Out of the following potential candidates, who would you vote for in a Republican Presidential Primary? (Poll Closed)

  • Mike Huckabee
    882 votes

  • Sarah Palin
    2,136 votes

  • Mitt Romney
    558 votes

  • Newt Gingrich
    587 votes

  • Tim Pawlenty
    480 votes

  • Herman Cain
    820 votes

  • Mitch Daniels
    269 votes

  • Mike Pence
    583 votes

  • Other
    1,144 votes

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  • matt - 9 years ago

    AGREE with last poster, without Ron Paul, why are you having a poll? He has been doing more in Congress than most of these people, and he is a great statesman. Great speaker, and most important, the only person who is going to truly unite the most motivated movers and shakers -- the Tea Party.

  • Mary - 9 years ago

    Herman Cain would be an EXCELLENT candidate and we might even get The Fair Tax passed which would be a huge boon to the economy and our FREEDOM!!!

    My second favorite is Mike Pence. I would not vote for any of the candidates which I consider to be "damaged goods" (Palin, Romney, Huckabee, Gingrich). We need a strong conservative fresh face!!

  • Ken Mitchell - 9 years ago

    I guess my real question is, why is Mike Huckabee on this list? He's a classic populist, not a Republican at all. He's not even a RINO. He's big government spender, not a fiscal conservative at all.

  • Dan - 9 years ago

    OTHER... Ron Paul

  • Ryan - 9 years ago

    The champion of the Constitution: RON PAUL!

    As the inspiration for the modern "tea party" back in 2007, it is shocking that an organization that calls itself "tea party" does not include him!

  • John - 9 years ago

    Let's add General Patraeus (sp). He's a n0-nonsense proven leader with no political baggage.

  • Gary Lothrop - 9 years ago

    The only way we will ever take back the White House is if after the primary and the candidate is decided we all quit the arguing and complaining and get behind the candidate 100% in a show of force and complete unity. Maybe not your guy but certainly the only one on our side!

    Choose wisely and get over it if your candidate does not get the nod! Bickering amongst ourselves after the candidate is chosen will only serve to divide us and give them a win.

  • Patricia - 9 years ago

    I agree with Catherine and Jerry regarding Sarah Palin. She is better off keeping the Republican Party focused on being conservative. We need real conservatives like Marco Rubio, Allen West or Jim DeMint. We the People are tired of the Republicans putting up people who cannot possibly win! And, if they do, are too interested in reaching across the isle. No RINOs.....NO MORE!!! Come on people!

  • Mike Mc Quade - 9 years ago

    Bobby Jindal and Rubio are my choices. Ron paul is a strong constitutionalist but not electable, in my opinion. Trully like the man.

  • BJ333 - 9 years ago

    Donald Trump is considering a run for the white house as a republican. He has the expercience we need. He has a good shot if he has the backing of conservatives. I just hope conservative dont tear each other up and get behind one person who is strong. I know he has a past but look what he has done. No one of these persons on these polls has the expercience he has. His interviews on Hannity and Savage were very impressive. If he does run it will be after the season finale of his show the apprentice. He can create jobs.

  • Steve - 9 years ago

    The USA has financial woes (big ones). Mitt has a proven track record of doing business (He turned the Salt Lake City Olympics around from loser to money-maker and he's a self-made multi-millionaire). What we DON'T need is another "rock star cult of personality". Obama may have been those things to enough people to get him elected and he's a disaster. Let's not make that mistake again and elect a "cult of personality rock star" like Obama. This ain't "American Idol" folks, our remaining the" last free place on earth" (Ronald Reagan) is in serious jeopardy and we need someone with experience in the presidency if the country can survive two more years of Obama and have elections in 2012.

  • Phil Tawa - 9 years ago

    John Bolton he'll do what's right and won't care what anyone says about it.

  • Christy - 9 years ago

    Chris Christie has great instincts and is firm in his convictions.
    He defies the typical political correctness we see in other candidates.

  • Leah - 9 years ago

    I trust Michelle Bachman. She has the experience, guts and ideals I have.
    Please don't support any retreads!

  • Maureen - 9 years ago

    I love Sarah, and her honest, free-thinking style. She wants accountability returned to government, and that's enough for me! Stop the f'ing spending, stop the dishonest politics, stop the politicians from lining their pockets with MY money. At least with Sarah Palin, you know where you stand. And if Osama bin Bama could get in on his "qualifications" (who the hell voted for him? You should all be ashamed) then she certainly can, with enough support behind her. It just means we'll have to work harder on her campaign.

  • Lou Scanon - 9 years ago

    Does anyone remember the words, "You won't have Dick Nixon to kick around anymore"? Nixon was thumped in losing the CA Gov. race and then got elected as preident (twice). Long the most hated man in America, he proved that anyone can get elected President give the right situation and running against Obama may well be the right situation.

    So I'll stick with Newt!

  • Jerry V. Herr - 9 years ago

    It's really too early to tell. The Republicans really have a good cast of characters. Paul and West are really good also...Sarah should run the RNC, where she could really kick some butt and drive the liberal media up a tree.

