Should the tea party movement support the Arizona immigration bill?


  • Kathy - 12 years ago

    My first response was yes but after hearing argument I feel It may cost supporters who are sympathetic to illegal immigrants and Mike is right you can fight for the States rights to crack down. Stick to less taxes smaller govt.

  • Elmer - 12 years ago

    As Americans we have the moral responsibility to protect this country by making sure that our laws are not broken and if individuals break the law, these need to be punished not rewarded with amnesty or any consideration.

    We need to stop these people (pro-immigrants activists, and pro-immigr organizations, to stop bullying us American citizens by accusing us of being racists or hateful. WE ARE NOT RACISTS OR HATEFUL ! WE ARE FEED UP OF THE MANIPULATION, ABUSE AND BULLYING THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS CAUSE TO AMERICAN CITIZENS.

    I realize that there are Americans that like to play as a doormat and support illegal immigration, and help these people in the rape and violation or our Nation, by people that take our law in their hands.

    To those so called "americans" that don't protect their country shall be paying 40% more taxes to support the illegal immigrants that they are helping to manipulate our Constitution. SHAME ON THEM !

  • Anna Gonzalez - 12 years ago

    Soy ciudadana y pienso que el govierno debe responsabilizarse y hacer cumplir las leyes,pero no solo las leyes que favoresen a este pais,sino dejar de explotar con acuerdos economicos que producen pobresa y deja sin empleo a tanta gente en los paises del sur,lo mismo que no se vendan tantas armas fabricadas aqui y que los norteamericanos dejemos de ser los mejores compradores de drogas del mundo y exijamos que todas esas fabricas y companias que estan explotando la mano de obra barata de los paises latinos y algunos paises asiaticos regresen aqui y que nosotros demostremos que podemos trabajar en el campo,en los restaurantes.y podemos cuidar a nuestros hijos y limpiar nuestras casas sin utilizar a ningun extranjero y que los paises latinos controlen de igual forma la imigracion norteamericana que han sufrido por mas tiempo que nosotros.

  • bill - 12 years ago

    The tea party should support the Arizona law to the extent that BILLIONS of our tax dollare go to support people in this country illegally. The genesis of the Tea Party movement was the irresponsible spending policies of the government. Whether it is healthcare, bailouts, or money spent to support non citizens, the Tea Party should focus on demanding fiscally responsible and constitutionally appropriate behavior by our elected officials, period. While I personally agree with the Arizona law, the Tea Party involvement should be focused on the cost of illegal immigration. If you eliminate the financial support to those here illegally, the problem of illigal immigration will probably become managable.

  • Suzie - 12 years ago

    How about we ask Obama and Nancy down here for one of Sherrif Joe's Bus rides to the Boarder. Enough said.

  • john gordon - 12 years ago

    Each illeagal immigrant takes a job from a legal immigrant

  • Bud Hallman - 12 years ago

    Why is it so hard for people to understand that we are all responsible to follow the law of the land? We have immigration laws for a reason, the security of our country being one. If you had an inturder decide he was moving into your home for you to support while he sucked your resources dry any person in their right mind wouldn't allow that to happen. So, why do we allow "illegal aliens", not immigrants, "illegal aliens" so lets stop with the political correct candy coating it, to do it?!! We're pissed off about our resources being drainedand over burdened, about being over taxed and government over spending, about being a cash cow for the government. How can we not recognize that sending millions and millions of illegal aliens back where ever they came from would lift a great burden from that tax base? Why are criminals getting government assistance in the first place? How hypocritical is that in the first place? Addressing this issue is addressing government spending and is at the heart of it! It is one of the black holes that our tax dollars are being sucked into without our even being asked for approval of and I for one resent it greatly. It's not about race, so if the liberals what to use the race card it only proves their ignorance of the issue. Seems to be their trump card on any issue. I take issue with anything or anyone who threatens what America has stood for from it's birth and if you have a problem with that then I am your problem. I will not stand idley by while my home or my country is invaded and if you will then you are a part of the problem. Who cares about offending us as Americans? Well, if they don't then they can't expect to be considered in a different light and it's high time they woke up and smelled the coffee!

  • Dr. John Bruge - 12 years ago

    I support AZ 1,000% and sent a personal letter to Jan; however, I think we Tea Partiers should stick to our knitting. We cannot afford to spread ourselves too thin and get involved in every issue that comes up that we support. That will eventually starve us of our enthusiasm and dilute our efforts. If we start supporting all the"good" causes, we will be making the biggest mistake we can possibly make and it will eventually cause our demise. Stick to our knitting!

  • John - 12 years ago

    Perhaps I just don't get it! What is so terrible about so-called "racial profiling"? Example: I am robbed! The COP asks me to describe the perp. Should I avoid telling the COP the perp. was white, black, red, or yellow? ANY police report ALWAYS asks for a description of the perp., so if I answer truthfully, should I leave out skin color or that the perp. speaks with an accent? Of course not!! What is the difference? Affirmative Action IS "racial profiling", is it not? However, Affirmative Action is still the law of the land! Are we not "gaping at knats and swallowing camels"? I agree that PERSECUTING an entire race is wrong, but PROSECUTING illegals is standard operating procedure in this country!! ANY RULE (OR LAW) THAT IS NOT ENFORCED WITH CONSEQUENCE IS A HOLLOW LAW DESTINED TO BE VIOLATED AGAIN AND AGAIN! Any first grader can tell you this!! ANY lawbreaker (illegal immigrants ARE lawbreakers) must be prosecuted or our system of laws become uncontrolled chaos! As I see it, Arizona is simply upholding the law since the FEDS are too "politically correct" to do! If the FEDS are NOT going to enforce their own laws with consequence (which obviously they are not), should EVERY STATE not EXPECT the FEDS to uphold laws? This is NOT racial profiling! After all,l in regards to our southern border, the illegals are largely hispanic so it does not require a degree from MIT to conclude that one would check hispanics first? We are the ONLY nation in the world that allow our borders to be ignored! Are we not inviting problems?
    SECURE THE BORDERS NOW!! Then we can enforce the federal law on illegals already in the USA.....with consequence! If the FEDS are not going to protect We The Perople, why do we need them? SELLING NATIONAL SECURITY FOR POLITICAL CLOUT IS TREASON, PURE AND SIMPLE AND VIOLATES EVERY ELECTED FEDERAL OFFICIAL'S OATH OF OFFICE! This includes the president!! If a soldier violates his/her Oath, that soldier is prosecuted by the very government who won't do the same to themselves! THIS IS BEYOND ABSURD!!!!!!

