Which under-appreciated entertainer do you like better? (Poll Closed)


  • Ruby - 10 years ago

    Just to let you Paul fans know Thomas won the whole thing so that should tell you something. Congrats Thomas on your win. You deserve it.

  • Ruby - 10 years ago

    Well PW fans I guess you must know by now that Thomas made it to the final four. Congrats Thomas. Again it proves Thomas' fans are very devoted people. Good luck in the next round TG.

  • Valeria - 10 years ago


  • Cindy - 10 years ago

    Paul wesley ofcourse!!

  • noelia - 10 years ago

    yeah!!!! paul is the best!!!! love you paul

  • THOMAS'S WIFE - 10 years ago


  • Ruby - 10 years ago

    I had to correct myself. Just checking the latest polls and noticed Thomas wins again. There is all the proof anyone needs. Another impressive win. TG is getting the recognition he deserves.

  • Ruby - 10 years ago

    @ Sarah I am glad someone has some sense about them. Thomas Gibson is the Winner and Paul Wesley unfortunately was the LOSER. Congrats again Thomas and as all your fans know you are doing awesome in your current poll. All signs lead to another victory.

  • Emma - 10 years ago

    Paul Wesley of course ♥ .

  • Galina Belladona - 10 years ago

    certainly PAUL WESLEY!

  • Sarah - 10 years ago

    @ Ruby very nice point that you made. That is very funny that all you can say about the one you voted for is his name. You would think someone could support why they thought Paul should have won even several days after the poll closed. Unfortunately saying his name does not change the outcome that he lost and Thomas won. On a side note Thomas is winning nicely in his next round as well.

  • presci - 10 years ago


  • emily - 10 years ago


  • Ruby - 10 years ago

    If I had voted for Paul to win which I did not I would have something more to say then he his hot. I would still be explaining why I thought he deserved to be the one to win that round of the under appreciated poll. Oh well I guess that is why Thomas' fans helped him to win.

  • nanou - 10 years ago

    PAUL WESLEY !!!!!!!!!

  • Lexi - 10 years ago

    PAUL WESLEY is so hot!

  • Melanie - 10 years ago

    @Katherine Paul already lost this round to Thomas. The poll closed 2 days ago.

  • Katherine - 10 years ago

    hey guys im voting for Paul as im a big of him and the work that he does hes great an the VD awsome show, like all the actors and actress they all do a really good job and keep on going good luck paul x x

  • Elena Gilbert - 10 years ago

    I love Paul!!!

  • Melanie - 10 years ago

    @li I can see what you are saying. I made a similar comment last week when Jared lost to Paul in their round. My idea was that it probably was a good thing that Jared lost because then he is being recognized probably more than we feel he is. I guess we as fans sometimes see that an actor should be garnering more recognition than they get. So Thomas fans must see that he does not receive as much attention as he should and feel he is under appreciated. If you are a Paul fan you will not change your opinion of how you feel even though he did not win. I personally voted for Thomas because I thought he deserved the vote more. This is just my opinion not everyones.

  • Meezy* - 10 years ago

    It will always be Paul!!! =D

  • Jana - 10 years ago

    100 % PAUL !!!!

  • @li - 10 years ago

    Well if Paul doesn't win that means he is more appreciated than Gibson right? That's good thing then. But what i can't seem to understand is that if Gibson has more fans and is more known around the world supposedly then why is he under-appreciated? This poll is asking which actor is less known and the winner will obviously be more known right?...because he won? Everyone is fighting for their actor to win when the title he will win is "the most under-appreciated entertainer of the year". That's a good thing I guess? What I'm saying is I just don't understand why the fans would want their guy to be known as under-appreciated because that isn't a good thing right? If I'm wrong, please someone explain it to me.

  • Katherine - 10 years ago

    Paul and only Paul ....

  • Michelle Reed - 10 years ago

    Paul is now one of my favorite actors,he is defiantly got it, he is a really great actor and is way hot what more can you ask for.I am a huge fan of vampire diaries it is absolutely my favorite show even if that is the only show i watch for that week!

  • josephine - 10 years ago

    voter pour paul wesley c'est le meilleur !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Melanie - 10 years ago

    TG has a career that has spanned more than 20 years which he has portrayed many different characters not strictly Criminal Minds. I know I do not make comments about other shows in that manner. Everyone likes what they like and that is cool. It just comes down to TG fans must have wanted him to get the win and have the recognition he deserves from all years in the acting field. If you are a Paul fan you are still going to feel about him today just as you did yesterday even thou he did not win.

