Best Early Free Agent Rotation Deal?

  • Shawn butt - 5 years ago

    Dickey was best deal, Morton farts too much and colon is a butterball.

  • Jake - 5 years ago

    Best signings in terms of value
    1. Chavez: least amount of money, was very effective in Oakland 2 and 3 years ago.
    2. Colon: large amount of money but only a one year contract and in my opinion he's the best pitcher on this list for a one year deal
    3. Dickey: eats innings. Wouldnt have given him as much money as Chavez
    4. Hellickson: is honestly not as good as Colon but has a much brighter future. His results are so shaky I don't have a whole lot of confidence in him
    5. Cashner: could turn out to be the best value. But Texas is a hitter friendly park and he hasn't put a solid season together since 2014. Potential is there but I don't trust him
    6. Morton: he's always hurt and you give him a 2 year deal? 14 mil isn't a whole lot nowadays but I would rather have Neshek in the pen (they traded him and his option to cut 6.5 mil payroll or 2 mil buyout)

  • Jay Fan - 5 years ago

    R.A. was undervalued in Toronto. Not his fault he was traded for Syndergaard. Innings eater.

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