down to the part with Carl to make the fans believe that someone like Rick would actually fall in line to Negan. Trust me not many people prob loved Glen like I did, but I understand why things had to go like this. Do I wish that they would have left out the eye part so that I wasn't in such shock and mortified that I could actually cry? Yes! But I also see why they did things the way they did because of needing to please the comic book fans who have been waiting for this to happen and to make all fans believe that the Great Rick Grimes has been broken enough to fall in line for Negan. They have pretty much kept all the main characters on for 7 seasons. We have only lost 6 of the original Atlanta crew in seven seasons. We haven't lost one of them since Andrea. We can't keep the show going only losing a few mediocre people here and there. We would never have any real emotional shock values. This is coming from someone who has been arguing with their family all summer when they would mess with me about Glen dying. It is devastating to me, but I realize the story has to play out. This opens up so much more storyline to come. Maggie is going to become a great leader at Hilltop. We now have Alexandria, Hilltop, and The Kingdom. I can see this show going way past the comics even as far into Rick dying, and Carl picking up the reigns. People can quit watching if they want to but I will continue watching until the show ends. This is the all time best show in history to me, and that says a lot considering how much I loved Sons of Anarchy. Also how much I love Games of Thrones, Prison Break, Wentworth (An Australian Women's Prison show that is much better than Orange is the New Black. It has lots of violence and heartbreak in it for anyone who wants to check it out), Rectify (which is sadly ending after the season that starts today), and I am sure a lot more that I can't think of at the moment. They have stuck to most of all the comic other than changing it up a lil here and there so I don't know why anyone is upset that they did this the same way. Like I said this is prob the most iconic moment in the comics. I can't think of anything that would be more Iconic. I guess the true fans will continue watching until the end.

  • Cifer - 5 years ago

    Wow the pc people out in full force, every season I see you people talk about how bad the show has gotten, how it's all about gore shock value, just shut up already same shit every season. We know they use gore for shock value lol. Personally I think it was awesome the way they showed it, showing the aftermath wouldn't have the same effect, don't try to say it would. You had to watch it happen just like you would I Negan was a real person in a real apocalypse, you were disgusted by it just like you were supposed to be.

  • Willie - 5 years ago

    I understand where people are coming from regarding the brutality and violence of the premier, but Negan needed to be established he's a sociopath and wanted to make clear that HE is in charge. Rick was stripped of his power along with the rest of the group the ramifications of this episode will be felt for a long time. The only thing that bothered me was Glenn's eyeball popped out that was gross and the pacing of the episode which was very slow, but as a loyal follower I'll still watch this season and see how the group deals with the aftermath of Glenn and She's deaths.

  • Lmao - 5 years ago

    Lmao wow ppl are crazy. No it wasn't too far & no I'm not leaving.
    First time ever- lol you accused someone of name calling that did no such thing & went on to say they speak of things they don't really understand. Bet your a fun person to talk to.

  • Bye! - 5 years ago

    I'm actually glad they did it how they did. I'm upset that we won't get to see Abraham in All Out War... But this was issue 100 of the comic. It would have been like not doing "the red wedding" from GOT justice. Anyone whose read the comics knows that from issue 100 on is where the comic really starts to get more into character development. We are finally going to have true world building if all goes well. So hell no I'm not leaving.
    Now, as to all the people that are leaving. That is your choice. But you cannot have your cake & eat it too. AMC most certainly did show warnings at the beginning of the episode & right before the kills. And while this was very gory it's no worse than at least 5 other scenes in this series. Understand that I'm not saying you can't be of the opinion that this is too gory. I'm just saying you don't get to ignore blatant warnings of extremely graphic images only to blame the show runners of crossing some imaginary line on a show that was cleary rated TVMA & gave warning of immanent extremely graphic images. TVMA is 17yr+. That's equal to an R rating folks.

  • First time ever - 5 years ago

    First time I'm walking away from a show I've enjoyed this long. I think they went too far, but that's not why I'm leaving. They have a right to push boundaries. Seriously, it's a world where the dead come back to life and eat flesh.
    I'm leaving because they absolutely manipulated us with Glenn telling this pregnant wife he'll come find her. The way they did it was almost as sickening as the violence. I didn't enjoy watching him beat them with a bat, but combined with the manipulation, I'm out.
    People come on here and call names, they talk about statue of David and other things they don't really understand, then taking about it being fiction, OK that's all fine and good, but everyone has a right to one's own opinion.
    You'll never convince me, just like I'll never convince you. These are comments, not debates. Enjoy the show, but as you see over half of fans say it was too far.

  • Shadez - 5 years ago

    I found this episode a great disappointment after months of wait time. Other than the big reveal it was boring, not to mention redundant. We went thru Rick being broken before, and that resulted in many boring scenes at the prison with him being worthless. The double kill was pointless just trying to upstage the comic while at the same time trying to throw the comic fan base off. Taking 300 swings at a head until he just hits blood covered ground was way over the top and clearly just going for shock value. And stop with this ridiculous excuse of furthering a story or showing just how evil Negan is. Last I checked we knew the Governor was evil because he kept heads, killed military for no reason, and enjoyed torcher. The wolves were obviously evil because they killed innocent people and branded them, the hunters at terminus were evil because they were using a bait and switch offering shelter then eating people. I am far from offended by graphic violence, I grew up on slasher movies like Friday the 13th and Texas Chainsaw, however this overkill was in an action/drama...NOT a slasher movie. Very weak attempt at shock value that served no more than overstating an obvious fact, Negan is the bad guy. This show has been declining for a couple seasons, IMO because they trying to follow the comic too closely, watering down the content by adding too many factions and characters, and most of this ridiculous new fad on TV of lets kill anybody just to shock people. Nobody wants to tune in week after week to watch Tara, Dwight, and other B rolls, killing off key characters is a slow suicide to any show. Imagine if Tommy Gavin burnt up in a fire in the 3rd season of Rescue Me? or Vic Mackey gets gunned down by some drug dealer in season 2, those shows would have been done. People tune in to see the characters they connect with and once that is gone, so will the viewers be. Sure it will do well, but not as well.