  • Annia - 10 years ago

    Well congratulation TG and his fan! It was a nice round. But @Aisling calling TVD vampire rubish when you don't even watch the show, isn't the way to go; I don't like police procedural drama but I won't call CM rubish. It's just not my cup of tea. Also an actor's talent has nothing to do with the show he's in. Look at justin chamber! I hate grey's anatomy but I can't deny that the boy can act.

  • Melanie - 10 years ago

    Just because you see alot of Paul comments does not mean Thomas does not have the fans. Obviously he does because he is the one that won that round. It is always easy to cry foul when your favorite is the loser and not the winner.

  • erica - 10 years ago

    if you guys go through these comments and see that there are way more fans for paul then thomas then u know that this is def rigged...and i also got quite a few of my friends to vote for paul all at once and the poll didnt even move..so please enlighten me and tell me how this isnt rigged?..

  • Hotchners Girl - 10 years ago

    Thomas is a under rated actor that should win this poll. He deserves an award for the role that he plays. Aaron Hotchner is one of the best characters on TV at the moment. In fact CM is the best TV show on at the moment. CSI and all the spin offs have become boring and stale, Criminal Minds just keeps getting better with each episode that they do. Thomas Gibson is the most down to earth person that loves his fans and we love him. I think that TG is the worlds most under rated actor.

  • Yoli - 10 years ago

    Paul! Only his!♥

  • Melanie - 10 years ago

    Fortunately the actor that deserved to win the poll did. TG fans stopped at nothing to make sure he won and now people see that he should have way more recognition than he gets.

  • Ninuja - 10 years ago

    What show are u calling vampire rubbish?!?!?! Honestly we didn't say nothin about TG and u start talking rubish about TVD. Congrats that ur actor won but have dignity for what you say. We thought something was wrong with the poll but it looks like it's not and okay. we didn't say of TG has to lost and shit. It pisses me off when ppl say stuff about TVD when they don't know what their talking about. Okay it might include vampires, werewolves, etc, but does it mean that it's now rubbish?!?!?! have respect for what you say.... i think paul really deserves this award :)

  • Aisling - 10 years ago

    I know the poll is closed... But when I was voting madly for Thomas Gibson, I noticed his votes were going down when I voted... So it wasn't just this Paul fella that was going down. The exact same thing happened to me with TG. So glad Thomas Won this poll though! He deserves it much more than some guy in a vampire tv show... I've had enough of vampire rubbish!

  • Melanie - 10 years ago

    @CB nicely stated. I feel Thomas has had many roles that he has exceled at over the years and did not receive the recognition he deserves. I also stated I do not watch TVD so I would not comment on Paul as an actor. I just think at this time the show is popular the character is popular so he must be getting recognized somehow. I just think he needs to be around longer and further his list of credits to prove that his body of work is under appreciated. For Paul fans to say the poll was rigged is ridiculous. It was stated a few times that his fans did not cry foul in the previous round when he did win. It just shows as you go on in the rounds you will come across more distinguished actors who deserve to win. Congrats to TG.

  • CB - 10 years ago

    Dear Paul Wesley Fans,

    1.) THE POLL WASN'T RIGGED. Thomas simply has a large (and very devoted) fanbase. For each vote you clicked, there was an opposing TG fan's vote also being clicked, canceling your vote out. And, it would seem, not only to cancel, but there were more TG fans or more votes from same TG fans giving TG the lead in the poll. NO RIGGING HERE. Just smart/devoted/numerous fans. :)

    2.) Do not make statements about a person/actor when you are not familiar with their work. The statement somebody made about TG not having any range was outright RIDICULOUS. Thomas Gibson is the f*cking EPITOME of versatily in acting. His work and roles are diverse, complex, and he is completely BELIEVABLE in every role he's ever done. I know absolutely nothing about Paul W. and I would not presume to make any statements about him or his work. I simply voted TG because I am a huge fan of TG.

    3.) Thomas Gibson deserves to win the whole thing. IMHO, he is an extremely hard working, talented, versatile actor who deserves much more recognition than he has gotten.