  • krissa - 12 years ago

    ok last comment - I agree with John P. White posted above """"I do not believe that limited resources should be diverted from the mission at hand, changing the leadership in the Congress. If this mission is accomplished, this issue's priority goes way down. The administration and Congress are very unlikely to get anything bill through before the election and, if we are successful,a bill providing amnesty will never see the light of day. While the Dems will howl and do everything to appease the Hispanic vote, they will simply be doing their best to keep this issue alive until election day to get as many additional votes as they can from it. I say focus fully on mission one.""

  • krissa - 12 years ago

    oh and please dont point out all the spelling.... typing with a sleeping child in lap... spellcheck is a luxury LOL!!

  • krissa - 12 years ago

    I agree with the letter Eric sent that states should do what they feel is best for there citizens and as far as I see the grass roots of this orgainization were about keeping the federal government out of the states for the most part. As Rubio said when I saw him speak here in Naples... If a state has regulations people dont like they will move to another state. Also, Here in FLA we have had MANY issues come up and untill recently I would have maybe sided with the 80% in this poll BUT now I see after working with and hiring people what it takes to come here LEGALLY!! WHAT A FEAKING NIGHTMARE... Its almost better to be here illegally. What my friends from Europe go thru and they employee US people with companies they set up, pay income taxes, purchase products, Pay real estate taxes (which support our schools!) is REDICULIOUS. I see what another friend who came here legally but has tried in VAIN for YEARS to get one piece of paper from the gov'nt to show he is here legally but everyone concideres him illegal because of one piece of paper. He cant even get a DL (thanks to FLA tough new "prove who you are" law taken from BUSH Terriist bill. Most states decided NOT to enact that and even the government put an extension on it. Here in FLA the court systems will soon be innundated with - legal and illegal cases of ppl driving with out a licance... THATS NOT taking CARE of the immigration problem. The problem is the system... Not the people trying for a better life - AZ is making more problems for themselves and passing the buck with a feel good to the people law - Just like the Gov did here.... all they are doing is passing the buck to the court system who doesnt have a budget to handle it.

  • Laura - 12 years ago

    Yes, we should get involved by encouraging others to call their senators, representatives and the White House
    telling them to secure our borders once and for all.

  • Debbie - 12 years ago CNN Lou Dobbs now what does washington have to say about Fox being the only media against the OBAMA administration. If this video new
    clip is true then OBAMA's administration must be stopped. This is not just a slap in the face of the American people, this will alter the way America is designed. HELP GOD THE DEVIL HAS ARRIVED. THE ANTI CHRIST SITS

  • Joyce Vaughn - 12 years ago

    We should definitely help Arizona by supporting this law and Arizona businesses. If I am correct the Arizona Tea products and Cold Stone Ice Cream are two of the Arizona businesses illegals said they would boycott Arizona businesses.

  • Founding Mother - 12 years ago

    The comments here are all so valid. I have myself, as an individual, sent an e-mail to Gov. Brewer thanking her for her courage and common sense in signing the immigration bill. The critics are muddling the issue by hammering our eyes and ears with the false arguments for human rights, profiling, etc. Isn't the president and most of our official leaders sworn to protect and defend this country and its people? What is so difficult for them to understand this?

  • Art Rutherford - 12 years ago

    What part of "illegal" do they not understand?

  • jj - 12 years ago

    Just a correction to my note above. I mistated. The killing of the law officer I was refering to was not a killing. They just shot him in the stomach. So far he is still alive. We would not want to mistate the facts....

  • jj - 12 years ago

    I agree with Bob Austin on April 28th 2010, 12:58pm .

    I think the TP needs to continue its main focus on it original purpose. But it should push the federal government to uphold its promise to help the border states protect those borders, all of them, not just Arizona. Arizona is just the first one to get so fed up with the drug runners killing out citizens, and now our law men, that we found it necessary to put some teeth in the laws that are already on the books. There is no new law here. We are just enforcing the laws that already exist. There are too many people coming into the state and stirring up the locals with misinformation and causing a panic. I would panic too, if I thought I was going to be the target of every law man I saw, asking me, for no other reason than the color of my skin and the slant of my accent, if I had my "Papers". But thoe are lies. The officers that have not yet been trained in how to NOT use racial profiling will soombe getting that training, by "Executive Order" of our governor. I have nothing against the people themselves, but if they broke the law to get here, then they are offenders and should pay the price of breaking those laws. The logic confuses me. They want civil rights but don't want to have to obey our laws, specifically our laws regarding immigration. You can't have it both ways. I feel for their plight, but the law is for everyone.

  • Ralph Hartwig - 12 years ago

    Part of the stratigy used by the left is to throw so much at you to overwhelm your defense. the new law, SB 1020 has tons of legal presidence and no danger of being declared unconstitutional. Obama is proving his lack of support of all citizens in most everything he does on a daily basis and that's really an asset for us all. There is sanity in our nation and I saw it in Searchlight, NV and see it every Monday night in North Phoenix Tea Partyers. Sanity will prevail.

  • John Brown - 12 years ago

    I agree that the Tea Party should stand-up for Arizona in this issue. You have a coined it exactly right when you say the Federal Government has overstepped its authority on this issue. I have worked as a government employee for the past 25 the enforcement side. I have never been a proponent of "Big Government". I agree that citizens and communities decide what is important on a local and state level. It has been far too long coming that the federal government and our elected officials have their chain jerked and remind them that the federal government only has the power WE give them....I have no problem providing tax money for my national defense and national highways! I am tired of working two extra jobs to pay the income tax on the two I have to work to live! We've had an open door policy by the Federal Government, at the top..not necessarily the line officers when it comes to immigration! There's no teeth in the federal immigration law to deter anyone from climbing the fence or swimming back over! I'm from Texas and I wish all the states that border Mexico would adopt the same law!

  • Sharon - 12 years ago

    Stay focused on government spending? Don't spread the tea party people too thin? How about focusing on the government spending on the illegals? They are costing us more than anything else. If we don't get heavily involved in this issue we are worthless. Hopefully this isn't just another social club with no clout and no purpose. Get real, the cost of illegals is monumental.

  • Ron Harders - 12 years ago

    Why are we so afraind of the left? Have we all read Alinsky? Can't we fight back? Can't we isolate, marginalize and ridicule them also? I'm tired of having to turn the other cheek. We are ignored when we demonstrate by the media and the politicians. Let's ignore these clowns until after their demonstrations have tanked and shown just how much a bunch of irresponsible childish churls they really are and point that out to the "independents" that everyone is so afraid of alienating. I don't think they like the ploys of the left any more than we do, they're just afraid of bei9ng alone.