  • LIAR... - 5 years ago

    You people scare me... I bet you would've thrown drapery over the statue of David had you only been around when it was commissioned. And don't even say that TWD isn't "art". The very fact that it had this effect on you proves it to be. Plus all of you saying THIS was too far, but not Noah being torn apart against a glass door until he finally bled out. Sam being eaten while screaming mommy infront of his mother. Hershel being not so cleanly decapitated. Or the fact that we just watched (on screen) these same "good guys" slaughter many people they had never even met in their sleep last season. This is FICTION. One sure sign of an underdevolped brain is not being able to distinguish reality from fantasy. And I saw 2 warnings of "Extreme graphic content". One before the show started & one at the end of the commercial break before said scene. Therefore you have no one to blame but yourselves.

  • D.S.11 - 5 years ago

    Yes it went to far. I love the show and the comics I will keep watching. When Negan killed glenn in the comics the images grossed me out. But it was comics. I'm sure they would never show joker kill Jason Todd swing by swing . The thing is not only did the gore show us every beat of Abe and Glenn's death . It had Rick play Abraham from the bible with Carl being Isaac . It was almost filler and if didn't press the story forward. We literally saw 2 people murderd in front of us and the aftermath was realistic . I never thought they'd go full graphic like the comic . I thought they'd keep it away and skip some swings. Glen's eye was disgusting I really thought they wouldn't do that , I was scared by that image from a comic , I didn't need to see it in real life.

  • Ronna Fisher - 5 years ago

    Viewers watch a series like TWD because it is a great adventure with excellent character development. The premiere of this new season did not offer a good story, and the dialogue was predictable. Instead of compelling intrigue, it relied on shocking violence. The gratuitous violence left me sick and empty. For violence to be justified it must have meaning and it should be used in a manner consistent with good storytelling. What you leave out is as important as what is included. Editing is the strength of any good storyline. It is a flimsy excuse to claim this gory violence was necessary to convey the sense of story and establish how evil and sick this character is. That could have been done without this disgusting and tedious display. It appears that the series is offering a faithful viewership very little and is relying on the success and plot development of past seasons to retain viewership. At a time when TV offers lots of entertaining options, I hope the creators of the series will rethink this strategy for The Walking Dead. A good story begins with a great hook, and this was not good, interesting, or entertaining.

  • MOB - 5 years ago

    Put me on the list of Not watching anymore. Save that shit for dvd's not television. Been a fan since day one.
    Hell its filmed in my home state.
    I lost interest in the show last season but continued to watch.
    Just gotten pointless lately.
    Get to drop AMC now and save some money on my dish bill. So there is a plus.

  • Earl Herr - 5 years ago

    there was absolutely no need for that explicit disgusting display of gratuitous violence. there has to be limits and just because you can do something doesn't mean you should on TV. Furthering desensitizing the Next Generation. Really the producers of that show and the writers do they think they need to actually show that they could imply it. There should have been a one minute speech about what was about to happen I will not watch that show anymore it just shows the depravity Hollywood. just like Sodom and Gomorrah beastiality Hollywood thinks they are without any checks and balances she just kind of human decency anymore. I'm 53 years old and I seen some pretty messed-up shit. I used to go out on tow truck run in the mountains in San Diego and that Highway used to leave bodies in car accidents that would be on this but the show people making that Carnage. the viewers were not warned about what was going to be shown. I don't think that I've seen zombies treated as bad on that show what's wrong with with the producers and their egos Shoe Show as much as they can and not even put a warning up. Guaranteed you're going to lose a lot of viewers and you'll all probably be happy about that because you can just laugh it off while you're all stuffing gerbils up your ass and sniffing amal nitrate and having your secret kiddy porn. Really it's just ridiculous and it'll only get worse if people don't shut it down. It serves no entertainment value except to desensitize people and Stroke diesels of the depraved people in Hollywood aka that Georgia Peach b******* film studios

  • Fiddy - 5 years ago

    Also why is the typical Neanderthal bro response always:

    "Go watch cartoons"
    "Bruh, it's The Walking Dead bruh, ppl r gonna die"

    This is what the show has become. Dumbing itself down to please the lowest common denominator. They don't even need good dialogue or any progressive storylines. Just over the top violence thrown into action that make no sense to move a plot point that ends with... Oh yes more of the group being faced with another war with Mr. Bad guy and then over the top violence so the bro's can hi five some more.

  • Darryl Donnelly - 5 years ago

    First of it's a Zombie apocalypse world it's no rainbows and unicorns it brings character and the way it should be if there was a real zombie apocalypse to the people who are moaningredients just shut up whining it's the walking dead for God sake not my little pony

  • Fiddy - 5 years ago

    What bothered me is that TWD writers have been trolling and click baiting its audience for a while now. The lead up to Negan, the ads for Lucille the basic "nah nah" attitude towards its viewers when showing no decency to original characters.

    They provide an unnecessary cliff hanger that's supposed to have a pay off but it doesn't. They could have killed Abe at the end of last season and then Glenn on Sunday and it would've been a shocker but no. The way it was written sucked in that this character that we've grown to care about since episode one had no lead up time, no real lines before his beyond brutal grotesque death.

    That's how you send off a long time loved character? Give him this gimmicky death with a heartstring line and call it a day?