  • Melanie - 10 years ago

    Well congrats to Thomas Gibson. It seems the person who is truely under appreciated won and may I say by a very nice margin. A nice round of applause to TG's fans for showing their support to help him win this round. To all the PW fans out there you tried your best but he is just not under appreciated at this time in his career. We will see where PW is in 5 to 10 years and if he becomes more established to even see if he can be considered to win a catagory such as this. Again congrats to Thomas Gibson and good luck in further rounds.

  • CriMi Bird - 10 years ago

    I'm Crimibird there too. Just tweet me.

  • Melanie - 10 years ago

    @ThroronWithin no problem I just call it as I see it or in this case read it. I do not think anything you said makes you a B****. It is just your opinon nothing wrong with that. I think after everything I have read the PW fans are having a hard time with him losing this round. I can honestly say I am a huge Jared fan and when Paul beat him in the last round I was not crying foul. My opinion did not change. I still love Jared and would not change my vote. I believe his fans did the best they could it just was not meant to be. So now Paul is losing and everyone is going nuts about it. Whatever. I am sure as the rounds continue their are other celebrities that most likely would have beaten PW.

  • ThrornWithin - 10 years ago

    LOL you may, I follow a great deal of Gibson fans on twitter

  • CriMi Bird - 10 years ago

    @ThrornWithin do I know you??? (that my seem random LOL)

  • ThrornWithin - 10 years ago

    @Melanie thank you. I didn't want to be a bitch about it sorry if i came off that way and Gibson Girls and Hotch Honeys unite lol :D

  • CriMi Bird - 10 years ago

    Listen, Kayla, I have been polite all day. Thomas Gibson has not won a SINGLE award in over 30 years So don't start on that, and weren't you the one YESTERDAY saying that Paul had a huge fanbase. My "attitude" is because you are belittling the hard work that Thomas Gibson's fans are putting in by claiming the vote is "rigged" - seriously would you be complaining were it the other way round. No, You would be bragging, and we haven't done that. - Well done to all my Gibson Girls and Hotch Honeys.Keep up the effort.

  • Melanie - 10 years ago

    Nice point because if you did not know who someone was how could you know he has one many awards (which he has not). You are also right that PW's fans need to continue to vote if they think they can help him win. TG's fan base is obviously stronger at this point and want him to win.

  • ThrornWithin - 10 years ago

    PS then you will see he was nominated but didn't win any substantial award

  • Rabb-it - 10 years ago

    In my blog... http://latanadirabb-it.blogspot.com/2010/11/attimi.html Go Thomas... GO!

  • Kayla - 10 years ago

    P.S There's something called Google. Try it.
    Good luck with your actor & voting everyone. I'm done on here.
    Paul wouldn't like it so this is my last comment.
    Have a Happy Holidays.

  • ThrornWithin - 10 years ago

    Its a pity to see people complaining about this poll. Here's an idea shut up and continue to vote if you don't like the results. I am pretty sure Paul and Gibson both have a large fanbase, Gibson fans just want him to win more. And for someone who does not know who Thomas is but knows he has won awards is kinda funny.

  • Melanie - 10 years ago

    @ThrornWithin it is nice to see someone else in this long list of comments note that PW's fans were not complaining when he won the last round in a similar manner that now TG is winning in. As they say someone wins and someone loses.

  • mmamesu - 10 years ago

    Everyone,please calm down as soon as possible and stop this fruitless discussion right now.I love Thomas Gibson and the amazing TV show “Criminal Minds”,BUT,I don't want to see many fans of TG and Mr.Paul Wesley are fighting each other.No more these wasted quarrel.There are many people that vote so hard for TG and Mr.Paul Wesley in all the world.They all hope this poll will continue peacefully.I think TG and Paul will hope same thing.

  • Kayla - 10 years ago

    Listen "CriMi Bird" your attitude isn't neccesary. UNDER RATED means more than one thing. Including, fanbase, press attention, awards, tours. All this you're neglecting to mention. This Thoomas Gibson has won many awards, he's done many shows, he's probably done moives, I don't know because I've never heard of the man. He's known. He's not under rated or under appreciated. So don't come at me with your attitude. Best believe I won't take it. And if it isn't about fans, explain to me who the hell is voting.

  • Melanie - 10 years ago

    Thomas has been acting for 20+ years and is well known but he can still be considered under appreciated for his work. I am not quite sure that because you are currently on a popular show and playing a popular character that makes you under appreciated. I have seen some actors that have been placed on these polls that have been acting way longer than Paul not just Thomas. It is a shame that if Paul loses and is out that alot of his fans think he was robbed of this win. Apparently Thomas fans wanted it more and are showing their belief and devotion for an actor who should be even more recognized despite his years in the acting field.