  • JOHN HANSELMAN - 12 years ago

    Do you know where all those American flags that the protesters for ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION come from??
    I can tell you this --- The Mexican Government is the SECOND LARGEST BUYER OF AMERICAN FLAGS. WHY ???
    This is an issue, that if not resolved to the satisfaction of the majority of Americans, will tear this country apart.
    I urge Americans to support Arizona in their efforts to bring some kind of sense to this INSANITY!
    Arizonians - March in support of your States actions. Suggested sign -- ILLEAGAL IMMIGRATION - NO
    This takes race away from the equation. On the back side of sign -- TAX PAYERS HAVE RIGHTS TOO

  • Melody Sobelman - 12 years ago

    Legal immigration is a Federal issue and Arizona is only enhancing current Federal Laws. Bravo to Arizona for reminding all of us to stand up to what we already have on the books. With Obama's current views on his reaction to Arizona trying to secure it's citizens of their legal rights encourages me to expand my views towards getting involved in this issue through the TEA party however; we need to direct it in a way that it is not associated with Arizona but because the Federal Government is not providing one of the main tenents of their reason for being. To protect all states of their National Security. I am going to support Arizona buy purchasing from Arizona vendors in Sara Palin's Buy-cott to couteract the Illegal immigrantion efforts to boycott Arizona and their ability to their right to trade. So when and if TEA becomes involved on the nation as a whole and not just Arizona, I will definately be in favor of it's participation.

  • Ava Walters - 12 years ago

    The tea party movement should be involved in this issue as it strikes at the very heart of freedom and liberty of our citizens in USA. Illegals take our jobs, use our health care for free, live off the welfare we offer and are a burden on all taxpayers everywhere. You can find the illegals settling in every state in the nation, border state or not, and you find them being a burden on taxpayers in every state. Some states more than others. If we are about the money, this is definitely about the money. Focus on getting the right people elected and focus on ways the teaparty can help those who do get elected to reduce the tax burden by repealing obamacare, illegals from being able to stay here and future Cap and Tax bills. Ava Walters, Kalispell MT founder of Freedom Action Rally

  • Jeanne - 12 years ago

    I believe amnesty will be our Waterloo. If we allow congress to pass amnesty we will NEVER get our country back. It will give the democratic (socialist) party a huge new voting block to keep their leftward march continuing. I think this is the biggest issue right now. How do you address spending when you are no longer able to win back the majority because they just made 12 million new voters that will vote democrat to repay them for giving them free citizenship?

  • Chacko Pulparampil - 12 years ago

    A nation is charachterized by certain criteria such as, controlled borders, citizenship, language, civilization, culture, etc. In the abscence of these, we are not a nation, but a group of people.

  • Carol Dufrene - 12 years ago

    The issue is critical to the safety and the economy of the US. My suggestion would be that our time be invested in educating the public on Mexico's immigration policy and the provisions under Mexico's Ley General de Poblacion (General Law of the Population) described in Michelle Malkin's syndicated column today, 4/30/2010. Mexico would not tolerate the situation taking place in the United States today and yet their President accuses us of " intolerance, hate, discrimination and abuse in law enforcement". I never believed that in my lifetime I would see the destruction of the United States of America, much less, from within. I fear that is exactly where we are headed.

  • paula - 12 years ago

    although very important please keep eye on the other hand. Namely, P.Rico statehood. I am afraid Obama will have the next election all sewed up and will have destroyed ever having a true election again. We must unite on the side of God and ask for a reversal of the tide.

  • Hank - 12 years ago

    Why don't we work to have the anchor baby law changed. That would stop a lot of the illegals from coming here. We are the only country in the world that has this dumb law and the illegals know this and take entirely too much advantage of it. If the entire family is here illegally it would be much easier to send them all back to their country.

  • Jean Watson - 12 years ago

    The President will not stop immigrants from coming. He wants to have control with them to help plus all those dumb enough to follow his wishes (I believe it is his desire to feel he rules America) He was gifted with what I call a silver tongue and has fooled many and will continue to fool many, As we have seen he has lied so much no one should trust him. Also, according to the bible a lot of things are being fulfilled. Earthquakes, floods, fires, and greed. Please pray God will open their eyes before it is to late unless it is already. Things like now being done can't go much longer. Not only us but generations to come will be affected if this continues to go as it has been going.

  • Ron Yeary - 12 years ago

    The TEA party is already a part of the movement. Like it or not the TEA party is about the Liberty of our citizens.
    The security of our borders is our national security. Without remaining true to the Rule of Law and the Constitution there is no Liberty and there is no security.

    Any person who doesn't accept this is misguided. Any politician that refuses to accept it is a traitor to their office.

  • Lisa - 12 years ago

    I believe the only response the tea party should have is to .......Protect Our Boarders!

  • Susan - 12 years ago

    It seems that the state sovereignty movement might be the best way to wrest unconstitutional power away from the federal government. I think we should support the states who are asserting their sovereignty, whether the issue is immigration, firearms, health care, abortion restrictions, etc.

  • ray ray and dee. - 12 years ago

    Let's stay on course and get ready to vote in November. We need to get these Democrats out and vote in some real Americans. Let's make Obama a 2-year lame duck president. It's going to be a long summer and we need to keep focus. Together we stand, devided we lose. Let's get the Senate and the House back to the people. GOD BLESS YOU ALL !!!

  • Sam Adams 1776 - 12 years ago

    I fully support what Arizona is trying to do and believe all of us who agree should do all we can to support those who are trying to control our borders. But, from the other comments, it appears there are some organizations already focusing specifically on this issue and I would rather see the Tea Party continue to concentrate on it's core objectives.

    An earlier writer said it very well...let's elect people to local, state and federal offices who agree with our philosophy of a limited, constitutionally sound government that is run with a sense of fiscal responsibility. When that's done, then we can reform immigration laws so that they control our borders, protect our citizens and provide for reasonable immigration levels determined by the American system of governance...not by radical, leftist immigration advocates, the DNC and their cheerleaders in the lame stream media.

  • John P. White - 12 years ago

    While I fully agree that this is a priority issue, I do not believe that limited resources should be diverted from the mission at hand, changing the leadership in the Congress. If this mission is accomplished, this issue's priority goes way down. The administration and Congress are very unlikely to get anything bill through before the election and, if we are successful,a bill providing amnesty will never see the light of day. While the Dems will howl and do everything to appease the Hispanic vote, they will simply be doing their best to keep this issue alive until election day to get as many additional votes as they can from it. I say focus fully on mission one.

  • Linda - 12 years ago

    I think the Tea Party should be smart enough to steer away from "violent & racist" demonstrations. We should continue our focus or verbage on Constituional matters or financial burdens on citizens versus non-citizens created by ILLEGALS. AZ has a state legislature that has determined it's right to defend it's citizens, when the Federal Government falls down on the job. Let's push that the Federal Gov't OWES AZ almost 1 billion dollars for incarceration of Illegals. Obama & Napolitano (who herself whined about Bush not paying) pay up. AZ could use that money for these tough times. Maybe the stat could build a fence if it had $1 bil. What about the drag on AZ medical & educational bills created by Illegals. It is a FEDERAL Law that requires the carring of a GREEN CARD. So isn't the state following Federal Law, after a crime is commited.