    Now I bet we will have 2-4 filler episodes and then another torture (I mean for the audience) scene. The writing has become so lazy, it's just filler with the occasional gore scene so that people are tricked into believing this is well written drama when it's just more torture and click bait.

    If the show had any b**ls Daryl would've gotten the bat.

  • Greg - 5 years ago

    Too much. The point could just as easily been made without all that grossness. Stopping watching now.

  • Emily - 5 years ago

    I have been watching horror films since I was a child (don't tell mom). Never in my life have I been disturbed by a movie or tv show. I work in a laboratory I have had hands on experience with dead bodies and body parts I have witnessed many people die from my previous work experience in nursing. I am no whimp when it comes to death and gore. I can tell you without question they not only crossed the line but leaped over it. For the first time in my 35 years of life I woke up in the middle of the night disturbed. I have yet to decide if I will continue watching but a guarantee that if they pull this crap again not only will I not watch but will launch into full protest.

  • Raphael - 5 years ago

    I think it was awesome. A lot of people think that the show crossed the line because it displayed unnecessary violence. Well I think that's the point of this show the walking dead is suppost to be a violent show. I believe it was awesome that they showed both glen and Abraham being beat because it tells us how eager Negan is to do anything to be in control, people I was disappointed the glen died (more than Abraham ) but I think that's what makes this show unique because the writers doesn't give a dam who dies I'm tired of watching movies that it's all about the hero that survives and saves the day that is lame heroes and good people dies and the walking dead does exactly that good people die. Moreover, I do think that Rick will revenge Negan as he always does but this time I think he needs to come together with his group and take some time to recover from everything that happened and attack and the right moment . If I was rick I would gather resources make it seem like I've completely surrendered to Negan I would make it seem like I was a utterly changed person just to bluff and make Negan think that I've completely under his control

  • Cee - 5 years ago

    I understand the need to establish Negan - in the comic he was a sadistic crazy bastard. And Glen died. I think I'm in some way this is an attempt to return to the storyline in the comic. Which in my opinion is not a bad thing... My objection is based on the visuals. I don't think they were necessary. I think there is something to be said for leaving some things to the imagination...cinematically it can often have a greater psychological impact. Just sayin. I'll watch again, I'm not willing to judge an entire season, or series, based on one extremely graphic episode...I will give it more time before I pass ultimate judgment.

  • Cee - 5 years ago

    I understand the need to establish Negan - in the comic he was a sadistic crazy bastard. And Glen died. I think I'm in some way this is an attempt to return to the storyline in the comic. Which in my opinion is not a bad thing... My objection is based on the visuals. I don't think they were necessary. I think there is something to be said for leaving some things to the imagination...cinematically it can often have a greater psychological impact. Just sayin. I'll watch again, I'm not willing to judge an entire season, or series, based on one extremely graphic episode...I will give it more time before I pass ultimate judgment.

  • Earl Herr - 5 years ago

    there was absolutely no need for that explicit disgusting display of gratuitous violence. there has to be limits and just because you can do something doesn't mean you should on TV. Furthering desensitizing the Next Generation. Really the producers of that show and the writers do they think they need to actually show that they could imply it. There should have been a one minute speech about what was about to happen I will not watch that show anymore it just shows the depravity Hollywood. just like Sodom and Gomorrah beastiality Hollywood thinks they are without any checks and balances she just kind of human decency anymore. I'm 53 years old and I seen some pretty messed-up shit. I used to go out on tow truck run in the mountains in San Diego and that Highway used to leave bodies in car accidents that would be on this but the show people making that Carnage. the viewers were not warned about what was going to be shown. I don't think that I've seen zombies treated as bad on that show what's wrong with with the producers and their egos Shoe Show as much as they can and not even put a warning up. Guaranteed you're going to lose a lot of viewers and you'll all probably be happy about that because you can just laugh it off while you're all stuffing gerbils up your ass and sniffing amal nitrate and having your secret kiddy porn. Really it's just ridiculous and it'll only get worse if people don't shut it down. It serves no entertainment value except to desensitize people and Stroke diesels of the depraved people in Hollywood aka that Georgia Peach b******* film studios

  • Jamee - 5 years ago

    Everybody is entitled to their opinions and just like u have yours,i have mine...I was naseous and even feeling really friggin nervous feeling the entire episode and I will continue to watch!!! It held up to the hype wether 1/3 of y'all are gonna boycott the show now or not!!! They did their job and did it well!!!!!(like I said....MY opinion) They knew going into this,that there's a good chance they'd lose viewers but they took the chance !!! I have been a faithful fan from season 1 episode 1 and I will not stop watching now!!!!!! IF it was too much for u...don't watch!!!! Simple!!! :)

  • Greg - 5 years ago

    This is the dumbest show on television. My friends have tried to get me into this show for years, thinking I'd like it for some reason. And I tried to get into it, I really did. I watched several episodes over many seasons. Unfortunately it's the most ridiculous show ever created. Bad acting, lame story line, horrible writing. But I can see why Americans like it, since Americans are such lame, soulless violent creatures. This country is doomed.

  • Juan - 5 years ago

    what a bunch of pussies. get over it. your going to watch the next episode no matter what you people say. they already have you. one episode and "oh no its too violent" get over yourselves. it was supposed to have impact, and apparently it worked, because were all still talking about it. why is everyone surprised. I honestly expected it to be more violent. the scene in the comic book showed every hit. lol, anyway, see you next episode and stop whining. its TWD, that's what its supposed to do. that's why its consistently one of the highest viewed shows on TV. its the same reason Game of Thrones is so popular. bunch of crybabies.

  • Candice Meadows - 5 years ago

    That was it for me. I had already watched all 6 Sean's, twice plus would pull up different episode. I was so excited to watch season 7.
    If this thekind of shit that is going to happen ln each new session l can better things to do with
    my time for an hour every Sunday.
    You suck ass dude. Thanks for nothing.