  • Viv - 10 years ago

    The Poll is not rigged, it's SIMPLE mathematic, NOT becuase you vote once that PW's number will go up, you need more than one vote sometime and if TG's fans are voting, like me now, then for every vote you put it get nullified.

    Saying the poll is rigged, when none of you said that when you were winning in some earliest poll doesn't make you guys sound too convincing.

    anyway, back to voting, go TG!

  • ThrornWithin - 10 years ago

    See that is the thing Gibson has been acting for how long and he has no recognition, he should have at least one award under his belt, however, this is not the case and why because he is UNDER APPRECIATED. Paul has his life a head of him to gain awards, maybe in 5 more years if he is still acting then, people can claim he is under appreciated. I wouldn't say Gibson has a huge fanbase however, he has does a loyal one. And this is not rigged. Was it rigged when Paul was winning? Or when he dominated the last round? No. I guess a lot of his fans just have double standards...

  • CriMi Bird - 10 years ago

    This isn't about fans imo Kayla, UNDER-RATED means with awards and press attention, which Paul and TVD gets more of (for instance I had heard of it here in England. Yet if I hadn't come across Criminal Minds I wouldn't)

  • Kayla - 10 years ago

    From these comments, it's obvious that Thomas Gibson is more well known than Paul. He's been acting for how long? He's done how many shows? He has a big fanbase. Paul stared acting what, 10 years ago. He's just startig to be more known with The Vampire Diaries. Paul deserves this award. He is way too UNDER appreciated. TG is well known. Paul has yet to get there, but he's on the way. Paul should win this.
    And about the poll being rigged, explain to us whenever we vote for Paul, his percent goes down. Not because TG fans are voting, but it definitely has to be because there's something wrong.

    By the way, have a Happy Thanksgiving US people.[:

  • CriMi Bird - 10 years ago

    @Annia if one of our girls was in this we'd be doing the same thing.

  • Melanie - 10 years ago

    @annia earlier when I commented on Damon/Elena fans voting against Paul I did state that I saw others making that reference. I have also read that Ian overshadows Paul. Honestly I do not watch the show and will not even say whether Paul is great as the character or not. As you pointed out your fellow Paul fans are the ones making themselves look whiny. When the person you want to win is not it is so easy for people to say the poll is fixed. It seems to me that Thomas' fan base is taking this poll seriously and want to see him win against Paul. His lead seems to be growing as the day goes on. Great for him. In the end it still does not matter who wins because each fan base feels that their favorite should win. I am glad to see Thomas is still winning. Very impressive TG fans.

  • Annia - 10 years ago

    OK guys, you have to choose the one to blame and stick with it, so who it's gonna be: DEers or hackers? how about neither? You have to choose cause pointing fingers in every dirrection, just make you and me by extension(as a member of TVD community) look dumb.
    @CriMi Bird: I can totally see your point

  • CriMi Bird - 10 years ago

    @Annia I know exactly what you mean, I saw some of PW's scene's too. But as you say, as you watch the clips from the 100th you don't need to know the show or characters and you're still dragged in to the emotion.
    I think our big argument is that PW is 28, in comparison to TG he's a kid. Gibson has had a career spanning 30 years, that's longer than PW has been alive, and he's never been recognised for being as incredible as he is.

  • ThrornWithin - 10 years ago

    That is because I am here voting for Gibson thus cancelling your vote out. The only difference is that I have found a way to vote more than once, just like a great number of Paul's fans and I stay up all hours of the night voting...

  • Annia - 10 years ago

    @CriMi Bird:Well like I said: Some of us are so protective of Paul, that they go a little overboard.But I'm sure you feel the same way about TR and I have watched some of his scenes in the 100th episode, he is really good, I actually cried when his wife got killed and I don't even know those characters!! So I agree with you that he is underrated since I've never heard of him before, but my loyalty lies with TVD.

  • Patty - 10 years ago

    Ian somerhalder just said on his Twitter to vote for Paul... so if the D/E fans are responsible they are a bunch of morons. it has nothing to do with who you prefer Elena with it has to do with TVD family dominating. Either way, it won't change the outcome of the BOOKS or who Elena ends up with. Christ... we're dealing with babies.