  • Catherine Morrow - 9 years ago

    I certainly hope that the Republican doesn't get studid and nominate Sarah Palin. She is better as a prod to keep the liberals on the alert. As a presidential candidate she is too polarizing. We need someone with a lot of experience in governing and running a business. That's why I belive Mitt Romney would be a welcome choice after the Obama fiasco.

  • KIRK - 9 years ago

    Ditto, Geri. J C Watts comes to mind, but is too smart to run.

  • Rob Wilson - 9 years ago

    Boy, if this is the best you can come up with for 2010 we are dead meat. All of these are weak for one reason or another, but this is some list of RINOs you've put together. Romney is the clown who speaks well but loaded socialized medicine on Mass citizens. He also does not have a clue about standing firm and refusing to bend. I for one am sick and tired, totally fed up with this Republican compromise crap. If the repubs don't get busy and do what they claim to stand for, then we'll fire them all and start a third party.

    Gee, what a disappointment this poll is. I can't even vote!!

  • ML - 9 years ago

    Why aren't Representatives Ron Paul and Allen West here? More important than "Republicans", is that they are conservative patriots. I am a Republican and I am offended by this.

  • Norma B. Luffy - 9 years ago

    I second the "RON PAUL" question! Why isn't his name on this "list" and why isn't there a space to write it in!

    He is most representative of most of the thinking, caring, non-sucking up Republicans, especially the Real WOMEN!!!!!!!!!!!

    Put a nickel in it already!

  • Conservadiva - 9 years ago

    Ron Paul is too old. Michele Bachmann, and Lt. Col. West do not appear on this list, but they
    should be.

  • Amy - 9 years ago

    It's ludicrous that Ron Paul isn't on this list.

  • kevin - 9 years ago

    RON PAUL !!

  • Lola LB - 9 years ago

    We don't need candidates whose supporters act like Ron Paul's supporters.

  • Geri - 9 years ago

    I like Sarah, but the independents will not support her - she is not a viable candidate to beat Obama. Gingrich, Huckabee, Romney reinforce the "old white man" meme. Ron Paul has too much of a "kook" image, and his policy toward the military is dangerous. We need a new, non-RINO face.

  • Olga - 9 years ago

    I agree with JC that Sarah and Newt are realistically not likely to be elected -- too much baggage. Also thinking the same for Romney and Huckabee -- a little passe'.

  • Patricia - - 9 years ago

    Why the heck isn't Marco Rubio or LtCol West on this list?!! I want NONE of the above!! We need candidates who aren't constantly "reaching across the isle". We need someone who is strong, won't back down from the democrats/liberals lies and smears. We need someone who isn't in this for themselves but, rather, for the American People. Shame on you putting this list up for us to comment on or choose from. Who do you think we are anyway? Do you all want our Country back with all it's greatness? Or, do you want to continue to put up "nice" people who cannot possibley win? Sarah Palin is the closest.....How about Palin/West or Palin/Rubio?
    How disappointing your l ist is!!

  • Rose - 9 years ago

    I don't understand why a Combination of Rand Paul and Ron Paul as pres. & VP
    Or Ron Paul and Sarah Palin these all have the name reg. down and everyone knows them and what they stand for these would have my vote PLEASE PUT THEMON THE BALLOT!

  • Jake - 9 years ago

    I voted "other" Ron Paul 2012! He is this country's last hope.

  • Daezy - 9 years ago

    My choice is Senator John Thune, who was not listed. He has not been in the public eye enough, but he's tough. The 'also rans' are not appealing, I love Palin but she's far too toxic. We need Fresh Blood! Someone who is NOT intimidated in being a true Conservative.

    Romney is just another McCain, who supported Bono-Mack, who voted for Cap & Trade. Huckabee wants to appease both sides, and lets killers free. I remember how wishy-washy Gingrich was in the House - he talks the talk, but definitely does not walk the walk. Pawlenty and Pence have not rocked my boat -- yet.

    And so it goes................

  • WeimMom - 9 years ago

    I like Palin, however not a good idea as we do NOT want Obama back in!

  • Bobbie LaDue - 9 years ago

    I agree with Catherine. Ron Paul's experience, voting record and overall Constitutional stance makes him stand out among those you've listed here. I'm really struggling with this list!

  • JC - 9 years ago

    I love Sarah & Newt, but they don't have a snowball's chance of getting to the White House, and Huck & Romney are last year's news.

  • Natalie Dominguez - 9 years ago

    I would also be comfortable with Tim Pawlenty. I know and trust Herman Cain, but do not see him having the same name recongnition as the others and therefore doubt he would make it too far at this time.

  • Allie - 9 years ago

    You should have LtCol West on this list...that man has my vote for sure!

  • Catherine - 9 years ago

    Why is Ron Paul not on this list? As perpetrator of the Tea Party and the only candidate your likely to unite the Libertarians behind, your poll is sadly lacking without him.

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