  • LK - 5 years ago

    While I agree that certain characters have to die if it's to remain true to the comic book, I had a problem with the excessive violence and the extremely l.o.n.g. time it took to tell the story. TWD could have dealt with the deaths quicker and we (and the cast) would have been duly impressed with Negan's power - I mean, he has all the guns and all the people AND he's a maniac. We know he's to be feared. TWD cast has been making stupid decisions and ending up on the short end of the stick for some time now... we knew this wasn't going to end well. The thing with me is - I love these characters and while I know they'll be knocked around some, and sometimes killed, the non-stop losing and constant dread - with little to no happy moments - is just downright depressing. I'm tired of Daryl constantly losing his cool weapon. I'm tired of Rick making stupid decisions. I'm tired of Carl being the smartest of the bunch. And Carol losing her mojo... sheesh. Trust your audience to watch the show and let the story play out instead of hitting us in the head non-stop with Lucille. I, for one, don't need to be bashed in the head to "get it".

  • Nick - 5 years ago

    Somewhere along the line as we got to know and love all of these deeply developed characters, the Walking Dead became less and less about survival after a zombie apocalypse and more about living in a world surrounded by merciless and evil survivors. After the last episode, I'm done.

  • KO - 5 years ago

    Are you not entertained? ????????

  • Zach - 5 years ago

    Quit being a bunch or pansies. The show is based on a comic and that's what happened in the comic right down to Glens popped eyeball. The loss was gory inhumane and stomach churning but it was intended that way. Negan is a very evil character and he is gonna be around awhile. But the show has a lot going for it. Its not always gonna be this bad. Plus you got the kingdom coming and Ezekial and his Tiger. It's a show about zombies eating people and those same people are fighting for survival. Gonna be a little violent get used to it. Pussies...

  • Amanda - 5 years ago

    If Negan is in the entire season. I WIll not watch. Over the top violence.

  • Molars - 5 years ago

    Yes, it was over the top. And it was gratuitous because you don't have to see everything to get the gist of what's happening, unless someone's an idiot. Seeing Glen in that state while trying to address Maggie (and the audience), was not necessary. To say it was "necessary" for the show makes me wonder of someone's reading/comprehension level can handle anything beyond a picture-book. I have an imagination, and am not afraid to use it.

  • Rob - 5 years ago

    I have been a faithful viewer for 6 seasons; got my wife into it too (crazy, as she is not a natural for such shows). The interplay of the characters with this show with the backdrop of zombies has been phenomenal...until Season 7, Episode 1. I don't disagree at all with who was killed by Negan; the shows creators have full license with that, so long as it wasn't Rick. But I must say that I am done from here. The cruelty and gore were so far over the top. There are other ways of illustrating Negan's psychotic evilness without the abundantly inhumane torture scenes. I mean, how could the show even top this going forward?? Honestly, I wouldn't want to see them try! Sorry show creators, I am out of here! You took a risk, calculating that some would stop watching. I am now part of the 1/3 of the viewership that has said they are done. And I am. Didn't have to be this way...

  • Christine - 5 years ago

    Not a good episode at all, love this show from the beginning. It was the most graphic,and disturbing thing I have ever witnessed and had anxiety through the roof. I can't watch if the next episodes follow suite. Family of 3 18 and up.

  • Lee - 5 years ago

    I've definitely had enough. I've watched every episode from the beginning and accepted the loss of many a beloved character but this was too much for two reasons: First; The character of Glen represented the humanity of the group for me. An apocalypse of any kind (economic, terror attack, weather related, pandemic, etc.) will bring out the worst in many people, who survive by taking from others. But, others like Glen, rise to the occasion and offer hope to others that things can get better. Glen's brutal death took away hope for me. Secondly; our world has enough problems right now, why watch a show that edifies cruelty. Last night's episode was glorified gore. It was easy to watch zombie gore and violence because it's not real.
    Peoples' cruelty to people is all to real. I don't want to become desensitized to that.

  • Tara - 5 years ago

    The only part that was slightly unnecessary, was having to watch Glenn while Neegan ran his mouth. His head bashed in, eye popped out and we had to watch for what seemed like forever.
    With Abraham, he could've stopped the last few hits. We didn't need to hear it over and over...think this is it...more head bashing. Overall, the scenes were violent, made me sick but would've been disappointed with anything less.

  • Tara - 5 years ago

    The only part that was slightly unnecessary, was having to watch Glenn while Neegan ran his mouth. His head bashed in, eye popped out and we had to watch for what seemed like forever.
    With Abraham, he could've stopped the last few hits. We didn't need to hear it over and over...think this is it...more head bashing. Overall, the scenes were violent, made me sick but would've been disappointed with anything less.

  • Stoneface - 5 years ago

    The violence was shocking. I enjoyed the shock. The violence was refreshing. It was a needed injection of adrenaline in a show that features walker after walker getting killed to the point of boredom. I was horrified to see the characters get killed. Of course. Now there is no doubt in the audiences' mind about the brutal nature of Negan, and his followers. Anyone who would willingly follow that guy is just as bad as is he. After having watched the episode, I am stoked for the next episode.

  • Rodrigo - 5 years ago

    COME ON! It was necesaary, not for establish negan, but a follower, real follower of the comics and tv show that level of gore was the lowest standard. After read the introduction of negan in the comic i would be very dissapointed if they would left only with the couple hits Abraham got.

    And remember that twd is not a family sitcom. And its much easier to explain a kid what he/she saw than explain the language uses negan if amc hadn't censor it.

    Stop crying and enjoy the shock. That was the purpose of all, to shock us.