  • Ange - 10 years ago

    This poll is scr*wed... first off every time someone I know votes for Paul Wesley his % decreases. Not normal people... not normal at all. The poll is either rigged or it's been hacked.

  • CriMi Bird - 10 years ago

    @Annia Criminal Minds is much like that. It actually looks like the shipping arguments are much the same. We never have too little drama. Even during the hiatus CBS does something to try and f*ck up our show (this hiatus they dropped 2 of our actresses, we fans fought CBS and got 2 episodes for one of them and 19 for the other.)
    I love all the passion shown, I just don't appreciate being told it's a fix.

  • Annia - 10 years ago

    @CriMi Bird: Not all of us are crazy ya know. It's just that some of us are......passionate. TVD is such a great show, it does that to you. We have drama with in the hour of the show and the rest of the week in the fandom. We're never bored even if the show is in hiatus, I give them that :)

  • vic - 10 years ago

    i'm delena and i voted for paul as soon as the poll came out. i've been checking in once in a while to see how he's doing, and i'm actually quite stunned at the drama unfolding on this site. to blame even half of the delena fanbase is silly beyond belief. no matter how much 'proof' you've got. it's probably a smidgen of immature delena-fans not voting for paul. and yea, it's sad, but please don't put 'all' or even 'majority' of delena-fans. that is just as immature as anything else!

    that would be like the silly and immature rumors going around (and trust me they didn't start by delena-fans!) that ALL delena-fans only likes damon because he's good looking. see, immaturity goes both ways in that case.

    do us all a favor, instead of pointing blame, VOTE for paul because he's an amazing actor, giving life to stefan salvatore in more ways than one! he's an underrated actor, he needs the votes; don't stupify it all by blaming damon-fans!!

    GO PAUL!!! you deserve this. and this comes from a 10000% damonesse!!!

  • CriMi Bird - 10 years ago

    @Annia you are one of the sanest TVD fans I've spoken to on here. Thank you *hugs* good luck to you

  • Annia - 10 years ago

    @Nanabell It's not the freaking DE fans!!! We're losing b/c ur oppenent is just more populaire. Why is it so hard to believe?!!!! Seriously it's getting ridiculous, All you're doing is getting people who were actually voting for Paul, not to. So stop pointing fingers and Vote!!!!! Even if we lose, It's not the end of the world.

  • Nanabell - 10 years ago

    If it's true about DE fans, I want to say - PLEASE DELENA FANS DON'T BE SO STUPID!!! Are you 10 years old? I'm 100% Delena but I'm voting for Paul. He's our Stefan, he's the important part of TVD. Hey, guys, we are one TVD-family!!! VOTE FOR PAUL!!! (P.S. - Sorry for mistakes, English is not my language and I'm so disappointed and angry now)

  • Nastya - 10 years ago

    Paul is a great actor!

  • TVDrocks*Delena - 10 years ago

    Keep it up TVD fans, Paul Wesley is going up (very slowly i must say, but still every bit counts right!) He deserves to win, because he's a great actor and very funny, He's very different from Stefan, so that alone proves how good he can act; I really think we should take an example of the actors, they all love eachother and are really close, that has to mean something right. I mean, they really seem very nice people. So for me it will always be Team Piana (Paul/Ian/Nina).

    I don't think it's DE-fans that vote against PW; first of all most of the fans really like TVD as a whole, including PW; second I go to a lot of Delena-forums, I haven't seen anything about voting against PW; so no prove is no guilt (at least in my country - Europe;)) And I like to think that the majority of TVD viewers are mature and won't bother themselves doing such a childisch thing. So let's put that all behind us and concentrate on getting Paul Wesley back in business; GET HIM TO WIN AS HE DESERVES!!!

    greetings from a *HUGH* Delena-fan

  • CriMi Bird - 10 years ago

    @Cathaign all sorted now!

  • cathaign - 10 years ago

    @CriMi Bird Yup, same as. I looked and found I wasn't following you, so I rectified the situation.