    There are many Latino Citizens, who have been in AZ many generations and they should be welcomed to speak up as CITIZENS. We should be sympathatic to their difficulty in this situation. Many Latino Citizens are not happy that their family members on the border, on either side, are being targeted by the Drug Cartel. How can AZ police help them, if they are targeted criminally by Illegals as traitors to their nationality.

    Some how I think this is a teachable moment.

  • Jim - 12 years ago

    Since your focus is on electoral activism, you'd better take a position on immigration. If we don't solve the immigration problem, we may find all the illegals are voting.

  • jim - 12 years ago

    You need to read the Bible again(Old testamant)not only did He give them the land He helped to drive and destroy the people that were there first. If you don't have laws you won't surive as a nation and when you do have laws and don't enforce them the same thing will happen.

  • Sharron Robinson - 12 years ago

    I saw your comments you listed yesterday and you are out of line. By the way what are you doing infiltrating our web site. The same as infiltrating our country unwanted. As God said to the Supreme being who thought we no longer needed him for creation, "Go get your own dirt".

  • Tina Bogani - 12 years ago

    The Federal Government is supposed to be protecting OUR borders, but they are doing a miserably lame job. What is a border state supposed to do?? I wholeheartedly support what Arizona is doing. They have the right to protect their border with Mexico if the US is not going to do it. The scary thing is, if drug dealers are getting through, what's to stop a terrorist? This IS a Tea Party issue, a failure of the Federal Government to DO ITS JOB!!

  • Reginald - 12 years ago

    This entire affair is a legitimate issue... FOR ARIZONA.

    In typical Republican fashion they have been out-maneuvered by the Democrat 'Leftists'... AGAIN!!

    Obama and Congress have the responsibility to secure our borders. DO NOT alienate and cripple the young 'Tea Party" movement over an issue that will do more harm than good.

    Alas, remember this; Hispanics will soon be the LARGEST voting block in the US. How do we incorporate the LEGAL HISPANICS into American Society as full fledged rightful citizens without pushing them into the arms of the DEMOCRAT SLAVE MASTERS.

  • Laura Olsen CONNECTICUT - 12 years ago

    This is one area where the Fed should be responsible. We want the government to protect our boarders and maintain our defense. That's about it. I commend Arizona for trying to do one of the few things that our Federal government will not do, and that's to SECURE OUR BOARDERS. // There must be an ulterior motive to the resistance some have (including the current administration) to Arizona's attempt to control their border and keep non-American citizens from entering or remaining in this country illegally. Let's look at this logically: The only reason it seems like "racial profiling" is due to the fact that the people entering Arizona from Mexico illegally are all -- hello -- Mexican! There tend not to be Asians or Africans or Indians or Russians or Irishmen or Canadians entering Arizona by crossing the Arizona-Mexican boarder. So it would stand to reason that if Police in Arizona are asked to crack down on illegal aliens in that state, it's 99.9% likely that anyone who is suspected of being an "illegal" is of Mexican dissent. Come on, people, use some sense. Now for those of you worried about people being asked to "show papers" as the talking points are going (yes, we are on to you), all people in America are asked to show ID at every step and turn! I went to the doctor last week and they asked to see my driver's lic (a new policy I might add). Lately I've noticed that when I use my credit card to buy something, I am asked to show my ID. And when I was pulled over by a cop for speeding (many years ago), guess what? He asked to see my driver's lic.! It is hardly uncommon to be asked to show ID in this country. (People who have green cards are specifically told to keep it on their person at all times.) And so are you telling me that if in the course of this interaction a cop discovers that someone does not have proper ID and suspects - yes, even perhaps because of the Spanish accent - that they might be here illegally, that he should not pursue this? And if he finds that in fact the person is here ILLEGALLY that they shouldn't be sent back to Mexico? They (Dems) just want the votes--however they can get them. Prisoners, dead people, illegal aliens. It doesn't matter to them. There can be no other logical explanation. I guarantee you that anyone not born here who has gone through the immense process of actually becoming a citizen would be more than happy to prove it to anyone who asked. // Someone on talk radio had a great point: if the Dems thought for a second that all these illegals could be corralled into voting for Republicans, they would be setting up return trips so fast your head would spin!

  • Maria - 12 years ago

    Carol Cavanaugh when the pilgrims came the indians own this land, and I the Constitution was sign around 1700. Now I pose another question what are you going to do next after insulting me , crematories and gas chambers to get rid of the ones you cannot tolerate. That is what hate did to Jews in the 1940's. G-d created the earth and He made no borders, for His creation to enjoy. I forgive you for and I know that if people like u repent can find forgiveness too.

  • Bill - 12 years ago

    Absolutely, illegal aliens and foreign trespassers should be kept out of the country and the 337 Billion $$$ per year wasted on illegals should be used to reduce the deficit. Arizona has become a war zone and the Arizonians want relief from the intrusion and violence, the crimes and demands of illegal aliens. Arizona is on the verge of beoing held hostage like the Southern California school systems where Mexican flags fly and aliens demonstrate and demand that spanish language MUST be the only school language. Similarily the "anchor baby" allowances need to be overturned to discourage pregnant women from sneaking across the border to deliver. A recent e-mail detailed the plight of a disabled American military veteran in Florida who gets less than $750/ mo. pension but a female Illegal Alien with 8 illegtimate children receives $1500/ mo PER CHILD in welfare. The country needs to STOP this insane misappropration of priorities.

  • Sharron Robinson - 12 years ago

    After hearing yesterday's news about Obama trying now to take over Puerto Rica (for the vote), the REAL reason he is refusing to help Arizona to stop illegal immigration (for the vote), and then the NEXT step in trying to overload the supreme court in his favor, this ultimately leads me to believe he is trying to takeover the 3 branches of government that the constitution plainly spells out are necessary for the USA's check and balance system. On Hannity last night 2 guests said he is setting up a "Supreme Presidency". I see that no different than a "Dictatorship". The book is "The Blueprint". Supposedly it outlines what Obama needs to do to get to his ultimate Agenda of supreme leadership. Everything seems to be referring to "social justice" instead of "equal justice"

    It definately is going to take more than just us (Tea Party) to stop him. With all of his self-appointed Czars, socialists, communists, marxists and self proclaimed admirers of MAO I am scared to death that we will not be able to stop him.

    My guts tell me to start somewhere but where? I am definately praying about it. Maybe Obama's object to confuse us and with enough smoke we will not be able to see clearly.