  • B. - 5 years ago

    Damien - your need to use a hurtful and ignorant epithet ("fa$got) screams volumes about your stupidity and tells readers much more about your own anxieties about your sexuality than anything you wrote about the show. I feel sorry for you.

  • Mike - 5 years ago

    It was needed and everyone who has paid attention to the show and/or comic knew this was coming. Don't like it? I'm sure Sesame Street or Disney Channel has something more your speed.

  • Anon - 5 years ago

    For those who think that Negan did not fit the profile of a serial killer, what do you know about serial killers? How many do you know of, and what do you know about them? I grew up with people that were exactly like he is, and they all corny and cheesy. Some have killed, some are in prison for other crimes. The episode was gut wrenching to me bc of how realistic it was. Perhaps he isn't all dark and mysterious, or brooding. Maybe he is cheesy and corny. But that's what makes him dangerous. He is easily underestimated, and it showed. No, AMC didn't cross the line. If you think the episode was bad, welcome to real life. That was tame in comparison to what happens in the real world. If producers and story tellers can come up with that, then imagine what truly sick people are like. Well done AMC.

  • David - 5 years ago

    One of the best episodes for the true feel of desperation. All things being equal, this episode, had to be that badass, because of the introduction of Megan and staying true to the comic. Too many panzy asses on here, saying it went to far. In the words of Abraham, " Suck my nuts!"

  • cesar - 5 years ago

    If you don't like it, don't watch it
    As simple as that.

  • Kate - 5 years ago

    It was TOT and boring!!! Please just faster paced and better storylines needed not a whole episode devoted to gratuitous violence. Zzzzzz Come on Fox you can do better....please...

  • Anonymous - 5 years ago

    Natasha, I totally disagree. This episode was badly written and badly acted out! Did you even listen to Negan's dialogue? "My bat is thirsty! It's a vampire!" This is supposed to be the baddest bad guy ever? Seriously? He's so lame it's not even funny. Did you notice the way he's all "**** kid, look at you" to Carl and all Carl did was squint at the camera (if this is supposed to be his "serial killer" look it's laughable).

  • Natasha - 5 years ago

    Seriously, letting your KIDS watch this show? Are you THAT stupid? It's rated MATURE for a reason people. ANYONE UNDER 18 SHOULD NOT WATCH THIS SHOW! At this point you're putting your children in un-Necessary mental torture, they aren`t follow grown, hell even at 18, brains aren`t fully developed yet. If this is the sole reason why you think they took it too far then you just dug yourself a deeper hole because you have nobody to blame but yourself, might I suggest watching something not so psychological and horrendous for children and the weak kneed, perhaps Paw Patrol.

    The episode itself was well written and followed the comics (and yes even right down to the eye popping out). To say otherwise would be wrong and the actors went above and beyond their capabilities. They got exactly what they were hoping to achieve and that was for you to fear Negan and feel the feelings of helplessness, disbelieve and shock that the Characters were going through. If they didn`t do that then they writers failed, and this episode for the lack of a better word would be complete shit. Kudos to the writers, and those with iron stomachs and stronger knees.

  • Dee - 5 years ago

    Yes, it was brutal. And I can see where some people are upset. That being said this show is called "The Walking Dead". We have been shown some truly gross things over the series. We have lost beloved characters as well. But this had to be done. I don't think could have done it any other way.
    I said after the last season cliff hanger that they were going to have to kill off someone that has been on the show from the beginning. It had to be someone that "hurt" because Negan is a whole other level of bad guy.
    Rick has been the man in charge for awhile now and he had begun to believe they could handle anything. Could defeat anyone. Which is why you had to "kill" off someone who was like a brother to him. You had to bring him down or else it would have rang false.
    You can't say Negan is the baddest of the bad and then have him do something 'soft' if you will. He had to do something that was horrible and terrifying. Something that would break Rick and the rest.
    I hated seeing Glenn and Abraham go. And yes it was hard and brutal. But the world they are living in is hard and brutal and will just get worse.
    For people saying he did not have to Glen because he already killed Abraham. I disagree. He told them before he did anything that they could scream, they could cry, they could do anything but move or else it would be bad. Well Daryl, in that one moment, lost it and punched Negan.
    He told them they would pay if they did not follow his orders and they did. They paid by Negan killing Glenn. They (and we) had to be shown what happens when you don't do what he says.

  • Anonymous - 5 years ago

    I think some of you people are missing the point. It's not the gore that has me wanting to stop watching (if gore bothered me i wouldn't have watched for 6 seasons) it's the crappy writing and repetitive story lines. This show has nothing left to offer anymore. Rick has to be "broken" over and over again by some stupid cartoonish villain and/or the death of someone he cares about. Rinse and repeat over and over again ad nauseum.

    Only difference now is they are desperately trying to drum up interest in their show with more and more "envelope using" gratuitous violence (and yeah it's more affecting when it's PEOPLE--not zombies--that rip each other apart) because really, they have nothing else to offer us anymore. This show is not GOT, no matter how much it wants to be (there's no world building and very little character development) and when you have to resort to the same stupid plot device over and over again (i.e. killing off main characters for shock value) it's crappy writing.

    So to reiterate: for the more discerning viewers, it's just not cutting it anymore. Just because something is excessively gory DOES NOT MEAN IT'S GOOD. There is no substance to this show anymore and the storylines have gotten so stupid--they don't even try to make sense now. Just think about what's actually going on here. Why would so many people follow a guy like Negan? He's cartoonish and lame. Why would someone like Negan let someone like Rick live? Is the fact that he's psychotic supposed to somehow excuse this HUGE lapse in judgement? You don't leave someone like Rick alive if you want his group to work for you. I don't buy it, just like i don't buy that a huge group of people would let Negan lead them (more likely they'd shot him in the back and take over themselves).