  • Ace - 10 years ago

    Also, when we were voting for Ian vs RP for the Sexiest beast there would be times when Ian would go down incredibly fast due to Twilighters all voting at the same time and we would have to watch as the gap we have so slowly buiild being gone in mere minutes. It is VERY unnerving and frustrating to watch. The thing is we kept on voting, not letting that discourage us and in the end prevailed. So I suggest you stop crying faul and stopping to vote etc. etc. and just keep on voting for Paul. That way, even if you lose, you know you did your best to make him win. (btw it is completely normal for the vote to say "Thanks but we already counted your vote". Our experience is it still counts them. You even get temporarily blocked if you vote too many times too fast -so I suggest you take a 5 minutes break after each 30 consecutive vote or so)

  • Gibson - 10 years ago

    @music it is a fair poll. For God sakes people. I got that same message last two rounds, do you think maybe EW doesn't want people to continue voting after they have already voted once? hmmmmm. This "Rigged poll" is a pathetic excuse. Most of you fans need to come to terms with the fact that Thomas has a bigger more devote fan base. Get over it and yourselves.

  • Jesse - 10 years ago

    And BTW, Ian actually tweeted that he wants everyone to vote for Paul, just like he did himself!! Just quoting him here: "what!!!!!!!!!????????? Paul Wesley all the way. This is my brother here- I just voted please do as well!!" And just to let you know, he has almost 445.000 followers on twitter! GO PAUL!

  • Ace - 10 years ago

    If you Paul fans dared to stop living in your Stefan/Paul worshipping world for just one second you would realize OTHER people also have big fan bases and love other actors and vote for them as much -if not more- passionately then you do so of course they can best you. Thomas Gibson is one such actor. He has more votes than Ian in the Ewwy's too but NONE of us Ian and DE fans had the childish, immature, and sore loser reaction of claiming it was because Stelena fans were voting against Ian. Ian will probably lose PCA to some more popular actor too and we won't be claiming it is because of Paul votes voting against him either. Just deal with it. Btw, I assure you, when they are concentrating so hard on helping Ian win PCA and had other polls like the one in Hollywoodlife in which Ian was running up against RP again, no DE or Ian fan would really bother spamming a silly poll to make sure Paul lost. Just the opposite, many have been taking the time to HELP Paul from the start but your ridiculous, antagonizing, immature attitude is really getting on everyone's nerves. As they were not voting for YOU but PAUL they do keep voting for him but god you people are so damn annoying. Your constant DE-fans bashing and hatred and phobia is infuriating...

  • Jesse - 10 years ago

    @CriMi Bird Paul did "Fallen" , "Beneath the blue", "Killer movie", "Elsewhere" , "Peaceful Warrior" and so on... check it out here: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0913587/
    He did a lot already and has been doing great all the time!! For me, it'll always be Paul!

  • CriMi Bird - 10 years ago

    It's not tricked. We have a very large and interactvie fandom, and clearly you don't know about us.
    That's happened to me, as a Thomas Gibson fan, in EVERY SINGLE ROUND of this competition. I'm getting it now.

  • music - 10 years ago

    @CriMi Bird
    Because TVD has a really large and active fandom. Two days ago PW was leading with over 60%, and today he's down at 43% and a lot of us get the msg "we have already counted your vote" which, FYI, did NEVER happen in the previous rounds (1 AND 2), so...

    Anyway, if you're glad TG won and finally got some recognition because of a tricked poll, then good for you!
    At least WE know we've always been fair game here!

  • CriMi Bird - 10 years ago

    @Cathaign what's your twitter, same as?

  • Rabb-it - 10 years ago

    W Thomas Gibson!

  • Tina - 10 years ago

    As I said in my previous comment, Thomas Gibson is popular worldwide, his shows are well-known, for so many years he acted in shows which had great success...this is not the case of Paul Wesley...he's younger, so he started acting just 10 years ago...that's why TG fan-base is wider and sadly he is going to win because of this...but it will come a day when all these TG fans and most people in general will get to know who Paul Wesley is, what he has done over the past 10 years and how much talented he is...I just wait that day! ♥
    conclusion, so far PW is really under-appreciated :/

  • cathaign - 10 years ago

    @CriMiBird I have no idea. *Looks on twitter account* I did not see your name. Sadface. But it's all good, I'm more of a lurker than a poster. I stalks everyone!

  • Samantha - 10 years ago


  • ykgeek - 10 years ago

    I voted Thomas Gibson. In season5 his acting was really amazing and made me cry. This was the first time I cried as I watched CriminalMinds.He build up Hotch who was loved many people.He should deserve respects and admiration.But I think Poul, he also should deserve respects.

    Sorry about my English,it's not my first llanguage.

  • CriMi Bird - 10 years ago

    Sorry but this is really annoying me now. TVD fans you aren't the only ones voting so stop thinking that the poll is fixed. MAYBE IT'S JUST THAT THOMAS GIBSON'S FANS ARE VOTING TOO. Please, I failed my maths and even I know that the percentage is going to fluctuate...