    As we all know Hitler was a welcome sight to the people at first. When Obama gives to the have-nots, they will ultimately follow him. HOW DO WE STOP HIM FROM LEGALIZING THESE ILLEGALS FOR THEIR VOTE?? AND NOW HE IS AFTER PUERTO RICA. The senators and representatives will cave to him. Money talks. I believe there is more than 12 million illegals here. Probably more towards 25 million. FOLKS, that is a lot of votes.

  • Mark Peterson - 12 years ago

    The whole world laughs at us regarding our immigration policies and many other issues. I spent half my life traveling the world in the military and as a contractor overseas. I assure you this is true.

    Immigration policy (or the lack there of) is the biggest issue, 2nd only to the economy. The 2 issues are very much related. I understand the consequences of taking on certain issues in an election cycle, however, if we are to grow and become a positive influence, we must not be afraid to take the moral high ground on any issue, regardless of the consequences.

  • Phil Steinbach - 12 years ago

    You are correct that this is a state vs fed issue. I voted for the TEA Party involvement, but I suggest that we keep our involvement to an educational level. I think we should counter the left's hysteria with a reasoned, truthful discussion of the content of the Arizona law. As I understand it, Arizona copied existing Federal law and put its stamp on it so it could enforce it. The spineless Feds in DC at all levels have refused to provide adequate and proper enforcement. This issue has been going on for a couple decades, so neither party can blame the other.
    Phil Steinbach

  • sheri - 12 years ago

    Leave the social issues up to the states. Isn't the tea party about reduced gov't? Reduced federal gov't? Focus there and let the states handle the social issues.

  • Neil Goeckerman - 12 years ago

    We should get involved. The government should take this issue on. If we can't solve illegal immigration how can we hope to solve anything. The politicians go on everyday as if this is not a problem. They are insulated from the world by their status and priviledge. When is the last time this esteemed body did anything that truly represented a solution?

  • DALE POWERS...WISCONSIN - 12 years ago

    Eric, Thank you for your statement and letting us know the immigrant laws in Mexico. I wish Mexico was located next to China. I am sure things would be different. My heart is in Arizona and soon will be going there to help physically to defend their borders, our countries borders, My borders. Even though we have illegal mexican illegal immigrant problems here in western wisconsin, (which I stand up against also) and, I believe they are not finding as much refuge here as more and more wisconsinites are speaking up. It is still not good to see our citizens, myself and my neighbors hard earned tax money go for any illegal immigrants in any capacity. No matter what thier nationality.There is no pity for those who can't use the front door of our natural citizenship program. I have neighbors starving, as illegals get federal housing, food stamps, medical options, assistance not offered to legal citizens. and it sucks because I fund at least $6000.00 per year and going up to aid these federal law offenders. I support the tea party against federal spending as with other american citizens rights for a free country for all legal citizens and until my watch is over I will defend not only my wonderful state of wisconsin but ever state in our union that is being invaded by criminals from different countries, and if it s racial profiling , so be it. We need to look to where the problem is, and address it there. No matter what the nationality who is criminalizing our country and making it unsafe for american citizens to be free. No matter what the state and what the illegal immigrant, it is up to us to uphold the laws of illegal immigration, as our federal government under the current administration has no back bone what so ever and no thought of protecting americans in america. Our cowardess president and yes, I mean cowardess, leaves we the people no option but to protect ourselves. Many states have tried for years invainly to invite the congress and our president to uphold the laws they took the oath to protect. It's very obvious where they stand, mr. obama is a racist in the fact that he is only concerned in getting votes from those who are criminals of his own color, and you know, I truly beleve americans don't have a color. I feel sad for the Immigrants who are of Spanish decent, african decent, and actually all of us who fought hard to try to make this a free country. We all earned our citizenship .It is totally unacceptable for any illegal immigrants to think that the u.s.a will be what ever they want it to be. It will sadly I feel go only so far ,before the past will repeat itself and criminals will once again be expelled from our free american country. It , to me , is unfortunate that it will , if not stopped soon . come down to an act of invasion from a foreign country and looked at as the only option is taking out country "america " back by supreme force against criminal activity on our borders. if we would have been more in tune, perhaps the towers would still stand and those who perished due to our federal governments lack of concern would still be with their families. All the protests of illegals in the streets of arizona makes me believe know is the time to follow the rules of the federal government and remove the illegals from the streets that are protesting. I in a sense feel sorry for the fact that they have terrible conditions in the country they come from. Is that our problem? HELL NO!! We, worry about Americans and America. All Americans know we will lose America forever if we don't make our free loading, spineless , chickenshit government follow the rules of Protecting our country by following the immigration laws set forth by those who truly made america free. Stand up americans and be counted. We do not have to stand for these injustices'. Vote out every worthless democrat in office, those that don't stand for the laws of our land to me are treasonous. and should be held accountable for thier actions under ou

  • CLAUDIA GILL - 12 years ago

    That's all the progressives want is the illegals' vote - and soon the Puerto Ricans' vote - and the "felons vote - etc. Say bye-bye to "free elections". It 's ALL ABOUT the Democrat's plan to seize POWER through BIGGER GOVERNMENT !!! National Socialism!! You're darn right it's the Tea Party's business!

  • Theresa Taylor - 12 years ago

    I think our involvement should be limited to the issue of the Federal government avoiding the issue of securing our borders and overstepping (yet again) into State government matters. Unless or until there's an incidence of profiling ( do these people even know what "race" is??) based on ethnicity alone which violates a Federal law, they should BUTT OUT. If they don't like the Federal law on which the Arizona statute is based, then they should change it and not throw around the "R" word just to manufacture division and tension. Hope and change, my *ss.

  • lorraine ghignone - 12 years ago


  • Michael - 12 years ago

    Tea Party should not keep flipping from one issue to another. This Arizona law is all a distraction to keep Tea Party from concentrating on the debt and taxes. The Arizona politicians will cave in and repeal the law after a months of boycotts, and everyone who was for the law will look stupid.

  • Bill Grant - 12 years ago

    I feel so strongly about this that I sent the following e-mail in support of Governor Brewer:


    Dear Governor Brewer,

    This note is to acknowledge my support of your right to enact legislation aimed at protecting Arizona's borders against illegal immigration. I am appalled at the inaction of the Federal Government in this regard, and am outraged at the Obama Administration's arrogance in speaking out against the right of Arizona to defend herself. As respects California Councilman Tony Cardenas's call for a boycott of Arizona, I think a Tea Party boycott of Los Angeles in response to the Councilman might be a possibility. I would support that, and will urge fellow Tea Party supporters to consider that possibility.

    Bill Grant

  • Joanne Fong - 12 years ago

    Saw AZ Govenor Brewer on Greta on FOX today. She, and others on FOX, have said the AZ law mirrors the federal law. If that's true, that proves the Lying Lliberals and their media are stirring up steam just for political purposes. That message should ring out from sea to shining sea. Would sure shut up Sharpton and Obama, et al in a minute.