  • Big Jim Slade - 5 years ago

    Right, because shooting sociopath children, barbecuing people alive, throat slitting at the slaughter basin, crossbow bolts through the eye, and all the other stuff was A- OK. but THIS time they went to far.
    NEWSFLASH - it's Karo's syrup and BBQ sauce. Relax. You can see ol' Glen and Abraham at any of the Comicons if you are so broken by last night.
    When characters are killed in the comic book, but are still alive on the show, and their death is a major plot arc in the comics, you can be assured it's going to materialize on the show.
    The whole point of it was, indeed, to shock the senses and they fulfilled, in spades. Now you feel what Rick was feeling, you reel as he is reeling, and you truly believe that he is broken, and under the control of Negan.
    Excellent story telling all around.

  • Damien - 5 years ago

    Wtf of course it's not , this is an horrorific serie , so if u can't support any blood don't watch it ! Faggots

  • Ivan - 5 years ago

    This scene was perfect! Any fan of the comics will tell you that this is panel for panel perfection. Whiny bitches go leave. For one I felt TWD did something totally right and has restored my confidence in the show fully. Watching Glenn try to gurgle as his brain bled was so nasty omg it was amazing!!! ???????? Best show on TV for sure don't tone it down for pussies.

  • Scarsynsation - 5 years ago

    I love how people think they can moderate another persons vision...When you see people splattered to pulp...you realize that TWD dont mess around....maybe all of you haters can go watch world war Z or some hokie crap...PG 13 violence has totally ruined the industry...AMC should hang whats left of their splattered heads high...very brave episode coming f4om this gore whore...

  • Price - 5 years ago

    Gloria I agree. That was the sickest thing I've ever watched. I've never felt so anxious watching something from TV. That episode went horribly wrong and I will boigot this serie for the rest of my life.

  • Christina - 5 years ago

    You people can't be serious!!! You know you will all be back...give it a week or two. Some of these comments were so close minded it made me sick. I agree it was very hard to watch, I cried, was sick to my stomach, yelled, etc. But this episode and how it was presented was necessary to establish Negan's character and to show how he had to break Rick. This episode was wrote, directed, and produced wonderfully!!!! And don't get me started on the actors/actresses, the most talented and devoted to not only the show...but US the FANS!!! Now STFU and stop acting like you're above last nights episode and it's brutality. We all hated seeing that done to our beloved Glenn and Bitch Nuts ( Abe ) But in all honesty reading some of these comments disturbed me more than the episode. Some of you probably don't even watch the show because of whatever reason and are just using this to try and do something about it. I got news for all of you...TWD isn't going anywhere for a long time so get used to it. Ta ta for now haters.

  • Maggie - 5 years ago

    I had never felt nauseous from gore... until last night. And if it was just me, that's one thing...but MANY fans are reporting physical pain as a result of last night. This doesn't merely cross the line metaphorically, fans took a hit last night physically. Surely this must be an indication something went wrong. To the fans that felt nothing, I still see you as human... just please have empathy with the ones who became sick from the show. I will no longer watch the show because it has invaded my space and my thoughts. I can't get the images of Abraham and Glenn out of my head. Since I'm not alone in noticing these side effects, I believe other viewers are right to label this as "torture porn" and "perverted." It's strong terminology and it hurts to have to use it in regards to a show I have promoted all along, but it's true. And what's necessary now is recognizing that TWD fans have been hurt by this. We still love the actors and writers as individual people... we're just hurt by them.

  • StreetPirate - 5 years ago

    "it's not like other horror movies where you see victims get torn apart like Texas Chain Saw , Halloween , etc you really have no emotional ties to the characters in a two hour movie."

    Why are you comparing an ongoing TV show to a 2 hour movie?

  • Laura - 5 years ago

    There starting to loose story lines of to many major characters all at once hope it doesn't start getting cheesy just to keep it going.

  • lyn - 5 years ago

    if I wanted to watch human brutality I would watch t.v. news of humans mutalating each other.
    twd was a fantasy of zombies being killed.big difference. it shows just how our far down social norms have gone. we are in decline as a civilization.we are officially the new rome.

  • Jamie - 5 years ago

    Was torn because in a way it was necessary but then it was also extremely brutal. I feel they could have toned it down a bit maybe not show it all--blow by blow

  • Taylor - 5 years ago

    You people! This show is rated TV MA for a reason. The deaths needed to happen, especially, Glenn's. This show is based off a graphic novel and the scene was shot perfectly as depicted in the comics. I'm sorry that you all feel that this was too much but it needed to happen the way it did. Yes, we all got attached to the characters and to see them go out like they did is sad, but think of it as what could happen in a post apocalyptic world. No, I'm not talking about a zombie apocalypse just and apocalypse of any kind. People are going to be looting, killing, and doing anything to survive. TWD did/doing a great job on capturing what life may be like in a post apocalyptic world.

  • Tina - 5 years ago

    Really? Too far? Ha it's TV folks not real life number 1. The comment from creating a copy cat murder? Ever see High Tension or any other gore flick? Maybe a real life saw copy cat? Give me a break. 3 if you allow choldren to watch it, you probably shouldn't have custody of them lol.

  • Gail - 5 years ago

    No kids and many teens shouldn't watch the show, but they do. And that episode was very disturbing for many adults. AMC should have re thought this and I think a lot of parents are going to feel the same way.
    I think they just lost a lot of viewers.