  • CriMi Bird - 10 years ago


  • music - 10 years ago

    Polldaddy, let me get this straight - The more we vote for Paul Wesley, the more he goes down?? What the heck is that?

    I've tried voting 10times for TG - His % goes up by 0.01%
    Same thing for PW this time - Nothing happened!!!!

    Weird is the least I could say about these polls.
    I could accept Paul loosing if it was due to a lack of votes (which is not the case). But not because of a tricked poll. :|

  • Georgia Peach - 10 years ago

    TVD Family....what is wrong with you guys? .....VOTE FOR PAUL WESLY........ rally behind our guy!

  • Tatiana - 10 years ago

    Oh my, I had to come and say something, but I'm sure I'll be kicked off TVD community in the first moment someone reads me out. Well, life isn't a cotton candy.
    I'm so sad and terrified of the comments in this thread. I'm sad that TVD fans possibly aren't TVD fans and came to vote against a great actor just because of another actor and this bunch of cr*p. And I'm terrified that a few TVD fans are just acting like the Twiharder fandom that scared me the most.
    I'm a TVD fan, I'm a Paul Wesley fan, I'm a Stelena shipper. I can number a few jobs of Paul he acted very well, and he's not just a teenager anymore. He's going up. I won't compare him with Thomas Gibson anyway, they're not even the same generation. But I voted for Paul even if I think Thomas is amazing.
    I just can't get this rant over here. If paul loses - and he might lose - it's probably because Thomas and CM fans are more organized and less complaining than TVD fans. Or because Thomas is more well known or has more fans. Or even because more people think Thomas acts better than Paul. I won't make people look ridiculous, it's not a very good way to set an argument. This is just a poll, and even if it's nice if Paul wins, losing just set the point he's underrated even by his own fans.

  • CriMi Bird - 10 years ago

    Erica it isn't Rigged. As Gerneen said before, the Criminal Minds fandom has gone up against CBS, got 40,000 signatures on a petition and have gained more attention that the show itself. We have plenty of fans

  • erica - 10 years ago

    p.s i do think this is rigged

  • erica - 10 years ago

    ok but what do u think kind of people watch the vampire diaries? that answers ur question. and id go for paul any day only cuz hes way sexier who actually watches every show these two are in just to compare...

  • Nath - 10 years ago

    Annia: thank you. We were indeed starting to think that. Glad you set that straight :)

  • Annia - 10 years ago

    @Melanie I don't think the Damon/Elena shipper are voting against Paul, It's just that Paul's fan can't take losing, It has to be either DE shipper voting against them or the poll is fixed or that people can't tell the difference between a fictionnal character and a real actor; They just can't accept that, maybe TG is winning b/c he deserves it or that people may don't like Stefan b/c of PW portrait of him. Seriously guys stop it you're embarrassing us, now everyone will think that TVD fans are all a bunch of whining, immature kids.

  • Gerneen - 10 years ago

    I have to say reading the comments on this poll have made me laugh so much...particularly the "Thomas Gibson is stiff" I wont even try to explain that one...but what is really getting on my wick is this constant poll is fixed bollox - the poll is not fixed people... it is simple yes I said simple maths. There is not 1 singular person voting at one time there is obviously many people voting at the same time so the vote will constantly fluctuate, I have been voting for TG and his vote has gone up and down OH FIX FIX no just maths..Wont bother selling just what a fantastic actor Thomas Gibson is, people who actually follow his work already know this, as for him being stiff bleh..as a person he is the most gracious wonderful modest person and how he engages with his fans is a lesson to many..again his fans know what I am referring too. but most importantly what everyone should rememember is Thomas Gibson/Criminal Minds fans are a VERY DETERMINED DEDICATED AND LOYAL BUNCH NOT TO BE UNDERESTIMATED - we dont need disillusioned fans from other shows to back us up, we are a tight bunch who have taken on CBS so this really doesnt rattle us..let the fun continue...

  • LC - 10 years ago

    @Tracy: You wrote: "@LC a teeny bopper?? Paul is 28. He plays someone in his late teens" Ergo, he's a teenybopper. Let's just say Criminal Minds and Thomas Gibson have a bit more mature audience, and we don't base our love of Gibson on his appearance. We base it on his performances.

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