  • Eva - 12 years ago

    I sent the Gov. of Az. an e-mail to appluad her efforts. I also sent Gov. Charlie Crist and e-mail telling we should do the same here in Fla. Way to many illegals here too, draining our resources. I hope other ther state will follow in AZ. foot steps.

  • Wayne - 12 years ago

    Yes. Politicians here in CA are suggesting boycots of and canceling contracts with AZ. They even want MLB to stop going there for spring training. It's ridiculous that a state that has the guts to do what's right has to get critized instead of congratulated. I only hope there will be some "Don't Tread On Me" flags demonstrating against the planned Arizona protests (with probably a lot of Mexican flags) in Sacramento, San Francisco, etc. on Saturday.

  • James - 12 years ago

    Intelligent State actions should always override fed interference. We are losing our rights as taxpaying citizens.... to non-taxpayers or welfare participants if you will.The current admin is focused on a change to socialism....that is why all these mind numbing things are happening.
    Obama was saying today that if you've made enough money, hey you should just kinda how much money has he made? Al gore, I don't see him paying into charities.....the elites are bent on destruction....

  • Joe Crandall - 12 years ago

    I think we should come out in favor of AZ's sovereign right to govern its state, but not lose focus on the central issue, which, I believe should be limiting the size and power of the federal government.

  • Fred Nienstedt - 12 years ago

    The truth will always need a free press
    Democrats always need a free pass
    Until in November
    When voters remember
    We the People shall control congress

  • Mike - 12 years ago

    As tempting as this is, we need to focus our resources and influences on our primary mission of identifying political candidates who support our values and get them elected into office to regain control of our country. Let Arizona carry this one for now. We can correct the immigration issues after we regain control of Washington. We can't do everything at once.

  • Edward Magliola - 12 years ago

    I do thing the state of Arizona did the right thing. With the federal goverment trying like heck to push through their socialistic agenda to change our country, they are not watching our borders. Phoenix, Arizona is the second largest city in the world for kidnaping. Would you want to live there? Not me.
    If they don't have their green cards send the back


  • don barnes - 12 years ago

    don't think its a good idea to have too many irons in the fire. although I strongly oppose illegals being in the usa, this is a fight we can better attack after we defeat big gov.

  • Gloria - 12 years ago

    I like the way you ask for your supporters' opinions - instead of just dictating what the tea party's position should be; which is what a leader should do. I understand all of the opinions, and don't want to see the tea party become polarizing, but I agree with your original comments - if AZ voters want this, then that is the way it should be in AZ.

  • SDF - 12 years ago

    My friends, we need to get our facts straight. The majority of illegal aliens come into this country legally. This is true of Mexicans, Cubans, Irish and Haitians, the top four illegal groups. People come here every day on vacation visas and over stay their time. Most of these people are hard working people, who love their families, and follow all of our other laws. As my grandmother always said, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

    We need to stay out of this fight!

    SDF in Tucson AZ

  • Samuel Noble - 12 years ago

    The Tea Party should however its not highly recomended that they do. This country was built by the hands of men and women that came across the seas..that had to stand in long immigrant lines in New York. These people had to prove themselves to be approachable and friendly as qualified members of this society first before coming in.
    Each legal American has the same rights as anyone else..unfortunately there are many that like to skip the line and bounce over our borders for whatever reason. The thing is this is morally wrong and should be treated as the crime as it should be. I will be honest we already have a President that dosen't care about Amarica.We don't need citizens as such coming in like minded as Obama. America is a great place to work and train your kids in however there is a price for that ..the price is 8 hours in New York filling out the proper creditionals to live here. America is never free to live in.

  • Kikki Santana - 12 years ago

    I'm an Cuban-American who came legaly to U S A i 1966. When the Mariel situation, at first were Rich Cuban-American with their owm Yats to go to Cuba to get their familly, After that any boat that arrived in Cuba, the government will not allow take their familly if won't take hundred of male from mental hospital and prison. The desent Cuban community accept that this group were not welcome to U S A. The Cuban-American themself were not happy with the mistakes that immigration were doing with this specific group. I myself was working helping immigration completing the immigration forms. Together with hundreds of respectable familly, there were dozens and dozens of mentally ill and criminals amound them. The Cuban community reconize it and accept what the Castro government was trying to do. First: Sending those people would destroy the good image that most Cuban-American had until 1980. Second: Clean the mentally ill hospitals and common prisoners to have less people to feed and third: Introduce spy into the country and communist Cuba have very good ones.
    What i"m trying to said is that the Mexican-American should undestand that amound so many good family, there are a lot of drug delers and even terrorist that comes into this Country and we all have to take care America from any harm. I love Cuba and love America just the same. If the one who wants to harm my beautiful America is a communist Cuban Spy, I will poiint at him. I know about separations and years to be reunite with the familly, but we can't be blind to the reality. Sincerely, Kikki Santana

  • Meg - 12 years ago

    I don't think the TPP should get involved in specific issues that are state's laws. The problem is that the Federal Government tries to get involved and that is what we need to work on. One of our core values is Limited Government and this issue falls under that value.

    If we get involved, it should be a nationwide action to keep Federal Government out of states rights. Not just AZ. We need to make it clear that we are protesting again this and not the specific issue of illegal immigration. Otherwise, our efforts will be wasted and we will just be seen as more racist and uncaring. STAY FOCUSED ON THE BIG PICTURE AND DON'T GET DISTRACTED BY ANY AND EVERY ISSUE THAT GETS HOT!!

  • John Link - 12 years ago

    Protecting our borders is one of the few legitimate roles of our Federal Government. Unfortunately for legal Americans, instead of protecting the US citizens from illegals the current administration is hell bent on its huge expansion of a socialist government. I am proud of the stand that Arizona has taken. If asked, I would be happy to produce documentation proving my US citizenship.
    If Obama was truly serious about jobs for unemployed Americans he would send the illegals back home (one of his official elected duties) so their jobs could be back filled with unemployed legal Americans.

  • Legal American - 12 years ago

    Absolutely. The amount of tax money spent on illegals is tax money that could be spent on Americans and those legally here. From Housing subsidies, social services, education, medical and jobs taken. This spending needs to be reduced and eliminated.

  • Lisa - 12 years ago

    We most definitely should support Arizona. ... in my opinion, the tea party movement is about the federal government, not the state. In fact, we support states for stepping up and governing themselves, and we ask that the federal government get out of the way. The federal gov't has no rights here.
    How is it that we as Americans have to show ID; during a traffic stop, however it is not required of an Illegal?? We are not asking them to do anything we don't already do ourselves. If we are asked to show our Obama care papers and we cannot present them, we will be imprisoned...that is okay? Yet someone who has already committed a criminal act; has disregarded our laws and has come into the country illegally has immunity from presenting ID? I ask why is it that we do not adopt the same laws that Mexico has for Illegals, or persons traveling on Mexican soil without ID? That is an automatic 10 years in prison. Let us come to a "National" agreement as to the handling of Illegals or persons traveling between our countries ILLEGALLY. Will Mexico give ILLEGAL: US citizens a free pass? Then we shouldn't give Illegal Mexicans a free pass. It is that simple. No citizenship, no rights. As a criminal, you go to jail.