  • wulves - 5 years ago

    I said it last night to everyone ,I think TWD went to far and crossed lines. We have all seen blood and gore in movies ,but TWD writers I feel tugged at our heart strings for years ,we became attached to these characters and then the writers victimized us . Its not like other horror movies where you see victims get torn apart like Texas Chain Saw , Halloween , etc you really have no emotional ties to the characters in a two hour movie . But as silly as it sounds 6 yrs of watching these characters , you become attached , and TWD writers used that to shock people . It was history last night folks ,I don't think anyone that saw that episode walked away without feeling weird , why ? because they went to far . I was a cop for 20 yrs in NYC and I seen it all ,and let me tell you ,that is what it looks like in real life went someone is beat up like that So you all witnessed something that can cause PTSD in people and probably did to some . Gone to far will either but this show over the top ,or it could be the fall of Rome.

  • Momma2lee - 5 years ago

    We are done has a family watching after 6 yrs way over done they could have done it a different way ..lost so many viewers so sad Goodbye #TWD

  • Janet - 5 years ago

    You lost a viewer and my grandkids I will not let them watch it. Very sad we have been watching for 6 years eating our popcorn and enjoying conversation overall. So sad I guess we will move on to z nation. They don't push the envelope.

  • Elven - 5 years ago

    The deaths needed to happen, yes. Jeffrey Dean Morgan did a great job making me scared to death of him. But the deaths didn't need to happen the WAY they filmed them. Blood running down the face is one thing but with effects that realistic I felt like I was watching real people being bludgeoned to death in front of me. That is not why I turn on my TV. I'm not afraid of gore, but this was flippin' slasher porn and I'm not OK with it. In other news, The actors responses didn't work for me in light of what they were seeing and the whole thing with Negan "breaking" Rick went on so long I got bored. They took Negan over the top way more than the comics or the story called for. I understand people's sadness at losing two great characters and graphic novel purists saying Glenn had to get the bat. But other than that, the episode offered nothing but a very good representation of murder. AMC "pushing the envelope" of what is acceptable cost them their viewers in my household. It's not okay to force the notion that watching snuff porn on Sunday night is the way of the future. Anyone defending it is already jaded beyond hope and people, the word YOUR shows possession or ownership, like your car, your house, etc. The contraction YOU'RE means you are, like you're stupid not to like this episode or even more appropriately, YOUR inability to understand why this episode did not need to present the deaths in such a graphic way indicates to me that YOU'RE already so desensitized to evil that you would recognize it if it bit YOIR face. I don't want to know you.

  • Ash - 5 years ago

    This episode was the most intense I've ever watched. I'll stick with the show but watching the way Glenn died made me feel physically ill afterwards. I was actually more disturbed by the Rick and Carl scene. The whole thing left me breathless and tense. Thankfully Negan did not make Rick do it but that's what you call psychological warfare. All in all it was a good way to hook the people who could handle the violence, but maybe a bit too much for those of us who are still sensitive to watching a person die brutally, real or not

  • Sean - 5 years ago

    Everyone saying the show went over the top and to far. That it was sadistic and wrong of the writers. I just want to let you know that your one of those weak people in the show that always screws over someone else in the group. Lighten up, man up, and take this opportunity to count your blessing and be thankful for tis life you have. The world is a sick place and trying to hide yourself from it only proved you to be a fool. Awesome episode amc keep it up!!

  • Elsa - 5 years ago

    Disgusting and perverse

  • Jason - 5 years ago

    If you thought this was to violent and didn't establish the brutality of negan then go back to watching cartoon network. This was the best epsidoe to date and the vengeance that is coming i can't wait for. Put on your big boy pants. You don't deserve to watch such a perfectly written story with incredible acting.

  • John - 5 years ago

    You all are a bunch of pussies. Too far? Don't watch.

  • Richard stewart - 5 years ago

    This really crossed the line for evil. Zombies didn't seem real but these were real people. No way

  • Sharon - 5 years ago

    Cheap, sick porno. Actors: get off this train. Not worthy of you.

  • Monika - 5 years ago

    I can't feel my head anymore after watching this.. Really. This episode is going too far. I don't want to see Glenn died!! I wish it was a nightmare :(

  • Kelly Mark Colwell Jr. - 5 years ago

    This was THE most filthy, satanic display of cinematography-calling-itself-art that I have ever witnessed in my 56yrs of watching cinematic filth, and believe me, that's saying a lot.

  • Sara - 5 years ago

    I was extremely disturbed by the unnecessary violence in the season seven premier. I get that it followed the comic but it should've left a lot of that to our imaginations. I love FX makeup but COME ON! These weren't zombies getting their heads bashed in. I'm shocked that AMC was allowed to show this at all?! I have watched TWD from the beginning but am considering being done with it at this point. Really AMC....what were you thinking?

  • Lily Alisa - 5 years ago

    If someone you love was gruesomely being murdered in front of you, your reaction would be quite extreme. The lack of realistic reaction in all the other characters in the group ruined the episode completely. Honesty, their behaviour was more in keeping with someone who's just seen their new car bashed. I become very tearful when I watch emotional scenes in movies. I had a box of tissues ready for this episode! I didn't shed one tear though.w hat a massive disappointmwnt.

  • Brandon - 5 years ago

    Too over the top for me. But I'm sticking with the show. What I don't understand is how they can show that level of violence but you can't say F*ck? So many opportunities missed to drive a point home with that word... Terminus (They are "screwing" with the wrong people)... Really? That is the best example but there are more.