  • Jeff Miller - 12 years ago

    Yes we should support Arizona and so should our Federal Government......but let's no lose focus on why this is an issue to begin with.We need competent leaders capable of making sound decisions and ensuring the rights and freedoms of legal citizens with the power to vote!

  • Ellen - 12 years ago

    I sent my thank you to the Governor & I hope this law spreads. The president has made it impossible for us to stay out of it. Az. needs us to support them. The only thing you see on the news is how bad this law is, not how bad it is in Az. Illegal aliens have to go, no matter what country they come from. I support from NJ.

  • Bob Wiehardt - 12 years ago

    The plan has aways been to change congress regardless of party. If we get into the problems with ARZ then we will sound like Washington, trying to do to much and in the end doing nothing

  • azjenn - 12 years ago

    Seeing I that belong to a tea Party, we are NOT for illegal aliens (undocumented workers as they would like to be called). The only reason that our governor, Jan Brewer, signed SB1070 was b/c we NEVER got the feds to help us out on our borders in AZ. A rancher was killed for no reason..I could say other things..but I think they have been pretty well covered in these other comments. Our prez is against what has happened, b/c he is afraid that he will lose the Democratic votes which he had hoped to get if he gave amnesty to the illegal aliens. Personally, I cannot see having prez who is willing to "buy" votes. Let's try to get this guy out of office! As far as that goes, many of his staff could go right along with him!

  • Janell - 12 years ago

    I'm not sure that the tea party as a group should get involved in the fight, but I'd sure like for us to make a statement of support by promoting a vacation or trip to AZ especially after the bill becomes law, at least it would be safer then. Maybe a convention should be held there this fall. If I lived in AZ, I'd be saying my hallelujahs that Pelosites from SanFran are boycotting.

  • Laura - 12 years ago


  • Dawn and Jack of FLORIDA - 12 years ago

    Stick to the plan of changing Congress and address the Federal government and the Constitution Issues. If we can address the Constitution Issues, our immigration issues would be a part of the many issues involved like health care, state rights, and etc. The lists and Issues are long and many There is much to do, BUT the election of 2010 is the first step or we won't get anything done.

  • Gladys O'Brien - 12 years ago

    My sister and I are planning a summer trip to Oregon. I believe I will be changing our destination and we will be spending our vacation time in Arizona. Let the left boycott! We conservatives need to support Arizona. The best way to do that is to spend money in their state if we can do so. If anyone is considering traveling for vacation consider going to Arizona. It is a very pretty state with deserts, mountains, lakes, and rivers. One thing I've learned in my old age is "Money Talks."

  • Gladys O'Brien - 12 years ago

    Why is it so hard for some to accept that Illegal alien means Law Breaker. No other country allows people to come and go across their borders without proper documentation. And most countries limit how long you can stay in their country. You break their laws and you are in JAIL. Living in the great state of Texas I can appreciate Arizona's stand on this issue. In my opinion the federal government is simply trying to cause strife within the state(s) in order to gain support from those who think certain groups are being targeted and mistreated. No one is going to be hunting down illegals. Think about it, what happens when you get pulled over by a policeman for speeding? He asks you for.....your drivers' license (I.D.) and registration (proof of ownership). If someone can't produce the proper verifiable documentation they will be further questioned and detained. Does this sound like Hitler's Third Reich? Not!! People need to obey our laws and become productive and assimilated citizens of this great country. We welcome immigrants! They just need to come in through the front door and do it right. Is that asking too much?

  • Leigh Ann - 12 years ago

    Illegal Immigration is more than a social issue. It is a matter of public safety, and it contributes to the National Debt. Just look at data from Californian, Florida, and Ariznona on the amount of tax payer funds used to provide free health care for illegal immigrants at our hosptials, and the amount of free education we provide to the children of illegal immigrants. And don't forget the amount of taxpayer funds we spend on providing childwelfare services to the children of illegal immigrants, and the cost of the court system and prison system for crimes committed by illegal immigrants. The left talks about immigration reform as if amnesty will stop crime. the reality is that amnesty does not stop criminals and it only inspirers more illegal immigration. THis is also an issue of National Sovereigninty- the Mexican Consulate in places like Miami Florida has had a history of telling State Funded Agencies that they should provide health services to illegall immirgrants. I know because I used to work for the FLordia Department of Health and received phone calls from staffers of the Mexican Consulate in Miami. The Arizona Govenor is defending the people of Arizona from the takeover by a foreign government.

  • Steven D Fogel - 12 years ago

    I would like to throw a number at you, 12 million. That is the best estimate of the number of illegal’s in our country. This number is made up a variety of different races and cultures. As we talk about the issue, we must all so talk about the very real problem of trying to deport 12 million people. Do we want to throw billions and billions of dollars at a task we will never be able complete? Do we want the government, encouraging Americans to inform on people, based just on the way that they look? We must accept the facts as they are and create a plan based on reality rather than passion.
    As others have said, if we spread ourselves to thin, if we stray from the pragmatic to the emotional, we will lose the wide spread support that we have enjoyed until this time. We must not give the left the opening that they need to tar us as racists. As another poster said, our movement is about the federal government and its excesses. We must remain focused on the task at hand, we do not need to be dragged into the argument about northern borders, which are horribly neglected, Vs the southern borders where everyone wants to build a wall. Please do not misunderstand; I think immigration is a very important issue that we all need to be concerned about. Our plate is quite full at the moment; let’s keep our eye on the prize.
    Just one person’s opinion.
    SDF in Tucson AZ

  • Anne Good - 12 years ago

    I think Arizona is doing the right thing and our President is wrong. We can't stop illigal immigration if we don't make laws which will turn them back. God Bless Arizonia for being couragous and smart.

  • Just sayin' - 12 years ago

    I think, if anyone asks, we as tea party patriots should offer a statement in support of the law and explicitly why pertaining to our values, then let the immigration groups rally and fight it out. We are taking enough heat about trumped up racism slurs without jumping into this mess. I think we need to stay on the elections to achieve our goal to flip the house and maybe the senate too. Stopping socialism in this country should be our prime goal, because nothing is going to work with illegal immigration until the border is completely secured and that won't happen until we take over our country again and run it with common sense as a republic.

  • Ed Devine - 12 years ago

    Vanessa, it's hard to contemplate any subject that would do more to reduce the size and cost of government than getting a handle on the egregious overpopulation and taxation burdens represented by illegal immigration. Amnesty won't help because it will only worsen the problem, and so few immigrants contribute enough in taxes to offset the burden that their presence in our country represents.

  • Ed Devine - 12 years ago

    There are no problems confronting America's citizens and taxpayers that would not be measurably improved by securing our borders and enforcing our immigration laws. Overpopulation, congestion, urban sprawl, diminishing resources, crumbling infrastructure, vanishing farmland and green space, overcrowded schools and hospitals, lack of affordable housing, energy and water shortages, concerns over food safety and availability, crime, pollution, depressed wages, increased tax burdens. the balkanization of our communities, the marginalization of American workers, taxpayers and voters, the overall decline in quality of life are all the result of unconstrained immigration. Like it or not folks, too many people competing for the same limited resources is NOT sane, sustainable social, economic or environmental policy. Virtually every industrialized nation, China, Mexico, Great Britain, the European Union, most of Asia and the Middle East, have all adopted zero tolerance policies with regard to illegal immigration, as well as strict enforcement and deportation practices. These same nations have likewise adopted policies aimed at curtailing legal immigration to only that which is prudent, demonstrably necessary, readily assimilated, and above all other concerns, only that which is in the best interests of their native populations. It's dangerously misguided to suggest that the United States should not do likewise. Of course the Tea Party's should be in this fight, lest the immigration agenda of the Obama administration undermine our voting strength and usurp the will of America's citizens!

  • Ed Devine - 12 years ago

    Should Texas pursue immigration legislation similar to Arizona?

    Please share this message and link with your groups and e-mail distribution lists. Encourage your members to take the poll at

  • murbancz - 12 years ago

    I'm a union worker and I see how people constantly go for cheap labor. They (illegals) make it tough for me to compete for competitive wages when they are willing to do the job for less money or less benefits. When illegals do work here they send a good portion of the money back to Mexico, which is less money for the US economy to grow. I see many labor unions backing the democrats that do not support Arizona's new law. The illegals are not suppose to be covered by the new health care bill. Well my friends, who do you think pays the bill when the illegals get hurt on the job, or get a disease.The hospitals can not turn any patient away. Even if it is a simple stitch or band-aid repair, the administration and staff of the hospital still need to be paid. The hospitals still have other bills such as utilities and other overhead expenses. So what are we suppose to do, just deport them? Please show me a video or statistic that shows a deportation of mas numbers of illegals. Washington has been sitting on there thumb way too long. I'm happy to see a state stand up for what is right for themselves.

    Keep fighting the good fight America!!!!!!!!

  • DaveL - 12 years ago

    We need to be carefull with this one. It could be used by the left to paint us as racist. I would like to see a Tea Party counter boycott of San Fransisco. The City that gave us Queen Nancy. I would like to see a list of product and service originating from that fair city and also a list of companies that have thier headquarters there.

  • CHERIE - 12 years ago



  • Willie - 12 years ago

    If your a legal citizen of this country regardless of place of birth, ethnicity, etc., or here on a "current and valid" visa, welcome. If not, let me show you the door . . .

  • Vanessa - 12 years ago

    I think we need to remain focused on issues that relate to spending and the size of government.

  • Randall Jett - 12 years ago

    Let us show support for Arizona and other states who may follow, but please don't get heavily involved. We have gained so much credibilty. I fear the opposition would love to see us involved in this so they can tell more lies and maybe convince good people we are the "bad guys".

  • Denise Swartz - 12 years ago

    We have to keep the feds out of the states. This is a good bill. It's no different than other countries that are trying to keep jobs for their own people. We are more lenient than a lot of counties. Come on people wake up!!!! Smell the tea!!!

  • Mark F. Fisher, Orlando, Florida - 12 years ago

    I'm stunned at the number of people who see this as a Tea Party issue. That said, it's your (the collective "your") organization and I guess if you (the collective "you") want to sell burqas to raise money it would be okay to make that decision as a group. I urge caution however, and suggest that instead that there be a moderated debate on this single issue that can be publicly viewed along the lines of the "Federalist Papers." Let me point out why and you (the collective again) tell me where I go wrong on this. Write me a if you wish and I will endeavor to share your views with owners of this site to help decide what to do.

    I think most who are familiar with the Federalist Papers understand that they were primarily intended to state the case for ratification of the Constitution; but the papers also served to be outlets for differing views of the proper reach of the federal powers in the newly devised “republic” that divided the government into pieces. Pieces which provided checks and balances to prevent the rise of totalitarian rule or a monarchy. Written anonymously under pseudonyms, scholars have generally agreed that they were the work of James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and John Jay.

    Remember the time and context. This was before “sound bites” and television. People took time and gave much thought to both the act of composing writings of this type – AND to reading and digesting them. But it was a slower time when a fast horse might get you across the county in a day, not 30 minutes on the Interstate. Communications took time to be distributed, read and responded to. People would read and debate within their households the virtues and pitfalls of an argument or position. That local discussion and debate led to refinement of issues, narrowing the scope and pinpointing the fallacy of a position that fell sweetly upon the ear in the dark, but was bitter when exposed to light. In short, people had time to ruminate within themselves and to deliberate with others in the community; refining their thinking and analysis as they went.

    By this collective and thoughtful process they not only could defend their views better, but it also allowed them to incorporate better ideas. It allowed them to understand how a “good example” could be fatally flawed and demonstrated how to flush out the flaws that might have been overlooked by others. The result was a superior one; certainly better than the hastily constructed policies that dominate today’s landscape. The bad policy decisions that exemplify what is wrong in Washington D.C. and what has motivated many of us to join together to say “No More.”

    We should avail ourselves of this process or something similar. We should discourage rash, emotional arguments that disguise many of the factors. We should listen to countervailing arguments, and the rebuttals to them, as we collectively decide whether Immigration should occupy our efforts as a group, or whether it should be left aside for some other group to pursue with vigor– as I do believe that it is an issue that should and must be dealt with, if only to shut up those special interests that are whining about the unfairness of the existing system. But I digress.

    In my opinion we should identify those with talent and an interest in the subject and ask them to engage in the discussion. That process should be conducted patiently and not with haste, presented rationally and divorced of emotion, and done in full view so that the differing views can be refined and strengthened. Because if we use you (the collective “you”) as the whetting stone then your feedback and input will sharpen the positions to the sharpest possible edge and should make a decision quite simple.

  • Rita Freimuth - 12 years ago

    States rights is completely forgetton these days - it has become such the reverse from our founding days. The feds have NO business telling AZ to back down. It's sickening. I think AZ needs our support - especially when you have elected lawmaker buffoons calling them rascist. This AZ issue is closely tied to our call to decrease the Fed Govt.

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