  • R - 5 years ago

    I follow the comics as well as the show, so I knew what was going to happen, to an extent, but honestly, they made Negan a much bigger lunatic in the show than he is in the comics, hell, in the comic he is even easy to like once you step away from this scene and I was excited to have Jeffrey Dean Morgan play him, but the escalation upon escalation was overdone. Even just establishing as a character and how awful he is, this was definitely done as gorno. Gore for the sake of exciting people with sadistic tendencies. It was otherwise well written and I still like the show very much, however, when a show triggers my anxiety so thoroughly that I am the brink of an anxiety attack? I, unfortunately, am not desensitized enough to watch it anymore and I think that's a good thing. There isn't anything wrong with people not being able to watch it anymore, but the escalation again and again was trite and poorly done and had no rhyme or reason behind it. It also severely limits further dramatic loss in the season, when we are already so thoroughly traumatized by the loss of two major players in one single episode, to try and up the ante later is just not going to be as significant, unless it's Carl or Rick.

    To those saying it was necessary, no, it really wasn't, it was just done because the show has been lacking in certain areas and comic fans have been displeased with some of the changes made to the storyline. It has to be different, though, it has to pull in people from both columns. Comic fans and new comers. For those of shocked at the brutality against Rick's group, that is the whole purpose of the show, to shock you and make you feel what they're feeling when they lose someone. This isn't the first brutal death of a main human character and it won't be the last, don't make it sound like is the first we have seen a character we love be so brutalized. It was the careless, over the top escalation that I just couldn't deal with. For God's sake, and I'm an atheist! Spread that out! Span it over several episodes and pulling Carl into such a perverse scene? That was too much. I honestly wish it had stuck with the comic a little more honestly here and not strayed so far. If they only end up jailing Negan at the end of this season, I will be severely disappointed and that's if I can even handle watching anymore of it without having an anxiety attack everytime.

  • EXFAN - 5 years ago

    They insulted the viewer's intelligence with THAT scene and this episode-up till now the gore had been relevant and NOT over the top. People have imaginations and know how to use them, especially after years of watching The Walking Dead. But they went over the top. There should have been much more explicit warnings on this particular episode and I've been a fan from day one. The only people who will have enjoyed it will be the doped up or drunk under 25 crowd who were watching it for the gore factor and not the actual story. I GUARANTEE there will be copy cat real life murders attempted with a bat and some barb wire. The Hate is real directed at the producers and the actors who agreed to such scenes, I hope they were paid well for whoring themselves-seemed to effect them all so badly that many were drunk/openly drinking and swearing on the live Talking Dead stage. For most of us older/middle aged people who enjoyed the story as well as the well done but usually 99% of the time amazing special effects that fit story, this was too much. They owe us their exiting fan base an apology, and I would like to see the network pull the plug as the story is now over. I, along with many other reviews read, can now state firmly I will not be watching again, was a fun ride, till someone in the special FX dept. was put in charge. They are TOO good with their special effects and that in itself made the scene/episode psychologically harmful to MANY of the now exiting fan base. I won't be watching anymore but do post please if they opt to club baby seals and puppies next week to keep the shock and watch factor going for those who feed on that psychopathic crap. As for me-it will take me weeks if not months of watching the weather channel and I Love Lucy reruns to heal and try to claw this crap from my mind. I do hope some of the better actors will just up and leave, the show is DONE.

  • Alida - 5 years ago

    I've been a huge fan of the walking dead since day 1, but this episode was so sick. Whatever ppl are saying like "it needed to happen" is so wrong. I feel like this was tailored to the needs of the creeps out there who watch the show, really sadistic, pure evil... I'm so upset.. theres enough of that true horror in real life with war and murder...

  • Kevin - 5 years ago

    I wish a Glen had not been killed that way as well as Abraham, due to the characters being , so loved by all. I feel we would have wanted them to go fighting not kneeling hopelessly unable to do anything. But I can take this as hard as it is to see them due this way . Only if Negan get the exact death prolonged and he suffers anything short of this is a slap in the face to all the fans who have made this show what it is . So a message to the producers anything short of Negan dying by lucelle is a slap in the fans face . "Don't Dissapoint Us "

  • John B - 5 years ago

    Never thought I'd say this , but I was officially turned off after following since the start. I don't think the graphic nature of the episode was necessary.

  • brenda bullard - 5 years ago

    Was biggest fan. Watched rerun marathons 3 times. Always telling friends and family who dont watch how great it is and how they should watch. Prayed last night that they WERENT WATCHING. What sick mind wrote this episode? Woke up this morning with a knot in my gut. Loved everything about this show before, now i may stop watching.

  • VIC_)%)% - 5 years ago

    TWD is not for the weak at heart. The writers and producers did a wonderful job (understatement). It had to be done people. As a reader of the comics I wondered how would I feel seeing this play out on TV. The show did not let me down. I cant wait to see more of this season. Keep up the amazing work!! And Thank you AMC.

  • Denise - 5 years ago

    People who are shocked at the violence haven't been following anything on the internet....I recall these past few months everyone predicting who was going to get "Lucille'd"....they followed the comic, TO THE LETTER for graphic content....so for people to be shocked at how violent it was, or that Glenn was included,...well......I thought it was exceptional! (Yes, I was nauseous, and shaking the while time, but I remember having the same sick feeling reading the comic) it IS necessary to establish Negan's character because that man is SICK.... ANYONE wondering how Dwight got burned???? Stay tuned, people!!!

  • Susie - 5 years ago

    Many of us are long time devoted fans of TWD. I have been watching it since day one. Though I understand the need to stick close to his comic books, I have to say I am so completed floored by the writers and producers on this once amazing show. It is completely different to see a zombie be ripped apart than to actually view characters that we've all grown to love violently be beaten to death in front of our eyes. It was very inappropriate, disappointing and unnecessary. I am so disappointed with the producers and what they gave the viewers after all these months. You should have let Glenn die that day at the dumpster --it would have been a little easier to handle without this horrible episode of losing one of our favorite characters.

  • Lon - 5 years ago

    People need to read the comics because Glenn died a long time ago. Rick,should of lost his hand along time ago.

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